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  1. They have been brainwashed by years of ESPN propaganda proclaiming Belichick smartest man alive for trading down every draft
  2. If he’s available. Problem is I think he would have been traded by now if the eagles actually were trying to get rid of him
  3. We only have 2 wideouts on the roster. The rest are slot receivers. JD is obsessed with slot receivers like Mac obsessed with box safeties
  4. Well we currently have 5 slot receivers so no
  5. Philc1

    The QB Thread

    Chicago is a toxic environment for young QBs now. The fans and media there will go absolutely ballistic on Fields the first time he struggles in a game. And I don’t know if Fields has the personality to handle that
  6. The rest of league saw Lee be a total disaster for the Jets so any undersized LB they are getting scared off Yes I agree JOK is not Darron Lee he can actually play I’m just saying our recent 1st round picks are now cautionary tales throughout the country
  7. Lawrence has a good OL with Robinson and Little at the tackles. I would have taken a receiver but Etienne is himself an excellent receiver out of the backfield that’s a pretty good 1-2 punch with him and James Robinson now if they can get rid of that idiot Schotty
  8. It’s not a great environment for a young qb. The fans and organization are very impatient. I work and live in the Midwest I know a lot of bears fans the first time Fields throws a pick they will be barbecuing him
  9. We already have Crowder and Berrios at slot. No #1 cover corner and our RT is a total JAG and both Samuel Jr and Jenkins were available
  10. Hooker is the only guy mentioned I would sign. Other than Maye we have nothing at Safety
  11. When the offseason started clearly cutting Jamison Crowder had to be the top priority
  12. Most of the posters on this messageboard could beat him in a foot race now
  13. Jags quietly putting a solid OL in front of Trevor with Cam Robinson and Walker Little
  14. Shoulda taken Asante Samuel Jr at that spot
  15. How much depth do we need at this position? JD has like 37 slot receivers on the roster now
  16. I wouldn’t be shocked if WFAN went under in 5 years. It’s unlistenable now between Maggie whatever her name and Craig Carton
  17. Carton’s Howard Stern impersonation not fun or funny
  18. Njoku has talent and wants out of Cleveland I’d certainly look into that
  19. Philc1

    The QB Thread

    Ironic the Vikings got Mond with the pick we traded them. He will be the second or third best QB in this draft after Lawrence
  20. And Schitty and Mac are both advising him
  21. I wasn’t impressed with Thomas last season. Becton and Wills looked way better
  22. I’m not the only guy who likes Mond. The Pope of QB evaluation Chris Simms likes him too even rated him over Justin Fields
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