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  1. I need to get a life. I'm so bored with myself this is what I am reduced to. lol Thanks for your encouragement.
  2. I'm sorry to say I give up! You call yourself a "critical thinker", which is a term I respect, since it is my goal to think critically without bias. However, you appear to me to be inflexible and rigid in trying to defend your opinion, relying too much on statistics, and not taking in anyone else's viewpoint with giving proper thought and analysis on why you might be incorrect in your thought process. I feel that one of my greatest attributes is my ability to think about other opinions and points of view, and change my point of view and admit that I was wrong in my thinking. It is something that I am very proud of.
  3. Had Foley remained with the team after Testaverde got hurt, it wouldn't have mattered. At one point it seemed like Foley could compete for the starting role, but over the course of time he proved (at least to me) that he was a quality back-up and not a legit starter. As a backup, I don't believe he would have made a difference for the Jets to compete at the highest level.
  4. Anyone with a brain can make statistics say whatever you want them to say, but it's fools gold, and total nonsense. Using the statistics, the Jets win the Super Bowl every 8 years if you stopped and looked at the Jets in 1969. We can say the same thing about he Mets after 1969. After 1973, we could say the Knicks will continue to make the playoffs and win the Championship every decade or so. Maybe the Giants won't win the Super Bowl for the next 30 years, and then the average will only drop to winning a superbowl every 15 years! You must think we are all stupid!
  5. So, you're opinion is based upon the track record of a GM's past. Based upon that alone, I can't take your analysis seriously. I have to go by what I see, and the direction of both franchises. Gettleman made a huge mistake IMO by getting a running back who should be a piece of a puzzle to get you over the top, not to build around, since the position has a life span of around 8 years, and in year #2, the Giants look not to have a very good team, and your future QB is probably 3 years away, with Eli playing this year. As for the Jets, I do not believe that Sam has to be elite, only a top 10 QB, which I believe he will be. I like our head coach more than I like the Giants head coach, who I believe will be fired within the next year or two, so they will be starting over in that department. I like the Jets players better overall than the Giants, and I love the team of executives that have taken over the Jets. I say based upon what I see, the Jets are the team on the rise, and I feel the Giants will be mediocre for at least the next 2 years if not 3 years.
  6. You raise a great point in that if Macc was fired before the year began, we might not have Douglas and his hires. I guess everything happens for a reason, and we should be happy to accept what is, since "what is" is a big huge step in the right direction for this franchise. I have been a Jets fan for 50 years now, and I am truly excited for the first time in a very long time in our ability to acquire the right players for the future.
  7. I agree that perhaps we would have never signed Bell, and we probably do get the center we wanted. Maybe we trade down in the first round and never get Q Williams. I believe that we had a solid offseason, but certainly failed in filling holes that needed to be filled. But still, getting Q Williams and Bell might just work out in the end, and perhaps having Macc as our GM this past offseason and draft may work out for us. Or maybe we will be rolling our eyes because the players we got did not work out for us. Or maybe things worked out perfectly for us, having Macc, then firing him and getting Douglas with all perfect timing. The beauty of playing the "what if" game is that we will find out all of the answers of the players we got soon enough.
  8. What if the current GM and his staff were in place at the beginning of 2019, before the draft and free agency began? I actually like most of the moves made by Macc this offseason, with the exception of the lack of center, edge rusher and cornerback. Still love that we got: CJ Moseley, Crowder, our running back. Love getting Q Wiliams, Polite seems to be a decent pick in round 3, like our new tight end in round 4. Love our trade for Osemele for a 5th round pick for left tackle. How much better would Douglas have done? Of course we'll never know, but would Douglas have been able to plug all the holes and still get the quality players that we seemed to have gotten?
  9. You got me on this one. I have to agree with you, but my visualization of Kotite is picking his nose on the sideline, as the team quit in several of the games. I mean, the team looked like they were quitting on the field, and I was embarrassed to be a Jets fan. I did put Holtz right ahead of Kotite, so I wasn't too far off from your opinion initially.
  10. We will agree to disagree. It's not like Dougie had 2 chances at 40 yards or less, they were both 47 yard field goals if my memory is correct. Herm decided to slam it up the middle for basically no gains, instead of trying to throw a short out pass or any creativity whatsoever. Herm at the moment we needed him the most, he folded like a cheap suit. Ironically, he was remembered for saying at a news conference: "You play to win the game". Unfortunately, he played to not lose the game against Pittsburgh, and I for one will never forgive him.
  11. I believe Macc's worst move was picking Hackenburg in the 2nd round. Why do I believe this? Because every Jets fan I know never believed in Hackenburg. No one believed in this guy the moment we drafted him. I personally thought he sucked, and I have not read anything from any Jets fan who believed differently before he played one down. He was a loser in the draft, after the draft and proved it in every practice and in every game he got any shot to play in. How Macc saw this differently than virtually everyone else is anyone's guess. It was his worst decision because it was an obvious decision not to draft this guy in the second round. If Macc drafted him in the 7th round, no one would be complaining. If he drafted him in the 4th round, it would have been an awful decision. But to draft him in the second round, it was just plain incompetent.
  12. Listen to me, Kotite was the worst head coach in Jets history. This is not even a question. On the other hand, I overlooked Walt Michaels on your list, and agree that he is much higher on the list, but to put him over Weeb is just plain wrong.
  13. He might have had a mediocre team, but the Fins kicked the Jets butts when they played us. He was also able to beat the Patriots with that mediocre team. I do not believe he was a mediocre coach; I believe his talents and abilities will be better utilized as our head coach. Time will tell.
  14. Herm was an awful head coach. He was the reason we lost to Pittsburgh in the playoffs one year. He was afraid to lose the game, so he played "not to lose", instead of playing to win, and of course he lost. After the first 3 on your list, it is a really sad list. Kotite was by far the worst, but Holtz was incompetent and deserves to be tied for second to last along with Charlie Winner, who I believe was Holtz's son-in-law. Above Winner and below Rex, the list doesn't matter to me; they all were awful!!
  15. So you're not interested in how he plays this year? You say, just cut him after the season? I hope you are more optimistic in your life than you are as a Jets fan.
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