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  1. The Genius Bill Bellechick, when he is ready to give his speech going into the Hall of Fame, should ask Tom Brady to stand up theire with him so that Bill can kiss Tom's butt in front of the entire NFL fans. Only then should Bill Bellicheck be allowed to go into the Hall of Fame.
  2. The great Bill Bellicheck is not such a genius without Tom Brady, is he? I wonder if Bill is regretting not doing everything they could to keep Tom?
  3. I think that one hurt the most. Mostly because it was true.
  4. After reading all of the responses from Jets fans on this subject, I realize that there are both a lot of very smart Jets fans, and quite a lot of dumb Jets fans. I mean, Jets fans fill up the rainbow of IQ from 160 down to 80. It means that to be a Jets fan has everything to do with passion and emotion, and nothing to do with being smart. I am thankful that there are many intelligent Jets fans though. I believe that Joe Douglas is very smart, so whatever he decides to do, he will not be listening to Jets fans for their advice.
  5. Yes, I agree with you. By the way, I don't look at it as a one-year gamble on Sam Darnold. I'm gambling on a new head coach with a new coaching staff, and adding a quality wide receiver through possibly free agency, and adding at least (2) quality offensive lineman who will protect Darnold better, as well as adding a quality running back to the mix. I'm gambling that the Jets organization will not let Darnold down as it has up til now, and that we can truly judge Darnold in this "prove it" year. Getting rid of Sam now, giving away our #2 pick on a new rookie college QB without upgrading a blue-chip player at #2, or acquiring more high draft picks with the #2 pick is the real gamble to me.
  6. I'm 100% with you. Let's just get better, and give Darnold another year with a better roster and a better coach.
  7. Yes, that would be the deal. Why fans want to mortgage the future with multiple 1st round draft picks, when in fact that deal would solve so many of Houston's problems is baffling to me. Get a young stud QB on a rookie deal, and not doling out $30M per year for multiple years and saving cap space for building up the team is payment enough. Perhaps too much, but I would have to make that deal.
  8. Unfortunately, even if JD did what you said and put a competent team on the field, we would have still not made the playoffs. Saddled with a garbage head coach, our best defensive player Moseley opting out for the year, and Jamal Adams wigging out and off the team. I like where we are right now. We got a head coach that I am hopeful for, good draft capital and the #2 pick in the draft, along with money to spend in free agency. Judge Joe Douglas at the end of next year. I expect to go from 2-14 to 7-9 or 8-8 next year, and then to a playoff spot in 2022.
  9. Of course you're wrong. Joe Douglas did not spend "big long term" contracts on free agents and mortgage the future the way Mac did. He signed players to 1 year "prove it" deals, so that the Jets are in great shape to get involved in free agency this year and upgrade the roster. In addition, Saleh said he wanted the Jets job because of Joe Douglas. That speaks volumes, and allows us to finally get a legitimate head coach that other teams wanted. I do have criticism regarding what Joe did by moving down in the second round, and the jury is still out on Mims, Zuniga, our offensive guard in the fourth round, Morgan and our safety pick in the 3rd round. All of these picks will be better judged next year, and then we can criticize Joe Douglas or not.
  10. I believe that a decision has been made on Sam Darnold, and they fully intend to keep him. I don't think that JD would hire a head coach and not have a "meeting of the minds" on Sam's future. Many fans say Sam Darnold is not a good quarterback. I say that Sam Darnold had a bad year with a depleted roster and bad coaching. You can't build up a roster if you continue to throw valuable draft picks at the QB position without building up the rest of the roster. Many experts think that the Jets roster is perhaps the worst in the NFL. You know have the 2nd pick of the draft to improve your roster with a blue-chip player, and you can move down to pick up 2 or 3 starters. To me, it's common sense. I have been saying this since before the season ended. It's beginning to look like I was right.
  11. Twelve days after I predicted that Joe Douglas will in fact bring back Sam Darnold 100% sure, it seems that things are definitely moving in that direction as it being 100% Why is it so obvious to me? To me it is common sense, which is not an acceptable answer to many people, but which I rely on. More specifically, I believe that Sam has proven to me that in the right system, he will thrive. The Jets mortgaged the future on giving up 3 second round draft picks, as well as picking Sam with the 3rd pick of the draft. To "give up" after a garbage roster with garbage coaching, is to me being a "loser". The Jets need that second pick in the draft to continue to build that offense around Darnold, and in the right system, he will succeed. Believing that Joe Douglas is also a very smart man, he sees the things that I see, which makes me very sure of myself.

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