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  1. You know, the most painful thing about being a Jets fan is not the losing, believe it or not. It's when you know the game is over not because of the score, but when the team collectively gives up or is just outclassed. This Jets team today IMO was not outclassed. The Jets just decided to mail it in at the moment that both you and I saw it. How Bowles isn't embarrassed at that moment is beyond me. And if he is embarrassed, he should say it in public, just as an acknowledgement to the fans who pay good money to go to the games.
  2. That is when the game was over. The Jets were on defense, and the Vikings running back just strolled down the sideline with no real effort to tackle him. Defense is all about effort, and the effort was gone. I've seen it before, and when I see it, it really comes down to coaching. I wasn't convinced that Bowles needs to go, but after this game, my mind is more open to the idea.
  3. I think he's got like 3 tackles this entire season. I don't see him coming in on run defense plays; instead I saw Pennel coming in. This guy was our 3rd round draft pick this year, and I remember being told that Shepard needed 2 people to block him. Now, no-one has to block him because he's not seeing the field it seems. Am I missing something?
  4. Mo is out for the season with a ankle injury after he signed a $5 Million dollar one year contract with the Packers. I have a feeling that he is done; who would sign him next year? At least they didn't give him a 82 Million dollar contract like we did.
  5. Now that I have had time to digest the game in its' entirety, I see clearly where they are better and where we need to improve to be better than Cleveland. 1. Pass Rusher- They have Garrett, we have no one. 2. Wide Receiver- They have Landry as their #1 receiver, we don't have a #1 receiver 3. Offensive Tackle and Offensive Guard- They have a line that can protect the QB, we have a line that will get our QB killed. Other areas for us to improve: We need a better Tight End. We need someone to compliment the great pass rusher that we don't currently have, either on the d-line or at linebacker. I don't believe that Bowles is the problem, contrary to what most every Jets fan believes. If we get the players that we need above, and still stink, then I will be on the "fire Bowles bandwagon". I believe we have our QB in Darnold, and believe that if Mayfield was playing in the same situation for Cleveland that Darnold was in, with our offense and their defense, they would have lost the game.
  6. It's a mistake that I must admit I continue to make after the Jets look great one game, then provide a stinker the next game. Does anyone remember how the Jets beat up the Patriots one year in their first meeting, only to get pummeled by the Patriots in their second meeting by a whopping point differential? But in that same year in the playoffs at Gillette stadium, the Jets showed up and beat the Patriots in the game before the AFC Championship game. My point is that each game has a life of it's own, and we must rely on things like injuries, how a team performs over a period of time, and how teams match up with their style of play and how individual matchups factor into each game. The reason I bring this subject up at all is that I read how Browns' fans think about how poorly the Jets played against the Fins, and how wonderfully the Browns played against the Stelelers and the great Saints team will translate into a very easy win for the Browns. I certainly understand that type of thinking, since I was convinced that the Jets would destroy the Fins after Detroit, and I continue to forget that one game has nothing to do with the next game.
  7. I said please don't lose the game before it even started! At least give us a chance to compete in the game before you throw it all away. I'm so happy I was wrong!
  8. On draft day, they talked about it on ESPN. He admitted it, and said that his dad was a huge Jets fan as well.
  9. Without seeing your response, I said exactly the same thing as you did. I like the list with the exception of Josh Martin. If we cut him, he will be scooped up in a heartbeat, probably by Buffalo or Miami.
  10. Alka

    Teddy Trade Thread (merged)

    My response to this is: 1. We are already paying McCown 10M this year, so if we kept 2 QB's next year, then the money is basically a wash, with the 5 or 6M we are paying Bridgewater this year. 2. This is your strong opinion, but we don't know if this will prove to be true or not. If we knew what you are saying is fact, then the answer would be a no-brainer, but life is not that simple.
  11. Alka

    Teddy Trade Thread (merged)

    Let's try to look at this as logically as possible. The facts: 1. This is Mccown's last year in the NFL. And every year he plays, he eventually gets hurt and can not finish the year. 2. Bridgewater is 25 years old, and should have a solid 8 to 10 years in the NFL if he remains healthy. 3. Darnold is the future of this franchise, as long as he continues on the trajectory that he is currently on. Strong Opinions: 1. After this year, if we resigned Bridgewater, we would have 2 capable QB's on the roster, which would be a necessity in the NFL with all the injuries. 2. Bridgewater might want to leave to go to an NFL team where he could start, and leave the Jets whether we wanted to keep him or not. 3. Bridgewater could win the Jets job outright, and be the starting QB this year and into the future years. Darnold is NY Jets property for 4 years, with a 5th year option, so no matter whether Darnold starts or not, he remains the Jets property into the distant future. Conclusions: 1. If Bridgewater is good enough to win the NJ Jets job outright, then we should absolutely keep Bridgewater and try to sign him to a long-term contract as early as possible. 2. If Bridgewater is not going to win the Jets job, then the Jets would be wise to trade him if the price is right. The likelihood is that he will walk after this year if not the starter, and if Darnold starts, McCown will do fine as the backup for this year. If we keep Bridgewater, we will get nothing for him and his services will not be needed if he sits. What are the holes in my argument?
  12. This whole thing is so pathetic! Darold's $30,000,000.00 is guaranteed! If Darnold gets cut before his contract is over, he still gets his 30 million dollars! His agent wants him to get more if he gets cut. If he gets cut, then he wasn't worth the 30 million, but the Jets still have to pay the 30 million. The agent is basically saying "that is not good enough"! I want more than the guaranteed amount for my client! So, if a competing team signs Darnold, then Darnold will get paid twice, the balance of his 30Million on top of his new salary. Darnold can just sit at home and collect the balance of his 30 million and get paid if he wants. How pathetic! Sam, if you're reading this, show you are a man and do the right thing!
  13. Alka

    Joint NFL-NFLPA Statement

    I respect the 1st amendment and the right to freedom of expression. I also respect the fact that when you are on the field representing an NFL team, you are actually at work, meaning that you are working and getting paid for the company you are working for. If taking a knee upsets enough paying people to the point that they won't watch the NFL or go to the games or pay for NFL clothing, then the company that employs the players taking a knee may start to lose money. It is the right of the company to curtail the employee from actions which are detrimental to the company, especially on company time. When the players are on the field, they are on company time. I don't understand what is so hard to understand about this concept. If someone can explain to me where I am wrong, I would greatly appreciate it.
  14. Just to play along, I believe the Jets should be ranked around 16th on Defense going into the season, and around 24th on Offense going into the season. Overall, that would make the Jets about the 20th best team in the NFL, or 19 teams who will be better than the Jets. I see the Jets record this year at 7-9, if everyone stays healthy.
  15. Not only did Hackenberg not win the job at QB for 2017, he couldn't even win the back-up QB job. And I can promise you that if we kept 4 qB's last year, he wouldn't be able to win the back-up to the back-up QB job. He was horrible. The worst I've seen in many, many years.

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