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  1. Takes 10 seconds to check the board ESPECIALLY if you know your turn is coming up. Even 8 year old have smart phones. None of us should have to wait for 2 hours to make our picks. And no one should be bitching if they get passed over if their time is up. You SLOW you BLOW.
  2. BigO

    Tony Sparano Passes Away

    He should’ve been on the Sopranos. Better coach than Bowles. I loved when he was fired from the Jets and walked out like he didn’t care one bit. RIP.
  3. The Big O’s select OLB Pat Swilling of The Dome Patrol. And Steeler WR Super Bowl MVP Swanny
  4. Yep. In the doghouse 🐶 + 🏡
  5. What’s up with the board 🙇🏼‍♀️
  6. I took Arnie Weinmeister to play DT. This guy was ‘small’ compared to guys playing the position now BUT was a ferocious defender and the dominant DT in his era. Now I’m older than most here but not THAT old so I never saw him play but Gil Brandt has him rated #5 behind Randy White while NFL Films has him ranked #3 behind Bob Lilly as best DT ever. I’m hoping people realize the stats they complied in their respective eras do not determine their greatness in NFL lore.
  7. Thanks Hess! I was just about to take Warfield over Berry, who of course was grabbed by NYCdan right before me 🤦🏼‍♂️ and Adderly over Tunnell. I kept reading more about them, where they were ranked on various lists, how my team was shaping up, and I‘m pleased I went with both Tunnell and Berry. Tunnell was a thief....79 INT’s AMAZING and Berry is a perfect compliment to blazing Bambi. Both on the 100 NFL All Time List!
  8. The Big O’s select CB Emlen ‘The Gremlin’ Tunnell Emlen played in nine Pro Bowls over his 14-year career and was part of two NFL championship teams in 1956 and ’61. His 79 career interceptions were an NFL record when he retired. ‘79’ in an era where passing was limited. Mind boggling. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1967, the first black player and first pure defensive player to be enshrined. Ranked #79 on All Time NFL list. A And the greatest possession WR of all time Raymond ‘Skis’ Berry
  9. That’s blasphemous! Get me a Stoli on the rocks!
  10. Thinking of going 4-3. I got Peppers who plays both OLB and DE. Dude was a sack attack. So if down the road a traditional OLB is a player I can’t refuse, I can switch Peppers into the DE role.
  11. Yes he and Page were a deadly duo. I got Page.
  12. No Mick I wasn’t aware they were off the table 😕 my bad I was praying no one would take Sayers. and when I had to change my pick I took Alworth who apparently nyjunc wanted. It wss Sayers or Alworth.
  13. Arnie Weinmeister rated #5 DT by Gil Brandt behind Bob Lilly Mean Joe Greene Merlin Olsen and Randy White. Lined up next to Alan Page who changed the DT position in football. Arnie was the dominant DT in his era playing with the NY Yanks and NY Giants. Short career but all pro every year and just saw a video where he stops Jim Brown right in his tracks. Impressive!