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  1. Main reason I don’t like the new CBA If people the quality of football sucks now wait til this goes through
  2. Because they already have their money the new CBA = more games and more opportunities to get injured
  3. The fact that it’s become known the jets want Jeudy, WR is a need and one of the big 3 LTs may not fall to us at 11 has created this if it comes down to Jeudy and Wills you have to take Jeudy the guy is too friggin good
  4. If you want Conklin and Thuney you have to overpay
  5. Montgomery and Happ both in the rotation now plus possibly even Deivi Garcia
  6. The problem is we won’t get German and Paxton back until the all star break very concerned about our rotation right now. Thank God we signed Cole
  7. Don’t worry none of the precious Red Sox players will get suspended and the entire Yankees rotation is injured
  8. Becton baby all day Planet Theory
  9. Herndon absolutely starts next year and I expect a big year. 65+ catches for 800 yards
  10. I think Harrison and either Lewis or Compton start next year on the OL Gase are some serious crow benching Harrison and signing Kalil last year
  11. Sam takes chances a lot of times because he has to. In many ways he’s actually more accurate when he’s getting pressured and forced to improvise He is always going to have high INT but if his TDs go up significantly who cares
  12. Eh no. Manfred could suspend Altuve etc but the players would then file a grievance, it would go to arbitration and the burden of proof then falls on Manfred who now has to litigate maybe 20-25 separate grievances plus a group grievance (Class Action) If Manfred loses the arbitrations he looks like a clown like Roger Goodell or Adam Silver
  13. And that’s part of why Beliweasel hated Mangini so much he was complicit in a lot of the cheating and was potentially a whistleblower
  14. Manfred is limited in what he can do because he’s dealing with by far the strongest union in all of sports I wish we could have Manfred as the nfl or nba commissioner
  15. Sam is going to continue to get better. We will upgrade the OL and get better WRs
  16. But he’s actually holding the Astros accountable What he’s doing is the equivalent of Belichick getting a year suspension
  17. Manfred is such a better commissioner than Goodell and Silver

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