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  1. usapaw

    Houston to the Colts

    You might want to stop abusing whatever substance you are on. 12 mil for a end of career lb...yeah no, thanks for playing
  2. usapaw

    Houston to the Colts

    Houston is a washed up vet. Silly post IMO.
  3. Not going to happen. Be realistic; I want their 6 and their 2nd round pick plus their 2020 #1 and a 2021 second....or an immediate impact player
  4. No. Nothing. https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/new-york-jets/
  5. usapaw

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    Hopefully you are jumping out the first floor window?
  6. usapaw

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    OK. I am fine with it. Next.
  7. League needs to compensate the player with additional years of service to make up for the guy who gets hosed by no long term contract. I do not know if this already exists but I would think any player who gets the tag should automatically be qualified for a bump in years of service. The player is looking for stability as well as $$$ and it seems like a fair compromise, as they would already be vested (believe it is three years) and then it is based on years of service.
  8. usapaw

    Harry Anderson Re-Signed!

    I think it is only 500k so let it play out or trade. (Between the dead money and cap savings)
  9. usapaw

    Harry Anderson Re-Signed!

    Don't think he is gone unless a trade occurs. Not a big difference between keeping and cutting loose so he will be here for another year to prove himself.
  10. usapaw

    Harry Anderson Re-Signed!

    He did earn it. The dollars are crazy but in proportion to the money being tossed around.
  11. usapaw

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    well they did win seven games on the weakest schedule possible...
  12. Exactly what I was thinking; a thank you gift to Boyer.
  13. usapaw

    Skrine Gone

    Bust'a moved.......

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