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  1. BigO

    Interior D tackles

    Absolutely. We need to save that money to spend on more safties.
  2. BigO

    Interior D tackles

    I was really hoping we took Gurley over Leo. We haven’t had a back like that since Curtis. When Leo came out his stock was thru the roof. In fact he was considered as being the top pick or definitely top 3. Falling to us at 6 was alarming. At that point, I would’ve went with Gurley. Leo has been a major disappointment. Good player but not an elite game changer. And you know, as the OP stated, he’s going to command a big contract and Mac is lousy at giving big money away to undeserving players.
  3. BigO


    Bullsheet. I Want a guy like this to coach our team.
  4. BigO

    Sad Mac Stat

    This offense is offensive. As is the defense. Mac’s picks have been brutal. He is a lousy evaluator. Of course it’s easy to say how could you pass on that guy BUT Mac painted himself into a corner not getting a QB sooner and just made terrible picks since he’s been GM. Just a rod bit of the players he passed on 2015 Leo over Gurley D Smith over Funchess or Ali Marpet Mauldin over David JohnsoN 2016 Lee over Micheal Thomas Hack over Kevin Byard Jenkins over Dak Prescott 2017 Adams over Mahomes or Reddick Maye over Sidney Jones Stewart over Chris Goodwin or Kareem Hunt of course some of these guys play the same position but it’s evident this team would be much better with some of these guys instead of Mac’s useless picks.
  5. There are numerous qb’s that had ‘average’ Arms and were great. Brady, Montana, Tarkenton, Stabler, Staubach, etc etc etc. And then there were those that had bazooka arms like Jeff George who were atrocious. There’s more than an arm to being a QB.
  6. And your rating is -15 No wait -16.
  7. And they both used up roughly 30 picks to get those 4. Now that’s impressive!
  8. Didn’t mean to offend Daron Lee. What are you his girlfriend?
  9. Suck my middle age balls.
  10. BigO

    Bowles, or Bates, or both?

    Think of 6 playmakers Mac could have drafted in place of Williams, Adams, Lee, Hack, Devin Smith and Maye. All 1st and 2nd round picks that have not exactly lit the world on fire. Add to that, having to squander 3 2nd rounders to move up to the 3 spot because he HAD to sign McClown since Hack was such a waste. That’s 9 picks. NINE top picks. Damn near an entire offense. Not even mentioning the bust FA’s he’s signed and the failed 4th through 6th rounders he’s wiffed on. It’s just sickening.
  11. Believe it moronic internet azzhole.
  12. Trying to be optimistic. Forseeing Darnold maturing and pulling out a few extra wins despite Bowles ineptitude.
  13. And I can kick yours in less than 3. But who’s counting.
  14. Suck for a new President/GM/HC. A top 5 pick will be icing on the cake. But I think we go 6-10. 6 Wins Lions, Colts, Bills 2x, Titans, Texans. And that’s pushing it. 10 Losses Dolphins 2X, Browns, Jags, Broncos, Vikings, Bears, Pats 2X, Packers. If we continue to struggle and look like doo doo, I’m sure Bowles abandons Darnold’s development and switches to McClown to save face sooner rather than later. But it won’t make a difference.

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