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  1. 18 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

    Other than "Black Monday", this is my favorite NFL day.   Now, after the Rodgers' news, no one give a crap about Lawrence or the #1 pick.  It's all about what Rodgers and the Niners will do.   Rodgers on the Niners is an insane move.

    Rodgers on the Jets would be even better

  2. 15 minutes ago, Greensleeves said:

    And then he's 40 in 3 years. Most players retire at his current age. We'd be lucky to get 3 years out of him.

    Have you seen Rodgers play recently?  He’s still in excellent shape.  He’s got another 4-5 years playing at a top level.

    If the jets by some fluke actually got Rodgers it would be the greatest thing ever for this franchise

  3. Just now, Beerfish said:

    Rodgers for Watson straight up.  Rodgers can go to Houston, a team with no talent and no draft picks at all and is run by a GM that looks like Nosferatu and a 65 year old first time head coach.

    How are the massage parlors in Wisconsin?

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  4. 5 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    Florio has Rodgers basically being traded this weekend and also floated Watson settling with his accusers and also getting traded this weekend and some team is going to draft Mac Jones and immediately want to die.

    The time to trade for Watson is exactly now

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  5. 11 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

    Doofus Dan Orlovsky just said the NY Jets should give both this years #1s,next years #1s and the following year #1. 


    Especially since our #1 next year will be a top 5 pick

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  6. 7 minutes ago, choon328 said:

    So you guys don't want Rodgers but wanted to keep Darnold bc the Jets were going to have an upgraded offense and he could finally develop? Clowns

    I would love to get Aaron Rodgers I just don’t think it’s happening 

  7. 1 minute ago, undertow said:

    The new trend is blame everyone else when you fail to win a SB even if the team has put you in position for your whole career...same goes for Wilson.  In two years people are gonna be clamoring for Jackson to demand a trade because Baltimore isn't supporting him properly.  

    I think Jackson thanks God everyday he didn’t get drafted by the Jets 3 years ago 

  8. 2 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    Unlikable spoiled brat with zero accountability.  No other player in this league is more of a teflon Don than Rodgers.  Gets 100% of the credit for every thing that goes right, zero blame for his one super bowl career.

    Another in a long list of guys who sign a BIG FAT contact then get pissed a year or so later.

    His team has done their best to support him.  Has a good TE, has a good RB, has one of the better WRs in the game.

    Oh it was all McCarthys fault!  Two years later the new coach is no good after making him into an mvp again.

    Send him to the Jets of last year, awful coaching no oline at all, no RBs josh malone and hogan as your top wrs a TE that drops everything.

    If Rodgers is having a hissy fit with a good organization like the packers I can just imagine the look on his face when he first meets his new owner Woody

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  9. Just now, undertow said:

    This is such a lazy ESPN type hot take....they have put a playoff roster around him for all of his career....going all in may have got him another SB but then they would have been a last place team for 5 years.

    This is Aaron being Aaron.  He’s a great player but a diva.  The packers have an excellent roster and let him handpick the coach who lets him call all his own plays

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  10. Just now, HawkeyeJet said:

    I know it's not to play QB, but is this really smart by the Jaguars?  Don't even consider he's probably worthless at the position at his current age.

    Bringing in the most popular Jacksonville athlete ever right when you are drafting your savior at QB.  I guarantee that if Lawrence isn't Jesus Christ on the Gridiron by week 8, some of the toothless residents of Jacksonville will start wondering aloud if Tebow can still make Urb's offense hum.

    The Jags seem like they want to be a circus.

    The jags are doing everything to try to ruin Trevor.  Hiring Schitty, signing Tebow

  11. 15 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    To bring it back around, the major red flags with Wilson are:

    1. Played a fruitcake schedule during a pandemic year where it looked like teams were scrimmaging each other and received what appears to be comically good OLine protection that QBs dream about, and which he will never see again.

    2. He seems to have a reputation of being a poof, and the leadership questions will be huge factors if/when the Jets get off to a slow start. If he’s the effete, entitled puke that he appears to be, the locker room will chew him up with a quickness. He’s going to be tested by his teammates, and how he fares in those situations—after he’s been sheltered his entire career—will determine his fate immediately. 

    Yeah but the beautiful throws facing Reno Community College

  12. 5 hours ago, jgb said:

    Yes. QBs make their own weaponz, not the other way around. Austin Collie would not be a name you recognize if he was catching passed from Andy Dalton — who by the way is vastly superior to Darnold.



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  13. 4 hours ago, kmnj said:


    Dak-cowboys brought in Cooper

    baker-browns brought in landry and obj

    Murray -brought in hopkins

    Allen-brought in Diggs

    I could go on by the way-smart teams brought in outside help at wr because they know great wrs help their young qbs develop


    Darnold - Jets bring in Chris Hogan 


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  14. Just now, T0mShane said:

    I’ve always liked Tebow and I thought he’d be good for the Jets locker room. The lengths Rex went to to humiliate him was despicable.

    Rex hated Tebow because that trade by woody derailed the 2012 season.  

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