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  1. Falcons have announced they’ll be playing a home game in London in 2021 (Covid permitting etc.....) As we’re on their schedule, every chance we could be that game.
  2. Interesting. I can get 8/1 on Jones to be the third QB selected, which seems tempting considering all the information, even though it is far from being a lock.
  3. This, this and this, a million times over. Some things are more important than winning, and I’d prefer us to be a losing team who don’t employ sexual predators, than a winning team who welcomes them with open arms.
  4. Kyle Fuller has been released by the Bears. Cap Casualty
  5. What time does legal tampering (aka when we can start to hear about deals) actually begin? and more importantly, what time do we all start freaking out that we haven't signed anybody? The above, plus 30 minutes?
  6. morny


    Bowles is a fantastic DC He was a very poor HC, some of which was not his fault (terrible GM, terrible roster construction, poor QBs), and some of it was his own fault (bad game management, bad coaching staff, let player transgressions slide). He’ll get another go and it’ll be interesting to see if he has learnt from the experience and does well. Good luck to him, seems a nice bloke.
  7. This is true, but you can also only go so far with a limited coaching staff (see Stafford/Watson/arguably Rodgers). Theyre both very important - it’s disingenuous of Thomas to say coaching is only 10% as important as QB play.
  8. This a prediction or something you heard?
  9. Another potential team to want to trade up to #2 with (if we go down that route).
  10. Could be completely wrong, but would there not be some sort of contract/legal grey area, whereby if he formally requests a trade he will then forego his 'no-trade' clause and lose control over the process?
  11. Yeah, under duress. and he may get the job, and Watson may stay there. It just doesn’t exactly feel like the sort of move (interviewing a completely inexperienced candidate) which screams to Watson “we are a progressive franchise”
  12. I wouldn’t say it’s spite. Saleh is a minority hire anyway, and Watson probably isn’t insisting that a black guy has to be HC. But to ignore a very decorated black candidate who Watson fought for until the last second, but to then happily bring in a completely inexperienced white guy. If Watson already has concerns about the views of those high up in the organisation, it doesn’t exactly help does it? Black OC wins everything and gets all the praise from the best player on Earth = Texans forced to interview White guy has zero coaching experience = interview for HC.
  13. True. But if we take at face value the fact that Watson is concerned about the discrimination factor in terms of the Texans, AND he is upset they didn’t bring in Bienemy originally based on personal recommendations that Watson had received about his coaching ability, and his history of success. If the Texans then hire a white HC with zero coaching experience, over the black HC with buckets of coaching experience and personal recommendations, who Watson supports... ....it isn’t too big of a jump to think Watson might not be happy.
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