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  1. Yeah they all love Gase that’s why they can’t wait to get away and play better once they’ve left him
  2. Disagree. Sam throws a nice deep ball remember his first game he threw that bomb to Robby on the Go route. Same thing happened in the broncos game in 2018 Sam isn’t primarily a deep ball thrower but he can throw deep he isn’t Chaddy cakes
  3. There’s a better chance Stephen Hill comes back and makes all pro
  4. Beachum on a reasonable one year deal I can tolerate if we also sign a combination of Conklin and Scherf/Thuney
  5. Best win of the season and I was at the game
  6. Do not wait too long to trade Adams. Two years ago the Knicks could have gotten a heist for Kristaps Porzingis they were offered Jaylon Brown and two firsts they waited way too long and ended up with homeless man’s Marbury instead Adams will start crying about wanting Mo Wilk money middle of next season his value is at an all time high now once he starts b itching it will nose dive
  7. Is that as bad as people on this board saying Baker Mayfield was going to be better than Drew Brees? and I never liked Clemens
  8. I like both. Derrick Henry just showed big punishing backs are still a factor in the nfl
  9. The cap is going up and Sam is still on his rookie deal so yeah let’s spend money on the OL
  10. Rex was one of the few in the media besides Colin Cowherd to first say Baker wasn’t good what do you guys want him to do have a blood feud with the angry midget forever?
  11. Except Thuney would actually be good
  12. I think the author thinks it’s still the 90’s
  13. He’s the best head coach we had since Parcells not saying much but yes
  14. He’s a more pompous Mangini. Good luck with him changing I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility he gets canned after we stink again next season
  15. The day Gase trades Bell for a conditional 6th rd pick the Gase excuse Army will say Bell is washed up and good riddance
  16. And the jets have their own good young TE if he can actually stay healthy

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