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  1. and don't forget the 10,000 other bums that never made it. It was an awful trade.
  2. usapaw

    Jets Waive Leggett

    Umm, how do you know that?
  3. because they couldn't wait to make the move. It was so imperative that we give away a number one pick for 6th round trash..yeah OK. Now it makes sense.
  4. So far he has given away two football players. A 6th rounder for Lee and cut Leggett; why not just cut them after you evaluate them in preseason and trade them to a team with a position of need? Washington lost a starter today. Other teams will lose starters. Was there any real reason to cut them loose for nothing?
  5. usapaw

    Jets Waive Leggett

    and yet Gase seems to be worse?
  6. Nice story, but it is just a story.
  7. I truly hope you are not disappointed.
  8. usapaw

    I was right about everything

    You go girl!
  9. usapaw


    Yes, I can not imagine why a guy with Douglas's resume' would want to even consider this sh*t show and being AG's B*tch? He has a pretty impressive track record so why do this to your career? Gase has a terrible record as a coach to date.
  10. usapaw

    Bad start for gase, SOJ (merged)

    Do you honestly believe this BS? The Johnson's are terrible at this. Dolan's part 2.
  11. usapaw

    Mac fired!

    The Johnson's are just two little rich brats who can't understand patience and think two years is an eternity. No wonder Gramps wouldn't let these morons run his company. Gase will be fired within 2 years, after he guts the team again.
  12. Yes it is. Why even bother? Just a little b*tch move by Gase.
  13. Exactly. Gase is gonna suck.
  14. great pick and just pissed everyone off.

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