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  1. Seriously; a guy off the street is playing better than Hack. Sad.
  2. He isn't that bad considering he could be Hack...
  3. Yeah it did? Gotta cut back on the vodka!
  4. OK, so your'e point is what? It is the least important preseason game so again I am probably missing the humor
  5. Wow Hack is god awful. Dumb as a stump. Mayock is an absolute homer idiot.
  6. usapaw

    Sam Darnold to start Week 1

    yeah; no
  7. Great deal. Jet fans.....Teddy is guy who probably will never play full time again with a meaningful outcome.
  8. usapaw

    So, the Dolphins look awful.

    He looked pretty good and scored on a nice run (with the mop up scrubs)!! 5/6 58yds and a 15 yd TD run! Fighting to survive. Their QB's look god awful. Osweiler, Fales looked bad.
  9. It is just preseason and hopefully Sam learned some valuable lessons.

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