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  1. TMAC

    The more I watch the Jets

    Sam Darnold looks like he could be really good. The Jets have some nice pieces on offense (Enunwa and Robbie Anderson). Leo Williams, Adams, and some other guys on defense are good. Something to build on. But the OL is inconsistent at best. And their pass rush is below average. They seem to let down in crucial situations (3 and 19), make stupid and costly penalties at critical moments, and always seem to play down to the competition. Todd Bowles is a decent person who relates well to his players. Sometimes his defense looks really good but often they appear to be disorganized. His game generalship and clock management is atrocious. Even if they get to the next level (i.e., make it to the playoffs), I don't have confidence that Bowles will ever win a really big game. I would be shocked if they beat Cleveland this Thursday. I think they will be lucky to win 6 games this season. Hard not to be bitter.
  2. TMAC

    Great line from Aikman

    Another ridiculous call by Ref who should know better.
  3. TMAC

    Paging Mike Westhoff

    I was thinking the same thing. Mike was terrific and I loved his insight on TV. I would fire the special teams coach tonight.
  4. Weak offensive line. Inept play calling. Atrocious special teams play. Worst pass rush in the NFL. An avalanche of stupid penalties. Clueless head coach. They will be lucky to win 5 games. So tired of all the bullsh*t.
  5. Heard on NFL Network that it is not the "offset" language that is holding up the deal but conditions regarding guaranteed money. It does not matter. It is incredibly foolish for Darnold not to be on the field practicing and taking reps. Not only does it hurt his chances of being ready to do something meaningful this season, but it leaves a bad taste with the fans. In any event, these issues should have been addressed and fixed prior to training camp. Once again, rightly or wrongly, Jet management appears incompetent. Sickening and maddening. Let's hope that Teddy Bridgewater continues to perform at a high level. My advice to Darnold: fire your agent now.
  6. I think you are grossly underestimating the improvement at OC. Bates may not have experience as an OC but I hear a lot of good things about him, particularly re: his handling of the QB position. This is an upgrade that the Jets desperately need. Morton, Gailey and Schottenheimer were three of the worst OCs ever. If the Jets get someone who can properly scheme a game and also have the flexibility to make adjustments during the game, this would be an almost miraculous improvement to what I have witnessed during the last ten seasons. It would be so refreshing to have an OC who actually understands the talent he had on the team and uses wisely.
  7. If Bridgewater looks like he can be a franchise quarterback again, why in the world would the Jets trade him to the Bills or Miami or any other team in the AFC? Let Darnald earn the spot. Aaron Rodgers sat behind Favre for 4 years.
  8. TMAC

    Joe Namath turning 75 on Thursday

    Happy Birthday, Joe. Fifty years later, I am still glowing from the victory at Super Bowl III you guaranteed against incredible odds. My prayer is that your confidence and ethic of winning is once again restored to the Jets.
  9. Teddy Bridgewater was a rising star in the NFL before he got hurt. He was also a great presence in the locker room and a well-deserved fan favorite in Minnesota. If he is healthy and can play, why in the world would we want to trade him unless we were able to secure a dynamic edge rusher? Having two excellent QBs on your team is a very good thing. Ask the Eagles.
  10. Not a good look for Patricia or the Lions. However, he was merely charged and never found guilty. None of us know what happened and are not in a position to judge. My hope for all concerned is that the accusations were untrue.
  11. Jet fans should prepare themselves for this sickening possibility: Bill Belichick leaves New England and becomes head coach of the Giants. He drafts blue chip QB and gets the team back on the Super Bowl train. If Jet ownership wants to maintain its fan base, and Jet management wants to keep their jobs, they absolutely need to hit a grand slam home run this off season. They need to be smart and daring and find a way (make a deal with the Devil for all I care) to get us a bona fide franchise QB and offensive line to protect him. Nothing else is acceptable. The suggestion that they use their top pick for a CB, RB, WR, or even pass rusher (who never materialize) is ridiculous. We know what we need. We know what we want. 50 years ago, a man named Sonny Werblin stunned the sports world by signing Joe Namath. 4 years later, the Jets won the most important game in NFL history. Time for history to repeat itself.
  12. They must draft a QB with the first pick and at least one OL to protect him. Period.
  13. TMAC

    another qb, andy dalton?

    Under no circumstance. Absolutely not. Unacceptable. Ridiculous.
  14. They either draft Darnald, Rosen, Mayweather, or Josh Allen (maybe need to trade up to get), or they acquire Kirk Cousins. Otherwise they will lose half their fan base. This is a critical year for the the Jets organization. If they do not make bold and brilliant moves in the off season that finally get this franchise the QB they so desperately need, they are condemned to be garbage for a long time. I am sick of seeing a team that is pathetic on offense year in and year out. We need to be able to score points. To do that you need play-makers and most of all a play-making QB who will not implode under pressure. This is NFL football 101. Drafting a CB with the first pick will create a revolution. You remember John Idzik.

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