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  1. You know, when Ruckert was first drafted, I felt that the Jets made a mistake by drafting a position that is not a need, but when you look after the 2 tight ends we got in free agency, neither Yeboah or Westco has done anything to show that they deserve to make the roster. I think that Ruckert is now a need, especially if one of the guys we got in free agency gets injured. And for the future, having Ruckert on this team is a major plus.
  2. My wife just reminded me that I'm busy that weekend. I'm going to a 60th birthday party. Sorry.
  3. Seems a little extreme to ban you for life for passing out. But, I agree you shouldn't indulge so heavily that you passed out. I hope you weren't driving?
  4. I'm almost afraid to ask, but here goes. Why are you banned from NFL stadiums for life?
  5. I don't want to get religious here, so please know I am only quoting something I read recently: "A Spanish theologian from the late Middle Ages once argued that the average Christian spends 1000 to 2000 years in purgatory (according to Stephen Greenblatt's "Hamilton in Purgatory). But there's no official take on the average sentence." I am 63 years old, and I was a Jets fan since 1968. I was at the AFC Championship game, and watched the Jets win the Super Bowl. But my memory was that of a 9 year old child, and that memory is pretty much completely gone, with the exception of me remembering that I was at the AFC Championship game. I really don't remember the game, but remembered Joe Namath getting hit all day, standing strong in the pocket. As a Jets fan, now is the time of year for excitement and positivity. We are happy with the draft, and love the free agents that the Jets acquired in the offseason. It is a time of hope, and a time of joy. Then the preseason starts, and key injuries occur. Then the season starts, and the losses begin to accumulate. Then all of the naysayers who predicted that the Jets would once again suck, look like they knew what they were talking about, even though they don't. They just go by what happened every single year in the past, and use that information to predict what will happen in the current year. They will most probably be right, because it's every year that the Jets fall apart, so it becomes a safe bet. I want pergatory to end, because I want to experience some real joy before my time on this earth is up. This year looks promising, but so does every year. The Jets have gotten better, but the argument is that so has every other team in the AFC East. A message to all of you young people out there, 18 years of age and younger. I am confident that the Jets will win another Super Bowl in the next 50 years, so you will be able to experience some joy as a Jets fan. For anyone older than 18 years of age, I'm not so sure anymore.
  6. Since this thread is about J Lo, I will give you my opinion of her. First, the positive: 1. Great dancer and choreographer. 2. Very hard working, and intelligent. She built up her brand to an amazing level. 3. Takes care of her body, and looks great. Negatives 1. Horrible Actress - I can't stand to watch any movie that she's in. 2. She thinks too highly of herself. I knew the minute that J Lo and A Rod were a couple, that it would be inevitable that A Rod was going to dump her. He is a skirt chaser, and she was around 8 years older than he was. No way that A Rod was going to stay with her forever. I wish I could have made a bet on that one. 3. Can she sing? Because I don't think she can. Stick with dancing and choreography.
  7. This will be my first game with you guys. How much money per person for the tailgate? Thanks. I want to make sure I have enough cash on me.
  8. I agree with you, and only if Mitchell emerges as you have suggested. Fant is a good tackle, but he's not good enough to give a 3 year, $45M extension to. Now, if he wants to sign a 3 year $30M contract extension with the Jets, that might be a possibility. Right now, its too hard to say.
  9. Forgive me for correcting you, but it is: "Seeing the forest through the trees." Can he see the forest through the trees? Or does he just see trees.
  10. I happen to be a big Mets fan as well as a huge Jets fan. Now, I am a huge Buck Showalter fan! My feelings for him have just grown tremendously!
  11. oh, okay. I really do hope he turns it around. Being a workout warrior is great, but you gotta produce on the field. I know there are great reports about him, but I really hopes he comes through.
  12. Not necessarily. How about if he plays the first 2 games, gets injured in game #3, misses the next 8 games, and plays the rest of the way? There are too many variables to consider before committing to Becton for a new extended contract going forward. This will be his "prove it" year.
  13. I call it the "Derrele Revis effect". When you believe you have the best cornerback, you take good care of him, so that he doesn't sit out of camp and demand more money. The Jets learned a thing or two from the difficulties that they had with Revis, and perhaps they don't want to repeat them. Now it will be up to Sauce to show the Jets that they did the right thing.
  14. The Jets treated him like sh*t because he played like sh*t. He deserved what he got. He reaped what he sowed. It's up to Mims to change the narrative.
  15. What Jets fans want is to show up at a home Jets/Miami game, and that the seats are filled up with Jets fans, not Miami fans with their Miami Dolphins jerseys on. If I don't have to see Fins fans at Jets games, I will be the more happy for it!
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