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  1. I'm 100% with you!! I loved watching Saleh squirm. The pounding the Jets took removed the smile from Salehs' face, and did you notice that Saleh stopped clapping? Saleh even cursed several times during his press conference, and I loved every moment of it!! No more excuses; no more "All gas, no brake" garbage. Kick some butt, and get this team prepared to play football. Figure out a game plan that works. Stop telling me how great the "week of practice" was getting ready for the game. We learned so much during the bye week nonsense.
  2. I agree that what Belichick did in the last few minutes was unnecessary and classless for the Patriots, but for the Jets, I am happy that it happened. At some point, the players as individuals need to show some heart and accountability, and have some pride. I want players who respect the Jets logo on their uniforms and not allow what happened to happen. If getting embarrassed will wake up the coaching staff, JD and ownership, then I am all for it. I mean, Belichick did put in the backup QB, did he not? And Bill did make his team take a knee after the 2 minute warning in
  3. If the Patriots could play their entire 17 game schedule against the New York Jets, I would be thinking too that the Pats are a playoff team and that mac jones really is Tom Brady!! Thankfully, that is not the case. The Pats are 1-4 against the rest of the league, and that tells the tale of who the Pats really are at this juncture.
  4. The Jets organization, coaches, owner, etc.., should be under no illusion that this team is getting better, and that it is coached well. Bill Belichick exposed the Jets coaches for their lack of ability, exposed the Jets players as to who really wants to play and be accountable, and showed the Jets ownership just how bad this team really is. Perhaps if enough teams kick the Jets teeth in like Bill did yesterday, then maybe, just maybe, the owners, Joe Douglas, etc..., will do something about it. Maybe Woody Johnson will tell Saleh to fire Lefleur? Maybe Saleh should fire the defensive
  5. If they all work out, then you got the best line in the NFL, able to protect the QB and run the ball effectively. The Jets need to draft a right guard, because you don't have one right now. The Jets need to get rid of their right guard, as well as the backup behind the right guard. Their QB is on the rookie deal for a few more years, and you have 1 guy that just started his rookie deal at left guard. Moses is a free agent after this year, so if you don't resign him, you got 5 million bucks to add back to the O line. Now is not the time to worry about the cap as it relates to the offe
  6. After todays game, I really don't know which way the Jets should go in the first round. They need a center, right tackle, Tight End, edge rusher, stud linebacker to go next to Moseley, a #1 wide receiver. We could absolutely use a shut down corner. That's 7 players. We get 2 in round one, and 2 in round #2. The big question is one that I have not brought up yet. If the Jets are indeed a top 3 pick, should we draft a top quarterback if the best QB is available? Are we sold on Wilson? Right now, I have no idea.
  7. Maybe we should trade Joe Judge for Robert Saleh? Could we do any worse?
  8. I forgot all about Dave Cadigan. How can I forget about him? He was as bad as Mike Haight.
  9. I'm still trying to decide if Moore is not being used properly, which means being put in as just a slot receiver? Or, is it that he just has sucked, as you say? Either way, for Saleh to suggest that Moore is "affecting" the game, it tells me that Saleh is taking lessons from coach Gase, on how to lie through your teeth to the press and to Jets fans. How about saying this: "We have struggled to get Moore more involved in the offense, and we are making adjustments to actively try to get him more involved." Then I would add: "Moore has been nothing short of a true professional since
  10. You are 100% correct. The only QB with a release of the ball as good as Namath was Dan Marino. He was the most exciting player the Jets ever had! The sad part of Namath's career was that he was a very mobile QB in college, and if not for his knee injuries, would have been twice the player that he ended up being, which was still good enough to enter the Hall of Fame.
  11. I think if the Bills and Patriots were playing in a game, and a earthquake happened and swallowed up both teams, then the Jets would be in a prime position to duke it out with the Dolphins for the AFC East title. But the odds of that happening are like 1 Trillion to 1. Other than that, you lose your bet.
  12. We got him using a 2nd round pick, and since he is a free agent at the end of this year, I doubt we get any better than a 4th round pick for him. I would prefer a player who can start to a 4th round pick.
  13. Why not put Becton at right guard for the rest of the season? Don't disrupt the left side of the line, and see if Becton can be a road grader at right guard. Why not? It's not like the Jets are getting into the playoffs this year.
  14. I see Buffalo, Rams and Packers in the top 3 by the end of the season, in no particular order. Dallas and Tampa Bay at #'s 4 and 5 in no particular order.
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