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  1. the punter situation wasn't really a competition. the jets had 5-6 PR to work out. that's a lot of kicks for just one punter... imo, HC Gase was doing his ex-P a favor and getting him some tape for a job on one of the other 31 teams. but the K situation screamed competition. disappointed it was ignored.
  2. I'm quite happy having LB Jenkins being an important cog as the LB-Pace-like strong side edge setter. its a thankless job but properly done would give LB Jenkins 10 years of job security. any extra sacks he'd get would be gravy
  3. i have never heard of a case in which a player was charged with and fined for illegal tampering. ever. and if the league decided to pursue this line of "illegal tampering", it would only reinforce my belief that the non-calls (and then the ridiculous calls) the jets of which the jets have been the short end have been a concerted effort.

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