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  1. Sheldon Traded

    Our offense will still be historically bad, but now our d just got worse. Jets making sure not screw up the tank.
  2. a pick 6..... a safety, multiple sacks...... all before the first completion.
  3. Last year the Rams averaged 14 PPG..... (last in league). I think Jets end up below this number this year.
  4. Sorry right, 1-15 was the next year! That was my freshman year of college and agree on the snowball thing. I went to both games that weekend and I still don't think I have thawed. Well I think we end up between those two seasons with a 2-14..... but in for the tailgates!
  5. I went to game 16 of the 1-15 year (day after the Giants/Chargers snowball game) and I think we are quickly heading there.
  6. Costello: The Job is McCown's

    You can argue Geno got a raw deal, but Petty is a backup at best (still think 3rd or not NFL) so the fact he got starts is more than should have been expected. Hack was not a guy you could just throw to wolves given how he came out of PSU. The downward spiral he had under Franklin at PSU after O'Brien left was remarkable. Unlike some guys who can come in and play I don't think anyone thought he could. Jets hoped they could fix him, and time will tell. He is a year 3 type guy which they over-drafted. Expect wee see him around week 8 for the rest of year so Jets have a clue what they have (or don't have).
  7. This is prob correct, but given current QB situation you may as well see what he can do this year.
  8. Dumping Decker was a mistake if your goal was to win anything this year, it isn't.
  9. First post! Decided to head to scrimmage tonight. Getting there at 4 with a mini tailgate setup will look for some others doing the same!
  10. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.