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  1. Day three looks so much more encouraging to me. I really wanted Sherwood and was thrilled to get Nasirildeen also. I watched Sherwood in his bowl game and he was the best player on defense that day (at least I believe it was thier bowl game), as far as I was concerned.
  2. Yeah, OK. Not seeing anything here. What is with the man love for a GM who doesn't seem to be doing anything logical?
  3. Eh, not in love with any of our picks so far.
  4. I get #48 and two threes? In a heartbeat. Love the way this guy plays but we can't afford if he busts. This is a player a well stocked team takes a flier on.
  5. Love the player in college. I loved Boss Bailey in 2003 and he showed me why he was still available. He is worth a shot for sure, but history says he is a tweener and will fail.
  6. Best move was me falling asleep just before the first pick. I'll wait three years to tell you how the rest of the first went.
  7. Maybe, but you don't have to waste the # 2 pick to get him, unless you overpay.
  8. This seems so Jetsy.... Every year some team buys into the false hopes and hype.
  9. Justification of why we might suck this year, just in case that happens. You now realize that is going to happen. Cover the bases, got it.
  10. Funny I do remember Sam's first real game pass was a pick 6 I believe? Who knows. I have zero interest in this draft after they seem to have decided on Wilson. It just limits everthing I thought they could do to trading out and concentrating on a real O-line. Now it looks like the same old patchwork quilt and a few hopeful picks, when we needed several hopeful picks. If the JETs are wrong we pick #1 for the next 3 years. Feels like SOJs.
  11. Didn't vote. I was hoping for a QB.
  12. Nice story. Draft the right guy or you are going to be fired. Welcome to the NFL.
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