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  1. He’s horrible. Honestly I would take any of the previous several Jets HCs over Bowles in a second. Herm, Mangini, Rex even Al
  2. In 2013 Rex got to 8-8 with a horrible roster and Geno starting. Arguably more impressive than the playoff runs
  3. Philc1


    ESPN’s ratings are down because it’s endless Max Kellerman/Stephen A garbage wrapped around announcers rooting for all Boston teams
  4. Rex has a clue. He can scheme a defense. Bowles couldn’t scheme his way out of a paper bag
  5. B-but Devin Smith looked amazing catching 40 yard bombs from Cardale Jones!
  6. I think Rex is a way better HC than Bowles. Maybe similar style because they are both really glorified defensive coordinators but I’d take Rex back in a heartbeat and show Bowles the door Idzik was a lousy GM but Mac hasn’t been better BUT Darnold could save him
  7. I’ll gladly take Roethlisbeger/Favre over the crap buffet at qb I’ve been subjected to my entire life as a Jet fan
  8. Philc1

    What would surprise you more?

    Mauldin will make the team and probably even start because we have NOTHING at OLB Doesn’t matter though. Wayne Hunter could block Mauldin
  9. The Bridgewater signing looks dumber by the second
  10. In 2006 the Chargers were considering resigning Brees and trading Rivers to us for Abe and picks
  11. Jets will win the super bowl if they start Darnold by week 3
  12. As bad as Bowles is Macagnan is a bottom 3 GM in the nfl. Hopefully Darnold falling in his lap saves his tenure Btw I love Jets fans who act like Mac has been better than Idzik
  13. I don’t know about that but he will be better than Mayfield