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  1. Before today, we had conceded an average of about 22 points a game iirc. And that is when our defence have generally spent a huge portion of the first half on the field, as the offence has been so poor. The Panthers game is a great example - they spent the whole first quarter resisting, but because the offence kept capitulating they eventually were broken. I'm certainly not saying they’ve been brilliant (they haven’t), or that there aren’t areas we could improve (Jesus we have a million areas of improvement). But before today the defence have been a million, trillion miles a
  2. I really, really want to believe in him, and if we were losing but improving then I’d be happy to give some Leigh-way. But we are getting worse. Our (his) coaching staff look woefully out of their depth, his draft picks are (by and large) struggling and, most importantly, we keep losing and are becoming a bigger embarrassment by the week. I appreciate that it may not be changed overnight, and I never expected a playoff run (or, hell, even a winning season) this year. But there has to be some signs of progress or of things getting better. It feels like every week we perform at a
  3. It probably is today, but generally this season it hasn’t been, in fairness. Especially in light of the talent (or lack of) we have, we have generally done alright I think. They’ve toiled on and on despite the offence leaving them in the lurch a LOT. today is embarrassing mind.
  4. I think we are dreadful. I think Saleh and JD should be under serious pressure, LaFleur should be sacked and that the franchise is a disgrace. However, I would take Deshaun Watson for a conditional 7th rounder. Some things matter more than winning some football games, and not supporting and cheering on sexual abusers is one of them.
  5. Definitely, and fans have the right to be frustrated. But basically dismissing the regime after five games isn’t ideal - Salah and Wilson had nothing to do with those previous 11 year. Fwiw yes, we still look really bad. And yes, Wilson was poor yesterday. But he was good against the Titans (he actually was the reason we won). He was very bad against the Pats. But he was good against the Panthers, and if it hasn’t been for drops we would have won. Point is, there is clearly ability there, and to dismiss him out of hand is crazy. Whether days like yesterday are
  6. Realise this reply is probably quite a bit late, but I'd say Kensington is fine. You could stay in Kings Cross or Tottenham Hale neck of the woods, and you'd technically be nearer the stadium, but the areas aren't as nice (imho) and they aren't as straightforward for getting about the rest of London for your trip. If you stay in Kensington, you can just train/tube it to the nearest station and walk - although the walk to the stadium is about 15/20 mins from the station isn't the end of the world. Also means that you'll be nearer a lot of the attractions you mention above - obviousl
  7. I’m not a STH (as I live in the UK!) but I’ve got my ticket for this so yeah, I’ll be there. Likely won’t get over to NYC this year sadly for a home game, but at least it’s fell on a year the Jets are here so I can still see the start of the Zach dynasty!
  8. Mate, seriously, don't let that put you off. I went on my own to the one 3 years ago (against hte Vikings in Darnold's rookie year), and had a brilliant time. Everybody was incredibly friendly and welcoming, it was one of my favourite experiences ever. Cannot recommend this enough. Gutted that I cannot do this but cannot commit to being able to get over to US due to the constantly changing flight restrictions over here. Hopefully I can make the 2022 one.
  9. Yeah, I think it's that every team has to host an international game (could be London, Mexico or wherever else they expand to) once every 8 years. So the Jets will be back over (at least) once more before the decade is out.
  10. Fair enough, I understand that and respect it. I think it's a fair comment - but most things the league do are a cash-grab (which the NFLUK games very much are, they're trying to cement themselves over here). Not a justification for it I guess, but it's just the way of the world of business/sport nowadays, sadly.
  11. I am absolutely hyped over this, cannot wait. Perfect scenario for me as a UK fan - get to see the Jets here but we don't lose a home game.
  12. Will confirm in five minutes if the Jets are in London, think Sky are gonna announce the NFLUk games at half 2.
  13. Jets @ Colts on TNF on Week 9. Tough Thursday night game.
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