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  1. Forte is a top 5 running back. Mac will get at least a 2nd for him
  2. This time next year Mac will be fielding offers including multiple firsts for Hack or Petty. We have 2 extremely athletic extremely bright young qb's on the roster and both will display their skills this season
  3. People are already talking about Adams making the pro bowl as a rookie. He has been a revelation. Lee needs time I think he is developing
  4. Jamal Adams has been a terrific tackling machine and leader of the defense. We really drafted a culture here with him
  5. Outside of the pick 6 (not counting the second one which was on Robby) I thought Hack had an excellent preseason
  6. Charon Peake has incredible ability and Ardarius Stewart is a solid grind it out type like Jerricho Cotchery. I'm excited about our future and I think this offense will really surprise people this year
  7. Petty reminds me of a young Phillip Rivers. He's going to be great.
  8. Offensive Line is clearly still an issue and a work in progress. Macagnan is still trying to rebuild it after years of neglect
  9. I'm trolling because I mentioned the names of 4 WR's Macagnan either drafted or signed in the last couple years - 2 of which had (or in Robby's case) have blazing speed and all-pro potential?
  10. I don't get it. You're just another impatient New York area sports fan who wants to fire everyone any time the team doesn't win a championship
  11. Disagree and I think both will survive this season even if we miss the playoffs again and go 8-8
  12. ? He led the Jets to an early TD in week 1. Mac and Bowles wanted to give Hack and Petty as many reps as possible in the subsequent games while keeping McCown healthy it's an excellent strategy
  13. I don't see what the big deal is. Petty is injured and Hack still isn't ready but has a world of talent and could someday be a top 10 NFL QB. McCown is a great teammate and mentor and will keep the Jets competitive while the two young QB's learn.
  14. Speak for yourself. What do you want to fire GM's and Head Coaches every year?
  15. Don't understand the logic. We just drafted Devin Smith who would probably be a top 10 playmaker in the NFL had it not been for an unfortunate injury. Mac also signed Robby Anderson and drafted Peake and Stewart
  16. I think we are in good hands with Mac. 90% of his draft picks have been excellent -- much better than Idzik who buried a hole for him with the 2014 draft. I'd take either Petty or Hack over Wentz or even Prescott
  17. Darron Lee and Jamal Adams are going to be cornerstones of an elite NFL Defense the next 10-15 years
  18. Typical Jets fans showing impatience. This is a rebuild we knew it would be another 3-4 years until we became good again.
  19. Wentz could still be a bust. He looked ok first half his rookie year and was bad second half. I would easily take Hackenberg over any qb from this year's draft class and a loser like Mike Glennon
  20. Not sure if you are being sarcastic or not. Obviously QB is by far the most important position is it not?
  21. Hack was still a good value pick in round 2. A possible franchise qb is always good value in round 2
  22. Hackenberg is basically a rookie. I thought he showed a lot of good things in the preseason. I'd still rather have him over Kizer, Watson, Mike Glennon.
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