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  1. Lions quietly having a good offseason. They robbed the rams and now have Sewell. Also dodged the bullet of extending Golladay
  2. Justin Fields the next fiasco in Chicago
  3. Rodgers on the Jets would be even better
  4. Have you seen Rodgers play recently? He’s still in excellent shape. He’s got another 4-5 years playing at a top level. If the jets by some fluke actually got Rodgers it would be the greatest thing ever for this franchise
  5. How are the massage parlors in Wisconsin?
  6. The time to trade for Watson is exactly now
  7. Especially since our #1 next year will be a top 5 pick
  8. I would love to get Aaron Rodgers I just don’t think it’s happening
  9. Skip Bayless with a massive trust fund
  10. I think Jackson thanks God everyday he didn’t get drafted by the Jets 3 years ago
  11. If Rodgers is having a hissy fit with a good organization like the packers I can just imagine the look on his face when he first meets his new owner Woody
  12. This is Aaron being Aaron. He’s a great player but a diva. The packers have an excellent roster and let him handpick the coach who lets him call all his own plays
  13. We have zero shot at getting Aaron Rodgers and GB doesn’t want to trade him. Get over it
  14. Zach Wilson with a trash roster is the way
  15. Let’s trade Zach Wilson, who is better than Aaron Rodgers, for Aaron Rodgers?
  16. The jags are doing everything to try to ruin Trevor. Hiring Schitty, signing Tebow
  17. Yeah but the beautiful throws facing Reno Community College
  18. Hey if Mac talks the Jags into drafting Wilson #1 overall I’ll be praising him forever
  19. Darnold - Jets bring in Chris Hogan
  20. Rex hated Tebow because that trade by woody derailed the 2012 season.
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