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  1. This place has really degraded to a trash dump. TeddEY's disgusting comment should be banned but this is the current state of this site.
  2. Who cares about Dalton? Sam is better than this.
  3. Think about it..we play Miami/Cincinnati/Washington.....we can do this!!! Trade out and get a whole new O line in one draft! Nah, we are the JETs.
  4. I have a co-worker who is a fin fan and he just laughed when the JETs hired this guy. Gase is clueless.
  5. I am guessing you buy lottery tickets? This a cycle of s*ckatude. This team was created to have loses in the NFL.
  6. Nah, we want the guy who was a loser where he last coached. He is a offensive genius. yeah maybe not. The JETs are such a joke.
  7. Yeah, no. I am OK with this team sucking. F*ck TB.
  8. Understood. The JETs set new lows every year.

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