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  1. https://newarena.com/nfl/2020-nfl-starting-qbs-ranked/?amxt=new_inf_scr_dt_2022_bh_vdz&utm_source=yh_ae&utm_campaign=yh_jc_nfl_2021qbs_0521t&utm_term=HOMEPAGE_US|c&utm_medium=yhdt-new_inf_scr_dt_2022_bh_vdz&ll=1 Somebody has to be last.
  2. The defenses were both gased at the end and it just turned in to an option QB game, for both teams. As they build up there game endurance, maybe it will get better after a few games? I found online that they started camp on March 22. I doubt they had a preseason tune up, so it was what you would expect late in the game. I did manage to watch the whole game so it kept my attention.
  3. Not terrible considering they probably haven't had many organized practices.
  4. He dominates on the field, so that is all we have to judge on, other than overated combine/pro day hype. Speed is nice but game speed is what I watch. Time will tell.
  5. It is not bad at all. Fans will be fans. Hamilon is an absolute stud and by far the best player Notre Dame fielded this year. I get not loving him, but in reality, at 10 he is pretty safe. Might not be my picks but it all depends on how the picks roll out.
  6. On my dollar? Buffalo is a sh*thole. Terrible investment. I believe Metlife is in NJ?
  7. Is Hochul John Elways mom or Mr. Ed's?
  8. Yeah, superstars , all of them, try to keep up.
  9. Yeah, it's part of the process of evaluating players. It's just one tool. No excuse not to attend. It's your job to network.
  10. So...draft an overated DE? I don't see it. I just hope the JETs trade out.
  11. Unless someone trades up, he may be the best player and the safest bet at four. Do I want a safety at 4...no. Still, he is the safest bet there. Hoping for a trade.
  12. This never works. He should just request a trade.
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