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  1. If Farve won a SB with the Jets, I bet you would have immediately developed an instant foot fetish and been kissing his toes of the bronze statue that would have been in placed in the city. He was a special player and Madden’s favorite QB.
  2. Solution: Stock up on those tissues at Costco. At least you’ll be ready when you hit the road.
  3. That would be ridiculously intelligent which is why there’s not a bat 🦇 out of Hell chance of it happening. And if Mac was really really smart he’d grab Lauletta with his 2nd second rounder.
  4. Watch it Killa. Sar 1 is going to revoke your bicycle 🚲 license.
  5. I love that game! I’d ride by Mac and Cheese homes and fling the paper and hit em in head and ride off giving them the finger.
  6. This wouldn’t even fly on Madden. I know. I tried 😏
  7. Look at it this way. It’s like a sandwich. Without the beef and cheeses all you got is lettuce tomatoes and bread. You need the meat 🍖 and cheese 🧀
  8. Ehhhhhh (buzzer sound) Owner will just make the wrong choice in Exec VP and we will be right back where we started in a time machine with Lou Holtz type management/GM/HC. Ohhhhhh noooo
  9. 1. Owner 2. President 3. HC 4. GM 5. Done
  10. 2018 NY Jets DC David Harris
  11. Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread

    Take that finger and stick it where the sun don’t shine. You ain’t fooling no one ☝️
  12. Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread

    He’s at the zoo whacking off. Low life scum.
  13. Money will not be a problem for him. Stability is. He’s already filthy rich. He wants to win and be surrounded by a winning culture. And when he wins, it’s only going to skyrocket his value later in his career.
  14. The post is about a team’s STABILITY not about Farve’s stability. Farve came to the Jets in a desperate move by both parties. And is was fun while it lasted but ultimately this sh*thole team collapsed under his direction. Cowherd is 100% correct in suggesting Cousins stay clear of the Jets. Cousins is a smart kid. No way he even entertains coming here. It’s either Minny or Denver.