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  1. I would take Quinen Williams if he's there, but I would not take Bosa or Allen if I could trade back and get multiple picks that would be fair value. Getting a edge pass rusher and a center that will both start and excel would be a win for me, and a top offensive tackle or cornerback at the 2nd level would convince me to make the trade. Boss is a injury risk and Allen's dominance at the pro level is a question mark to me.
  2. Alka

    The Harvard Draft Value Chart

    I'm not in love with the chart, because you "should" get a blue chip player at #3, and more likely a possible bust at #15. You also could get a bust at #3, and then have multiple picks to guess correctly. Trading down from #3 to #15, and then just getting #47 would make the Harvard chart an accurate exchange, but I would never make that deal unless I felt that there were no real blue chip players that I was interested in at #3, and even then I wouldn't make that deal.
  3. Alka

    Bosa Available at 3 - Trade or Stay?

    The problem with your scenario is that there is a price for everything. IN your scenario, your offering way too much, so you got to make the trade. Would you give up Lawrence Taylor in the draft coming out of college if the other team gave you the entire years draft and the entire next years draft? It would be hard to decline a trade like that.
  4. Warren Sapp had a 4.84 40 yard dash, was 6'2" and 300 pounds. He's in the Hall of Fame. Quinnen got better numbers. He ran a 4.83 40 yard dash. He's taller and about the same weight. It's what you do on the field that matters, and what's in your heart. Curtis Martin's measurables weren't amazing, but his heart was! If QW is a future hall of fame player, I really don't care what our needs are. You take QW and don't look back.
  5. Alka

    Donald Penn Released

    Before you start signing backups who are 36 years old, how about signing a starting Center which we need desperately? We also need a starting corner if you forgot. We certainly could use a #1 wide receiver as well and a edge pass rusher. This guy is not even on the radar at this point. The Jets would be stupid to sign him before meeting some of our other "starting" needs.
  6. Alka

    Donald Penn Released

    It wouldn't make sense for the Jets to bring him. We have Beachum who is serviceable, and this guy is 36 years old. What would be the purpose of bringing him here? What, for 1 year, and what should we do with Beachum, make him the backup? How much are we going to pay him to make Beachum the backup?
  7. I completely disagree with you. I believe the Jets have proven that they could care less what color your skin is, as long as you can win. If you can win, you can stay. If you can't win, then you're gone.
  8. Can you also please ban the dumb people? I feel that there are a lot of smart people, but also a lot of dumb people. If you ban the dumb people, then we would have an awesome site here.
  9. Alka

    Sam's input at HC

    It's funny to me when I read people on this thread saying that Darnold is "just a kid", and you wouldn't want a player to have a say into the next head coach. I look at it much differently. Darnold "is a kid", but a kid that you are counting on to lead the franchise for the next decade. Why not get input from Darnold? Getting input from him is different than him deciding who the next head coach will be. Of course you want "buy in" from him, and selling him on the next head coach can only be a good thing. People need to open their minds a little bit, and not get caught up in employer and employee. I find that employees are happier on their jobs when they feel that the owner cares about them, and cares about their opinions. Remember, it is still the owners decision of who to hire, but getting the input of the most important player on your team can only help in the decision making process, while still not allowing that player to make the decision for you.
  10. if they are scrubs, then they won't make the trade that we would demand. At the #12 pick for this year, I would demand, not ask, that we get their 2nd round pick this year plus next years #1. If they don't want to do that, then "no deal".
  11. I was at that game. Great overtime win, with Wesley Walker catching the bomb and into the end zone. Definitely one of the best Jet games ever!
  12. I was 9 years old and was with my dad and older brother with seats at the 35 yard line, 12 rows from the field at the AFC Championship game in 1968 between the Jets and Oakland Raiders. Joe Namath hung in tough and beat the Raiders in a very close and good game that propelled the Jets to the Super Bowl. This was easily my best memory as a Jets fan.
  13. How are you planning to motivate players to play at their maximum and what are you going to do to hold them accountable when they don't?
  14. I have a different take on the draft and our team. I don't feel that our GM has done a great job of drafting. When you pick at the top or near the top of the draft, there are more "can't lose" picks than if your picking at 10 or below. At 10 or below, you need to have a GM and his crew who are good at evaluating talent, and I don't have confidence that the Jets are special at evaluating talent. Darnold was a no-brainer, Jamal Adams was a no-brainer, Leonard Williams was a no-brainer as well.
  15. There is no way Bowles is back next year. Along with Bowles deserving to be fired, there are politics involved and Public Relations as well. The ownership of the Jets understand that basically every single fan is desperate for Bowles to be fired, and the fans are the ones paying for the tickets and supporting the team. For this reason alone, Bowles is a goner. Politically, players will not want to come to the Jets, and current players will want to leave the Jets. It will be hard to build a winning team with players that don't want to come to NY or stay in NY and play for a coach that obviously has lost the respect of the players. The ownership of the Jets must understand this as well.

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