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  1. There's a "moneyball" type theory I've heard, where you build a team of expensive free agents, and plug in decent rookie. When that rookies contract comes towards its end, you trade him and pick up another. Always allows you room to build an all-star roster. Have a feeling if any team is ever going to try it, The Rams will be the ones.
  2. NFL London games announced, Jags playing Texans. Means Jets aren't going abroad. In case anybody is bothered, it's Bears @ Raiders Bengals @ Rams Texans @ Jags Panthers @ Bucs
  3. This is true, however I think this year they've said they want to wait until the day the schedule is released, to make it more like a 'regular thing' and not a special event. Basically part of NFL's attempts to normalise the international games. May end up being incorrect, but that was their original stance.
  4. I believe that the home side can veto their division games, and any one other home game. If Cheifs win, and even if not considering the star that Mahomes is, Jags may veto it. Similarly, can't see the Jags being bothered about Veto'ing a game against us, unfortunately - doubt it'll bring out a big crowd to Jacksonville. I personally think it'll be Jags Vs Texans TBF - I know it's divisional but Jags probably less bothered than most about that, and Texans one of three teams never to play in UK and NFL seem keen on completing the set.
  5. He's not the guy I wanted, but in the interests of not being angry, and actually looking forward to next season there some potential positives. He should be good for Darnold - he's proven to be good with QBs throughout his career, and even if his overall HC'ness stinks if he brings Darnold on that's a win, to go get another HC. Also, there's a chance he's learnt from the mistakes he's made, and will change his style accordingly. And, this isn't hindsight, but I'd rather Gase than McCarthy. There's more potential in Gase and he is more rooted in modern thinking that McCarthy, for all his flaws. Maybes I'm just talking myself into it, but that's my two penceworth.
  6. I agree with Manish actually......but it does annoy me the way he seems to go all out attack a coach during the search. Same as his, frankly bizarre, hatred and fascination with Doug Marrone.
  7. He was 4-1 last year before Rodgers got injured TBF. The other two defeats were the game he went down, and the game returned, clearly unfit, to try and get them over the hump to playoffs.
  8. I think I've only just thawed out! Result aside(!) had a brilliant day to be fair, weather is crappy here too, used to it.
  9. Yes! Get yourselves over here (assuming of course are playing in London!)
  10. Won't be any AFC East games in London. Home teams for international games (4x London, 1x Mexico) already announced as; Jags Chargers Raiders Rams Bucs So Jags is the only possible game for Jets over here
  11. morny

    Re-ranking the 2018 QBs

    Definitely but he's also a study in the difference good coaching makes. He was pretty poor under Hue and Haley, and has been revitalised under Kitchens. Some of their play-calling outs ours to shame. Hoping the same happens with Sam.
  12. morny

    I can almost guarantee..

    Bowles will be fired, and rightly so. Hypothetically though, would you prefer Bowles go/Mac stay, or Mac go/Bowles stay (which is what the above scenario would likely mean).
  13. Mayfield has been brilliant, but to say he is the sole reason for the Brown's uptick......he was pretty ordinary until Jackson was sacked. The Browns improvement in form had more to do with the monumental awfulness of Hue Jackson than Mayfield. He's still been superb and would be a worthy winner of RotY
  14. We are an infuriating, undisciplined shambles. However, some of them PI calls were utter nonsense mind. It felt like Rodgers wasn't allowed a single incompletion.
  15. Bowles is an terrible head coach, so so bad. That said, I can at least see he has business being in the NFL as a coordinator or position coach. Jeremy Bates could legitimately be the most out of his depth man in the league. The offence is beyond bad.

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