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  1. "You post...to win...the hat!" Hello?
  2. Lon chaney

    Bowles is not suited to be Head Coach

    Not today's. A rookie QB making bad reads and Robbie fumbling is not on Bowles.
  3. Lon chaney

    Bowles is not suited to be Head Coach

    I'm not a Bowles fan but this game is not on him. The three turnovers and untimely drops are the reason the Jets lost the game.
  4. Lon chaney


    Lol. I think you mean Adams
  5. Lol you're just hitting the bridge now? Don't think you're making kick off.
  6. Lon chaney

    Monday night announcers

    Beth Mowins is terrible. She does all the noon ESPN2 college games - usually Big Ten. Her overdrawn mid-west accent annoys me. That is all.
  7. Official line: 6 tackles (5 solo) , 3 PDs, 1 TFL, 1 INT
  8. Play clock would've expired first and given a penalty. Watch the game without the hatred

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