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  1. Philc1

    2020 WR thread

    Or just trade Adams for a first draft a stud like Becton at 11 then a WR like Lamb or Ruggs later in rd 1 See? Everyone wins
  2. Philc1

    2020 WR thread

    Best WR class since ‘14
  3. Still clinging to that hope Baker Mayfield resurrects his crappy career eh?
  4. Rudolph’s case wouldn’t be great he’s a public figure and can call a press conference at anytime to refute Garrett’s bs allegation which he already did
  5. Draft Jeudy or Lamb, resign Thomas to a reasonable one year deal
  6. And we don’t even have that on our roster
  7. Granted he’s playing against scrubs who will be bagging groceries in a couple months I actually agree bring in Cardale on a league minimum deal to backup Sam
  8. Pretty incredible a 20 year old guy averaging 14 and 5 midway through his rookie year who was the best player in the rising stars challenge can be declared a bust
  9. Jeudy is going to be really good Wills is a Guard
  10. Meh. Last year’s draft was better. James Wiseman is the best prospect and he’s a poor man’s Towns
  11. Yankees need a serviceable 5th starter first half of the year
  12. In the long run that’s a good thing for the Yankeess if they decide to resign him we should be ok with Cole-Severino-Tanaka-Montgomery first half of the season
  13. I keep hearing how great Gase is
  14. I’m sure he’s demanding a trade to the jets
  15. I haven’t watched a halftime show since In Living Color did the live episode

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