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  1. Which is why I never bet on the Jets. Of course this is common sense, but today I lost mine.
  2. Because it's not who you play, it's when you play them that is most important. It could be that the Bengals are playing their best ball of the season right now, and now might be the right time to pick them against a 5-7 team that just lost to the Steelers last week, and may not be playing their best ball.
  3. This was the worst move in the McCagnon era. The reason it was so bad was that Hackenburg was regarded by many to be a reach before the draft, and we reached for him in the 2n round. A 6th round pick was where I thought he should have went, but we wasted a valuable 2nd round pick for him.
  4. Would you bet them against the Cleveland Browns this week? As a Jets fan, anytime the Jets lose to a winless team, that other team then seems to go on a run and start a winning streak. Anyway, I put $20.00 down straight up against the Browns. If I win, it's 3 1/2 to 1 odds, so I will win $70.00 Perhaps a sucker bet, but Dalton really looked good, and I believe that the Bengals will be tough to beat this week, even though they are 7 1/2 point underdogs. On the other hand, with the Jets this week, without Jamal Adams and Bell, one would think that it is an easy bet to bet against the Jets, but I'm not so sure. I know I am no longer making predictions, but I think the Jets will win this week against Miami. Another outcome that I think most would disagree with me on this board.
  5. I loved Pat Ryan, but he was a backup, and not good enough to be a starting QB. I know that I was one yelling for Pat to get a chance to start for the Jets, and when he did, showed his athletic limitations. Yes, a quality backup, but unfortunately not good enough to be a long term solution at starting QB. I am surprised that he was 6-5 as a starter though. Just shows that the team was quality. Either that, or our opponents were bad.
  6. True! If the Jets get a comparable player of skill at another position to Williams, then it's a home run. Jets decided correctly that they were overstocked on the defensive line, and this pick fills a hole at another position.
  7. What do you think of how Neville and Cashman have played in your absence? Are you surprised that the Jets lead the NFL in run defense this year, especially without yourself and CJ Moseley? What do you feel you would have contributed to the current Jets defense had you not gotten injured?
  8. The only problem with your thinking is that the Giants would be picking at the top of the 3rd round, and letting Leo go with a comp pick, now would be at best the bottom of the third round, Not great for a 8 game rental on a team that got no chance at making the playoffs. And the 5th round pick is no giveaway either.
  9. One would think that losing Leonard Williams in the middle of the season would somehow hurt our run defense, but the opposite has seemed to happen. I mean, our run defense has never been so strong, and this is without CJ Moseley and Avery Williamson, our 2 starting inside linebackers. Just amazing!
  10. Before this game, my brain was telling me that the Jets are on a roll, and we can beat the Raiders. My heart was telling me that the Jets just can't continue this roll, not against a better team, with that better team trying to make a playoff run. I let my heart dictate to me what would happen today, and I am happy to be wrong.
  11. I was dead wrong, and I admit I didn't think that the Jets could play as well as they did on offense. Three games in a row now, amazing. For me, I am a Jets fan, so I was happy to see it happen, but I won't be making any Jets predictions, at least on this board, for the rest of this year. I'm still happy we won.
  12. Thank you! That's very nice to you to say. For the record, I started this thread out of boredom, and it has been interesting to get the very positive to very negative feedback from my thread. One thing it did do, was get over 1,000 views and over 120 or so responses, so for entertainment purposes, I feel I accomplished what I set out to do. Honestly, although I feel the way I feel this week, I want to be wrong. I am a huge Jets fan, and if the Jets do win, I know I will get buried by the negativity, but like I said, at least it makes things interesting. Everyone who is saying that I just got lucky these last few weeks are probably right, but I also predicted on this board before the season that we would win a total of 7 games this year, and 8 if everyone stayed healthy. So, I had no illusions about the Jets going to the playoffs this year, like so many on this board did.
  13. You forgot to mention that I picked the first win against the Cowboys, when they were like 16 point favorites in our stadium. And you forgot to mention that I picked the Jets to dominate the Redskins and win by 20 points (they won by 17) in a week that the Redskins were favored. What have you predicted?
  14. Yes, that I what I'm shooting for!!! You are correct, I hope.
  15. You know, I think you might be right!! Do you think I want to be right this week? I want to be wrong, and have people telling me to go back in hiding. I will be rooting for the Jets to win, and thus, I am rooting for my run to end. I can't be right every week, can I? That would be crazy! I will mess up, one of these weeks, and I will say this: This has been the toughest week for me in terms of picking this game. It's counterintuitive to what I want to believe, so this week may very well end my streak. I really hope so!!

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