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    Former college football player turned EQ manger turned car salesman. Sole Jets fan in Beaumont.
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    Decker in the corner endzone to beat the Pats in OT. Co worker was a Pats fan and to watch that with him was so so sweet.
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    Revis to the Bucs
  1. First Time to NYC

    UPDATE: ended up upgrading our tickets to section 244 row 2. Got a hotel just south of Times Square. Now looking deeper in the the subway system as well as several places to eat. We don’t have any subways in Houston so it’s going to be a new experience trying to maneuver from the airport and around the city.
  2. First Time to NYC

    That's right along the lines of what i was thinking. I appreciate all the help from yall.
  3. First Time to NYC

    Yea were going to have all day Monday to do the bulk of the sight seeing. We fly in early Saturday and fly out Midday Tuesday. So well have most of Saturday, Sunday night, and all day Monday to do all the sights. And yes to answer your question i was looking to do something nice that Monday night. The reason i brought up that restaurant is that it will knock out the Empire St Building, and have a good night view of the city.
  4. First Time to NYC

    Also have any of yall purchased tickets from PrimeSports. The prices look too good to be true, and it comes tailgate entrance. Thats another thing i was looking forward to was tailgating before the game so if yall have any suggestions for that as well im all ears.
  5. First Time to NYC

    It's just going to be me and my girlfriend. I was looking at tours that will knock a few of them out on one trip that also include transportation. Figured that would be easier than trying to do them all individually and wing it with figuring out how to get there.
  6. First Time to NYC

    That helps quite a bit what we are looking for. Since we have never been to NYC there are some things that we have to see. Prioritys are Statue of Liberty, 9/11 monument, and Empire State Building. Central Park and Niketown (brother works for Nike so any trip we have to find a nike store) are things that we can do but not a must. Speaking of that, have yall ever eaten at the State resturant in the Empire State Building? Considering it for dinner the last night we are there.
  7. First Time to NYC

    Thanks for all the tips. Looking forward to seeing NYC and the Jets getting a W.
  8. First Time to NYC

    I'm headed up to NYC for the first time later this year for the Panthers game at Metlife. Flying up from Houston so it will be a pretty big weather change. We are spending 4 days and 3 nights looking to stay near the Time Square area. Do yall have any tips on where to stay, places to eat, things to do, things like that while we are there.
  9. Looking for 2 tickets for the game right after Thanksgiving. Already have seats in 306 but looking for an upgrade.