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  1. Philc1

    2019 Yankees

    I like the Mets starting pitching better than the Yankees I think they make the playoffs
  2. Philc1

    Jonah Williams

    Trading down is way easier said than done. I think the Cardinals take one of the qbs at 1 and trade Rosen
  3. No WR is worth a top 5 pick in this draft
  4. Agree. Buyer beware on Ferrell
  5. The Steelers have made the playoffs just about every year they have had Brown They missed the playoffs this year because their defense sucked
  6. Brown is a psycho but Bell who is a pothead who just skipped a year he is a model citizen
  7. They fired a second year coach who was one year removed from 11-5 and playoffs just because he benched Eli one game Way to sign off
  8. Last year Eli had 4300 yards passing 21 tds and 11 ints with an offensive line that was worse than ours
  9. Vernon has been good at getting to the qb his problem has been injuries
  10. We should be trying to trade Leo anyway
  11. Here’s the problem comparing the 2: Calvin Johnson plays arguably the second most position in today’s nfl Williams plays an important position but nowhere near as important as QB, WR and Edge Rusher
  12. We have better options internally on the roster. Neville Hewitt was significantly better
  13. Myers won me a fantasy game when he had that 27 point game. Sign thus Beast
  14. I’d take Sanu. Decent move the chains wr. I don’t trust Enunwa to ever play 16 games in a season so we need another receiver in addition to a slot
  15. Yeah let’s not give Sam the best wr in the game because glorified Mike Devito will be playing for a contract next year that Mac cannot waitbti give him
  16. Fowler is a huge risk but the jets cannot play it safe and sign mediocre DEs like Brandon Graham who can’t sniff the qb and we again give every qb who faces us an eternity in the pocket
  17. Probably. And that would be a good thing jets need 2 pass rushers

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