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  1. I was at that game. Great overtime win, with Wesley Walker catching the bomb and into the end zone. Definitely one of the best Jet games ever!
  2. I was 9 years old and was with my dad and older brother with seats at the 35 yard line, 12 rows from the field at the AFC Championship game in 1968 between the Jets and Oakland Raiders. Joe Namath hung in tough and beat the Raiders in a very close and good game that propelled the Jets to the Super Bowl. This was easily my best memory as a Jets fan.
  3. How are you planning to motivate players to play at their maximum and what are you going to do to hold them accountable when they don't?
  4. I have a different take on the draft and our team. I don't feel that our GM has done a great job of drafting. When you pick at the top or near the top of the draft, there are more "can't lose" picks than if your picking at 10 or below. At 10 or below, you need to have a GM and his crew who are good at evaluating talent, and I don't have confidence that the Jets are special at evaluating talent. Darnold was a no-brainer, Jamal Adams was a no-brainer, Leonard Williams was a no-brainer as well.
  5. There is no way Bowles is back next year. Along with Bowles deserving to be fired, there are politics involved and Public Relations as well. The ownership of the Jets understand that basically every single fan is desperate for Bowles to be fired, and the fans are the ones paying for the tickets and supporting the team. For this reason alone, Bowles is a goner. Politically, players will not want to come to the Jets, and current players will want to leave the Jets. It will be hard to build a winning team with players that don't want to come to NY or stay in NY and play for a coach that obviously has lost the respect of the players. The ownership of the Jets must understand this as well.
  6. As someone has already said, he was double teamed all game. This is not an indictment on Leonard Williams, but an indictment on the fact that the other D-linemen are not good enough to double-team. We need better corners, better middle linebackers, and a pass rusher who will allow Leonard Williams not to get double-teamed on every play.
  7. I hear it over and over as a Jets fan, and I heard it again today. The reporter asked Bowles if the team gave up. To summarize, No was the answer, the team didn't give up, they gave good effort. I say this: 1. Without confidence, effort is meaningless. I could try very hard at doing something, but if I don't have confidence in what I am doing, the likelihood is I will fail, especially when I'm competing against an opponent who does have confidence. 2. In a game where emotion is important, effort without emotion is a recipe for losing. When you are playing a team that comes into the game with a hightened emotional temperament, and you come into the game with the attitude that you will "give your best effort", what does that mean really? 3. You can have good effort, but if your not prepared, good effort will fail. In summary, I am sick and tired of hearing that the Jets did not "quit", and that they gave good effort. I never hear Bill Belicheck talk about their great effort after they lose a game. He says "we weren't good enough today". Well, Todd Bowles and the NY Jets are just not good enough even when they play a team that is awful. I would like to hear Bowles say that his team was an embarrassment today, but he will never say that.
  8. You are correct. However, the Jets were playing their best football going into this game, and the defensive line was eating up offensive lines of other teams. The NY Sack Exchange was in full operation, and led the NFL in sacks. Let me make this simple for you: Don Shula knowingly kept the tarp off of the field the night before, knowing that the rain was going to be terrible that night. He made an intelligent decision for the benefit of his team. If he felt that he had the better team, he would not have done that. It really is that simple.
  9. I've been around for all of the above games, and ones that hurt the most was: #1 Dvisional Round vs. Browns 1986. This game the Jets had won with time running out. The Browns just threw an incomplete pass on 4th down with like 5 minutes on the clock down by 10 points. The problem was that the moron Mark Gastineau ruffed the passer after the play, giving the Browns first down and breathing new life into them. The Jets would have gotten the ball and would have run out most of the clock at that point. I will never forgive Gastineau for that play. #2 Mud Bowl loss to Miami in the AFC Championship game. The Jets were the better team, and probably the best team in the NFL that year. Miami head coach Don Shula knew we were the better team, and knowingly kept the tarp off the field the night before, so that the rain could screw up the field. This would put Miami on a more even keel going into this game. Well, it worked, and the Jets lost in a mud bowl type of game. On a good field, Jets win! This could not happen today, but Don Shula got away with it back then. I hate that you made me remember these losses. Is it because you want to torture me?
  10. My point was that Romo says things that most other football announcers will not say. Most other NFL announcers will avoid telling us the viewers that the wide receivers are just not getting open. Yes, we the fans see what Romo sees. It's just refreshing to hear it from a football announcer.
  11. Romo is the only guy who "tells it like it is". He comes out and says that the wide receivers are just not getting open, and Darnold is forced to throw a perfect pass to complete one. He said pretty much that when he made a comment about a pass being within inches to try to compete one. His comments were spot on, but it also highlighted the fact that Peake is a wide receiver that should not be on the team. This guy can't get open, and he shouldn't have a spot on the roster. At the same time, the Jets hierarchy signs Pryor to the team; he turns out to be no good for whatever reason, and he is kicked off the team. Well, who's fault is that? Bowles or Macc or both? Our offensive team sucks because we put our faith in Bowles and Macc and they have let us down.
  12. Alka

    Biggest Issue With Bowles

    He's still not as bad as Kotite was. I think I would have been a better coach than Kotite, and that's saying a lot.
  13. As far as Lee is concerned, now is not the time to trade him. He has finally come into his own. The question is, is this year a fluke, or is this the player we will get in the future. I believe this year is not a fluke. As far as Williams is concerned, I personally would pay him. I think he is a high quality person, but that is just my humble opinion.
  14. With all due respect, this would be the most stupid thing that the Jets could do. Both of these players are solid, starting players. They are not great, but we could easily draft a first and second round bust with these two additional picks, and then where would the Jets be. Leo and Lee are proven commodities. Trading away a proven commodity for a unproven commodity is stupid.
  15. You know, the most painful thing about being a Jets fan is not the losing, believe it or not. It's when you know the game is over not because of the score, but when the team collectively gives up or is just outclassed. This Jets team today IMO was not outclassed. The Jets just decided to mail it in at the moment that both you and I saw it. How Bowles isn't embarrassed at that moment is beyond me. And if he is embarrassed, he should say it in public, just as an acknowledgement to the fans who pay good money to go to the games.

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