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  1. He’s way more athletic than RG3. A big reason RG3 busted was his attitude I don’t know if Jackson is the same type of headcase probably not
  2. We can resign Claiborne at a reasonable price. Skrine will be cut and replaced
  3. Sheldon Richardson return?

    No, sign Ziggy Ansah instead and switch to 4-3 and hope Chubb or Davenport are there at 6 would be nice to finally have a pass rush instead of all these overrated interior Defensive Linemen
  4. Amazing how Jackson at 6’3 is considered too short but Mayfield at 6’0 no one cares
  5. And those same draft boards rated Paxton Lynch over Dak Prescott
  6. So? Just resign Claiborne at a reasonable 2 year deal. The real problem is we have no pass rush
  7. Why not endure one Mark Sanchez when you can endure two?
  8. Andy Reid is a qb guru I’m sure he will get the most out of Mahones while the skins will be lucky to go 4-12 next season with Alex Smith who will suddenly look very average
  9. Best post I’ve read in quite some time
  10. The real reason is Macc is horrific at drafting qbs
  11. Davenport - best player at Sr Bowl

    You sound mad that Davenport ruined Mayfield’s senior bowl
  12. A guard at 6? No thanks let’s get an edge rusher at 6 like Davenport who even naturally fits the 3-4 and draft Will Hernandez in the 2nd or 3rd round to upgrade at LG

    A combination of Marquise Lee, Decker and Jimmy Graham gives us a capable receiving corps for Cousins Robby is getting at least a 6 game suspension and Enunwa might never play again

    Landry would be a good signing but now with us also giving up draft picks