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  1. Happy 60th Birthday!!! I'm 62, and let me give you the top 10 "must-do's" now that you turned 60. 1. Schedule your colonoscopy! 2. Schedule you cardiology appointment, and get in shape for your stress test! 3. Make sure you take all of your medications on a daily basis. 4. Start eating more healthy, if you haven't done so already. 5. Get your eyes checked. 6. You may need a hearing aid, even if you refuse to believe that youre hearing is in any way flawed. 7. Stop stressing about anything. Life is too short! 8. Don't get too excited about the Jet
  2. Can we now get back to talking about how Jamal Adams isn't signed yet???
  3. Woody Johnson is the problem, and only Woody Johnson can be the answer. Woody Johnson needs to make this happen, and get Wilson into camp. I wish Woody Johnson would just sell the team. After the Wilpons with the Mets, Woody Johnson is the worst owner.
  4. I disagree. If that was the case, he would have taken the multiple years offer that JD wanted to give him. By taking the 1 year deal, he is betting on himself to be very good this year, so that he warrants a better contract next year. I absolutely don't believe that it's Fants spot to lose. I do believe they are both on equal footing, and let the best man win. Based upon last years play, I would say that Moses clearly has the upper hand.
  5. You are the best. Love to read your reports!!! Now we just need Zach to sign his contract, and we are 100% ready to go!
  6. A few items to discuss: 1. Jamal Adams was a starter from day #1. He played many, many minutes in those games. Do you know how many minutes Green played in those first 4 years? I don't know, but until you do know, it aint apples to apples. 2. If Green got 3 interceptions in his first 4 years, then that means that he got 22 interceptions in his next 7 years. Let's see if Adams gets 23 sacks in his next 7 years to match Green, 3. Green got over 900 tackles in his 11 seasons, and 300? in his first 4 years. That means that Green gets more than 600 tackles in his last 7 seasons
  7. Now that I'm watching, there was 5 minutes of 2020 highlights, and the final 25 minutes is devoted to the 2021 upcoming season. Makes sense!!!
  8. Coming up!! Although I don't know how they need 1/2 hour for 2020 Jets highlights. More like 5 minutes if you ask me.
  9. Victor Green got 25 interceptions during his 11 year NFL career. Jamal Adams has 2 interceptions in his 4 years in the NFL. What else do you need to know?
  10. Victor Green is one of my all-time favorite Jets! He played with heart, and he always showed up. I never remember once that he ever complained about anything. Green was a tackling machine, who could cover the receivers. If I had the choice of a Victor Green in his prime or Jamal Adams, it would be an easy call to pick Victor Green. Green couldn't rush the QB the way Jamal can, and Jamal was more destructive in tackling the runner behind the line of scrimmage, but Green hit hard, he covered well, and was all over the field making plays. He stayed on the field, and was the heart of
  11. Perhaps he's meeting with his attorneys.
  12. Ouch!! I guess we must pass on him. Have a nice retirement.
  13. Even with Gase as bad as he was, the Jets defense was still 7th in the NFL in defending the run. Even Gase couldn't destroy the run defense. That is saying something!!
  14. Why not! I think it would be great to get him in on a 1 year deal, and see how he can help this team.
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