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  1. Not a hold unless they call it.
  2. Why do I watch this crap?
  3. Except they didn't throw it in the last few games...but the Pats get it. They walked them to that last score.
  4. Do Nantzy and Romo have a man crush on Brady?
  5. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    Yeah sure, they are going to cut a guy who we have the rights to for under 700K who is our #1 receiver...not happening IMO. Made the team look bad? The team is bad. He still likely has trade value and most of the charges are going to get tossed. So he is a jerk. newsflash; so is half of the entire NFL! You put these kids from the ghetto on a pedestal and hand them a ton of cash and expect they will all of the sudden have a grave sense of moral responsibility...ya sure. Sit tight and let it play out. I suppose we will spend 10 mil a year on his replacement? Fans try to run teams with their heart.
  6. What a terrible draft pick...OH yeah not a draft pick so BFD. Not like we can't trade him next season if this sticks. We stole him.

    With absolute trash on offense and yet the vaunted "D" was mediocre....This is why the JETs are the JETs.
  8. Great game. 3rd down for Saints was a bad call to not let Brees throw for a first and run the clock. Vikings are eh. . JETs will give Keenum 15M. Fitz /McCown/Keenum; bums.
  9. That was an all time classic. I have never seen that done before and don't even believe it can be done..but they did it? It is called organized crime.
  10. Only when Goodell dies or Kraft burns the pictures of Goodell and the sheep.
  11. You can't make this sh*t up....actually they can
  12. inflict physical damage is all they can do