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  1. I say we will be lucky to get Allen. Allens' ceiling is sky high, and Mayfields' is not.
  2. You know, you are right. Metrics are metrics, but whether a QB succeeds or doesn't succeed in the NFL comes down to much more than just metrics. You have to see beyond the metrics and believe that this person will not just translate to the NFL, but have the maturity and leadership skills to lead an NFL team. He will need to have the maturity to be able to sit on the bench and keep fully vested in learning the system and continue to stay positive, and lead from example until that person has their opportunity to prove it on the field. He will need to be able to fail and not let him affect him in the negative. I interview and recommend to hire in my company, and I can tell you that I need to look beyond their resume before I recommend to hire that person or persons. I need to feel that that person will fit into the culture of our organization, and that they are a positive person who can succeed. I am just not confident that Mayfield's character is par for where the Jets would draft him. From what I heard today, Mayfield disrespected the Chargers after accepting a dinner engagement from them and not studying the plays that the Chargers were to test him on. Mayfield made a poor excuse by saying that he was too busy to study their plays, but still wasted their time by accepting their invitation to a free dinner. I know I wouldn't have done that; I doubt the Chargers have a high opinion of Mayfield, for anyone who cares.
  3. Please, I am not hating here! I am simply stating that the Jets are absolutely not drafting Mayfield. Not when you have 1 of the other 3 available; Darnold, Rosen and Allen.
  4. All I am saying that any person that tries to say that you don't have to be over 6'0" to be a successful Qb and make comparisons to Brees or Wilson are wrong. My point is you can't make the comparison to Brees and Wilson. If Mayfield is successful, it will be an anomaly. Anomalies are not normally drafted in the top 10 picks, let alone the first round of any draft in NFL history. That is my point.
  5. I should have made my point better than I did. Do you know how many linebackers run faster than a 4.8 40? Almost all of them! So, if you need Mayfield to have escapability, he doesn't compare with Russel Wilson. Mayfield is not only not as fast as Wilson, he just isn't the athlete that Wilson is. And I will go a step further, and say that he aint no Drew Brees either; I guarantee it!
  6. If the Jets remained at #6, the Jets could have hoped that Baker Mayfield would be there for them. By moving up to #3, I have decided that the Jets have higher hopes, and have guaranteed that they don't even have to consider Baker Mayfield. They gave away (3) #2 picks, and they didn't do that to draft a 6'0" quarterback, one that is not as athletic as Russel Wilson, and not a Drew Brees either. I heard today that Mayfield runs a 4.8 40 yard dash, and Russel Wilson runs a 4.5 40 yard dash. Why is this important do you say? Because if anyone is thinking that we would be getting another Russel Wilson they should think again. Maybe we are getting another Drew Brees you might say. I say that Drew Brees is going to the HOF, and the likelihood that Mayfield is another Drew Brees is remote. No, Mayfield is not a top 3 pick, and not a top 10 pick either. How many 6'0" quarterbacks have been drafted in the top 10 in the first round in draft history? My guess would be "0"!!! I don't believe there have ever been a quarterback drafted in the top 10 that have been under 6'1" in the history of the NFL draft. Please name them if I am wrong. I don't profess to know the order of Darnold, Rosen and Allen, but it is my guarantee that one of these guys will be the pick, and definitely not Mayfield.
  7. Wow! I'm thinking the same way as you. Rosen with his concussions and worry about how he will hold up is the same concern with Mayfield, who is smallish and a rarity to make it with his physical shortcomings. Darnold and then Allen is the pick. If both are gone, I think the Jets would be "hard pressed" to pick a quarterback that they really don't want. Moving down to 3 was a risk, in that if Darnold and Allen are both gone, they will look stupid if they tradedown significantly and get a second tier QB not in the top 4. It's Darnold, Allen or bust!!
  8. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    You didn't mention durability, and Mayfield does not impress me as a physical specimen. I am concerned that he may not hold up physically, and then we can see what his game looks like. I understand that 6'0' is not a big deal, but with his shirt off, I am just not impressed by what I see. Second, I see Mayfield as a scrambler and a guy who makes things happen on his feet. While that is impressive on the surface, I prefer a pocket passer who can scramble if under pressure. I see Darnold in that light more than I see Mayfield. Hey, I realize that I am going on my gut, but this whole thing to me is a crap shoot, and after you put all the metrics into the computer and spit out the results, you still have to evaluate if their game translates well on the NFL field of play.
  9. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    I love when people say: "But Mayfield was a better player than Darnold in college." I don't care who was better in college; I care who will be playing better when they put on a Jets uniform. If we base it on who plays better in college, than Blair Thomas should not have been one of the biggest busts in Jets history, because he was great in college.
  10. You're missing Joe Klecko and Curtis Martin. Joe Namath in his prime was the ultimate leader and winner. As much as I love Dennis Byrd, on the field he was an overachiever who was just an average player. Mangold, Wayne Chrebet, Joe Klecko, Curtis Martin and Joe Namath. Now if you had 22 of these players, the amount of heart on this team would be overwhelming to any opponent. I saw Joe Klecko stick his finger in the face of the opponent's center after a play, and the opponent didn't dare knock Klecko's hand away. Klecko was the toughest Jet of all time. He was afraid of absolutely no one. Mangold was a no-nonsense workman who could not be intimidated. Curtis Martin and Wayne Chrebet had huge hearts who could not be stopped and refused to quit. Joe Namath guaranteed a win in the Super Bowl and proved it on the field. He was the leader of the group, and no player on that team disputed that. You put a team together with these guys and others like them, and you could go into battle with anyone.
  11. NYJ Hall Of Famers

    Curtis Martin was not drafted by the Jets. Riggins was drafted by the Jets. Curtis Martin was a workhorse and had a heart of a lion. I don't care what the fanbase thinks. And Revis will be in the Hall of Fame one day. Joe Klecko is not in, but deserves to be. But it is pathetic that the Jets have so small a number in the Hall.
  12. Picking Ken O'Brien over Dan Marino was the worst mistake the Jets ever made. Everyone believed that Marino fell right into the Jets lap, and they instead went for O'Brien. That was the most consequential.
  13. Yes, forgot that Maynard was a FA signing. I'm not sure that Riggins would have been a HOF if he stayed with the Jets. Still add one and subtract one and you still have 3 HOF's that the Jets actually drafted, if you could add Revis as one.
  14. It's interesting to me that there is no hesitation for rejecting my thought for Nelson. All I can say is after being a Jets fan for 50 years now, it is quite a disappointment for me with all the scores of bad draft picks and horrible entire drafts that I have endured as a fan. Imagine what I am saying; 50 years of being a Jets fan, and we have only drafted 3 players in the 500 draft picks or so that have become or will become HOF players; Namath, Maynard and Revis. Now, add to the fact that the Jets have picked near the top of the draft for most of those years, and it is really a sad statement.