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  1. Mate, seriously, don't let that put you off. I went on my own to the one 3 years ago (against hte Vikings in Darnold's rookie year), and had a brilliant time. Everybody was incredibly friendly and welcoming, it was one of my favourite experiences ever. Cannot recommend this enough. Gutted that I cannot do this but cannot commit to being able to get over to US due to the constantly changing flight restrictions over here. Hopefully I can make the 2022 one.
  2. Yeah, I think it's that every team has to host an international game (could be London, Mexico or wherever else they expand to) once every 8 years. So the Jets will be back over (at least) once more before the decade is out.
  3. Fair enough, I understand that and respect it. I think it's a fair comment - but most things the league do are a cash-grab (which the NFLUK games very much are, they're trying to cement themselves over here). Not a justification for it I guess, but it's just the way of the world of business/sport nowadays, sadly.
  4. I am absolutely hyped over this, cannot wait. Perfect scenario for me as a UK fan - get to see the Jets here but we don't lose a home game.
  5. Just announced on Sky Sports News over here.
  6. Will confirm in five minutes if the Jets are in London, think Sky are gonna announce the NFLUk games at half 2.
  7. Jets @ Colts on TNF on Week 9. Tough Thursday night game.
  8. Few people I follow on Twitter, NFL uk fans, seem convinced the Falcons London game is Washington. Could be none sense like.
  9. No, Jags and Falcons are both playing home games but not against each other. Jags are rumoured to be playing Dolphins over here, but not heard any Falcons rumours. Looking at their schedule, I can’t imagine Bucs, Panthers or Saints will be (all divisional, which isn’t a deal breaker, but also all over here recently too). Eagles over here couple of years back so would be surprised at them. Leaves Jets, Pats, Lions and Washington. If that Pats Twitter rumour is right (that they have no London game), then we’ve a 1 in 3 chance. I would guess Washington out of the thre
  10. That NFL schedule leaks Twitter is a troll account I’m pretty sure, remember from previous years
  11. That’s just a link to you saying the same in another thread?
  12. Aye that might be it. But don’t think they have any issues with sending any team over though, sure they’ve just agreed that each team is on an 8 year cycle to host an International Series game, so all teams will host one. Be funny if this is the year they finally send the Packers (only team who hasn’t played here and everyone is desperate for) and Rodgers doesn’t play
  13. Last NFL Uk round of game’s had Rams vs Bengals, and Raiders vs Bears. the year before was Raiders vs Seahawks and Chargers vs Titans. they have no qualms about sending over West Coast teams, though I’d tend to agree when the “home” team is east coast they tend to want to give them another east coast one.
  14. As a UK fan, who would love this (get to see the Jets in person without them losing a home game)....where’ve you heard this?
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