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  1. Hack’s the one on the right. His footwork is all wrong.
  2. Breer On Josh Allen

    The kid has all the tools. He’s going to be a player to be reckoned with. Hope he lands in the right spot and gets a competent QB coach.
  3. Josh Allen will be the next Bert Jones.
  4. With our luck the team before us picks him. (Just to screw us).
  5. Mac would still have to ante up to move into a safe spot to grab one of those guys. QB’s will be in high demand and numerous teams will trade up. We could end up with no blue chip qb’s left and having to take another safety. 🤭
  6. And he had the guts to take Lynch though it hasn’t worked out. Mac did the same with Hack but difference is Hack was a huge reach.
  7. Argument - he sucks 4-6 soon to be 4-8
  8. Mac has full power - he has to admit this point.
  9. If McCown is resigned as the starter next year without drafting a prospect at QB, I will for the first time not be watching Jets football.
  10. No he’ll probably switch the product line from Q tips to tampons.
  11. Now that’s debonair!
  12. No don’t think so. I believe Woody has told Mac his job is safe and can now decide on Bowles fate. Mac, for all his inexperience and failed drafts, has a debonair, intellectual approach that’s appealing to the general public. That alone should give him 2-3 more years. A new coach, finally getting a bonafide FA/prospect QB, and hopefully he grows into the job. At this point, we’re stuck with him for awhile. Personally, i’d Fire Mac and Bowles on Black Monday, thank them for their great service, hard work and present them with coupons to Starbucks.
  13. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    The next 2 we lose- Panthers and KC. It’s the ones after that which are up in the air. Starting McCown in those games risks any chance of getting a decent pick.
  14. Time to see if Petty is Ready

    If he plays and sucks it looks better for Mac than not playing at all. At least he can say ‘hey I drafted him, played him and it was a mistake’. We all make mistakes. By not allowing him to even sniff the field just makes Mac look totally clueless and a horrible evaluator. Name 1 QB drafted this high who didn’t even play? I mean it’s just hysterical.
  15. Playing these kids and going 0-16 would have been brilliant. Why? Because they still get to play and gain experience and we get the top pick, a chance to finally get a franchise QB. 0-16 or 4-12 who gives a hoot. Learning and Character building comes from struggling and adversity. If a player can’t deal with it then they need find another team or coaching philosophy. Make no mistake about it.