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  1. I see how everyone is quick to take Oakland this week and lay 14 points or more on Sunday. And I agree; the Jets will deserve to get blown out this game. But as word quickly makes it way around the league, it may be hard for teams to "get up" for the Jets, knowing that a performance below their best will still get a win. With this in mind, at what point will the Jets get easily handled but the scoreboard will not reflect it? I think it is probably still too early in the season for a team to "let up" against the Jets, and rest players that they may not need to beat this team, but sooner or later I believe it will come back to bite people who decide to bet against the Jets and give the points when they are up against a seemingly tough opponent. Just my opinion. And the Jets will probably get better along the way, even though getting better will only mean that they will lose games with a closer outcome.
  2. Have you ever heard of a guy named Bruce Harper. He played for the Jets. I think he was small. He was one of the best kick returners, 3rd down receiving backs out of the backfield we ever had.
  3. Jets get a D and Seattle gets an A. Seattle's 2nd round pick is more like a top of the 3rd round pick. Richardson was the best football player on the Jets, only 26 years old. Very bad deal IMO. If they were going to trade with Seattle, then only a 1st round pick would have been fair. Wilkerson has not shown me much this preseason, and Richardson has shown a lot. I would have been happier if we traded Wilkerson for a 2nd round pick, but Seattle would have never made that trade.
  4. Hackenberg proved to me last night that he is not only not the answer, but that he should be cut from the team. He is not good enough to be the 3rd QB on our team. I would give Petty every opportunity in the next game to see if he can be the starter going into the season. I believe our GM should be fired after the season for this awful decision to draft Hackenberg in the first place. Bowles should go as well after the season if not before. In addition, we have completely forgotten about drafting Offensive linemen, and it showed last night. That is again on our lousy GM. This Jets team will struggle to win 2 games this year, and if we win more than that, I would be shocked.
  5. KRL, I think you should consider doing this professionally. I just recently discovered you, and I am now "hooked".