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  1. The 2 best players in this draft after Lawrence are Sewell and Pitts. The Jets passing on both just because of position to take a risk on an Ohio state qb and an injury prone guy who got stats facing Reno Community College just doesn’t make sense
  2. That’s fine because Sam is better than Cardale Fields and Zach “the egg” Wilson
  3. We made up that he got a serious injury in his throwing shoulder and did not play well against the only sorta legit defense he played against last year?
  4. Oh my God i pray Schitty is dumb enough to talk the Jags into drafting Wilson over Lawrence
  5. The debate at 2 should really be Pitts vs Sewell
  6. This is straight up nonsense. Wilson had trouble with Coastal Carolina but I gotta hear people wack off to his throws facing Rapid City State
  7. On his non-throwing shoulder
  8. Better sign someone good because Wilson will be injured a lot
  9. Tate’s best days are behind him. There’s a reason the giants are saying bye
  10. 2 has to be either Sewell or Pitts. No disrespect but how can you look at tape of those 2 and not fall in love
  11. If they trade down we gotta get Pitts at 4 like Kiper has been saying. Dude is going to be a monster in the NFL https://youtu.be/qCgLyoZ929E
  12. Sign Trent Brown and AJ Bouye after they get cut Pitts and one of those receivers at 23 gives me a stiffy
  13. Just make smart draft picks and properly develop young players
  14. 5th seed at the all star break
  15. He’s injury prone. You cannot argue your way around that. Oh and the only time Wilson faced a real defense last year he lost went 19-30 passing with 1 TD 1 INT.
  16. Incredible how both the Jets and Knicks made out like bandits trading away their divas after getting laughed at by the media
  17. this guy had 7 catches for 129 and a td against Alabama Meanwhile Zach Wilson 19-30 1 td 1 INT FACING Coastal Carolina!!!!
  18. This isn’t 1946. Disrupting the LOS means nothing now
  19. Yeah but we have picks at 23 and 33. There’s a bunch of can’t miss guys like Toney/Bateman/Waddle that will be available at one or both spots And if we take Pitts at 2 holy cow is our receiving corps going to be nasty
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