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  1. morny

    Trade Back Into The 2nd?

    Any players we potentially could get picks for? Maybes get an extra 3rd or 4th for Powell?
  2. Anybody see Mac's comment about the third round? "We'll probably take a safety, we have to fill out quota" Fair play to him, pretty funny.
  3. I'm dead-set on Rosen, but can't shake the feeling that Giants are drafting him. There's been almost no heat on them liking him, he's never linked with them at all, but they've had him in to have dinner with the bosses etc..., worked him out and they seem to have done an awful lot of work on someone they have supposedly no interest in. I hope I'm wrong, and that we take him at 3. But I just think that the Giants are going to shock everyone and take him at 2.
  4. Congratulations mate, really good news and glad he's doing well. I'm assuming you're going to name him after whoever we draft, yeah?
  5. I'll feel a bit lost if we end up with Darnold. I feel like I've spent all of the last however many weeks eagerly reading up all analysis on Mayfield and Rosen (and to a lesser degree, Allen) and ignored Darnold because I've just assumed he goes one. If we somehow ended up with him, great, but I wouldn't feel nearly as clued up as I do on the other guys!
  6. morny

    Rosen Fans

    I don't want to admit it, because I'll probably end up hurt come Thursday night (or Friday morning here!), but I love Rosen. I love his play, I love his upside, I love his intelligence and his confidence and his all-round aura. We're gonna end up with Josh Allen aren't we?
  7. Could this be inaccurate, as just read something with the Detroit owner saying they'd probably have to start the season on the road as Ed Sheeran is playing their stadium on the Saturday night. Suppose having it on the Monday gives it that extra day to clear.
  8. morny


    Can the Jets go back in time and draft Deshaun Watson? If the answer is no, then stop chewing yourself about it and look forward.
  9. morny


    Ealy signs for Cowboys. Shame, nothing special but handy player to have.
  10. Did Suh not say the other day that he "didn't care what team it was, or what the fit was, he was going where he would get the most money". So either if he is definitely signing or using us as a ploy to get more from elsewhere.
  11. If Mac takes Allen over Mayfield, this place will be red hot on draft night. If Mac takes Allen over Rosen, this place will be an absolute warzone. Sheer anarchy.
  12. morny


    TO be fair to Bowles, he gave Hackenberg every single opportunity to beat McCown last pre-season. Hackenberg was the main story of our pre-season. He was just useless, and you couldn't blame Bowles for keeping McCown above Hack. He even gave Petty a decent chance and he was looking like he might challenge him before he got injured.
  13. morny

    Josh Allen

    Yeah, I agree about the development thing, that's a big concern. I'm hoping that Bates is really the savant he is being built into and can take Allen (if it's him) and make him something great. Fwiw he just doesn't seem a great fit for what we're trying to do, a West Coast offence with dink and dunking. From the stuff I've seen and read of him, he seems more like an old school big armed guy, and is iffy on the short range stuff. This is why Mayfield would make more sense. The way everyone was talking at the combine, we loved Mayfield and properly fell for him. I hope it isn't a case that we liked him at the combine, loved his interview but then are letting doubts about his size etc... creep in and then talking ourselves into a 'prototype'.
  14. morny

    Josh Allen

    I think he will take a lot of development, and there is legit question marks over him as a pro. I'd much prefer we took Mayfield (or Darnold or Rosen, but I'm assuming they'r both gone in this example). That said, if we take him at 3, even though I think he's a (big) reach - I'll be all in on supporting him, and I'll be looking forward to him coming in and seeing how he does. For 2 reasons (1) I don't think it does him any good to be constantly against him from the start, regardless of what people think of the pick. An excited, welcoming atmosphere would go a long way to aiding his development. (2) I'm too tired to be negative, I just want to be excited and look forward to the potential of our new QB. I'm a strong believer in enjoying being a supporter, and therefore I want to try and enjoy the moments where we have things to legitimately look forward to.