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  1. Broncos make OC change.

    You are probably right
  2. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    Don’t worry the Panthers will take care of us on Sunday
  3. Russell Wilson

    Wilson or Cassel?
  4. Russell Wilson

    That was 1 game and you weren’t his doctor Some culture change we went 4-12 just two years later and Mangenius was fired a year after that
  5. Patriots to decide Jets fate

    Bowles and Mac know starting Hack or Petty against the Pats is career suicide
  6. Patriots to decide Jets fate

    If we are somehow by some fluke still in the playoff hunt week 17 the Pats will blow us out 51-3 if we are out of it they will start Brian Hoyer — just to screw us
  7. Chiefs sign Revis

    It all depends on if Revis actually stayed in shape while unemployed. He was horrible last year because he showed up to TC as a fat tub of goo
  8. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    SF will definitely be looking to trade down. Browns won’t
  9. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    Sorry to break it to you guys but even Allen won’t be available when we pick
  10. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Same Jets fans who think the jury is still out on Hackentard
  11. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    The Tyrod Taylor-haters think it’s brilliant tho
  12. If Mac hates Lamar Jackson that means he’s a franchise qb
  13. Most impressive win of the season so far tonight