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  1. QW is absolutely going to play a lot at Nose this year and he can do it
  2. Philc1

    2019 Yankees

    I like the Mets new relievers Lou Sassle and Buster Heiman
  3. Agree 100% This is not a criminal court the nfl has suspended players with less evidence
  4. Jerry Jones is on Goodell’s sh-tlist And unfortunately so are the Johnsons
  5. It is amazing how the bullpen has killed your season so far
  6. Philc1

    2019 Yankees

    It looks like he and Chad Green will co-start with Green as the opener
  7. I became a fan during the Kotite years Im strong like bull
  8. If Darnold busts this Chris Hackenberg guy might be available
  9. Bryant sucked last year when he finally got a chance to start Derek Carr went the entire game without even targeting him once now to be fair Carr has become a glorified Captain Checkdown under Gruden and Bryant is a downfield receiver
  10. Crowell had a 4.9 ypc last year yet somehow he sucks too Go figs

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