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  1. LZM


    Spain has a great nap game. It's called Siesta
  2. I agree. Fun game. One of the few I followed after I died
  3. Sup fu***rs?!?! so it's snowing already.
  4. As the last few rays of light disappear beyond the horizon, they hissed in glee. For they knew something the humans did not. The sun was not to return. The humans were to live there last few days in running blindly in terror, and there prayers for light were not to be heard.
  5. I'll switch to SMC and heed Crushers advice if you will?
  6. Not the first disparaging remark about DM from you. Prejudice is such a stinky cologne. Might I suggest Sex Panther instead? 60% of the time, it works every time.
  7. I wanna see resolution between AJ/Nolder. If I'm not the lynch and I survive, coming for you tomorrow bub
  8. Hahaha! I got Ape as not town, but I'm thinking AJ is legit.
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