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  1. Not going to do this to myself this year. Stopped watching three weeks ago. TB has no business being a head coach. Pick any of the assistants, who cares.
  2. usapaw


    Yes it does, this team is awful and the coaches are bums but no one wants to work for this team so they will be here again next year.
  3. yeah, this is all Macs fault. SOJF.
  4. usapaw

    Poorly coached team

    Yes, yes we can fire him this year. He is just not a head coach.
  5. We had a shot and the OC was terrible. We played scared.
  6. usapaw

    Jets claim pass-rusher

    You guys are funny. A very bottom of the roster move and it is the end of the world. SOJF. So we take a look at a guy that was a 2017 3rd rounder....how dare we.
  7. Seriously; a guy off the street is playing better than Hack. Sad.
  8. He isn't that bad considering he could be Hack...
  9. Yeah it did? Gotta cut back on the vodka!
  10. OK, so your'e point is what? It is the least important preseason game so again I am probably missing the humor

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