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  1. Hats off to McCown

    Yes, let's give him a hand......Oh sorry.
  2. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    I know don't they understand the 23 point play was right there?
  3. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Really? That was some opportunity. Team already quit and was down by 23. Haters gonna hate.
  4. Well he did call a bad game but he still has performed miracles this year so don't give up on him yet. A lot of stains on this team but so far he is fairly solid. Defensive coordinator is a bum. Just look at what each has done with the talent they were given.
  5. Actually I thought he was OK. No picks. Team quit before he came into the game. A gutless loss.
  6. Yeah we have had rebuilding coaches for as long as I can remember....
  7. Well yeah it couldn't be that McCown sucked for three quarters could it? Those three passes dropped by Robbie mean nothing. He only hit him in the hands.
  8. Um, yeah that is brilliant advice.....now it is two years; no thanks.
  9. So,what was with the run out the clock in the first half?? No sense in trying to score eh? Knute Bowles knows better than I.
  10. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    So the game plan and Josh McCown showed us that the team is still not very good. Let's see if Petty has anything and if not...next. This is a blessing.
  11. Broken hand for McCown

    McClown absolutely sucked today, along with Bowles, but it was a righteous way for him to leave; since we can't execute him? If Petty sucks then so be it. I want nothing to do with anymore "gritty" old warriors. Wait .....can't we wrap that hand up like we did to the other "gritty" old dude last year??? Yes we have the perfect excuse to play the lads but why do that? We might still be alive? God I love being a JETs fan.
  12. Thoughts

    This works for me. Reap what you sow.
  13. Why would we do anything? The way it stands now McCown will be the starter next year; no matter what we do. Just keep rebuilding and adding depth at other positions . Petty (Don Strock Jr.)and Hack will still be the same unknowns with another year under their belts.
  14. Earth shattering coach speak news.....yawn.