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  1. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    Cousins is not the answer especially at $145 mil. Sorry
  2. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    Wow you are almost bad at evaluating qbs as Mike Wackagnan
  3. Why not a 10 year extension for both? We haven’t even made the playoffs yet and 95% of his draft picks suck but who cares we are the Browns East Coast
  4. Barring serious injury you won’t see Petty play this year and Macagnan will sign Colin Kaepernick before he commits career suicide and let’s Hack embarrass him in an actual game
  5. Chiefs sign Revis

    Revis was just a rookie but yes Mangini was a very conservative defensive play caller who made Rex look like a genius in 2009 nothing like going in the preven to try to contain Matt Cassell
  6. McCown is not a starting qb in this league. 29 out of 32 teams he wouldn’t even sniff the starter job here he’s a 16 game starter because Hack and Petty are putrid
  7. You have scrubs like Omer Asik getting $70 million contracts. THJ actually is underpaid by today’s NBA standards
  8. Darnold, Allen, Rosen

    Until he gets drafted 4th or 5th overall
  9. Patriots to decide Jets fate

    No haven’t you been reading the amazing insight by Vacchiano, Mehta and Cimini? Not only does Mac get unlimited mulligans for whiffing on umpteen draft picks and giving bums $100 million contracts he should be extended!
  10. Russell Wilson

    Again, these guys who think Mangini trading our best pass rusher in the last 30 years for a Center know his private health information as well as his doctor
  11. Because Misery Loves Company...

    The Maras hate Woody. Plus they need a qb since Eli only has maybe 2 years left
  12. How about just a “decent” qb? In 3 years Mac has failed to get one of those two and it’s not like they weren’t available in the draft and FA
  13. Well Mac isn’t one of them: Hackenberg Petty Fitz McCown Tom Savage
  14. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    Rivers has been on a tear and it will continue next week against the browns in LA. Why I got him in fantasy
  15. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    Easy. 95% of jet fans want to give this guy 10 years $175 million
  16. Turkey Day Football Games Thread.

    I’m so glad Mac chose Wilk over him at over twice the price
  17. Mac already has his answer McClown. And if Petty/Hack never ever play there will always be 40% of Jets fans and idiots in the media still saying “the jury is out”
  18. Next year’s theme will be “2019 can’t get here soon enough”
  19. Broncos make OC change.

    You are probably right
  20. Jets very alive in playoff hunt

    Don’t worry the Panthers will take care of us on Sunday
  21. Russell Wilson

    Wilson or Cassel?
  22. Russell Wilson

    That was 1 game and you weren’t his doctor Some culture change we went 4-12 just two years later and Mangenius was fired a year after that