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  1. Only an insolent snob would take such a comment seriously. You really should fine a hobby like sticking your finger in an electric socket.
  2. I don't know about that. Arena football is a combination of football, hockey, rugby, high octane bumper cars, and nonstop action. Watching preseason Jets football is like trying to get a disorganized kindergarten class to get in line. https://videos.vidible.tv/prod/2015-07/05/55999b3fe4b0c3bfad2d7a31_568x320_v1.mp4?yrjAZ7A9EHX544QAU034mD-Tu0q224pv2IUFJSjI3oOK52vxwz_94Z2AUDOrrLeW
  3. I think it will be more fun to watch the Arena Football League..
  4. Agreed. Hack was stuck in Pre-K last year and Petty advanced to 1st grade. From reports, Hack has leapfrogged to kindergarten. Now that's progress.
  5. I would trade Skrine and give the team a 5th rounder for taking him off our hands.
  6. No we don't sh*t over his every move just 9/10ths of his sh*tty moves. Maybe Amazon rescues us. They just bought out Whole Foods. The NY Amazon Jets.
  7. Give this planet another 300-400 years tops. We should win a SB by then, hopefully.
  8. Gloria Clemente: [to Billy] Sometimes when you win, you really lose, and sometimes when you lose, you really win, and sometimes when you win or lose, you actually tie, and sometimes when you tie, you actually win or lose. Winning or losing is all one organic mechanism, from which one extracts what one needs.
  9. McCown, imo, is nothing more than a save your face addition. A vet QB which every team has at least one of. He probably sticks around a couple more years after Mac takes his QB in 2018.
  10. It's the secret SFS plan. Mac has no intention on winning more than 2 games. As you said, McCown has won 1 or 2 games in the 2 years with Browns.
  11. They should give us free tacos and Mexican cokes to sit through having to watch this muck.
  12. Mac was rumored to be highly interested in Prescott. Maybe is was just a smoke screen. Hack fell out of many GM's minds and projected to go in round 4-6. Big reach. Even O'Brien wanted nothing to do with him. Quite telling. I don't see Hack having a breakout season like Prescott. He doesn't have supporting cast and the kid is just shell shocked. He's a long term head case/project that Mac cant afford to wait on. Mac will have to pull the trigger on a QB with his first pick.
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