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  1. As a devoted Jets fan for 52 years and running, I want to thank Sam Darnold for his 3 years of service to our NY Jets. He was always professional on and off the field, never threw his teammates or his coaches under the bus, although I truly wish he had. As he was getting pummeled on the battlefield on the gridiron, surrounded by players that couldn't protect him (32nd rated offensive line in protecting the QB), wide receivers who couldn't get open most of the time, a 38 year old running back who never fumbled but never really helped, and a coaching staff who should never have been allowe
  2. Perhaps I should have started the thread with taking him at #34? Without his injury in 2019 and him opting out for Covid this past year, he might have been a top 12 draft pick this year. I'm just speculating what offensive linemen will be available at #23, and if the value is there to take one of them?
  3. I think you would have to make this trade if you are the Jets. Getting either Pitts or Chase would really make our offense go. Then, the Jets would have no choice but to take an offensive lineman at #34, regardless of who else is on the board at that time, IMO. It is not an easy call, since the Jets have so many needs, but to get the best non-QB in the draft at #4 is too much to pass on with your scenario.
  4. He is 6'7", 307 pounds, and is from a small school. He has not played a lot since 2019 due to injury, but is now completely healthy. Walker said that he considers himself the best Tackle in the draft, and he would be willing to consider moving to guard if he was asked. He probably won't go in the top half of the first round, since he has been inactive for a long time, and just doesn't have the value in the top 15-20 picks, but many feel that he could be a "sleeper" in the draft this year. What do you think?
  5. The reason this is stupid, is that JD would make that trade without getting the 45th pick. If the Jaguars wanted to move up 2 spots to #23, giving the Jets #25 and #33 would be very nice compensation. Why would the Jags also give up #45, when I believe JD would do the deal without it. And if JD insisted on an additional pick to go along with #33, I'm sure he would take a 5th round pick instead of #45. Just dumb.
  6. Alka

    22 Days Left

    Unless it's just a few spots later, I think that any team wanting to move up to #23 from let's say #30 would have to give up #30, their 2nd round pick and next years 2nd round pick. I think there is a big difference between #23 and #30 in this years draft, especially where the Jets need the most help, like Cornerback, wide receiver and edge rusher.
  7. Wasn't Tom Brady drafted to back-up Drew Bledsoe? I wonder how that worked out? By the way, it's not like Bledsoe was old or anything. He was only around 30 years old when Brady took his job.
  8. Guilty until proven innocent. Thankfully that's not the country I live in.
  9. What you stated is EXACTLY how I see it. I have went through many mock simulated drafts, and each time, the CB position is strongest when the Jets pick at #23. This is extremely important need, and I see the Jets getting a very good CB at #23. Then, at #34, I think it is a no-brainer that we go with a offensive lineman, and I believe it will be a tackle, because I believe the best value will be at tackle at #34. By taking a tackle, if he outplays Fant, then Fant is the backup. If the tackle we take can excel at guard, then he would be switched to guard, with Fant playing the right tac
  10. You're right, but we don't know that yet. Starting a thread stating that the Morgan pick was awful at this point is ridiculous. We need to see more before threads like this one makes any sense.
  11. Do you know why there are so many negative Jets fans? The answer is quite simple. The people who get paid millions of dollars to run the Jets and make decisions for the Jets have been historically awful, and when the leadership has proven to be awful, then you end up inviting second guessing. I have second guessed the Jets going way, way back to when the Jets first drafted Ken O'Brien with the 18th pick, when Dan Marino was staring them in the face. I screamed at the TV set, and went to bed that night not understanding how stupid the Jets decision was. If the Jets went to
  12. I couldn't disagree with you more. What if Morgan plays very well, and ends up being a very good backup? You know that Zach Wilson can get injured, don't you? Having a quality backup to play one or more games is very critical in the NFL. What if Zach gets injured in the 4th game of the season, and we need Morgan for the rest of the year? If Morgan turns out to be a good player, then the Jets made a GREAT move getting him in the 4th round of last year.
  13. I think it was a good trade as well, but not because of the financial implications. If the Jets kept Darnold, and he improved dramatically this year with better coaching and players, then the money issue is no issue to me. If the Jets kept Darnold, and the Jets picked up his 5th year option before the season, and he was bad, then the Jets screwed themselves. If the Jets didn't pick up the option, and he was very good, then the Jets would have to pay premium (about 25-30M per season) to keep him. To me, the only scenario that works out great for the Jets, is if Zach Wilson turns out
  14. What really made Shula a slime-ball, was when he allowed the stadium to be flooded the night before the AFC Championship game between the Fins and the Jets, and purposely did not put the tarp on the field the night before when everyone knew it was going to rain a lot. He did this because he wanted to negate the NY sack exchange, and felt he had a better chance of winning if the field was a mess, which it most certainly was. That game was called: "The Mud Bowl"!!!
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