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  1. They only need to be the worst team in the league THIS year. That would give the the top pick in the draft plus #33, #65 and Seattle's second round pick. That's 4 picks in the top 65, including 1 overall, coupled with $85 million or so to spend in FA. If some of the younger players already on the roster develop, the Jets could be seriously improved in '18 And for years going forward.
  2. Lon chaney

    Jets Shopping Sheldon...Again

    If I remember correctly, and I could be wrong, there was one fleeting comment from Mike Petine about Wilk taking some plays off at Temple. Not the guy with the best track record when it comes to evaluating talent Every college DLineman motors it down during some plays. The college came is an absolute animal. Some defenses are on the field for double the amount of snaps as NFL teams.
  3. Lon chaney

    Jets Shopping Sheldon...Again

    I would love if you could provide one link prior to the 2011 draft calling Mo a dog or anything close to that.
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