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  1. Listening to a commentator yesterday who said he would trade #1 for Deshaun in a heartbeat. So many highly projected QBs are busts or only average. Deshaun has demonstrated that he can play at the highest level, even when he has mediocre talent around him.
  2. Anyone having problems getting the game. It just cut off and my cable company said the channel is temporarily unavailable.
  3. Obviously, SAR 1 posts just to get a rise out of the Board. I don't think he ever saw Klecko play. Wayne Chrebet was a really good player but to say he was better than Klecko is ridiculous. That's like saying Adam Gase was a good coach and deserved to stay. LOL
  4. A marriage made in heaven. Hope they like punts.
  5. OK. I get it. If the kids liked it. Fine.
  6. Not sure who came up with this brilliant idea--maybe Chris Johnson--but this is terrible. I had to turn the sound off. The announcer never shuts up and describes the action that you just saw. Constant references to Nickelodeon characters, etc. Disgusting. Never again. Please!
  7. I like this. I think he belongs. Too bad we can't get something like this going for Joe Klecko. What a slap in the face of the Jets, Klecko and their fans.
  8. Right now, I feel good about JD and trust his judgment. But if he gave up draft picks for Doug Pederson, I would be done as a Jet fan. Cannot tolerate anymore self-destructive stupidity. Don't expect that to happen. After the CJ decision to hire Adam Gase, no more bites at the apple for me.
  9. Mike Vabel's decision to punt on 4th and 2 in the fourth quarter down 17-13 with less than ten minutes left was something that Adam Gase or Todd Bowles would do. And that's why his season is over. Ridiculous.
  10. Although the NFL Football Hall of Fame is actually a place I would like to visit, I will never step foot there until Joe Klecko has been admitted. Absolutely ridiculous that he isn't in. Don't expect it to ever happen. NFL has an extremely low opinion of the Jets.
  11. Some franchises are just snake bitten.
  12. Deshaun Watson, Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. All doing rather well in the NFL. To the best of my recollection, none received the kind of gushing praise we are seeing for Trevor Lawrence. Is there a pattern here?
  13. Leonard Williams is playing much better with the Giants than he did with the Jets? Why is that? who knows? But I am not criticizing JD for this trade? We got value, avoided paying him a ton of money, and, btw, we have a pretty solid core of young, defensive lineman at a good value. Leo was not sacking the QB when he was a Jet. Period.
  14. Hiring Gase was an epic failure but McCarthy not much better. His team looks like sh*t today. Unable to do anything offensively. Pure garbage.

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