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  1. We're not beating the Redskins? I think they may be the worst team of all of them.
  2. I'm confused. If he's not injured, why should he be on the injured report? I mean, he was suspended, and now he is no longer suspended. He shouldn't be on the injury report unless he is injured, right?
  3. And if they win you will just forget that you are clueless and somehow believe that you knew all along that this team could win. I'm not saying I know everything; II'm just saying that you have to look at the entire picture, not just what you saw in the last 3 weeks and believe that this is who we are.
  4. If the Jets lose this Sunday it won't be because they can't compete against the Cowboys, it will be because Darnold is just coming back from his illness, and he hasn't had enough time to jell with the rest of the offense. If you guys think the Jets will just continue to get blown out with their healthy players back on the home field, you all are just like sheep who follow the sheep herder and the other sheep. Before the season, when I said the Jets will win 7 or 8 at the most, everyone laughed. With the same team now, all there is is doom and gloom. I know this is hard, but forget about games 2-4, and make believe you had amnesia the last 3 games. You actually might even agree with me.
  5. I predicted in a thread after the preseason New Orleans game that the Jets would win 7 games this year, 8 if everything went perfectly. 1/2 of the responses I got back agreed with me, and the other 1/2 said the Jets would win 9 or 10 or 11 games this year, and that I didn't know anything. What has changed about this team from that time until now? Yes, the injuries killed us, and we blew a game we should have won against the Bills at home. Well, it seems that many of our players will be back this next Sunday, including Herndon who will give Darnold an extra target he didn't have at the beginning of the year. The players and coaches have something to prove, and it is my belief that the mindset of the players will be emotionally high and we will see a different team at home this weekend. The offensive line will have a reason to believe this game, and I believe that the level of play from this group will be different from the last couple games. My advice: Don't rule out the Jets just yet. The Jets will not go 0-16, not even close. I expect not 1/2, but the great majority of this board to tell me I am lost, but I don't go along with the crowd, I go by what I see.
  6. Before today I would make sure I am watching the Jets every single play of every single game. Now, missing a play, a quarter, a half is not a big deal for me. I still want to see the team play, but it't not life or death anymore if I miss some of it. If they are getting killed like today, I turned on the Giants and was rooting for them to lose. At least I got some satisfaction today.
  7. If this offensive line doesn't play better than it did today, the Jets will have no hope of winning even 1 game this year.
  8. I don't agree with you on: Harrison, Leo, Avery, Jenkins, Robbie Anderson. I agree that Beachum, Winters, Shell, Khalil, Truman, Enunwa and Powell will be gone. Remember, we can't replace everyone after just one year. Harrison has proven to be decent, Leo, while not proved to be the high 1st round pick we thought he would be, is still a good player IMO. Avery will be back next year. I happen to like Jenkins and see him continuing to develop for us. Robbie Anderson will only be gone if we can get 2 wide receivers better than him. Since we have to replace Enumwa with a #1 wide receiver, and we have to fill all the holes on the offensive line, and we need a cornerback, I don't see us getting rid of Anderson next year.
  9. The Matrix Jets fans are not in the real world, we are in the Matrix and are destined to lose for our entire lives. If we can somehow be rescued out of the Matrix, we can see that the Jets are not real.
  10. I agree with you completely, and quite frankly don't understand the hate for him on this board. He had not lived up to what we would have hoped he would be, but I do feel that he is a solid player nonetheless.
  11. Imagine if we had all of our good players on the field, and no one was hurt. The Jets could hide their blemishes and even win some games. Perhaps even go 8-8 and have dreams of next year, while harboring sub average players hiding from behind. Now, we have been exposed. We know for sure that we need to draft an offensive left tackle in round 1, offensive right guard in round 2, center in round 3, and hopefully get a wide receiver and pass rusher in free agency. Add to that, say goodbye to Enumwa, not because he isn't good, but because he can't stay on the field, and is taking up valuable space. If we can't protect Darnold, then he will never be amongst the best quarterbacks in the league, and then picking him at #3 ends up being a terrible waste of assets in drafting him at all. I am grateful that the Jets have been exposed, and perhaps even more importantly, it is time for Gase to show everyone that he isn't just doing it with smoke and mirrors, because if he can't prove that he is the offensive genius he was hired to be, he should be on thin ice as well.
  12. We lose 56-6 That's if Bellicheck wants to. He may not want to kill the Jets this bad, so then it will be 47-6. Either way, the score outcome will depend on what Belicheck wants it to be.
  13. Good for him, bad for us. He is a good guy, and I'm happy for him.

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