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  1. The NFL is really bad now, why make it even worse? Watered down garbage, just to make Vegas more money. Not that it would matter, because they make nothing from me, but I would definitely stop watching at that point.
  2. Mac is in the perfect system for him. I have a huge PATs fan at work and I told him, before the draft, that Mac was made for the PATs. He would have failed here miserably. The Pats have a system and a very well established coach, the JETs are a science experiment.
  3. Trade away the guys that actually made the team (and keep the sh*tty players you drafted) and hope to pick a star. I think you can buy a star at Christmas right? JD is swinging for the stars and his batting average is pretty bad to date.
  4. Oh, I forgot the season was over and LJ won it all. A loaded Ravens team and a beat up Carolina team; but hey it is only the QB playing out there..
  5. JD convinced ownership that a total rebuild was needed and I think he was wrong. His move were brazen but his drafts are really not looking very good and he decided that everyone should be a novice; the coaches from top to botttom, and the players, The results are what one would expect. In the end if it fails he should pay the price, isn't tht reasonable?
  6. This seems like a loser thread. Trying to rationalize how awful the JETs are by picking on players that the JETs gave up on, and hoping they fail? Pathetic. Last week you were all pumping your chest, now you are reaching for straws; take your lumps like men.
  7. Fun game and a notch in ZW's belt. Let's hope the progress today carries forward.
  8. I almost vomited when I heard what they gave up for this move. JD is clueless.
  9. Of course he would. This is the decision they made. The mgnt (JD) feels that this is the best way to let ZW learn. He holds the ball too long and has trouble pulling the trigger. He has little touch on easy throws because he is feeling the heat. ZW is a rookie. ZW does look better than last week if that is any consolation? This is all on JD, Saleh is risking losing the team. I am not blaming any of this on the HC or ZW, it is what it is. JD forced this situation.
  10. Is it possible JD was wrong? Time will tell. This should be a fun topic all year for most and painful for others.
  11. You might want to seek help. Haters gonna hate.
  12. Hopefully for Sam's sake. Hopefully we see improvement in ZW this week.
  13. Great, we do so well with second round picks. What a steal.
  14. ? How did that work out? Fine line between balls and stupid. We saw plenty of that the last 10 years. He is a rookie and I am not hating on him. JD needed to give him veteran QB help, that is his job as a GM. Even if they hated Sam they should have kept him here for at least one year. Sam D probably would have won that game yesterday. The whole team was decent until the turnovers beat them down. ZW was the reason we lost.
  15. 305 yards, 2 TDs and 1 Int. ..... ZW had 4 Its today. He was awful. It certainly looks like the JETs made a huge mistake at GM.
  16. Wish we had an average qb today...Pathetic. Another boom or bust guy. We have busted for 50+ years.
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