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  1. With all due respect to Robby Anderson, if will not sign for the veteran minimum plus incentives not sure it would be a terrible idea for both Anderson and the Jets to move on from each other. Not to demean his skills (I clearly couldn't be on the field on any level), but during his tenure as a Jet I think he has been fairly fortunate that for whatever reason the Jets have lacked any appreciable talent to challenge for the #1 wide receiver position. From what I have read that the draft is not stocked with # 1 wide receiver talent this year, and the free agent pool for wide receivers is also lack luster. That shouldn't mean the Jets should come over the top on a contract just because their is no other options available at this time. I am of the opinion you could get a receiver with a very similar skill set and not over pay for it temporarily, and when the situation arises get a true #1 wide receiver.

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