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  1. Well, yes; I am. 😲Shame on me for thinking that. 99% chance he is a total sc*mbag but I believe in fair and impartial review.
  2. Can you at least elaborate on this? So the "law" comes up with all these charges, which of course can be true, and I am supposed to believe they just had all these people walk into the police station and file these charges just now? This is one crazy arse story with no clear path. Just amazed, whether true or false, how narrow minded everyone is by assuming this is all fact. I am a public servant and civil officer, yet I still keep an open mind. It could all be fact but let it play out people.
  3. I am no bleeding heart but: All stories so far are not very substantive? So why did these charges come up? Sounds lame so far? Might be true but might be trumped up angry DA/Police after defense attorney counter story for earlier arrest? At this point I hope the police are correct or it will look very bad for them.
  4. usapaw

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    Yeah, I do get it but TB has x number of OTAs to work with and Mini Camp and then make his adjustments. He is a coach and not Father O'Malley. Kid has one big strike over his plate.
  5. usapaw

    Jets OTA’s June 5th, 2018

    Way overblown by you! R U serious about what you think Bowles role is? Kid screwed up and it will play itself out.
  6. usapaw

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    If Darnold wins one SB soon; Mac/TB, all is forgiven!
  7. usapaw

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    If Hack and Petty happen to make their respective squads and be mildly successful we will have to question our teams approach to developing a qb and our HC. It is very possible they both suck and that is on scouting and the GM. One of them has to fall on the sword, especially if Darnold's development follows the same path.
  8. usapaw

    Dolphins claim Petty

    Good luck Bryce. May you win 10 games this year; as long as the Jets win 11.
  9. That is cool if true but I would approach this bait with caution.
  10. Just like nobody wanted Sheldon and we should just cut 'em?
  11. I ain't no rookie son and I have watched the fools that think they know it all for 60 years. Fans are reactionary and have no patience to develop anyone. So another team wants a backup and we should dump him for a seventh rounder so we can go with a rookie, a gimp, a 38 year old and a guy that has never started a single game. Seems pretty smart to me.
  12. Guess the teams calling are just stupid then eh?
  13. Because way more than half of this fan base are not that bright ... If Darnold fails is certainly would mean the end of Bowles. He has demonstrated zero skills developing rookies. He never puts them in a position to succeed. Petty was always thrown to the dogs with losing season in hand and starters on the bench; injured or otherwise.