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  1. No sympathy for the 49er's being punks at the end. Grow up, you got your ass kicked.
  2. He was never "great". He showed promise for parts of one season; that's not great.
  3. They won a wildcard game. That's nice, but let's not pretend they won the SB. In other news; I was surprised how watered down the league has gotten, when so many first time, or very recent addition, QB's were competitive. No wonder the Pats stay so competitive. Really bad football. I know it's exciting to watch with crappy defenses, but really sloppy college type play. That is what you get when you change coaches and free agency players every year.
  4. usapaw


    Trolling Giants fan.
  5. So you think a coach that goes down 27-0 and makes a miraculous comeback is the guy we all should want? JET fans. Peterson would be eaten alive in NY. Both teams are just not very good yet. How do you blow that lead? Wildcard teams are usually just not vey good. Free money for the NFL. Fans love it but it rarely goes anywhere.
  6. I was OK with the checkdown football, but he was made out of glass and his arm was shot, so he couldn't make the tough throws anymore.
  7. How about he interviews and they run him through the gamut and if they think he is the best candidate, they hire him based on his expertise?
  8. Joe Flacco. Thomlinson. Fant. Yes, MB & ZW, but I'm not ready to admit absolute, total bust yet; holding out for that 1% chance. .
  9. Yeah, I know everyone is down on our OL but the starting lineup (anticipated) without any injuries is not trash and we will likely retain most of them. We need depth and more depth for eventual replacement. JArrett Patterson meets the ideal need at guard and move to center.
  10. That should solve everything. there are quite a few and they don't need to be taken at 13. If we take a top OT then we have to slide one of the current OT over to RT or guard. Chill out and think about it. Would you trade back 5 picks and take Peter Skoronski and then pick Jarrett Patterson? Retain McGovern and break in Patterson at center. Or maybe Michael Mayer, then Matthew Bergeron, and then Patterson or Brandon Joseph? I didn't say trade back to the 5th round.
  11. If you're worried about who you play , you already lost.
  12. Patriots are out, so I am fine. All we would have done is gotten a worse draft pick.
  13. Wash, rinse and repeat. No credible coach wants to come work for the petulant brat. Just walk away Woody.
  14. I have some nice JETs trading cards. NY is not the place for LJ.
  15. He has to pretend he wants to win this game but it was likely just a walk through BS PC. If he said we are going to tank this game for better draft position the league would definitely fine him and the JETs. I would be surprised if they really tried to win this game.
  16. I was responding to "should be a streveler game".
  17. the problem there is that the Strev will try ad win the game. WTF would we want to win this game? JF knows this and will just hand off the ball or throw it out of bounds.
  18. Makes perfect sense, we are not going anywhere, so throw the game by playing vanilla handoff football. Better draft position and nothing to gain.
  19. Pretty much inline with my thinking also. Trade back a bit if possible to get more 2nd or 3rd round picks. Hopefully a skill guy like Michael Mayer is there at 20-22ish? If not trade back again to early 2nd. Then just hammer OL for the next couple rounds, throw in a safety. It will also depend on cuts and FAs. LB class doesn't appear to be anything special, but I don't watch enough college ball to know. Would you take a guy like Spencer Rattler in the 4-5th? Developmental type.
  20. I believe he came here with some serious foot issues that needed time to heal? Are they completely healed? Just asking if anyone knows? We paid a lot for two FA TEs so I didn't think they would rush him.
  21. So he hero's it out with a flack jacket, that he normally doesn't wear, and fractured ribs, likely had injections for pain; now he is a bum. Check. Jesus, how many times have you been married? JK. Unbelievable.
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