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  1. If you run an offense with 2 Slot receivers in the backfield and one spread out wide who will gameplay that?
  2. Zach Wilson will be Chris Simms the Pope’s first miss. But he will recover because he rated Kellen Mond highly who will do well
  3. Got back to .500. Granted it was while eating cupcakes but ok
  4. Still think we need another 1-2 slot receivers
  5. We just locked in another 3-4 years of jet embarrassment
  6. Philc1

    Sam Howell

    I’m sorry Zach Wilson is the only qb allowed to be 6’2
  7. Let’s see people here can’t stop talking about Sam’s turnovers his last year in college yet Wilson had 1 Td - 7 INTs anytime facing a real defense in his entire college career
  8. Hoping we get Howell instead of the giants getting him
  9. Philc1

    Sam Howell

    He’s 6’2 he might be too tall for the kiddie coasters Baker Mayfield rides on at six flags
  10. Well he only had like 3 other dudes already on the depth chart
  11. I like AVT but the position we really needed an upgrade was RT. Fant is a JAG
  12. Let’s talk Edelman out of retirement
  13. Do we need another slot receiver?
  14. Engram is a soft clown like Herndon
  15. Plus it’s a ripoff of what Snoop Dogg did when he played WR in high school and was all-state
  16. JD loves his slot receivers
  17. Zero logic. The giants defense is horrible and I don’t like their OL They’re not going to be good
  18. Philc1

    Pick 34?

    Shoulda taken Asante Samuel Jr
  19. If Cable is so great why couldn’t he get Trent Brown to be effective?
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