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  1. And none of them had Green’s chronic leg and foot injuries
  2. Green is done anyone who gives up more than a conditional late rd pick for him is a sucker so yes JD our newest lame duck GM will make the trade
  3. Multiple teams = Chiefs offering a late round pick We coulda gotten a future 2nd from KC after the draft but no
  4. Philc1

    2019 Yankees

    Great game 1 win Tanaka is the new Andy Pettite
  5. Jets would have won that game if our idiot gm signed a semi-competent kicker
  6. And bad teams and organizations like the jets use injuries as an excuse to give crappy head coaches and GMs extensions
  7. That’s why I also think Gase’s puppet Douglas needs to go before he does an Idzik and totally botches the next draft
  8. Newsflash: this is the 4th wasted Jets season in a row We might as well discuss Johnny Manziel 2.0

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