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  1. Connecting the Draft Dots

    Nope it’s all a smoke screen to take Fitzpatrick.
  2. Mamma said there’d be days like this.
  3. Second overall pick is...

    Doesn’t matter other teams passed on these guys. Many already had QB ‘s in place. Bottom line is this franchise hasn’t had a decent QB since Vinny. They’ve passed on Carr, Mahomes, Watson, Bridgewater, Garapolo for the likes of Geno Smith and Hack and signed relics like Fitz and McClown. Unforgiveable.
  4. Trading 3 2’s to move up 3 spots to draft either Allen or Baker is asinine. Darnold or Rosen better be there or Mac should be inducted in the Jets Hall of Shame.
  5. I’m sure he’ll be keeping Hack company on the sidelines.
  6. Giants release Marshall

    Marshall will start a pharmaceutical company and make millions. Marshall’s Magic Mania.
  7. I did the same thing with my dog and he picked S Minkah Fitzpatrick.
  8. 5-11 where have I heard that before 💁🏼‍♂️
  9. Everyone needs to mature. If Darnold is there and taken by Mac he won’t see the field until late in the season. Rare for any QB to come out and be a 1st year starter. And the Jets are nowhere near ready to be competitive so what’s the rush. He sits most of year behind 10 million McClown, takes over last few games and starts in 2019. He will stil be maturing. He’s just st s kid d. As far as money/contract issues- Mac will have to figure it out. Other teams who have top QB’s (Ben, Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Eli etc) do so its a question of priority and getting a franchise QB here for the next decade is imperative.
  10. Well I don’t give a rats 🐀 azz that you don’t give a sh*t if he’s old as Brandon Weeden who couldnt shine Darnold’s shoes 👞 or yours.
  11. Bull do do Shonka. Darnold is the head of this class. He’s just played 2 years and has already broken several USC records and won a Rose Bowl. He’ll be 21 in June. 21. Wrap that around your skulls. Rodgers didn’t even get on the field for what 3 years after he was drafted? Whoever drafts Darnold has the luxury to let him sit and learn a couple years since he’s so young. He’s accurate, mobile, great pocket presence, strong enough arm to make any throw, great touch, can improvise, etc etc etc. And what QB doesn’t have flaws? Cross your fingers and hope he’s there at 3.