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  1. Sam will get traded to the Saints for a middle round pick next offseason. Sean Payton will have zero trouble making him a star
  2. Not really impressed with JD. His only good move so far is Becton which was a no brainer
  3. Jackson also has an infinitely better supporting cast and coaching staff
  4. Sam is going to be a star after we trade him for nothing book it
  5. You also have to convince the Johnsons to stay out of football decisions
  6. Williams will be the scapegoat when Gase gets his extension from the Johnsons and you old school jets fans thought Kotite got a free paycheck from Leon Hess
  7. I love Joe and his past jet rants have been hilarious but it’s getting old and to be fair it’s not his fault Gase is a disaster who has no business coaching a high school team let alone in the nfl
  8. Ofcourse A good head coach coaches up players. Belichick has a garbage roster in New England playing well.
  9. Ofcourse it will help Sam but his confidence is shot thanks to Gase and Macagnan
  10. Let’s see. No WRs. Offensive line sucks. Head Coach is a poor playcaller. we really set up Sam for success
  11. The incredible thing is Gase will still be here next season
  12. I wish Francesa was still on the air. Only because I know the Maras and the Johnsons both listen to him. Leading up to the Gase hire Francesa spoke positively about Gase on air and no doubt that influenced Woody and Chrissy Francesa bashing Gase for 3 hours probably gets the job done. Gase has to go.
  13. It’s delusional thinking to think Lawrence is coming out early to play for the coach and organization that just ruined Sam Darnold

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