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  1. Bowles, Bates and KC Rogers should not be permitted to fly back to NY with the team. Total garbage.
  2. TMAC

    SELL THE TEAM WOODY!!!!!!!!!

    I despise the Johnson Brothers. I won't even state publicly what I wish for Charlie Casserly. What a fraud.
  3. Not firing Bowles and Bates immediately is a huge FU to Jet fans who actually care about winning football games. I guess if you just like to tailgate and socialize, it doesn't matter if they stay forever.
  4. The hell with the draft. A professional team should always try to win every game. There are no meaningless games. You build on winning. Losing is a disease. There are no meaningless losses.
  5. Even if the Jets somehow edge out the Raiders and get the #pick, does anyone actually believe Macc will get it right? I don't.
  6. TMAC

    This Team is Different

    When you are hoping for losses, you are in deep trouble.
  7. If Chris Johnson had any balls, he would fire Todd Bowles, Jeremy Bates and Kacy Rogers right now. I predicted that the Jets would not hold on to their halftime lead because Bowles is incapable of adjusting, Jeremy Bates has absolutely no business in the NFL and Rogers is worse than awful. If you get into the Redzone 5 times and never score a TD, you need a new OC. The Packers fired McCarthy who is five million times better than Bowles. Grow a pair, Chris.
  8. TMAC

    5 Games Left

    Woody doesn't deserve fans like you.
  9. That would be the straw to break this camel's back. I thought he was terrible and couldn't wait to see him go? What am I missing? The Jets have made a big investment in Sam Darnold. I think it was the right thing to do. Now we have to nurture him. That alone should drive the decision in hiring Bowles' replacement. Nothing else.
  10. Jet fans are incredibly resilient but I sense from reading the most recent posts on this board that a lot of the fans are beginning to finally give up after decades of ineptitude. There will always be fans who love to demonstrate their stalwart nature regardless of the quality of the product put on the field. That is their right of course. But many of us now realize that as long as Woody Johnson owns this team (even with his brother Chris allegedly making board level managerial decisions), the Jets will never excel. I cannot divine why Woody/Chris consistently make atrocious decisions. The bottom line is that they do. Over and over again. Looks like they will be firing Bowles at the end of this season but keeping Macc. This prescription for disaster was tried before. The Jets are like the Knicks, Mets, and Lions. Players, managers, coaches and GMs come and go. One thing remains constant: ownership that is incapable of producing a winning or even competitive team.
  11. I love this post. Doug Marrone stuck it to the Jets because he could. He went for two when the game was over because he is a vindictive SOB. It pleases me no end that his "Super Bowl contenting team" has not won a game since. Of course, I wouldn't be paying any attention to the Jaguars if the Jets weren't so disgracefully awful.
  12. It astonishes me that any Jet fan would actually consider going to the game against the Patriots on Sunday considering their performance this season. I tip my cap to anyone who does go and is able to endure the stench that is almost certain to emanate from Giants Stadium. (It is the Giants' Stadium). I greatly admire Jet fans who have endured decades of frustration and still bleed green. These are the folks who forced idiot Woody Johnson to can John Idzik, whose wanton dismantling of the team, (solely to destroy any chance Rex Ryan had to keep his job), was nothing less than criminal. What angers me most is that it is now impossible for me to watch more than two minutes of a game without wanting to destroy my TV set or vomiting. I am thankful for RedZone which I only have to turn off when the team opposing the Jets is in the RedZone. (The Jets are either never in the RedZone or only in it after the game is out of reach so you rarely see that.) I love professional football played at a high level and am grateful that I get to see teams like the Saints, Chiefs, Rams, Chargers, Bears and others demonstrate what can actually be accomplished when you have a GM that knows talent and coaches that know how to get the best of their personnel. Unless the Jets make radical changes in the offseason (which for the Jets has already begun), it will be more of the same. Unfortunately, I do not believe the Johnson's are capable of making intelligent decisions. (Not even sure if they actually care.) They will probably fire Bowles but keep the GM. Then in a year or two, they will fire the GM and keep the coach. Doing the same stupid thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Anyway, to those who go on Sunday, good luck. Miracles do happen.
  13. TMAC


    To "Man among men". I'm not referring to the period when the Johnson's owned the team. I'm talking about the Joe Willy era. Even though Rex brought them to two AFC Championship games, he was unable to deliver a championship because their offense was not good enough. It was tough to watch them win ugly every week but they managed because they had a stout defense and good really good guys in the locker room.
  14. TMAC


    During week 11 of the NFL season, we were blessed with some exciting games played by relevant football teams and didn't have to watch the garbage, formerly known as the New York Jets, disgrace themselves. Of course, they will more than make up for that this Sunday when they get crushed by the Patriots, a legitimate pro football team. The Jets last appeared in a playoff game on January 23, 2011. With the exception of the 2015 season, they have been terrible and unwatchable. Their offense is consistently pathetic. Nevertheless, Rex Ryan, a purely defensive specialist, was replaced by Todd Bowles, who also has no understanding of offensive football. To assist Bowles, they hired Chan Gailey, Morton, and Bates, three incredibly unimaginative and uninspired offensive coordinators. The results have been predictable. This week, the Jets are 29th in NFL power ranking. I think that is generous. I believe they have the worst offense in the NFL. I'm old enough to remember a time when the Jets were exciting winners. They were a pleasure to watch. They could move the ball and stop the opposition. They weren't perfect by any means but they were always competitive. It was fun to be a Jet fan. That is no longer the case. They simply cannot compete against any team that is decent. Even the Bills humiliated them at home. Compared to the NFL elite, they are rank amateurs. I don't think they could beat Alabama. Unfortunately, I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. As long as the Johnson's own and manage this organization, they will stink to high heaven. Not worth the anger.
  15. I am convinced that as long as the Johnson's own and/or make ultimate managerial decisions for this organization, the Jets will remain perennial cellar dwellers. They consistently make stupid decisions: e.g., firing the GM for John Idzik but keeping the coach. Firing a coach but keeping the OC. This year they will probably fire Bowles but keep Macc. They're not cheap and they do want to win. Just don't know how and aren't lucky enough to get a George Young or Bill Parcells.

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