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  1. There's always Curling Night in America ‐ USA vs. Canada. Believe me, it's no worse than the Jets tonight. Sent from my SM-G975U using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. While the Jets obviously haven't been a model franchise with many woeful seasons since 1960, if you look at "recent" history it's actually it's been only the last 10 years that the Jets that the Jets have been really bad. Prior to that, over the 15 previous seasons the Jets averaged over 8.5 wins/years, made the playoffs 7 times, outscored their opponents in 12 of those years, and appeared in 3 three AFC championshios,. Although they didn't win it all and were rarely a top 3/4 team, from Parcells through mid Ryan - that's still a pretty good stretch. Sent from my SM-G975U using JetNation.co
  3. Sent from my SM-G975U using JetNation.com mobile app
  4. What the f*ck was he thinking on that play.
  5. This is getting to unbelievable proportions. I know that the Covid 19 situation has strained most teams, but this has gotten ridiculous. I have never seen anything like the last two years with this team.
  6. I believe when Losmeister is saying: "He's a below avg QB. Fitz is, by all metrics, an above avg QB. The MYTH is that he SUCKS as often as he is decent, when the exact opposite is true." Losmeister actually means the following: "Darnold a below avg QB. Fitz is, by all metrics, an above avg QB. The MYTH is that Fitz SUCKS as often as he is decent, when the exact opposite is true." That's the only logical thing that makes sense. It's true that Fitzpatrick is a fan favorite and everyone understands why. However, he's played in the NFL for about 15 years and hasn't
  7. Jetsfan80, since when has Darnold played under these ideal circumstances that you speak of? Take a look at McCown's play for the Jet's in 2018 (after having an unexpectedly decent 2017). McCown's stats indicate that the Jets QB job was a bad work environment was less than optimal. To say that Darnold has ever been put in a decent position is stretching the truth - IMHO
  8. Leave is to Losmeister (and Connor Hughes - for that matter) to complain about a pass that Darnold actually completes. There's nothing like a still photograph to provide a complete "picture" of a play. Again, I am not saying the Darnold is "the answer", but to think that showing a photograph of a successful play is supposed to prove a derogatory point is somewhat lacking - IMHO. I'm surprised you didn't show a still of Darnold's posture on the TD through to Berrios at the end of the game.
  9. I usually agree with your take. However, for the plays that were on Baldy's clip, I thought Fant (RT) did his job except for one play. I thought GVR (RG) was beat or didn't react as well as he should on one or two other plays. I am not commenting on the rest of the game, just the ones on Baldy's video.
  10. Maybe I missed something, but I don't think that anybody said that Darnold is better than or even as good as Russell Wilson. Therefore, making the point that Wilson can win with less than a stelller OL doesn't really mean much. The fact that an NFL MVP candidate QB is better than Darnold is not news to anyone with a brain. Sent from my SM-G975U using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. I agree. IMHO anyone who believes that replacing Darnald with people's definition of an "average" NFL QB would seriously increase the jets chances of winning based on the last 2 weeks have to be blind. The defense sucks, the receivers are inadequate (the Herndon drop in the EZ is another example of ineptitude) , and the coaching is definitely suspect. At the moment,, Darnold is not the problem and is not holding this team back. He may prove to be less than adequate in the future, but the rest of the team as it stands now is totally lacking. Sent from my SM-G975U using JetNation.com mobile
  12. Phillyjet, I definitely agree with this sentiment. My point has been that the current state of the Jets is so bad (due to drafting and injuries) that it would have taken near perfect QB play to win the game against the Bills. Obviously, Darnold wasn't close to perfect on Sunday. Darnold might end up being the wrong guy for the Jets, but right now the Jets don't have the "critical mass" of surrounding talent to succeed consistently against good teams. There is no reason to give up on Sam yet. The games are going to be played (assuming no Covid outbreaks) and hopefully the Jets will get some o
  13. What you say about those plays being "inexcusable" is true. However, i see QB's make "inexcusable" plays all the time - and thier teams still win. Allen missed a wide open receiver in the end zone during the game. He had a couple of bone-headed fumbles against the Jets. I also saw him have an "inexcusable" fumble during the playoffs last year. Is Darnold prone to make more "inexcusable" plays than others? Perhaps I would agree with that assessment. However, those inexcusable plays are rarely the difference between wins and losses. If Darnold doesn't have those rookie mistakes, do the Jets win
  14. That is what many people here obviously think. I am not saying that Darnold will be a top 5-10 QB in the league. However, the rest of the team was so poor that he basically had to be almost perfect to give the Jets a chance to win against the superior Bills (where QB's averages a rating of 80 last year). Most other QB's can make a myriad of mistakes and still have their teams win. However, Darnold - based on the Jets depleted talent vs. the Bills - could not. Although I doubt that he will ever be perfect in a game, a believe that we will see better results once the OL gels and the injured
  15. The original post just reminds you how unimportant football really is in the scheme of things - at least for us fans. As I always tell my kids, "No matter what happpens with the Jets on Sunday, you still have to get up and go to work on Monday morning". That's why, even though I invest as much time as I ever did following the Jets, I don't really let a sh*tty Jets outing put me in the dumps anymore. A very touching story. I feel terrible for the guy's family. 51 is definitely too young. Sent from my SM-G975U using JetNation.com mobile app
  16. Speaking of Newman. Wrong sport I know. Sent from my SM-G975U using JetNation.com mobile app
  17. As long as Vyncint Smith is back for the playoffs we'll be fine [emoji846]. Sent from my SM-G975U using JetNation.com mobile app
  18. SAR I - I remember you from the pre-Internet on the old Usenet NY Jets group. Unfortunately we are talking 30 years. I mostly love your posts ‐ especially the farcical ones. However, to compare a QB's influence on a team's result vs. a first baseman's impact is stretching things just a bit. Sent from my SM-G975U using JetNation.com mobile app
  19. Slats, why did Greencow get banned? Sent from my SM-G975U using JetNation.com mobile app
  20. If I believed that you were being honest and inadvertently forgot the ".9" I wouldn't have called you out. However, it's pretty easy to look at any stat lines for Darnold and Allen and subtract 61.9% - 58.8% and see the difference is 3.1% (at least you would see it's more than 3%). We are not talking calculus here. When trying to compare two QB's I don't think that many people would start picking numbers to add to completions then divide by attempts (like you did) to see how many extra completions it would take to get to a certain percentage. You could do it of course, but it would be tria
  21. You were the one that was so adamant on the 10 completion (first 10 checkdowns) difference between Allan and Darnold per year. You must have mentioned it over 10 times in this thread and derided anyone you didn't agree with you. A more accurate number over their two year careers is more than 19 extra completions adjusted for a full 16 game season. In the grand scheme of things, .9% might not be significant, but a 3.5% completion peecentage difference (over their careers) is not insignificant. Sent from my SM-G975U using JetNation.com mobile app
  22. Greencow, sorry but your not being intellectually honest. Darnolds completion percentage was over 61.9% not 61% . That extra .9% over 461 passes works out to over four extra completions. Using any calculator that has all the buttons: 285 (ie. 14 extra completions than Allen actually had) / 461 = 61.822%. That is less than Darnold's real completion percentage of over 61.9%. Therefore, Allen would have to complete more than 14 extra completions over the last season than he actually had match Darnold's completion percentage. The same result would also be seen if you used an abacus or a slid
  23. Actually you math is wrong Greencow. Taking a look at 2019, Darnold's completion percentage was more than 3.1٪ higher than Allen's. Even using Allens less than average 461 throws (and multiply by. 031) that works out to almost 14.5 extra completions over a season - not 10. Using an average QB that throws 34 times a game as a baseline, that would work out to almost 17 extra completions a year. If you look at both seasons, Darnold's completion percentage is over 3.5% better than Allen's. That works out to be over 16 more completions a year assuming 461 throws. Using a normal amount of throws p
  24. It's amazing to me that some people just assume that a young, second year QB, with relatively little college experience will automatically light the league on fire statistically and "carry a team on his back" with inarguably one of the worst offensive teams around him while he is coming off the effects of mono. To me this position seems seems unreasonable. Could it happen? Sure. However, to expect it to happen to every QB that eventually proves himself in this league is far fetched. The arguements have been mentioned ad nauseum here so I will try to not repeat too much. People have said t
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