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  1. Shefter: David Harris to Pats

    I was simply correcting a mistake that another poster made. Most fanbases want to be informed. What I said was no different that if someone said Harris signed with the Rams. Would you not have corrected that error? The few times I've posted here have been in support of what the Jets have been doing and I just wanted to clear up a false reference.
  2. Shefter: David Harris to Pats

    You guys have to stop with all this "cheating" nonsense. NE doesn't cheat anymore than any other team. In fact the only thing that can even be remotely called cheating was having a camera a few feet out of position. Spygate had nothing to do with what was being taped. It was 100% about from where it was being taped. Everything else has been proven to be made up: Deflategate (the Colts' footballs were also deflated), taping walk throughs (the reporter apologized for making it up). Hard work, smart coaches, and smart players.
  3. Goodell is the most corrupt commissioner today. A lottery would be just another way for him to cheat teams. The Colts' "Suck 4 Luck" campaign was blatant and obvious. The Browns were truly bad. The Jets will be really bad. That's not tanking.
  4. Parting Ways After 29 Years

    You know, until Kraft bought the Patriots, the team had some minor success. They were the best team in the AFC, but got shafted by Ref Ben Dreith with the worst call in NFL history. 12/18/76. The Phantom Roughing the Passer Call versus the Raiders. The "Tuck Rule" can't hold a candle to Ben Dreith's call. Things start with the owner. NE was better than the Packers in the 1997 SB, but Parcels was so deep into the Jets' HC job that NE wasn't prepared. He wasn't engaged for that game because he was thinking about the next year! The Jets made some nice moves this offseason by dumping their overpriced and under performing. They also dumped the locker room cancer. The best move of the offseason was the pick they didn't make. They didn't take any of the QBs at #6. Sanchize is head and shoulders above this year's bums. The Jets won't be successful until Woody is gone.
  5. Isnt this what the fans wanted?

    Looking at this as a Patriots' fan, I think the Jets have made a lot of smart moves this offseason. They've cut dead weight, under performing players, a bad locker room guy, and maybe the best move they made was NOT picking a QB at #6. Sure, they'll be pretty bad for a couple of years, but if they make some smart draft choices, who knows? 0-16, 1-15, or 2-14 and #1 or #2 overall pick is much better than 6-10 and a lower pick. BTW, nobody in NE thinks the Jets are tanking. Smart decisions.