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  1. morny

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    Cowboys are a half-decent team but if we are serious about making playoffs you'd be wanting to beat them.
  2. morny

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    Looks like we play in Boston in a short week, and the Pats come to us off a TNF mini-bye. Excellent news......(if rumours are accurate). Also that schedule is a killer for me, hoping to get family holiday to NYC again but be either Week 8 or Week 9!!! Either side of it is two games I was hoping to catch, bloomin' typical!
  3. Ah now I feel a bit silly. What a schoolboy error
  4. Fair enough - I don't go to a lot of games, but I do go to a lot of soccer games, in the freezing cold and snow, so I'm not adverse to going to sporting events in the cold. If I recall correctly, most of the people at the tailgate were relatively local and felt that the weather was extremely bad. But again, and in all fairness mate, I don't routinely go so I can't comment much.
  5. In fairness mate, and with respect, that was my only Jets game last year, so I remember it well and it was about as far removed from a "gorgeous October Sunday" as you can get. It was freezing, icy cold, the wind was blowing mad and when I got back to Port Authority after I couldn't stop shivering I was that cold. Even the JetNation hit dogs couldn't survive the wind, the poor mites! Not wanting the get involved with anything else argument wise, not my bag, but it was crazy cold that day.
  6. I can't imagine any way the Giants don't draft a QB, it would be crazy and would set their fanbase on fire. Whether they trade up for it is another question. What other packages, aside from both firsts, would you take? A first, a second and a second next year? So slightly less than what we gave for Darnold?
  7. morny

    Prime time games now?

    Thursday before, April 18th (day before Good Friday)
  8. morny

    Prime time games now?

    Aye, 1.30 o'clock in the morning over here to get up and watch is get beat off the Browns last year, and all the pundits going crazy for it. That was fun!
  9. We need a center, pretty desperately. Very little out there, maybes we plan on trading a third or fourth for one. But no point paying a RB if the O-Line is leaking.
  10. I'd have liked Barr but I was a little sceptical of the idea of paying him a fortune to try and convert him to a pass-rush, which he hasn't done since college. I definitely would have liked him, but feel there's a lot more risk with him than Mosley.
  11. morny

    Paradis signs with Carolina

    Haha no I remember him, I just didn't understand why you referenced him
  12. morny

    Paradis signs with Carolina

  13. morny

    Paradis signs with Carolina

    We have money every year mate. We have tons of cap space every year, because we draft terribly and have nobody of our own worth paying. Rome wasn't built in a day.....but the Rams, the Bears and the Eagles have all went from rubbish to competitive with a rookie QB in the last couple of years through smart moves. It can be done quick if you're smart. Not sure why people seem happy to settle for nothingness.
  14. morny

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Problem is though, we've got massive holes at RB, C, Edge, CB and Slot CB, and reasonable ones at WR1, TE2, LT, RT & RG. Considering Mac's record in the draft, it's expecting an awful lot for him to fill in the multiple holes, at premium positions, he has left us with. Unless we're happy to wit through for another "4 year rebuild", then we need to splash out in FA. We're a bloody awful team, both results wise and to watch. I'd like to see us at least try to be exciting and fun.
  15. morny

    Why I'm not panicing on Day 2....

    I understand what you're saying about "build depth for value, it's what good teams do". But good teams also draft well so they can add supplementary pieces in FA. We're five years into Mac's reign, we really should have some quality by now but don't so need to overpay in FA, or else we end up just continuously being meh. Missing out if top quality FA is not a positive - add Barr, Bell and Paradis and we have the look of a possible playoff contender, once you add an edge in the draft. Without, we look like our same old, middle of the road achieve nothing selves.

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