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  1. What's the goal? To win the Super Bowl. Personally, I don't think you can win the big game with either one as starters on the team. As backups, or with Robbie as the #3 receiver, I got no problem. Paying Robbie 12 million a year is just overpaying a guy who is not a #1 or a #2.
  2. Perhaps the Saints are just smarter than everyone else. They got Teddy Bridgewater for a third round pick, that we wasted on Polite, and then signed Demario Davis. Bridgewater was worth the 3rd round pick. See how the Jets did when Darnold went down? We could have used Bridgewater. Davis was healthy; CJ Mosely didn't finish one game. The good organizations make the right moves, and the Jets seem to make all the wrong moves. Let's cross our fingers that Joe Douglas does a better job.
  3. How do the Jets let a First Team All Pro middle linebacker walk away to another team? I guess he isn't a edge rusher or a cornerback, so his position isn't that important, like the safety position? Of course, I'm being facetious, but I'm sure people will think the point is correct. I think you want to accumulate all pro players, but that's just me. The fact is, the Jets would have had to pay Davis, and they didn't want to do that, so he walked. But yet they payed CJ Moseley, and he missed the season. Imagine if we had both Demario Davis and Jamal Adams, two all pro defensive players, playing together this year? I wondered if that would have made a difference. Probably not, since our offensive line was never going to get us to where we needed to go. i realize that if CJ Mosely stayed healthy, our defense would not have missed a beat. So, we let our middle linebacker walk, sign CJ Moseley, have Williamson, and try to sign Barr from Minnesota. Then we draft a defensive tackle, after last year where we drafted a defensive tackle in the third round. I guess we wanted to be able to stop the run this year. Mission accomplished!
  4. Patriots will beat Tennessee by 20 points. Goodbye Tennessee Titans!
  5. We don't need another tight end. We need a bunch of other position players though.
  6. You wouldn't bring back Neville Hewitt? The guy filled in very well at middle linebacker during the year. I think you missed on this one.
  7. Draft time is a time of "what ifs" and "hopefuls". We all see great potential and dream that the player we pick will turn out to be great. Well Jamal Adams has turned out to be great, and you will be happy if we trade him to Dallas for their 18th pick in the draft? For a hopeful or a potential really good player? We need more draft capital than the 18th pick in the draft if we are going to trade away our best defensive player.
  8. From what I read, any clubs that are tied in record will alternate from their pick to the lower tied record in each round. For example, there are 6 teams in the NFL with a 7-9 record this year. The Jets pick #11 in the first round, but from what I understand, will pick #16 in the second round, #15 in the 3rd round, #14 in the 4th round, #13 in the 5th round, #12 in the 6th round, and #11 in the 7th round. Had we ended up with 6 wins instead of 7, then we would only need to alternate with one or two other teams with a better pick. Can anyone confirm this?
  9. Who, Enunwa? He outperformed Enunwa because Enunwa was injured, not because he played better. Who else did Robbie outperform? Don't tell me Crowder, because he didn't outperform or equal Crowder. Crowder made the tough catches, and moved the chains. Robbie's 3 catches per game doesn't come close to Crowder. Besides Crowder and Enunwa, no other wide receiver makes anything close to $9 Million per year.
  10. Jenkins is my #1 free agent on the Jets that I want to bring back next year. He should be priority #1 for Douglas.
  11. I agree with you 100%. I am a big Mets fan as well as Jets fan, and David Wright had spinal stenosis. As much as I loved David Wright, he soaked the Mets for years after being diagnosed with this condition. He played like 25 games one year, then couldn't play the rest of the year. Then he came back the following year for like 20 games, then he couldn't play again for the rest of the year after that. If the Jets keep Quincy, then they are stupider than the Mets, who are pretty stupid themselves. The Mets had to pay David Wright, since there was no cap relief, and David Wright was forever trying to recuperate, which means he was just taking the Mets money for nothing and making many millions of dollars in doing so.
  12. Enunwa got $9 Million per year, and a healthy Enunwa is equal to Robbie Anderson. I think the guy is worth $9 Million per year. I wouldn't pay him 10M.
  13. This was a horrible move for Gettleman. To give us a very high 3rd round pick will allow us to get a solid positional player. With what Williams will demand in free agency, it makes the move even worse. If Gettleman gave up a 5th round pick and a 6th round pick, then I would say the trade was fair. The Jets have a few good run stuffers for basically nothing. I'm not even sure if Leonard Williams is still considered a good run stuffer anymore?
  14. That just shows you how much of an idiot Macagnon was. I understand years one and two, but to guarantee that much money in year 3 is unfathomable. Yes, if the guy was a few years younger when he signed with us, then I can understand it. But was he, like 29 years old when we signed him?
  15. I've read all of your answers, and I'm very impressed with the way you answered so many questions. You've given us some excellent information, without saying anything that bad-mouths the organization. This leads me to believe that you are a smart guy with hopefully a nice position within the organization. My only question is this: "Do you think MacCagnon gets fired if Gase wasn't the hire?" If for no other reason, I am glad Gase was hired. We've not had a quality GM in what seems like a lifetime.
  16. Thank you for saying what I would have said.
  17. I don't know. I have questions: 1. How old is he? 2. How much will he cost? 3. Why was he cut? 4. Is he a good teammate and locker room presence? (If the answer to this question is no, then ignore the first 3 questions, since the answer will be no.) 5. How did he perform this year and last year?
  18. I don't care what our schedule is next year. If we go 1-5 or 2-4 against the AFC East next year like this year then we deserve to have a bad record. But, if we go 3-3 or 4-2 against the AFC East, then we will be in the hunt for the playoffs, since the teams in our division pretty much play the same schedule a we do.
  19. Robbie Anderson is not worth $12M per year. The guy is averaging about 3 catches per game and 50 yards per game. To me, he is a #3 receiver, and not worth 12 Million per year. We will lose Anderson to free agency, because as much as we would all like to have him, his numbers just don't add up to 12 Million per year, and that is probably the bottom of where he will go.
  20. I agree with you, but when you are paying Reivs like 17M per year, but for one guy to quit on the field allows for the opposing offense to succeed, even if the other 10 guys are playing great. Revis quit on the field, and thus as the saying goes, you are only as good as your weakest link. Revis caused us to lose, because he jeopardized the entire defense. The defense has a carryover to the offense, and the offense suffered because of the defense. I agree with Brandon Marshall.
  21. They only made the change because Kalil got himself injured and ended up going on IR. It's not like the Jets willingly made the change back to Harrison. It was by default.
  22. Look, it would be nice to upgrade every position on the team, but reality is that we don't have enough draft picks and money to do that. Wouldn't you agree that we need a Offensive tackle and left guard more then we need a center? How about a #1 wide receiver? How about a #1 cornerback? How about an edge rusher? We don't have any of these guys. I believe that Harrison deserves that opportunity for next year, since we have more pressing needs at other positions.

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