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  1. I agree with you regarding Wesco, Cashman and Anderson. I disagree with you strongly regarding Harrison and Jenkins. Not only has Jenkins proven himself and can rush the passer, but the Jets just resigned him to a cap friendly deal. Jenkins is going nowhere. I will add two to the three that I agree with you. I would have added Winters, but you exempted him to the list. Frankie Luvu would be my #4, and #5 Josh Doctson. I say Doctson because I feel that we have 1 or 2 players that we signed as free agents after the draft that I think may be keepers. Crowder, Mims, Crager, Campbell, Perriman could be the 5 that we keep.
  2. Of course!! I seriously doubt he ever wants to step on a football field again, but he needs to say he wants to so he can get his money, honey!
  3. DRob was not a bust. He played extremely well for a couple of seasons, but unfortunately had a very short career due to injuries. He was considered a very good player for awhile. Therefore, not a bust. Vernon Gholston, a bust. Blair Thomas, a bust. Johnny Lame Jones, a bust.
  4. Bust is definitely an overused word. Busts are universal. If there is an argument about whether a player is a bust or not, then that player is probably not a bust. Vernon Gholston was a bust, because everyone on g-d's green earth agrees that he is a bust. Was Mark Sanchez a bust? No, he was not. Yes, we expected much more out of him, but he QB'd the Jets to 2 straight AFC Championship games. If people disagree about a player, then that player is not a bust, but possibly a underperforming player. Players like Blair Thomas is a bust, because the feeling about him is universal.
  5. I'm not hoping, I'm counting on it. Quinnen > Leo Williams. No doubt about it.
  6. You said it before I had the chance to say it. The question I have is: "Is he a top 5 quarterback in this league?" I wonder if he is a top 10 in this league? I wouldn't give it to him. I think the Cowboys offered him too much. I would franchise him and let him walk when it is his time. Stick to the 175 million and don't budge. I think he would be stupid to turn down that deal in the end.
  7. I don't know if he will be the best player in the secondary or not, but I believe he can have the chance to lead the team in Interceptions. That is a big deal. The Jets have been horrible overall with interceptions over the years, and I think Davis changes that, with his athleticism and his nose for the ball.
  8. Of course, you are correct. I was thinking the same thing. I kept on hoping during the draft that Marino would fall to us, and he did. But, the Jets being the Jets, picked Ken O'Brien for goodness sake. To this day, I shake my head.
  9. I met Eddie Bell through an acquaintance at a parking garage that he and my father both went to in lower NYC. I was a big tennis player at the time, and we set up a tennis date together. Eddie Bell cancelled on me, and that was the end of that. But still, I forgot about him until I read it in your post. I would have loved to beat him at tennis. Wasn't meant to be.
  10. I don't think reaching out for another opinion is ever a bad thing. I have had a real rough stretch with my son, but thankfully that is in the past, and he is doing great now. My only advice is to show tough love. If you continually give in, or not hold a child accountable, then you are basically saying that their bad behavior is okay and acceptable. No matter what you say, it is more of what you do that will make an impact. Sometimes you can say the right things and do the right things, but things turn out bad in the end anyways. In those situations, there is really nothing you can do. Some people are on a collision course with tragedy, and they don't want to be saved.
  11. I was at the game as well. Out of the around 50 Jets games I've been to in my lifetime, that game was the most memorable for me. Wesley Walker catching the winning catch at the end of the game was absolutely amazing. It was the best Jets game I saw in person in my life.
  12. Edoga needs to show more than he did in his rookie season. He was overwhelmed at times at right tackle, and if we needed him to be a starter, we would be the sh*tty offensive line like we had last season. We currently have 18 offensive linemen on the roster, and the best 9 or 10 will make the team. Edoga is right now about # 8 of the 16, and he will need to earn the right to stay around #8. I hope that the bottom 8 push Edoga, and I hope Edoga steps up in his second year. As far as Cashman is concerned, I personally feel that he has a very low ceiling in ability. He played well when he got the opportunity, but I think that he isn't going to get much better. I think that with the talent we have at linebacker, it wouldn't be impossible for him to not make the roster.
  13. The most important play in Jets history is the greatest play in Jets history. You nailed it!
  14. When the Jets win the Super Bowl, their uniforms will look pretty damn good!! I see nothing wrong with the uniforms.

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