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  1. Guess you missed the two Bills documentary when Belichick said the exact opposite of that. He met with Woody and then quit.
  2. Belichick without Brady would have been the same HC his replacement Al Groh was Dude is the Phil Jackson of football. He tells Brady to throw a td and everyone thinks it’s genius. When Brady leaves NE he will be running to the Giants
  3. Belichick quit after speaking to Woody for 5 minutes. Someone get Woody a medal!
  4. Herndon fell to the curse of my fantasy team. Once I draft you or pick you off the waiver wire you will go to the IR
  5. Like what? The jets are one of the most profitable franchises in pro sports thanks to loyal jerkoves like us And Bezos is smart unlike these millennial idiot NBA superstars who want to form “superteams” in podunk small markets where no one cares if they win. Bezos wanted to be in NYC where sh-t matters and people pay attention
  6. The guy can definitely still play good for him coming back from a second Achilles
  7. This isn’t the nba draft where you have to get a top 3 pick or you might as well not even draft
  8. Good point The giants and jets are currently very similar. Incompetent ownership, bad head coaches and GMs, talented young QBs making mistakes, lousy rosters The thing is the media still likes to pretend like the giants are this ideal organization
  9. Because Woody inherited a contending roster from Bill Parcells And if you think Woody has nothing to do with the current sh-tfest because he’s busy in Europe with the made up job okay
  10. And the Knicks have how many playoff appearances since 1998? 7 Lol
  11. Aaron Rodgers after his 5 step drop rolls back to the right to buy himself additional time Not exactly rocket science I don’t know some other qbs don’t do it
  12. Shurmur is Bowles 2.0 I’m surprised he’s survived this long he is horrible
  13. Winters has never been good. He also gets dumb penalties and I didn’t like seeing him get mad at Sam after the safety in the dolphins game cut this clown in the offseason
  14. When you’re the classiest owner of the classiest team the media keeps telling us is so great the bar gets set a little high
  15. I just had sex with Wellington Mara’s corpse
  16. Don’t worry I’m sure Beliweasel and Josh McDouchebag will be in East Rutherford next summer trying to teach him after Brady leaves NE

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