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  1. The fact that only 8%voted for Marvin Powell shows me that our fans don't know the history of our team. Marvin Powell and Winston Hill may be the best of the best we've ever had. Marvin Powell's nickname: The President He went to (5) pro bowls, and was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame. He was a solid player and nasty.
  2. Mo Lewis' Place In Jets' History

    Mo Lewis was an excellent linebacker, but not a great linebacker. I suppose we've never had a "great linebacker" in Jets history. Lance Mehl was a solid tackler, but not dominating. Jones was a "punishing" tackler who's collisions were devastating, but who's career was relatively short. The best "d" lineman of all time is easy; Joe Klecko was the best, hands down.
  3. I'm not new but just an observer for the last several years, never really posting. I have been a Jets fan for the last 49 years. I was at the 1968 AFC Championship game from the 40 yard line at Shea Stadium. Joe Willie taking down the bad Oakland Raiders to go the Super Bowl.
  4. Just from a PR standpoint, the Jets would get pummeled for not either drafting a QB in round one, or getting a free agent QB who doesn't give us a reasonable chance for success. To that end, I am counting on drafting the QB in round 1. I know that Macc said that the door is not yet closed on Hackenburg, but I believe that Macc in this case is lying through his teeth. Hackenberg is a colossal failure, and it doesn't take an NFL scout to figure that out. Petty is garbage, so, we are left with a 38 year old QB who broke his arm, and ________ (insert here).
  5. The Jets have 100M in cap space, and the best way to blow a lot of it would be to get Kurt Cousins for 30 million dollars per year. We can get a QB at #6 or (if we trade up, earlier) and use all that cap money to get free agent pieces that we so desperately need. At #6, we will have our future QB cheap for at least the next 4 years, instead of using up 100 million on a QB over the same 4 years. I hope we use the cap room to grab a cornerback, pass rusher, resign Claiborne and other Jet free agents we want to keep, and use our (2) second round picks to get possibly a running back and a offensive lineman. Cousins is a nice QB, but in no way will he be worth the money that it would take to sign him to the Jets. If he demands 25 or 30 million, we would be overpaying him tremendously to get him.
  6. Jets are meant to fly...sometimes they crash and burn though
  7. "Revis was the Best at one time." So was Darrel Strawberry and Dwight Gooden. But neither one of them are going to the hall of fame.
  8. Darrele Revis makes more in 1 season than I will make in a lifetime. I could care less if Derrele wants to embarrass himself by not making an effort, but by doing so, precludes himself from being categorized as a pro's pro; gives his all, all heart, etc.. In my mind, he doesn't belong in the hall of fame. That distinction is for players who love the game, put everything they have on the field, and loves to win, all about the team, etc... Darrele once called Randy Moss a "Slacker", because he accused him of slacking on the field. He once told told Dez Bryant that they are both "bulls" fighting it out on the field. Darrele is a slacker and no longer a bull, but a cow, getting paid for slacking on the field and not giving the effort necessary to show the other players on the field that he even gives a sh*t. He is an embarrassment to himself, the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL, in that order. I can hear you all now; "he was great; he brought the Jets into respectability", etc.. You know what! I wish I could slack off on my job and tell people all the great things I did in the past for my company, but I would get fired for doing that. I work my tail off to feed my family. But for what I read in this post, we should all be so grateful for what Derrele did for the Jets organization in the past. You know what I say to that? Darrele deserves nothing but the millions of dollars that fill up his bank, but nothing more than that. I don't want him in the Jets "ring of honor" next to Joe Klecko and Curtis Martin. They both bled and gave their blood on the field for the Jets, and Derrele Revis doesn't belong next to them.
  9. Imagine if McCown wouldn't have gotten hurt. We definitely would have won another game and not be in the 6th position to begin with.
  10. Let's se..... 1. Hiring Rich Kotite 2. Not drafting Dan Marino at #19 and instead drafting Ken O'brien 3. Drafting Blair Thomas #2 in the entire draft 4. Not resigning John Riggins and letting him walk to the Washington Redskins, where he helped them win a Super Bowl over Miami. The list goes on and on and on.....
  11. If that's the message, then please put up an announcement that acknowledges the team is quitting so I don't have to waste my time watching it. My time is valuable, and I don't feel that the fans who pay good money and spend their leisure time should be wasting time after the team officially quits. How about just stopping the game and and saying "uncle". This is one of the most embarrassing moments in Jets history, and I should know, being a fan for the last 50 years. Yes, I'm 58, and was at the AFC championship game when the Jets beat Oakland. This Morton guy "MUST" be fired. He should be fired now, and not wait until the end of the season.
  12. Revis Fan Reaction

    Joe Klecko was the best player who ever played for the Jets. He was a dominating, intimidating force, who could rush the passer and get over 20 sacks in a year as he did, yet had a motor that was non-stop. Only player to make the pro bowl at 3 different positions for 3 different years. Everyone who played against Klecko respected him, including the coaches who coached against him. He got injured, and never was the same after that. Many ex-players who played against him think he should be in the Hall of Fame like Howie Long and guy who made the hall as an offensive player for the Patriots who I can't remember his name right now. Revis was great too; but his "me" attitude puts him as second to Klecko.
  13. What do we do with Mo?

    Wilkerson doesn't love football; he loves money. I want players who love football as much as they love money. I would say good-bye to Wilkerson. This team is having success because they are finding players who love to play football, and buy into what the team is selling. Wilkerson through his actions is not buying into the team.
  14. I see how everyone is quick to take Oakland this week and lay 14 points or more on Sunday. And I agree; the Jets will deserve to get blown out this game. But as word quickly makes it way around the league, it may be hard for teams to "get up" for the Jets, knowing that a performance below their best will still get a win. With this in mind, at what point will the Jets get easily handled but the scoreboard will not reflect it? I think it is probably still too early in the season for a team to "let up" against the Jets, and rest players that they may not need to beat this team, but sooner or later I believe it will come back to bite people who decide to bet against the Jets and give the points when they are up against a seemingly tough opponent. Just my opinion. And the Jets will probably get better along the way, even though getting better will only mean that they will lose games with a closer outcome.
  15. Have you ever heard of a guy named Bruce Harper. He played for the Jets. I think he was small. He was one of the best kick returners, 3rd down receiving backs out of the backfield we ever had.