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  1. I'd never heard the Joe Vitt thing but if true then that's horrendous, and a damning indictment on Gase as HC. He shouldn't be near it. And if we had a kicker, then yeah we'd be 3-3 under Darnold (it ignores that if Cowboys kicker hadn't missed a gimme we would have lost). But it's not just the results - we've eeked out a win against a dreadful Giants team, and in your above scenario would have eeked out a win against an average Bills teams mainly due to Josh Allen being poor. We aren't good - we don't look coherent, the oline has poor talent but the coaching is clearly dreadful, and we're dull to watch. He's got no innovation, nowhere near the ingenuity or originality of a Shanahan. It's a slow, placcid dull offense. That's outside of the clear personal problems, in that players just don't like him. It is early, and maybes/hopefully he will prove me completely wrong. But so far, aside from 30 minutes against the Cowboys we look a very bad football team, with mounting problems and a HC who is killing our franchise QB. I'd get rid of Gase tomorrow to be honest, and take the risk he isn't going to turn into the league's next offensive genius.
  2. It's an excellent point. It's a big reason that Darnold (and to a lesser extent, Mayfield) are struggling - they're in a disastrous organisation surrounded by bad coaches. Whereas Jackson (and to a lesser extent Allen) are in very well run organisations, with good coaches who fit everything to suit their QB and maximise their skills.
  3. He looks rank bad right now, and I think it's fair to have legitimate concerns about whether he's the future or not. At this moment, he looks as far removed from a franchise QB as possible. And it breaks my heart to say that. That said.....I don't think we've come close to giving him a good platform. We are terribly coached and he's had two years in a row without a dedicated QB coach, and this year with a clown as an OC - a patsy who just stands whilst the HC tries (and fails) to do all three jobs of HC, OC and QB coach. It's allowing Darnold's flaws to flourish rather than clean up. Similarly, the oline problems - not so much the lack of talent, but the sheer confusion, disorganisation and disarray - means he's constantly got at and is crumbling in front of the world. Bad circumstances don't give him a free pass, plenty of young QBs do well in tough circs (Deshaun Watson), and he is rightly getting a lot of stick. But I can't help feel that he cannot have got a worse deal than us. He might never have made it, but we've not given him a remotely fair shot at success.
  4. Not particularly impressed with the trade, but feels a similar pattern to when things went wrong for Gase in Miami - blame the skill guys. His comments on Monday (which were pathetic) and this trade indicated he's putting the whole loss on the shoulders of our WR and I suspect Robbie Anderson. Could be wrong it just feels that way. Feels like it's trending towards trading Robbie for a low round pick before the trade deadline, and muttering something stupid about "character".
  5. Yeah I know, but 3 hours is probably a normal travel distance for supporters branches hear, but guessing it's different for Football. No problem, was always a long-shot but just thought I'd see. If anybody sees this and knows of any Orlando shuttles to Jacksonville, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  6. Hi all Family holiday in Orlando this year so no Jets home game, but whilst we're in Orlando we play in Jacksonville. Just wondering is there anything like an arranged service/coach of Jets fans who would be organising a trip? Like a supporters branch for Florida or something similar? In UK for soccer we regularly have that sort of thing - a team will have different supporter clubs from all over the country, and they will arrange transport to some game via coach or suchlike. But I'm not sure if it's a thing for Football, suspect it isn't but thought I'd ask.
  7. Sadly doubt I'll make it over for the outing this year. Think I'm doing a game, but wife/stepdaughter want to do NYC in December (see the tree at Rockefeller, take baby son to see Santa at Macy's etc....) So probably going to do Dolphins game in December. Haven't booked yet but looking very likely. Sure everyone will have a class day for the opener - there'll have been no season to kill our hope by that point haha - and if anybody does anything for the 'Phins game let me know and might stop by and say hello.
  8. I liked the day 2 picks, pretty decent considering we didn't have a 2nd rounder and didn't have the tools to be able to trade up into it. Quinnen will be very good I believe, but at this time I'd have preferred a trade down to get a couple more swings, and fill out the offense. Obviously we don't know what was available. Time will tell how successful this is - if Q is a game wrecker then it's a fantastic pick, if he's a solid, steady and difficult DL (so little improvement on Leo but not huge), then it's a disappointment. At the moment, I'm okay to give benefit of the doubt. I hated day three. Just hated it. Hope I'm proven wrong. The big concern for me is that, if you hit that occasional amazing draft (i.e. Saints 2017) you can turn your team around. But ours doesn't even give us a chance of doing that - outside of Williams and Polite, there's nobody who seems likely to start day one, and no attempt to get any offensive playmakers.
  9. Talk about the picks you'd love, the offensive picks you love in particular, all you want......at least one of tonight's picks will be a BPA in a well-stacked position, and will be a random small-schooler. We also will categorically not trade into the the second -we'll look into it but the "price wasn't what we felt comfortable with". I hate being a SOJ'er, but I cannot see anyway Mac doesn't follow this pattern. It's just what he does.
  10. Jones was not generally perceived to be a "first round talent" but anybody other than the Giants. Most analysts I've read who are candid (i.e. not the NFL paid ones who can't be as forthright) believe it is one of the worst picks in history. Jones was kicked to the first round, purely because people were aware of the Giants interest. And Lawrence wasn't a teammate of Q Williams, Lawrence is Clemson and Williams is Alabama.
  11. As a GM, Mac has dozens of faults........but I'm very proud that he refuses to go near domestic abuse players.
  12. And aside from any trade repurcusions, this leak is horrible. What a scumbag.
  13. Very, very low 2nd rounder though (or at least, I assume it is). I'd want more to give away our best receiver (or at least most reliable).
  14. Out of curiosity, and because I've got no memory, what was the concensus on Leo going into 2015, draft? Similar thoughts to Quinnen, in so far as they thought he was unblockable game disrupter?

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