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  1. Sam is the fuel. Refs tried to get Dallas back in it. Congrats JETS!
  2. This comes from the "lets sit him all season because he might get hurt crowd"?
  3. You guys are incredible. We are not trading Sam. He is either Andy Dalton or Arron Rodgers for the JET's the next ten years. If you don't believe in him you should find a new team. Radio DJs ..say no more. Guy gets sick and you want to stab him in the back.... Tua is not anything special so far. Tua is QB on the 1st or 2nd best football factory in the nation. What the hell is he going to do for the JETS? Nothing.
  4. Yeah, no. Buffalo is barely winning against combined 1-8 records. Pats are destroying teams; albeit 0-3 teams.
  5. Epic fail TeddEY. Stop with the evasive re-questioning. Coaching doesn't matter?
  6. OK...So no blame on AR? Rodgers is sooo over hyped. TB is the best QB in football.... and yes he won six. I hate him with everything that is but Rodgers can't carry his jock.
  7. egg on the face needs to be gently removed.
  8. OK, make up some more stupid scenarios that work for you. This is just pathetic Mr. metric.
  9. Wow really? I thought he is the one that scored the points the offense couldn't?

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