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  1. Browns roster is really good right now. If they don’t make the playoffs Baker really effing sucks
  2. NBA is going to restart. NFL will have a season. Even college football, where the players don’t even get paid, their practices start in 10 days Whats the difference with baseball? The MLBPA F the MLBPA
  3. Stick to trying to convince everyone that Baker is the next Aaron Rodgers Cashiers making $7.25 an hour are getting exposed to coronavirus everyday but you want us to feel sorry for Max Scherzer
  4. Maye is always injured. Davis will be starting at least 80% of the games
  5. QW will be better next season I’m just concerned about the inevitable suspension from Goodell
  6. I just liked it when Peter King said we would go 0-16 and win the Clowneybowl in 2013 and we went 8-8 and almost made the playoffs
  7. Sam isn’t the best ever he’s just better than Baker Mayfield
  8. Don’t like Gase but it’s good that Sam isn’t changing playbooks this offseason
  9. Has jets ranked #28 out of 32 teams. https://www.nj.com/giants/2020/06/nfl-power-rankings-giants-jets-slammed-by-nbc-sports-peter-king-eagles-show-signs-of-hope.html

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