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  1. I think they are top 1 Von and Chubb - no other team has a pair of edge rushers that are even close
  2. Considering this is true drafting Maye was a bad move
  3. Oh no a player filed a grievance as is his right to do so under the negotiated CBA!!!!
  4. I think the bigger takeaway is the Broncos D is going to be really good this year. Besides Von they also have Chubb who is coming off a great rookie year
  5. No but 5 ints in 5 series in practice might
  6. Most real baseball fans have seen Trout play.
  7. Herndon gets DUI - 4 games Tyreek Hill beats his kid so bad he breaks his arm - 0 games Josh Gordon 52nd time getting caught with weed - reinstatement Sounds fair
  8. If you don’t think Gordon has ever driven drunk and/or high I got some Bernie Madoff mutual funds to sell you
  9. Just because our inept former GMs suck at drafting doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to get an actual edge rusher Should we have passed on Sam because we drafted Suckchez and Hackentard?
  10. I like when callers ask mike if Dan Fellato suckled his man boobs
  11. Fatcessa has gone back and forth with the jets. I think he likes Gase and the current regime. He despised Rex
  12. I don’t think you have anything to worry about
  13. Fitzgarbage and McClown should pool the millions they stole from the jets and buy a small country
  14. Raiders got AB for essentially a third rd pick. The never AB people melt hard when it gets reported he posts a video of him vaping on social media
  15. Interesting statement considering the Canadian army fought in both World Wars longer than we did and had soldiers in Afghanistan until recently I’d almost think u didn’t know what you were talking about
  16. Different world back then there was really only one ESPN channel and they constantly put the mid 90’s Mariners on Sunday Night Baseball Sunday Night Baseball on espn used to be kinda like what MNF was on ABC

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