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  1. I would put his value at more like 5-6 million personally. I don't love the guy either. But I really wish we had organization that knew how to use the actual talented players on the team the correct ways.
  2. The guy who also has 30% of all yards but this juggernaut WR core? Stats are great but are you really going to pretend that this is some kind of prolific offense? That doesn't have a dumpster fire of an OL? That didn't start Luke Falk for 3 games? You don't like Robbie? Fine. The dude is a legit NFL receiver that's making a career after going undrafted. Put him in on KC and then what? He might have more than 350 yards.
  3. I wud lik to rock wit u Daryl but u suk @$$. But in your defense, Mr. Roberts, we understand you had the unenviable task of trying to contain the HOF combination of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Preston Williams. You deserve some slack.
  4. Imagine if the Jets drafted Allen and Winovich? They would have book-end rushers for the next 5 years. Instead we have another average interior DLineman and nada.
  5. Williams a B- ?? That's really generous. Should've drafted Allen.

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