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  1. Just to play along, I believe the Jets should be ranked around 16th on Defense going into the season, and around 24th on Offense going into the season. Overall, that would make the Jets about the 20th best team in the NFL, or 19 teams who will be better than the Jets. I see the Jets record this year at 7-9, if everyone stays healthy.
  2. Not only did Hackenberg not win the job at QB for 2017, he couldn't even win the back-up QB job. And I can promise you that if we kept 4 qB's last year, he wouldn't be able to win the back-up to the back-up QB job. He was horrible. The worst I've seen in many, many years.
  3. I would summarize Joe Namath in this respect: "Jets fans are results oriented". All we care about is getting to a Super Bowl and winning a Super Bowl. In 50 plus years of Jets football, the Jets made it to the Super Bowl once, then won the Super Bowl once. At the time of 1969, the American Football League was in danger of becoming irrelevant, with the National Football League and the entire sporting world believing that their league was superior in every respect to the other league. So much so, the Colts were 17 point favorites going into the game, and the smart money on the Colts. So here comes this brash, confident, cocky, charismatic Joe Namath, the clear leader of the NY Jets, claiming that the Jets would in fact win the game. I will end it with this, "Stats are for losers!" Joe Namath was a winner, and that my friend is the "bottom line."
  4. I pretty much saw Namath's entire career, and i must say that many have him accurate as comparing to Dan Marino. Namath threw lasers and was accurate as well. I remember seeing him throw a 50 yard bomb to Richard Caster, a "great Jets Tight end by the way" right on the money for a touchdown. Namath threw with velocity and on the mark. His arm was as good as I have ever seen, as good as Marino. Unfortunately, it was his knees that got worse and worse, and IMO that is what finally did him in. Interestingly, he was able to run well in college, before his knee problems.
  5. In all due respect, drafting Darnold was the draft. If we got the answer to Joe Namath (as we may well have), then everything else is insignificant. Let me ask you: What do we need to worry about eery single draft of every single year? The answer is: are we getting a QB this year, and when are we going to draft him? With Darnold in place, we may no longer have to worry about the most significant position of the entire football team. By allowing ourselves to no longer focus on the QB position, we can turn our attention to all the other areas of need. This is just one huge reason why the Patriots are successful year after year after year. They don't have to even think about the QB position, and can focus on the rest of the team. As far as the rest of the draft being garbage, I don't agree with you. Again, time will tell if they scouted the 3rd round DLineman well, the 4th round tight end, the 6th round cornerback, and the trade for the DLineman that we traded for. You don't know, but instead of giving the Jets the benefit of the doubt, you want to rip them apart for your perception, which may or may not be reality. Have some patience and wait. When we drafted Revis and Harris that one year, the rest of the draft was garbage. Did you say that our draft was garbage that year; not me, we hit on 2 home runs and I will take that every single year of every single draft.
  6. It has been brought up by someone that Darnold has smallish hands, and that causes him to be prone to fumble. I know that his hand size is 9 and 3/8 inches, which are bigger than Mayfield at 9 and 1/4 inches, but smaller than Rosen at 9 3/4 inches and Allen who tops off at 10 and 1/8 inches I believe. I know that when I was young, I could throw the football around 60 yards or so, but my hands I measured today and are 8 inches only, which I guess are somewhat average for most normal people (I am 6'2" by the way). Does anyone know why the ideal hand size is for an NFL QB, and how important is it? I would think it would be most important in cold weather, since holding on to the football is a priority.
  7. Alka

    Grade the Jets Draft

    If Darnold is a 10 year starter, and if we got one other pick who starts for the next 5 or 6 years, we had a very successful draft. I remember the year when we drafted Revis at #16, and David Harris in the second round. I can't remember anyone else we drafted that round, but that draft was a huge success IMO. Another year, we drafted D'Brick and Mangold in the same draft, and I couldn't tell you who else we drafted that year, but again, a huge success. If Darnold is one of these types of players, then in my mind we only need one other hit for this year to be a huge success.
  8. For the record, The #1 pick in the draft has the smallest hands of the 4 QB's selected in the top 10, and I don't believe he had fumbling problems. Sorry to mess up your post with facts.
  9. How did you know I was a failure! You must be psychotic! I mean psychic.
  10. I apologize. Thank you for correcting me. I will try not to repeat the error.
  11. Congratulations!!!!! I finally realized what you are an expert at!! You are an expert and a professional in making people instantly dislike you. Believe me, that is a rare talent!
  12. So you are in the prediction business. I am also in the prediction business. I predict that Josh Rosen will not hold up physically to ever become the great player that you predict he will be. I also predict that Sam Darnold will be a winner for the NY Jets, and we will be looking back on this draft and say that the Jets finally got one right. And as far as leading us to the Super Bowl, Mark Sanchez was one win away for 2 seasons in a row to lead the NY Jets to a Super Bowl, and my money says that Sam Darnold is better than Mark Sanchez could ever hope to be. I also could care less what you think.
  13. I would offer our 6th round pick plus Petty for their 5th round pick.
  14. Now that my prediction has come true, "Does anyone really believe that if the Jets at #3 had the choice of Mayfield or Darnold, that the Jets would have picked Mayfield?" I think the smart money is "absolutely not"!!!! Darnold would have been the pick, just like Rosen would have been the pick over Mayfield. Sometimes I feel like I am playing chess while others are playing checkers. Many of you have agreed with me, which shows me there are many smart Jets fans out there.
  15. I have been a die-hard Jets fan since 1968. I remember being beyond upset when the Jets drafted Ken O'Brien over Joe Marino. That pick alone would have put me in the Jets Hall of Fame. Don't be so sure that you are glad that I am not choosing for the Jets.