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  1. Philc1

    Mo out for the season

    Instead of Mo Money?
  2. Philc1

    Mo out for the season

    Yeah that is going way back
  3. Fournette is good but he’s not the second coming of Jim Brown. Stick 8 in the box and he won’t have running room I know other teams try a similar method but they don’t have our corners. Certainly New England and the giants dont
  4. Crazy thing is throwing to a go route deep is actually one of the safest throws you can make
  5. Philc1

    Kevin green

    Or is this Costello?
  6. Philc1

    Kevin green

    Hi Manish!
  7. Rex beat guys like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady with creative blitzes. Bowles just sucks. Exhibit A: One of the few times Bowles blitzed in the 4th qtr he sent Trumaine Johnson. Johnsons man was left in a soft zone and guess where the ball got thrown? You don’t send your #1 cover corner on a blitz. That’s straight up legit retarded
  8. We have a good run defense. Contain Fournette we can even go 8 in the box and play man to man
  9. Philc1

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    We do have depth. Walker can play 2nd while Gleyber goes to SS again. Gardy can play CF. That opens up DH ill get carpetbombed for saying this but I wouldn’t mind Bird getting some time at DH he did hit in the playoffs last year. Or put Sanchez there and Ronnie catches
  10. The 4th down catch Kearse made at the end of the game was as clutch as it gets
  11. I think Sam is still developing once he gets more confidence in his ability to take shots downfield you will see Robby get more targets
  12. Philc1

    Mo out for the season

  13. But do they respect Mark Malusis? That’s the question
  14. Hey are you going make anymore racist posts so you can get me in trouble with the mods? Just wondering

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