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  1. Anyone supporting bringing Sam back has also said to bring another QB in to compete
  2. No we now need to trade the 2 pick plus another 4-5 first round picks and Quinnen Williams for Deshaun Watson
  3. Yeah but Jimmy G is and he won’t cost 5 first round picks
  4. Vinny was old and slow by 2002. He was durable(except in 199 ugh) but age caught on. He was inaccurate and threw a lot of picks plus he wasn’t as mobile I wanted Chad to start from the very beginning in 2002. He ended up saving our season but physically the guy was made of glass and couldn’t throw
  5. Yes but name me the first round pick offensive linemen on those back2back Jet AFCG teams You can’t? Haha. Owned! Draft Fields!
  6. Tough to get those without a top draft pick. luckily our interior pass rush with QW, Franklin Myers is pretty nasty
  7. And he thought being the GM of the Mets was embarrassing
  8. Social media buzz coming directly from Watson himself and other players. There is validity to it
  9. You’re right Paradis the Jets don’t have $62 million in cap space they have over $70 million https://dknation.draftkings.com/2021/1/17/22228918/new-york-jets-salary-cap-space-2021-contracts-free-agents-sam-darnold-marcus-maye
  10. Trevor is better than Watson and only would have cost us one draft pick
  11. Yeah I was gonna say. Bakhtiari is one of the most well known LT’s in the game
  12. Supposedly the colts are trading for Carson Wentz. He knows Reich’s playbook and they have history
  13. Watson and his agent aren’t stupid. They know winning in NY is way more profitable with endorsements, post-career job opportunities etc than winning in podunk country. Look at how much more Derek Jeter is worth than better players who won championships in nothing markets

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