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  1. I'm not allowed to expect improvement? What, ever player that comes to the Jets through draft or free agency has to suck? Is that what I'm supposed to expect. I realize the coaching staff is over it's head; that much I know. But, I figured that good players can somehow overcome bad coaching. I guess I overrated the players, but certainly did not overrate this garbage coaching staff. I don't care how eloquent Robert Saleh is, or how much the players love him. If he cant produce wins, then he is no good and must be replaced, along with the other coaches on his staff.
  2. Where is the pass rush by the Jets? Forget about sacks, but Burrow seems to have all day. Our draft picks and company have really been pathetic. Where are the tight ends that we paid so much money to in free agency? I feel they haven't done a damn thing so far this year. Where is the protection of the offensive line for Flacco? it seems like the Bengals are doing to the Jets what we expected to do to them, but can't. Much love to Garrett Wilson. He is the best part of this team. Much love to Sauce Gardner. He is playing really well so far this year. Much love to Carter and Hall, our running backs. The Jets are so much a bad team, and to think that they would rally after their miracle win over the Browns, I just am so wrong. Again, Garrett Wilson is so good!!!! He deserves better than to be on this Jets team. Sauce deserves better as well. I'm so disillusioned. I wonder if the Jets will win more than 4 games this year? I seriously don't know.
  3. Yes, Chubb isn't to blame, but coaching is certainly to blame. In that situation, you coach the runner to not score and take a knee after getting the first down. This should be done during training camp, and then reinforced by the coaches when that situation presents itself. If Chubb took a knee after getting the first down, the game is essentially over. Kick a field goal on 4th down, and now, you have around 30 seconds to go, and you must get 2 scores. Not 1 minute and 55 seconds to get 2 scores. Coaching alone could have won the game at that point.
  4. Wow, this is so too early to be making any predictions on the offensive line for next year. I will say that if the Jets do not resign Fant, then the Jets will absolutely draft a left tackle in the 1st round. But, we really need to see how Fant plays this year, and see if maybe the Jets want to resign him. It's just too early to make that prediction. As far as right tackle, we need to be able to see how Max performs going forward before we can figure out if the Jets need to draft a right tackle. If Max does well, then we might be good there, and Becton and Max can fight it out at right tackle. If Max underperforms, then the Jets must draft a right tackle, since you can not trust that Becton will be the answer at any position on the line next year. It all comes down to what to do with Fant, and how Max performs, and if Becton can be a viable option for next year. Then, how does Brown perform when he comes back? Too difficult to say right now.
  5. You missed someone. Joe Fields, who was a center for the NY Jets for many years, and wrote a book with Joe Klecko called "Nose to Nose". Fields was picked by the Jets in the 14th round, and played 12 solid years with the Jets, and made the Pro Bowl in 1981 and in 1982. Picked after the 1st round, and picked when they had 15 rounds, lasted until the 14th round. If anyone deserves to be on your Great Pick list of O Linemen picked after the 1st round for the Jets, it is Joe Fields.
  6. How about of the year? I don't believe he played in one single play outside of special teams last week. I could be wrong on that, but I think it might be so.
  7. I thought the same thing on that play. Clowney has crazy long arms, and the fact is that he barely got part of his hand on Flacco's arm as Max was blocking him. As far as I'm concerned, I can forgive that. Any right tackle against such a player with such long arms could have had the same problem there that Max had. To me, that play is a non-issue, and instead of beating Max up on the play, i give all the credit to Clowney's attributes, which is his very long arms, as well as his crazy athleticism.
  8. I think Bill Bellicheck's philosophy is that he wants football players at every position. What that means is that if you need a cornerback to play safety, or a running back to block, or a tight end to be a running back in certain situations, they can do it, because they are not just stuck in one position, they are football players and can do multiple things. Even beyond what I just mentioned. I think that the one great positive of Mann is that he is a football player. He is not just a punter, who can do no more than punt. That, I feel, is where Mann actually stands out, and he did so in this game.
  9. Yes, but Becton will be in his 4th and final year of his contract next season. I don't know what the Jets would owe him if he was to be cut before next year, but Brown is certainly the guy we must keep next season, due to his contract.
  10. The one thing that has stood out for me so far, is when he dove for the loose ball like 5 yards away, like he was diving to save his life. That energy, that determination, gave me some insight into the player I feel we got in Max. Right now, If I had to judge him, I would say that he is a good 4th round draft pick. Whether he develops into the answer at right tackle, or is a quality back up remains to be seen, and only time will tell as the season goes on, and even into next season. The bottom line is that he held his own, and circumstances with injuries have actually done Max and the Jets a favor, because Max can develop in real time, being thrown into the fire as it were. I remember seeing him in the locker room after the game, and he was so elated and thrilled to be a part of this team, and a part of the win. I don't remember seeing the same enthusiasm and passion in Edoga as I see in Max. That might be unfair since I haven't really paid attention to Edoga, but for whatever reason, I'm seeing it in Max.
  11. I think the game was better without these changes. I enjoy a quality defensive game, and a game that is hard fought by the defense. I do believe the rules needed to be changed to protect the QB, since that is definitely the most important position on the football field. Other than that, I'm not too sure.
  12. I thought perhaps we moved up from #35 to #28. I thought the Toronto Arganauts would be #33 and the Arizona Razorbacks would be #34.
  13. "The Colossal Collapse in Cleveland"
  14. Alka

    Heidi Bowl 2

    Very nice comparison. I was intensely watching the Heidi Bowl game on my living room TV, and then I see Heidi running in some field, and I'm like, where the F--- is the Jets game? Very nice!! I never have gotten over that loss, but this win makes up for it, yes!
  15. I need to know all I need to know at this moment. If one of the O line starters went down, that would be significant. Flacco we were told would be starting until at least until week #4. Moore and Wilson and Davis are all healthy I believe. I'm good with the defense. I don't care who's playing for the Bengals right now; they are a mess. Their offensive line is not doing well, and I believe our defensive line can make plays against them. I'm good.
  16. Just to recap: I picked the Ravens to win week #1 27-17, with the game being over early, and the Jets getting a garbage TD late in the game to make it 17. final score 24-9 In game #2, I picked the Jets to win in a nail biter, with a 20-17 win. For awhile, it looked like it might end up that way, when the score was 17-17 late in the 3rd quarter. Then the Jets imploded a bit, and then the improbable happened and the Jets won in a nail biter, as i predicted. Just not the type of nail biter, but I'll take it. This weeks game will feature a Jets team with confidence, and the belief that Joe Flacco can lead the Jets to wins. The offensive line looks like it is improving week by week, and the Bengals are not filled with optimism entering Met Life stadium sporting an 0-2 mark. I look for the good feelings of the Jets to continue for another week, and the Bengals woes to continue for another week as well. The over/under is 43 points right now, and I just don't see it being an under game. The Bengals are correctly favored in this game, and that's because outside of the team, coaches and optimistic Jets fans such as myself, no one believes the Jets are still any good. Better for us who believe. This game won't be as close, as I think the Jets enter halftime with a 10 point lead in this one. Ultimately, the Jets will win again, as I predict they will.
  17. So the Jamal Adams thread netted us AVT and Wilson! I wonder who won that trade???
  18. Jets win 31-30, and the Jets won the game as I predicted. I honestly don't care how they won, but I said it would be a nail biter, and it was. Anyway, we will continue the pick the Jets outcome every week until I am wrong thread. I'm sure you are all breathlessly awaiting my next pick, and I will let you know it during the week.
  19. That 3rd down and 1 play wanted to make me throw up. Thank goodness they went for it for a fake punt.
  20. I'm with you now. I was wrong. Flacco is no good.
  21. I wish I could undo this thread. lol That 3rd down, where he had an open field needing a couple of yards with one guy 5 yards away from him, and he had to throw the ball for an incompletion really upset me. I would like to bench him right now, and insert White. I am so disgusted right now.
  22. I think that Saleh was on the phone in his car with Rex before Saleh was hired, and Rex was late for buffet at his local restaurant, and the buffet was going to close up in an hour. Rex told his friend to go all gas and no brake, so that they could get to the buffet before they close. Saleh thought that Rex was telling him what the theme of his coaching job should be.
  23. I agree with the mind-numbing block in the back deal. The Jets should always down the ball in the end zone and take it at the 25 yard line, with the exception if the ball is kicked short of the goal line. I think the numbers bear that out over time, and it's a no-brainer to me. Protecting the ball is something I hope the Jets worked on this past week, because the fumbles will kill us if they continue at a high rate. I believe that this Jets defense will prove itself to be more opportunistic this season, and I foresee some of those turnovers going our way. I am confident in a 20-17 win for this week. I also believe that if I'm wrong this week, the season will again spiral downhill to another 4-13 or 5-12 season, which is really hard for me to imagine. I just can't and will not believe it. The thought of that is too upsetting.
  24. I think when Saleh says he is "taking receipts" when people are bashing the Jets, I believe that he knows something most people don't yet know. And that is that this Jets team "is" better than what they showed last Sunday. I believe that the players know it, and the coaches know it. I was very impressed with the defense, and while the offense looked like sh*t, I believe that there are some correctable things that will happen this week. For one, the offensive line now has a game under their belt, and an additional week of practice to try to jell together. I think that Flacco, not having played the entire preseason, needed to work off the rust. Flacco will not transform himself into Tom Brady, but I think that he will get rid of the football faster, and provide a better accounting of himself this coming week. I guess I must be a glass half-full guy, but that's just the way I see it.
  25. Jets will win this Sunday, as I have posted. I understand that I'm in the minority, but I feel that the offensive line and Flacco will look better than they did last weekend. I'm predicting a 20-17 win. Defense will continue to look like the real deal.
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