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  1. Exactly. Want to get fired within 2 years, select the wrong QB in a draft. Jets need everything. KC did it. Bills did it. TB did it. Better QB performance is about fixing those other needs first. Quite likely trading back the 2 will give us three first round picks (including the current 2 I believe?) for next year. If we need a qb upgrade at that point, pull the trigger. This year, 2 O linemen, 1-2 corners, 1-2 linebackers, 1-2 receivers, maybe a safety and DE, and some depth. That is a lot to address. Oh yeah, forgot RB. A long shot on a 5-7th round, or UFA, Ian Book type isn't out
  2. Fair enough. I am too old to bail. Turned 63 yesterday. I feel bad for most of you; I actually saw them win a SB.
  3. If your football team sucks and that is your biggest problem in life...so what.
  4. OK, I agree with your thinking but this game won't save him. Gase is trash.
  5. Trade back please, but it has to be a very good offer.
  6. Did you lose the entire paycheck?
  7. Clemson is a stacked team and the back-up looked fantastic when he filled in for Covid-19 stricken TL. Maybe the back-up is "Generational" also? I am not seeing anything great when I watched him last week. He may well be a great QB but he will get killed, just as quickly as Darnold, behind the Jets line.
  8. It was ugly for sure but come on...we had a 2nd/3rd tier WR corp to start the season and they are all out. I just don't know if the backups are running the right routes/out of position? Sam is running for his life again; which means the GM did nothing to help him. Is it Sam's fault or the fact that we have some god awful WRs who can't get seperation? Our #1 RB is 100 years old. This is just a trainwreck. It can and will get worse. This team is a disaster and you can't fire 53 guys so you start with one; Adam Gase.
  9. Good one. Like they have a chance if he stays.
  10. Unfortunately for Greg Williams it is his to have. Sucks for him because it is a mess. He will have to dump OC and beg someone else to come in.
  11. It's Gase. Just can him now.
  12. Giants and Jets are fielding semi-pro teams this season.
  13. Terrible game for SD but..Darnold has no one to throw to and a trainwreck of a franchise to play for. Are you serious about those starting WR today...garbage.
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