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  1. 3 hours ago, Leftylarry said:

    Adding Severino in July is a huge addition, Yankees need to hang in there and start getting some clutch hitting.

    Can win the games with 7-8 runs and then come the next day and score 1.

    Timely hitting, building runs with good outs, good base running, it’s all 0art of it and then the HRs.

    Plus Britton will be back by then too

  2. 9 hours ago, SAR I said:

    Not worried.  The Bills window is closed, their D is exposed against an offense like LaFleur’s.  The Fins have a lousy QB so it doesn’t take many points to beat them.  The Patriots will sweep us but doesn’t stop Saleh from getting 8 wins.  

    2-4 in the division. 6-5 out of it.  It’s the expectation.  

    SAR I

    I know you think we are winning the super bowl next year you do the same schtick every season but we are going to be really bad next year

  3. 1 minute ago, 68JET11 said:

    Guess who wants to come back lol... And never said it was the best move, it's just not a move that failed Sam.

    Ofcourse it failed Sam.  His receivers first half of the season were Chris Hogan and Josh Malone 


    Perriman had a good 4 game stretch in his entire career and was known as an injury egg and that’s exactly what he was here.  JD could not have handled that worse

  4. 8 hours ago, isired said:

    Yeah in today's NFL there's a considerable gap between Fields being the 5th rated QB and Fields going 32.

    Simms doesn't see a team in the middle of the round that wants a QB? Has he seen teams jump back into R1 to grab a QB that fell so they get the 5th year option? Sure he has.

    Simms has his reasons for hating fields and they are mostly valid 


    That said, I’d rather go Fields at 23 and take Pitts at 2nd overall


  5. Just now, 68JET11 said:

    Maybe not, but he did replace him, and while not Robby, he did put up some decent numbers. I'm going to give JD a pass for that year, and begin his evaluation starting from the Saleh hire. I think it's only fair.

    Oh right, Perriman and Robby were intercha😆ngeable 

  6. Just now, The Crusher said:

    Because he was drafted by a team that runs a 3-4? 

    As a 3-4 ILB his main job was filling in gaps at the LOS.  Now he’s going to have to play in a lot more space and I don’t think he has the quickness for it nor is that really his game to begin with


    There’s a reason JD is begging teams to take him

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