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  1. Joe Namath: A fan of Baker Mayfield.

  2. Even teams that run the spread in the NFL ALOT like us with Gailey in 2015 still go under center on passing plays a significant amount
  3. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    Giants getting rid of JPP makes Chubb make sense for them Giants can still get Lauletta in the second round or maybe even Lamar if he falls
  4. Here we go again Villain pretending the air raid is now pro style because Nick Foles had a good month
  5. You think Mayfield has no Johnny Manziel in him?
  6. He won’t. Mayfield will be forced to run a lot of bootlegs to compensate for the fact that he can’t function under center in a traditional pocket
  7. Bold Prediction

    If I’m the browns I go Darnold 1 and Chubb or Nelson at 4
  8. All those air raid and big 12 qbs have dominated the nfl dude
  9. I’d rather go project than Manziel 2.0
  10. Delusional jets fans want to nitpick and beat up every qb in the draft except the guy with Juan Manziel written all over him
  11. So when are you going to start telling us Mayfield also has experience doing 3,5, and 7 step drops in the pro style system he played in?
  12. Bold Prediction

    Let’s say Barkley is as good as you think he is. He’s still not worth the 1st pick overall Best running back in the game today is probably David Johnson and I’d take pretty much any top 15 qb over him and I like David Johnson alot
  13. Bold Prediction

    Better odds we draft Charles Barkley at 3
  14. Rosen Fans

    And Mayfield has had multiple concussions too but somehow his don’t count
  15. Joe Namath: A fan of Baker Mayfield.

    Namath thinks every Jet qb is the next him