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  1. 10-6 4-12 5-12 Not exactly awe inspiring seasons. Even the 10-6 record had many nuances to it - SOS, Geno getting smacked (who knows how bad he would have been) Fitzmania’s 31 TD’s, winning numerous games by few points, opponents blowing games they should have won - it could easily have reversed that to 6-10. And Bowles really laid a shrimp 🍤 in the Buffalo loss that would have gotten us into the playoffs. Sorry but he has made way way to many mistakes to be brought back. Let the GM be the damn GM. Let Mac- who I’d rather see replaced, but he won’t- pick his OWN coach and brainstorm with the new coach on who and what they feel needs to be addressed. Enough of this nonsense where the coach reports to owner and not the GM. Accountability Structure Communication. This other bullsh*t just opens the door to division and finger pointing.
  2. Photoshop this with him wearing a Jets hoodie
  3. The new drafted QB can play patty cake with Hack next year on the sidelines because YOU Know McClown will be back next year as the starter. I can see it now, press conference, Mac putting his arm around McClown, a 2 year contract worth 15 mil, tears streaming down McClown’s face, Bowles on the side nodding in approval with that nincompoop look of his. The Goddamn Jets.
  4. Mac has that college professor look. How could he possibly do wrong. And the coffe mug is icing on the cake. Extend this beast. 🙄
  5. Ok I’ll give you that. The league is also not as good this year so overall talent affects each team’s play. So 5-8 it is 🤷‍♂️
  6. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Yes Petty and Hack are growing beards on the bench as we speak. All I hear about here is the young players, the young players. What are Hack and Petty? Retired? Finally by McClown default will we see Petty. Hopefully Hack. Or is Hack so bad that Mac has given orders to hide him on the bench so he doesn’t embarrass Mac. Hopefully draft pick can still be salvaged. Hallelujah.
  7. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Would you want to play for Cleveland? Both Rosen and Darnold may pull an Elway/Eli and say DONT even think about drafting me. All of a sudden things get very interesting.
  8. Half time adjustment- just punt as soon as you get the ball on first down. Spare us the torture.
  9. This league is watered down, most of their wins should have been loses and were gift wrapped, McClown played over the top, hence you have 5-8. They could and should be 2-11. Good riddance Bubba.
  10. If there’s one positive it’s that Hack and Petty have to be kicking ass on Madden for the last 2 years on the sidelines.
  11. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Skins have Broncs Giants Cardinals left. All 3 games are winnable for them. We just need them to win 1. We will jump up on draft chart. Sucks that all we have to look forward to is moving up in the draft. Then again, if they continue to play like they’re MIA, it may be a silver lining ....a pink slip for Bowles.
  12. Keeping up with the Tank.

    Some team will fall in love with Baker. He’s probably the 3rd best option but I just read an NFL rumor report that Mac likes Allen’s athleticism. The intrigue begins.
  13. #10 Pick After Today

    Idiot is not a nice word. 😡 I was once called an idiot by a client while I was a counselor in a drug rehab. I didn’t take it personally since I told him ‘well get the **** out if you don’t want to be here. If You think I’m an idiot and you’re sitting here, what does that make you?’ Try nincompoop. It’s less aggressive. 😛
  14. About as many wins it got us this year...ZERO.