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  1. If I’m the patriot I start Stidham next year go 0-16
  2. Belichick didn’t want to trade Garropolo - the owner made him do it Gase benched a healthy Tannehill midseason with the playoffs still in reach Big difference
  3. After Brady leaves I could see the pats going 0-16
  4. Revis essentially quit after it became obvious to him Bowles was an empty suit who left him on an island with Watkins in the biggest game of the year and it was obvious he couldn’t cover him Revis didn’t get over being made the scapegoat of that team
  5. Absolutely disagree. 2012-2014 Sherman was the best cover corner in the nfl I lived in Seattle and watched plenty of him there was nobody better during that span including Revis
  6. You’re right. The jets and knicks are stuck with the worst owners in the respective sports
  7. Says the guy who won’t acknowledge Darnold had a better season with a way worse supporting cast and coach
  8. The Op is pointing out the Pats are about to turn into the NFL’s version of the early 2000 Bulls
  9. That several Gase players had career years the year after they get away from him?
  10. Gase isn’t hiring anyone who might replace him. He has enough to deal with knowing the DC is more qualified than him
  11. I’m hoping the only reason we are still seeing these dumb commercials is Progressive spent a ton of money producing the commercials
  12. Funny how cheating doesn’t guarantee winning 100% of the time just ask Belichick
  13. Good short handed win on the road last night oh and Pussyingis missed 10 straight with a knee😂

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