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  1. I have watched 52 years of Jets football, and I have seen many bad Jets teams in the past. This Jets team can win games. But they will not win 1 game as long as Gase is head coach. Not one. They will be 0-16 if he stays as head coach. But he will be replaced. And the Jets will get healthy. We will see Mims, Juniga and Herndon will get his game together. The O line will play better. Our running game will improve. The Jets will win a few games after Gase is gone. This team is dragging, and I feel very little emotion. They are playing hard, but playing hard isn't good enough. The Jets will lose to Denver by 14 points, and that is the best they will do with Gase at the helm. If you want the 1st pick in the draft next year, then you gotta hope that Gase stays. I hope he goes, because this team is bad, but not 0-16 bad. Gase can get them there.
  2. I respect your opinion, but a few slight adjustments to what I believe. I don't believe we need to surround Darnold with "super talent", and I do believe he can be "more than serviceable". Not elite, but a quality quarterback. He'll never be Russel Wilson or Aaron Rogers, but I do believe he can be a Dak Prescott or a Tannehill. To me, that's good enough.
  3. I started a thread before the season that this season is the season to judge Darnold, regardless of the talent or lack of talent around him. Darnold has failed thus far, and to say anything else is just not honest. He has proven that he is not able to elevate the players around him. So why will the Jets resign him, and why should they? Sam has shown that he has the talent and the ability to succeed in the NFL. He may not be able to elevate the players around him, but perhaps with the right players around him, he can be successful. He is 23 years old, younger than most NFL QB's in this league. He has been let down by the coaching, and needs to have another opportunity with a new head coach, and with better players around him. The Jets will renew his contract, probably for around $25 million per year, probably for around 4 years or so. Perhaps they might have to pay more, but whatever they must do, they must do to keep Darnold on this team. Let's look at the alternatives, shall we? 1. We let Darnold walk, or trade him for a third round pick. Let's say he goes to the Giants. How would you feel if he got his act together, and the Giants went on to win 1 or 2 superbowls with him? I don't know about the rest of you, but that would kill me! I believe I would need therapy. I would rather pay Darnold to remain a Jet, let him fail over the next 4 or 5 years, than to let him go and be successful somewhere else. Additionally, it would further prove the point that the Jets have no clue of what they are doing, and continue the Jets slide into oblivion. 2. If we trade him, we now must spend precious draft capital on a new QB, who is bound to struggle in the beginning. In additoin, this roster has so many holes, that we can not afford to use a high 1st round pick on another QB. in the next years draft, we must get a 1. Pass rusher 2. Wide receiver 3. another offensive lineman 4. cornerback 5. running back 6. inside linebacker. Without a premium pass rusher, we will continue to suck for many years to come. In summary, the Jets will keep Darnold, and sign him to whatever contract we must to keep him here. To do otherwise would be foolish and stupid.
  4. Jets fans are hopeless. It's like you buy a lottery ticket with the hope that you will win it big, but you will never win it big, because that is just the reality. Jets fans think that things will get better from year to year, but like the guy who plays the lottery, you just know that you will never win, and you will lose for the rest of your life, but you still continue to buy that lottery ticket, because with that lottery ticket you continue to have hope. Us Jets fans continue to buy the lottery tickets, but we will continue to lose.
  5. The Jets are that bad! What I believe you may mean, If I can be so bold to know what you think, is that the Jets will improve enough to win a few games this year. Right now, they are not good enough to beat ANY team in the NFL. No-one!! The question is not are they the worst team, because they are the worst team. The question is "Can they improve enough to get 5 wins?" I agree that the Jets will improve, and will beat a couple of teams, but will they improve enough to get 5 wins? Right now, I don't believe it is in them to win even 5 games this year. Right now, I would have to go with 2 wins.
  6. I predicted on this site that the Jets would lose today 42-3. So far, one half and I'm halfway there. 21-3. There seems to be no playmakers, no enthusiasm, no emotion. I said before today that this Jets team is the worst in the NFL right now, and I believe that I'm not exaggerating. We now see why Perriman is no big deal. This is a 1 and done season for him. This team will look very different next year I predict. Where are our draft picks outside of our punter and Becton? Mims is out hurt, Clark is out hurt, Ashton Davis seems to be on special teams only; I don't see him in there on defense. Zabari? Out. Perine- not playing. Our QB from the draft is watching from the sideline. Is there a curse on this team? If there is a curse, "What can be done to remove it?" No pass rush! Every pass that Garrapalo throws seems to be a completion. A first down on every series from the 49ers. The odds on the Jets moving up in the draft is real.
  7. Have you ever heard of the saying "Misery loves company?" I wanted my son to share in the joy and misery of my sports teams. Fortunately for him, he rejected the Jets and is a Giants fan. Right now, it's about the same misery, but he doesn't have the Johnson's for owners at least. But unfortunately for him, he is now a Mets fan like myself, so I do feel bad for him in that regard.
  8. I started a thread last year guaranteeing the Jets to beat Dallas. After I got that right, I went on a streak correctly predicting the next 5 games with the Jets. I predict that the Jets will lose to the 49ers tomorrow, and I don't feel it will be close. I also predicted that the Jets would lose by 17 points last week against the Bills. The Jets are currently the worst team in the NFL. I do not believe they will end the season as the worst team in the NFL, but from last week to this week, I can't see them rebounding the way you predict. I hope you are right. I would love the Jets to beat the 49ers.
  9. I said "6" as well. We will lose to New England twice, Buffalo twice, we will beat the Cardinals and lose to the other 3 teams in the NFC. That makes us 1-7. The other 8 games: Lose to Raiders, Kansas City. I think we beat Denver and Chargers. Believe it or not, I think we will lose both games to Miami Dolphins, going 0-6 in our division. That makes us 3-11. We will split the other 2 games in the AFC, which makes us 4-12. That's not good enough to get the top 4 picks, since our strength of schedule is strong, and I feel we will tie with a couple others. I think that 6th is where we land, possibly 5th.
  10. I think you completely missed my point. I didn't say that Chris Johnson should throw Gase under the bus, I said he shouldn't claim he is the next coming of the messiah. He could say "I still believe in Gase". You can say "he is my guy". You could say, the injuries are preventing the team from getting started on offense. You could say that we need to give the offense more time to jell. But to make a declaration that Gase is a brilliant offensive mind is preposterous. It's like saying "look at the king's clothes", when he has no clothes.
  11. I am a big Mets fan like I am a huge Jets fan. I despise the Wilpons, because they lost money with Madoff, and Mets fans have to pay the price for them not spending money. I despise the Wlpons more than I despise the Johnsons. At least the Johnsons are willing to spend money. How I got stuck with rooting for both teams and add to the fact that I am a knicks fan, it's like G-d is trying to tell me to spend my time doing something else instead of rooting for sports teams. Maybe it's time I get the message.
  12. Don't tell me the sky is purple when it's blue. Don't tell me that the world will life in peace and harmony when it doesn't. Don't tell me that there is no racism in the world when there is. And don't tell me that Gase is a "brilliant offensive mind" when he hasn't proven that he is. I feel betrayed by Chris Johnson shoving the narrative down our throats that Gase is a briiliant offensive mind. It's like Johnson wants to quell any talk or thoughts by Jets fans that he will in any way get rid of Gase. Injuries happen, players who you think would be good end up not being good, you lose games for hundreds of reasons. It is what it is. But when you are lied to your face and everyone knows that it's a lie, then it's like the person telling you the lie is basically saying "I don't care what you think, you are meaningless". I am in control, I have the power, and all of you don't. Gase is a brilliant offensive mind, and I am the only one who matters, and that is the way it is. If you don't like it, tough. The narrative by Mr. Johnson is the toughest pill to swallow for me, because the only thing I really expect from the team I root for is honesty. If we stink, say we stink. If the head coach is not getting the job done, then say "Gase is my guy". I don't mind that, because that can be true. Telling us Gase is a brilliant offensive mind when he hasn't shown Jets fans or anyone else who follows the NFL is purely offensive.
  13. Do you know who really lost the game yesterday? The ownership of the Jets lost the game. Why? Because they allowed McCagnan to remain on the job much longer than he should have. Because McCagnan drafted poorly year after year, and brought in players like Truman with big contracts and resigned has-beens with horrible health problems like Enunwa. We are still paying these players this year, and they aren't on the team. Sickening, sickening, sickening!!! Makes me want to throw up.
  14. Wow, you said it best!! "To know that your season is over before the end of the first quarter of the first game is sickening beyond belief." You have summed up exactly what I was thinking with that one sentence! How pathetic is that? The expectations of an entire season of football is reduced to less than the 1st quarter of the first game. The NY Jets organization should really be ashamed of themselves! The ownership should be ashamed!
  15. I agree with you 100%. If the Jets can build wins, then at least let the Jets build a reputation as a tough team. Run the ball, run the ball behind Becton, since I believe he might end up being our best player. We will lose regardless of what we do, but perhaps we can at least gain some respect as a team that will attempt to run it down your throat. And yes, fire Gase after the 49's game. The Jets will lose the game by at least 30 points. In fact, I almost want to make a bet on that.

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