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  1. morny


    I'm at the Seahawks-Raiders game in London today so cannot watch. Is there any site which does a kind of "play by play" or "minute by minute" text updates on the Jets game? No problems if not I'll just use Twitter but sometimes the journalists I follow reference a play but don't mention what it was i.e. "yeah, the jets could really done with that pass rusher there", without saying what actually happened!
  2. morny

    Any Nathan Shephard sightings?

    Ah right, glad we've completely written him off after five games of his rookie season. Good to know. As for overdraft, I'm pretty sure he was drafted in and around where he was projected. Obviously that doesn't matter if he's no good, but it wasn't criticised as a reach.
  3. morny

    Any Nathan Shephard sightings?

    He drafted him near the end of day 2?
  4. What's the best way to get to the Stadium from NYC at a good time for the tailgate? I had considered the shutle bus (as last time I came over I had a nightmare with the trains) but they don't leave until quite late so I'll forget that. Would I need to get a train from NY Penn Station to Secaucus, and get the first train form Secaucus to Meadowlands (which I *think* comes at 9.41), so i'll be at the stadium at approximately 10am-ish? Or is there a better way which I don't know?
  5. Good breakdown, cheers. Highlights the calamity of scheme we're running. I know most people hate Adams on here, but he is comfortably our best player on defence and is having a decent season. Before people continue slating Adams (or any of the defense) we have a defence which includes two #1 who were concensus "top 5" picks, we have another two #1 picks in the defence, a top-rated CB on big money, and a couple of other #2s and #3s. At some point, the defence's problems have to fall squarely on scheme and coaching. You wonder what better coaching would do with such a defence. I'd imagine that the production of Adams and Williams, in particular, would fly.
  6. Cool, I'm getting the train so will aim to get one early enough to arrive between 9 and 10am. Really looking forward to it!
  7. What time do people generally head to the tailgate on the Sunday morning?
  8. It does feel a little like, with a bad result or two, things are going to spin out of control. As you've said above, Bowles absolving himself from blame for the penalties, and the whole Adams misspoke thing just seems odd, and not the type of thing which came out last year (when we weren't very good but it all seemed a bit more 'singing from the same songsheet'). Adams actually seems a little peeved - he seemed narked about admitting to at fault for the 3&19 (as if it wasn't his fault but he didn't want to dob it in), the not talking to the media after, and the Mayfield/preparation craic. Wonder if frustration is setting in for him. Probably reading something out of nothing but just something seems a little bit off to me.
  9. Defence isn't perfect, and can be frustrating at times, but generally we're doing alright. Only allowed 58 points against over three games, of which 7 have come with offence on the field, and another 17 have come on short fields from turnovers. So the defence has given up a total of 34 points from pure drives (10 against Lions, 6 against Dolphins, 18 against Browns). Obviously, there's still frustrations (the 3rd and 19, and second half against Browns, the CBs getting lucky on long throws against the Browns). But at the minute, the defence is far from the issue on this team.
  10. I know he gets a lot of grief on here, because he isn't Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson (and I understand the frustration about the pick) but he is having a very, very good season so far. Rating him purely on interceptions isn't entirely fair as he isn't really playing safety as much as he is playing linebacker.
  11. Impression I got is that it was designed that way and that was what he was instructed to play - which makes sense as well because the first 15 plays or so are always pre-scripted in advance, aren't they? Either way, terrible play and an 8-yard loss iirc.
  12. Really good read, not sure there's a "QB Whisperer" who's opinion I respect more than Arians so good to see his take on some of Darnold's plays.
  13. Speaking as a fellow European who traveled over for a Jets game last year, make sure you leave plenty early to get to Metlife; I got the train about 11am last year, and ended up waiting in Hoboken for about 45 minutes as they had limited trains on, didn't get to the stadium until about 10 minutes before kick-off and as such didn't get the chance to take it all in like I want to. So don't make a similar mistake! I'm back again this year, also for the Vikings game, and I'm doing the Jetnation tailgate/ticket combo, so going to get their fairly early enough to really enjoy it. I legitimately cannot wait!
  14. That article reeks of nonsense mind, clickbait. Says all three teams are interested then a load of completely unrelated paragraphs with generic bits of news.
  15. morny

    Todd Haley in 2019

    Depending how he does at the Vikings, I'd like to see us have a run at De Filipo. He was the OC I wanted in the off-season to be honest but we seem obsessed with Bates.

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