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  1. Getting rid of Skrine, Lee and Bowles just by itself upgrades the D
  2. Mannish is an idiot lackey for the Johnsons but man are those radio hosts arrogant homers makes you appreciate Fatcessa
  3. Philc1

    2019 Yankees

    Yankees sign Gio to a very reasonable minor league deal. Good move i still want Keuchel
  4. Macc is made of Teflon. 4+ years as a bottom 3 GM and not much better than Idzik if at all He did have a good draft last year though even tho the jets had another crappy season he finally got a couple good players and so far this offseason has been pretty good
  5. I lived in Seattle two years there would be riots if they traded Wilson
  6. Good thing we used our 2nd rd pick to draft the worst quarterback ever
  7. Philc1

    A J Green

    Only reason I want Green is there is a possibility we can get him cheap. Even if he only plays half a season that’s huge for us
  8. Well yeah that’s what competent football coaches do they try to get the most out of their players and if it means calling plays that have Go and Post routes yes
  9. Philc1

    Two Tight Ends

    Is Jace Amaro available?
  10. Rex said the jets have a “real linebacker” Lmfao what a dis
  11. Philc1

    A J Green

    He has chronic turf toe. That’s what ended Deion Sanders career

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