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  1. You must enjoy watching mediocre Qbs throw for 400 yards on us
  2. If you draft Pitts at 2 and then Trask in round 3 maybe. Trask was mediocre at best if Pitts didn’t play
  3. Yes. He’s still better than any of these trash qbs that are getting overdrafted
  4. If we do that I doubt we win more than 4 games next season
  5. Drafting a RB high = Mac signing Leveon Bell we had no OL back then, not much better now other than Becton.
  6. Bateman was very productive with a horrible qb
  7. You’re better off drafting the guy who made his college career Kyle Pitts
  8. Trask was never that good in college without Kyle Pitts doing circus catches for him
  9. Lamar Jackson gets drafted by the Jets he’s a bust. Lamar Jackson gets drafted by the Ravens who have a great roster, head coach and front office management - he succceeds That’s why you don’t want to be drafted top 10
  10. Schlereth explaining the vicious cycle of the jets
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