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  1. It was ugly for sure but come on...we had a 2nd/3rd tier WR corp to start the season and they are all out. I just don't know if the backups are running the right routes/out of position? Sam is running for his life again; which means the GM did nothing to help him. Is it Sam's fault or the fact that we have some god awful WRs who can't get seperation? Our #1 RB is 100 years old. This is just a trainwreck. It can and will get worse. This team is a disaster and you can't fire 53 guys so you start with one; Adam Gase.
  2. Good one. Like they have a chance if he stays.
  3. Unfortunately for Greg Williams it is his to have. Sucks for him because it is a mess. He will have to dump OC and beg someone else to come in.
  4. It's Gase. Just can him now.
  5. Giants and Jets are fielding semi-pro teams this season.
  6. Terrible game for SD but..Darnold has no one to throw to and a trainwreck of a franchise to play for. Are you serious about those starting WR today...garbage.
  7. Yes they were awful. It was a soft camp and I never liked the Gase hire. I think they will gel a few weeks in and be OK, barring the injury bug. Scream all you like, it's a little early in the season fro me. Bills were the better prepared team and have a lot more reps (and talent) with each other. Might still end up with 4 wins, or less, but they need to progress.
  8. This place has really degraded to a trash dump. TeddEY's disgusting comment should be banned but this is the current state of this site.
  9. Who cares about Dalton? Sam is better than this.

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