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  1. Since I was wrong on my prediction thread about last week, I am no longer creating prediction threads week in and week out. However, I pick the Jets to lose on Sunday 27-20, beating the 6 point spread by 1 point for the patsies. Perhaps since I was wrong in week 1, I will hopefully be wrong in week 2? If so, I can do prediction threads and bet opposite me every week. lol
  2. I am so looking forward to just hanging out in the parking lot with my son and other Jets fans! The stadium will be rocking! The Jets will play the game, and most probably lose. In fact, of course they will lose the game. Winning the game would be too much excitement for me. It just won't happen.
  3. Regarding the OL, I couldn't agree with you more. I do continue to believe in Joe Douglas, and know that he will eventually "get this right", as far as working in the future to fix this offensive line. As far as the rest, I find it hard to argue with what you have said. This was indeed on the LB's.
  4. I didn't realize that I have to spell everything out for you. You are correct: "They aren't my sayings." Yes, I did not make up these sayings, but they are sayings that communicate a philosophy that I strongly believe in. Is that better for you? I do agree with you regarding Mosley, in that they really didn't know what they had. I think that is a legitimate point, especially after just one game. As far as adding all of the new players, I suppose my expectations were too high to start the season. But my expectations were also higher for the Offensive and defensive lines to pla
  5. No, what they should do is address the player needs that are most urgent in free agency and in the draft. I have 2 sayings that emphasize this idea: #1. "Hope is not a strategy". #2- "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail". If you know you will need cover people in the short game, you get them before the season begins. I'm sure that not every team will be as helpless against the Panthers as the Jets were. Why? Because at least a good deal of them will have good enough players to defend the short passes of Darnold with better success then we had.
  6. In other words, they knew their players aren't good enough, and all we can do is the best that we can, and hope it is good enough. That is basically what it means to be a Jets fan! We got subpar players, but let's hope they still play great, and we can beat a mediocre team who is still much better than we are.
  7. I must agree with you. Sometimes in life, I run into a person who lives by the code of the "victim mentality". That is what I call it. When anything bad happens to that person, it is always someone else's fault, never that person's fault. I got injured, and then I got another injury. I ate bad food, and got food poisoning, and it ruined an entire month of my preparation. Or, I got 2 new coaching staffs in 2 years, and now I have to learn an extremely hard playbook. Remember, I had a very limited playbook in college, so I was never showed this schemie in college. And on, and on,
  8. As long as he doesn't have to play, I think he is a great player! Like buying homeowner insurance. buying the cheapest policy with the worst company is not a problem until you have a severe damage to your home. Then you have a problem.
  9. Perhaps I don't remember correctly, but "Didn't Fant say when he first signed with the Jets that he wanted to play left tackle?" I'm pretty sure that is exactly what he said. Now he's complaining that it is too hard? Making excuses beforehand so that when he screws up, it's not his fault? That is so aggravating to read this.
  10. You're right! And if they knew this was going to happen against one of the the best RB's n the NFL before the game, then they must have assumed they would lose the game, or else they are just dumb. And if the coaches thought that they could cover him on short passes, then they were both wrong and dumb.
  11. Yes, I was not considering the cap hit. that one guy single handedly beat the Jets this past Sunday. You could have put Captain Morgan as their QB, and they would have won the game.. Just continue to feed McCaffrey, and the game is won.
  12. If the Panthers were so enamored with getting Darnold, as has been mentioned by Joe Douglas or Saleh (actually he said that they were aggressive I believe in getting Darnold), then why not ask for McCaffrey in return? I mean, isn't the QB supposed to be the most important position player on the team? If that is the case, and it is, then this would have been the best scenario. Unless of course, if the Panthers valued McCaffrey more than they did Sam Darnold? We don't know what the 2nd round, 4th round picks will be, and we already got the 6th round pick, but this is what JD sho
  13. I realize that all of this is true. And as it being true, "why didn't the Jets defend for the short passes?" 14 of 15 on passes inside of 10 yards tells me that the coaches did a piss-poor job of adjusting to what the Panthers were doing. This is a garbage excuse to me!!
  14. In all due respect, I feel that it is relatively simple as to why I am very disappointed in game #1. I predicted the Jets winning 31-27. Why? I felt that we would see improvement in areas that we EXPECTED improvement: 1. The offensive line- They couldn't block in the running game, and couldn't block in the passing game. I expected a top 10 offensive line with Becton, Vera Tucker, Moses, etc.. If the line was able to block better, then the 14 points that the Jets scored would have doubled in my book. 2. The defensive line- They didn't pressure Darnold for one. W
  15. Of course the line is justified. We couldn't run the ball against the Panthers, and we couldn't apply pressure to Darnold. We also couldn't protect Zach. (6 sacks) If the Jets can get their act together, then we have a chance to win the game. But point spreads don't get established based upon hope, they get established based upon what is seen in front of them. I hope and believe that the Jets will get their act together at home. I would not bet the game, but if I did, I would take the points as well and the Jets.
  16. I already made my prediction before the year; 6-11.
  17. Thank you! By the way, I hope you are feeling better and doing well!
  18. I will be at the game on Sunday with my son, and was wondering if any people on this site get together for a tailgate? Maybe it's a stupid question, but I thought I would ask.
  19. If the shoe fits, I say "wear it". You should never bench your best defensive player, except when they are no longer playing anywhere up to the level you expect from them. I would bench him, and send a message to the team, that no matter who you are, if you don't play with "all gas, no brake", you will be held accountable.
  20. You hit the nail on the head! How disappointing was that call? So pathetic!!
  21. Zach is definitely an upgrade over Darnold. Like you, I wanted to keep Sam. I was wrong, and at least we both can admit it now. Sam took advantage of his opportunities, just like he would have done if he remained a Jet. Nothing has changed in that regard. If the QB's had switched sides before the game, the Jets would have gotten beaten much worse than they ultimately did.
  22. This is totally baffling to me. These 2 guys were supposed to raise mayhem on the offense, especially since the offensive linemen facing them on the other side of the ball were supposed to be "average" at best. Not only was this performance disappointing, but I question how the coaches are going to address this going forward. I'm beginning to feel that the "all gas, no brake" mantra is hollow and meaningless. I would sit both Quinnen and Rankins and let them watch the next game from the sidelines. They need to be held accountable, but I know the coaches have no backbone to do that.
  23. My bold predictions are over for this year. Next year is another story. lol
  24. I will take my lumps now, thank you! Why I was wrong? Many reasons, but for me, the failure of the offensive line was profound! Not protecting Zach was the nails in the coffin. No real running game as well. I predicted that the Jets would get 31 points. Not with that offensive line! I expected a lot more from Quinnen Williams, and I must have missed him somehow, but I just didn't hear his name called. After that, McCaffery was certainly the best player on the field for either team. The best player for the Jets was Amendola. The play of Darnold did not surprise me
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