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  1. Darnold scrambles, throws TD!!!!! Om Om Om Om
  2. Doesn’t take a genius to go to your GO TO players in Edelman and Gronk when the rest of their ‘weapons’ suck. It’s just common sense.
  3. Marino. Hands down. Played on terrible defenses. In today’s game he would have thrown for easily over 100K in his career.
  4. Exactly. People talk a lot crapola about your posts (not me ) BUT you are right on here. And you can add a dozen others to that list as well. Which is why Brady is not even top 10 IMO.
  5. You must be about 14 or haven’t seen much football. You know PCP will make you see things that just aren’t there.
  6. Don’t think so but I’ll check. One thing for sure....you’d have to be pretty drunk to do something so moronic, or watch replays of Bowles coaching the Jets. Checked: Don’t have a clue. But you might be right about it being in Florida. They do stupid stuff like that down there. The heat can make you do some wacky things.
  7. 7 moves lol more like 70. Please fix your OP.
  8. Anti depressants are very cheap in New Hampshire.
  9. Add Mets to those 3. Those 4 teams come in a package deal or you’re no real New Yorker. My pain knows no bounds.
  10. Tom Brady [Twitter account] @#33 Thx homie. I’ll send you 2 tix to the SB and my autographed jersey. It’ll be the closest you’ll get to the SB ya know. Ya feel me homie.
  11. No wonder I had a craving to watch Dracula tonight.
  12. 5 in his sleep. Instead of counting sheep he counts PI’s.
  13. So Prime is 21? Is he allowed to even be on this site being so young? Max could get fined.
  14. Brees was the best shot to beat the Pats. Goff doesn’t stand a chance.
  15. Is Vernon Gholston availabile?
  16. He’d step in the dog poop and smear it all over your floor. And then hit you with a surcharge for messing up his shoes.
  17. This is the playoff game thread. Dig? But to answer your question- I don’t see it. Goff is good but raw. Gurley is hurt and if he’s not 100% fugetaboutit. Rams D took looked vulnerable today. They should have lost that game but were robbed by the refs on not one but two terrible PI calls. Brady will pick them apart with Gronk and Edelman but the key will be Michel who is running great. Pats 34 Rams 20
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