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  1. Bowles is an terrible head coach, so so bad. That said, I can at least see he has business being in the NFL as a coordinator or position coach. Jeremy Bates could legitimately be the most out of his depth man in the league. The offence is beyond bad.
  2. morny

    Should the Jets sign Hunt?

    No way, what he done was awful, and credit to the Chiefs for getting rid of him, even though it could seriously harm their chance of winning the SB. Some things are more important than winning or losing.
  3. morny


    I'd agree, although to be fair their defence and run game seems to have declined dramatically from last year. Cousins is having a better year than Keenum in all fairness.
  4. We will have to agree to disagree. But I'd say that most neutral NFL observers, and not just casual journalists but ones who study tape, rate him extremely highly. I feel like some people were so unhappy with the pick (which is understandable), that it has blinded them to the fact he is very good, and they seek out his flaws. He isn't perfect but very few are, but he is performing very well, and is still only 22. I feel he will be a top player, you disagree. Time will tell who is correct.
  5. I get some people's frustration with him, and the pick, I really do. But at the minute, he is the best player on the team. He genuinely cares, and he doesn't just give boring, anodyne responses to the press. He was asked a question and answered it honestly and intelligently. Fair play to him for that.
  6. morny

    Trade deadline non deals for Jets

    Apparently declined Robbie trade as it would harm Sam's development. Also read today that we offered the Jags Teddy Bridgewater in the summer in exchange for Dante Fowler and they declined. Crazy from the Jags, Bridgewater is a big upgrade on Bortles imho.
  7. morny

    Jets playing in London in 2019?

    Also, there's three teams not played the UK so far and I'd expect at least a couple of these coming over as NFLUK would love to market it as 'every team played here'. The teams are Panthers, Texans and Packers. The Packers would be the tricky ones to get over as they'll never give up a home game, and they generally take a good away support (or attract more home fans) to their away games, so a team would need to give up a guaranteed big ticketing day to the UK.
  8. morny

    Jets playing in London in 2019?

    There's four games in the UK next year, and the likes of the Rams, Chargers, Jags and Raiders all regularly play home games in international series due to their stadium situations. Adding to that, Falcons and Bucs are hosting upcoming Superbowls and often they need to give up a home game for that. Phins are too, but they played a home game last year so that probably counts for them (might be wrong). There's also the Mexico game to consider, but that still leaves us 6 favourites for home games (to cover 5 total games), of which I don't believe the Jets will play any. We have the Woody factor (he lives over here atm) so that could be a positive as he may want a game here. However personally I'd be surprised if we're over here, just due to the above, but could be very wrong. If so I'd imagine it'll be away to someone like the Dolphins, or home to a big boy who won't give up a home game ever (Cowboys, Steelers etc.....).
  9. morny

    GM Mike Maccagnan

    Fair dos, I don't agree on everything there. I feel that he has been decent, the last year or two, at the "non draft stuff". I also agree that the likes of Lee and Shell aren't works beaters but they're solid/decent NFL players. I'm perfectly fine with Shell at RT and Lee is a good ILB - whether he is good enough to be a first rounder is highly debatable. Also, you're right the Hack pick is a huge stain against the 2016 draft. As for Jenkins - he's an adequate squad player, as said above, he shouldn't be a starter and that is an indictment of the roster/Mac. But as a player he's fine. As a draft, it was decent (starter on defence, offence and two on special teams, along with a squad level player) but not spectacular, as said above. I also disagree about Adams - he is a big part of our defence and is a huge player for us. He was a very good pick and looking at more neutral commentators (instead of either homers, or fans with a grudge against a GM) it's generally praised as a very good pick. As for it being too early to judge this years draft.....I agree, that's exactly what I said in my post? I just said that, early days, it seems reasonably positive. Whereas this time last year, Hansen and Stewart and no positives about them, for example. I suspect nothing I say will change your mind, which is fine. However I stand by my take that Mac has pros and cons and it's not simply a case of "he is dreadful". There's more nuance to it than that.
  10. morny

    Hue Jackson & Todd Haley fired

    Bowles is a very poor HC, and he should be gone asap no question. However he isn't even in the same league of 'bad head coaches' as Hue Jackson. Jackson is the LeBron of 'Bad Head Coaches'. He is just embarrassing and pathetic and shambolic. Bowles is definitely one of the poorest in the league (along with the likes of Vance Joseph, Dirk Koetter, that clown at Arizona, Garret and Shurmer), but none of them can touch Jackson. This sacking is annoying as it gives them the jump on us for a 'innovative offensive mind to develop their QB'. Hopefully they'll mess it up.
  11. morny

    GM Mike Maccagnan

    I find that I'm very conflicted about Maccagnan. Whereas I think Bowles should be fired, and there's very little doubt in my mind about, I think the case for/against Mac is a lot less clear. Positives He has a lot of decent attributes of a GM - I think he seems quite adept at trading/wheeling and dealing; his work getting the 2nd/Kearse for Sheldon was excellent, as was his handling of Teddy Bridgewater, and he pulled of an impressive trade for Henry Anderson. I also think he makes some nice mid-roster pickups from either UDFA or just simple FA. So the likes of Crowell, Claiborne, Copeland etc.... are nice players for the money paid for them. He is yet to show he is great at giving the right guys big contracts (Johnson will be a big make or break on that when he returns) but generally he isn't too bad in free agency. I think, generally, in the above areas he's actually shown improvements and increased savvy as a GM, which indicates he is learning from rookie mistakes he made and is a good sign. Negatives The most damning thing about him, obviously, is his work in the draft. As things stand he's had two very bad drafts (2017 and - in particular - 2015). I love Jamal Adams and really like Marcus Maye but the rest of that draft is a complete write-off after one year (unless Eli McGuire comes back and rocks the world). As for 2015, the only player left is the number 6 pick who is bloody good player, but still not actually lived up to the hype of his draft-status. His 2016 draft actually produced a few decent players who are starters or decent rotation players (starters at ILB, RT and punter, rotation-level at OLB and a decent special-teams player). Not a spectacular draft by any stretch, but solid-enough and at least added a little-bit depth. Worth noting though, no real big additions at real big positions. The 2018 draft looks good so far - franchise QB, good TE, adequate d-lineman. Still early days but looks like it could be a positive one. So on the face of it, not too bad. But QB aside we're still lacking drafted starters in the key positions (OLB/EDGE, LT, CB, WR) aside from one rotation-level OLB who plays every down for us, due to the weakness of our roster. He's whiffed on a number of WRs and CBs, and don't seem to have any time for LT (or, indeed, any offensive linemen). This is the big worry; for all he does the other things reasonably well, the big thing for a GM will always be the draft, and so far Mac has been poor. Do you give him another go, and hope he's learnt his lesson, or do you decide that after four years he's never going to improve? A lot may depend on how his 'non-Darnold' picks from this year do - can Herndon continue to shine? Can Shepherd go from solid to game-changing? Will Nickerson/Cannon show that they're learning enough to be able to contribute, or will they remain as players who are used in nothing but a last resort? If enough can shine, it might give some confidence that his drafting/scouting has improved like his other-GM skills. If they don't, then it may be worth burning him completely and going completely fresh for a new Head Coach. Apologies for the long, rambly post, I just find my feelings about Mac very conflicted. I don't think he is the completely useless GM a lot of people think him to be, he's got pros and cons and it's balancing them up.
  12. Just a quick shout out to say I had a great time meeting everyone, yous are a great lot and it was brilliant to experience a proper tailgate while meeting so many fellow Jets fans. Special shout out to Creepy Lurker who was sat next to me and great craic throughout - apologies if I was a bit quiet, I was pretty sure I was an icicle by that point! Shame about the score in the end but brilliant day, can't wait until next time!
  13. Arrived in NYC yesterday, really looking forward to this. See yous All tomorrow
  14. morny


    I'm at the Seahawks-Raiders game in London today so cannot watch. Is there any site which does a kind of "play by play" or "minute by minute" text updates on the Jets game? No problems if not I'll just use Twitter but sometimes the journalists I follow reference a play but don't mention what it was i.e. "yeah, the jets could really done with that pass rusher there", without saying what actually happened!
  15. morny

    Any Nathan Shephard sightings?

    Ah right, glad we've completely written him off after five games of his rookie season. Good to know. As for overdraft, I'm pretty sure he was drafted in and around where he was projected. Obviously that doesn't matter if he's no good, but it wasn't criticised as a reach.

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