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  1. In your head, you've typed that thinking it's witty and damning. In reality, it's nonsense mate. Why not just reply to the point rather than revert to faux-intelligence and wit?
  2. Is it possible to both; 1) prefer we picked Watson or Mahomes at 6, as that would be a much more important piece of any rebuild 2) really like Jamal Adams anyway and think he'll be a very good player for us for a long time? He didn't pick himself at 6, and he's performed well in his first year. Why not just support him rather than tear him down because you're angry about something he had no control of?
  3. London games feelings?

    Really? Game's are announced in a couple of days and not really heard any mention of Jets being involved.
  4. Jets Merchandise Shop

    Intended to do tailgating but when I got up my wife was really ill so spent some time waiting to see if she would be okay to go. She wasn't but insisted I go, but by the time I left didn't arrive at Meadowlands until 12.45. Also meant that the shop was all out of most jerseys in my size exceot Forte and Wilkerson, so didn't get one. Despite that, loved the game and experience, had a brilliant day despite the result. So much better watching in person than on tv in my opinion. Doubt I'll be back here for years but hopefully if the Jets ever do a UK game again I can get.
  5. Jets Merchandise Shop

    Thanks all for the replies, I'll look out for the store. Will probably get Adams, althougg I agree our choice isn't great I think him, Mayes or Williams *should* be some of our better players for the next few years. Also probably only Jets game I'll get to for the foreseeable (unless they bring another over to London) so want to go for a current player. Realise to most tomorrow might not be the biggest deal of a game but I cannot wait, even if it's very unlikely we pick up a win. Just be good to be there.
  6. Jets Merchandise Shop

    Ah brilliant, thanks for the quick response. Last thing I want is to get there and only be Forte so you've put my mind at rest.
  7. In New York this weekend ahead of Sunday's game and wanting to get a jersey (quite tricky to pick one up over in the UK). However looking around the city it's all Matt Forte tops, which I don't want. At the game on Sunday will the merchandise stands or shop sell other player jerseys rather than just Forte? Realise this is an odd question to ask but wasn't sure where else it would fit on the board.
  8. Jets d not qb lost this game

    Problem with McCown is that, as a 38 year old veteran one of his skills is meant to be game management, ans the ability to lead us through games. However, he has a worrying habit of coming apart under pressure late on - final quarter against Jags, taking poor sacks and missing obvious passes late on vs Pats, and today with the pick. Its the reason why he has never been the main man anywhere - he's perfectly fine as a back up, but when the whole team relies on him he falls apart. Yes the secondary were (very) poor today, but you'd expect a veteran QB to get us a few first downs fourth quarter to see out the game.
  9. Best place to get tickets

    I'm going over for the same weekend from the UK, I've been looking on SeatGeek which seems to be the best prices for tickets which I can see.
  10. Is it possible to trade him away for a draft pick, and agree to keep most of his salary? So a team with struggling defence might give us a decent pick for him, as long as we agree that they don't have to take on the contract for this year? Then if they want him they can pick up the option for him for next year etc.... So effectively we'd pay them, and give them Mo, in order to get a draft pick off them? Apologies if it's a stupid idea, don't know if it's possible.
  11. It's the Panthers game in November. And they're about $100+ for a ticket, considering there's three of us (me, my wife and my stepdaughter) probablys a bit pushing it for us, but not going to purcahse for a while so they may come down in the meantime.
  12. Cheers for this. Out of curiosity, what would you class as the right seats. On a bit of a budget so likely to end up in the top tier, probablys in a corner.
  13. So as somebody who is coming over in November for their first Jets game, are there any positives people can give me about Metlife I can look forward to?
  14. Really good, really enjoyed going through me, great post.
  15. 66 points in 2 weeks

    Well yeah that's a good point. I suppose the more it's Macc's fault, the more it will detract from that being Bowles fault. So for example, if the draft picks were bad players then it mitigates the mess Bowles has made of it. And vice-versa of course. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Enough of Macc's pick seem like decent enough players (Williams, Adams, Maye) to go with existing good players (Wilkerson, previously Richardson, Mclendon) that Bowles should make have us defending a bit better. However, Macc's saddled him with enough players who seem garbage (Lee, Burris, the re-signing of Davis) that Bowles would have struggled regardless. In my opinion I think there's strong arguments for both to be shown the door, but I believe Bowles should be the first to go ahead of Macc (unless they go together, which would make sense if there's any doubts about Macc).