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  1. What sense does it make to sign Bell and have him run behind a mediocre line. Bell will take a big chunk of that FA money. We desperately need to upgrade the line. We need a center, a LT, a G and a RT. 3 premium picks with the #1 and two 3’s which we'd be lucky to get 1 starter on the line from. That FA money must be spent on the line first. Bell is a great back but this is the wrong roster at the wrong time for him and us.
  2. They got jacked up.
  3. Steelers built around Mean Joe Greene. Cowboys built around Bob Lily. Giants built around Lawrence Taylor. Vikings built around Alan Page. Bills built around Bruce Smith etc etc etc Jets build around Jamaal Adams, a safety SMH 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. Blabbermouth.. Coverless. Terrible pick.
  5. BigO

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    Here’s another survey Are the Johnsons A- Stupid B- Stupid c-Stupid
  6. 10 to 1 the judge let’s him off, petitions Bowles and holds him responsible for endangering drivers under the influence of watching horrible football.
  7. BigO

    Fixing the Jets an 8-Step Plan

    I’d forget all other positions at this point and focus on the OL. Get the best available LT or RT with the first pick and the best available FA Linemen and revamp it. Stop this bandaid approach with bums like Long. We only have 2 picks on the first 3 rounds. All these guys currently on the line are average to below average. Shell is a good back up, nothing more. Keeping Beech is a good idea for a rook to learn behind.
  8. BigO

    Fixing the Jets an 8-Step Plan

    Definitely go LT with 1st pick. Can’t trade back since drafting best available LT position is paramount. Find a trade partner and get a 2nd rounder somehow. We need to revamp the OL first. Darnold’s safety comes first. He MUST be protected. We need upgrades at LT, Center, and a RT desperately. Winters and Carpenter are serviceable until we can upgrade later. Either thru draft or FA, the OL must be addressed FIRST.
  9. BigO

    The trinity continues

    Lock this thread......before it continues.
  10. Rex is first one to scold Macc for this mess in the media. Good to see he still holds the Jets dear to his heart despite his own demise.
  11. BigO

    Damien Woody on fire.

    They didn’t quit on him? What do they have to do to see they did just that - walk off the field?
  12. BigO

    Damien Woody on fire.

    Word. Fire Bowles today. Hire an interim coach. ‘Ok I’m the interim coach boys and just to let you know I won’t be here next year BUT I can assure you the NFL is looking at this team and if you don’t play your azzess off for the remainder of the year, you won’t be in the NFL either!’
  13. BigO

    Damien Woody on fire.

    Damien Woody should really tell us how he really feels.
  14. There is hope. Yes there is. Woody had the sense to fire Rex and Idzik. During Rex was really hard for Woody to do. He loved Rex. But he did it! Woody has spoken through his brother who REFUSED to comment after yesterday’s abominable performance. That speaks volumes. While Idzik was a bumbling novice as a GM in the draft and pressers, Macc’s sole upside is his ability to present as being intelligent, competent, thoughtful and a GM with vision. Hopefully, like Idzik, Woody has had enough time to see through this imposter. Macc MUST GO.
  15. What’s really disturbing is that no one outside of this forum is really questioning Macc’s future as GM. The media are all coming down on Bowles. Macc is equally responsible for this atrocity, if not more. Not to defend Bowles in any fashion whatsoever. He is way over his head, constantly out coached. But Bowles is at the mercy of Macc’s personnel decisions. Every roster Macc has compiled has been a colossal flop. They were both hired together and both need to be FIRED together.

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