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  1. Lon chaney

    Deep Draft for Wide Receivers - Jets need.

    I posted in the other thread about XAVIER UBOSI. He is eventually going to be a starter in the NFL. Probably at this point a 4th rounder but who the hell knows. Love his upside.
  2. Lon chaney

    What are we doing at WR this offseason

    A name to watch in the 3rd or 4th round depending on how he tests: XAVIER UBOSI from UAB. He's 6'3 215 lbs and averaged 24 yards per catch. He had a slow start to the season but came in strong late and dominated his bowl game. Passes the eye test as a legit NFL WR. He's playing in the EAST-WEST game and NFLPA Bowl game. Love him as an under the radar prospect.
  3. First year coaches can't be on Hard Knocks
  4. You really think NFL players care about how many black coaches there are in the league or in their locker room? They don't. They care about two things: money and winning.
  5. Lon chaney

    Enunwa Contract Details

    Once again, he did not go on IR as a gift. It was the last game of the season, he wasn't going to play, so the move to IR allowed the Jets to add another body to the 53.
  6. Andy Reid and Sean McVay both brought Klingsbury in and had him teach them about offense. Guy might not be ready to a NFL HC but I'd almost be willing to take that risk.
  7. Lon chaney

    Gase Fired

    You can add in the Mets in there as well.
  8. Lon chaney

    Enunwa Extended

    He wasn't going to play so putting him on IR was a way to get another body on the 53.
  9. Heard Bart Scott make this proposal the other morning: Marcus Maye and a 3rd round pick for Mike Evans. I would do it in a heart beat. Not sure that's enough to get Tampa to do it. Maybe throw in a 3rd the following year.
  10. Lon chaney

    Jets - Packers --- The Game Thread

    It's hard to blame Mac for this. Johnson was the consensus #1 cb on the market
  11. Lon chaney

    Jets - Packers --- The Game Thread

    Especially with a rookie qb who looks to be the future of the franchise
  12. Lon chaney

    Jets - Packers --- The Game Thread

    And play calling. I've counted 3 play actions on 1st down already. That's 3 more than I've seen all year.
  13. Normally at this point I would root for losses and a higher draft pick. But we have our quarterback so I just want him to play well and get that winning mentality.
  14. Lon chaney

    Free Agents To Watch

    And is never leaving Seattle - at least not next year. They were working on an extension but I think that went stale. He is the guy you franchise twice.
  15. Lon chaney

    2020 RB Class

    You don't need a first round pick to find a great RB. Great RBs are found every year in rounds 2-4 or even later. It's about identifying talent and then correctly utilizing said talent.

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