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  1. They’ve already snubbed Mawae a few times. If he played for the Steelers or Giants he would have been first ballot
  2. Same poster who criticizes me for pointing out Ford has had 4 or less sacks in 3 out of 5 seasons as a pro Talk about a small sample
  3. Todd Bowles wishes he could have won as many games against Brady
  4. I’m hearing Arizona wants to draft Haskins and trade Rosen. I can see the giants trading for Rosen
  5. Brown can still play. I remember people declaring Jerry Rice was done at age 38 then he went Oakland had another good 3 years and would have won another super bowl if it wasn’t for the made up tuck rule
  6. Philc1

    Imagine being a Boston sports fan

    It’s ridiculous to argue Herm > Belichick I just also happen to think it’s ridiculous when I hear people, even Jets fans, worship Belichick like he’s this omniscient being when he has won nothing without Tom Brady and probably never will
  7. Philc1

    Imagine being a Boston sports fan

    Brady is the GOAT. Do these guys pay attention to what Brady does during the games? He makes the right reads, audibles, directs presnap motions, goes through progressions, has fantastic pocket awareness, gets rid of the ball quickly and can make all the throws at the age of what is he now 41? Bill Belichick will be sprinting out of Foxboro the day Brady retires
  8. Leo could easily be replaced by signing someone like Sheldon Richardson or Bennie Logan. Brown has 3-4 years left as a top WR. I wouldn’t even consider Leo to be “good” let alone elite at his position Problem is Steelers will want Leo plus the 3rd pick overall — F that
  9. I guess if you could trade Leo and a couple mid round picks for Brown sure but the Steelers want at least one first round pick
  10. Will be dismissed if you want to hurt the nfl don’t watch the super bowl like me
  11. Realistically you can get 3 OL starters in an offseason. 5 though is pushing it especially when Beachum and Winters are not bad Long is a depth guy who can play multiple positions

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