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  1. If they clean house , there will be nobody left to coach .
  2. Good bye Terry ; Good bye Dan ; we want Wally and Frank Viola .
  3. There's no salami in this sandwich !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Francessa is an acquired taste . He will be back in some other form (podcast or something else) . How about a show on Dog's Sirius station ? Mike and Bill Simmons ?
  5. You are right on the mark . Tailgating is the time for drinking . No alcohol should be sold in the stadium (of course , there will be alcohol in the clubs for the hoy-poloy) . This would lessen the chance of drunken lauts ruining the game for others . But , economically , the owners will never agree to it . $$$$$$$$$$ RULES .
  6. Fans want football on Sundays ; not social issues , protests and all the other bullcrap .
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