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  1. I don't profess to possess the acumen to qualify me to make the selections for the Jets (although I know I would have done much better than Idzik or Maccagnan), but basic knowledge tells me that the Jets must draft offensive lineman this year, particularly since they are selecting a QB with the second pick. We saw what happened to Joe Burrow. We saw what happened to Patrick Mahomes in the Super Bowl. Even Aaron Rogers struggled when his OL was mediocre. We have five picks in the first 100 and another pick at 107. We have to pick at least one OL and preferably 2 OL with the first 5 picks.
  2. I wish him all the best. Very sorry that our criminally incompetent management (drafting, FAs, and "Coaching") served him so poorly. Hope he makes the playoffs. I don't care if it cheapens the value of our draft picks.
  3. My deepest fear: Pats will get him. You know Bob Kraft won't hold this stuff against him. Seriously.
  4. Chris Johnson's hiring of Adam Gase should go down as one of the very worst executive decisions in the history of the NFL. In a town where everyone has an opinion, I cannot remember a single person, with the exception of Fredo Johnson, who thought this was a good move. I truly hope that Sam succeeds in Carolina. I don't care if that translates to less attractive draft picks for the Jets. He is a good kid who always conducted himself with a lot of class in a brutal situation. Neither Gase nor Maccagnan should ever be permitted to work in the NFL and Gase should be enjoined from going withi
  5. TMAC


    When you are at or close to rock bottom for so long, almost anything is better. They say that some people in Russia pine for the days of Joseph Stalin. I go back to the days when Joe Namath was a rookie and Weeb Ewbank was the coach. They were an exciting team, intensely competitive and fun to watch. Super Bowl III was my all time high as a sports fan. That's what I want but it will take a little time to achieve that. I think we can do it with JD and Saleh. Go Jets!
  6. He just signed with the Cowboys. $5 million. Next!
  7. Excellent post. If they pick up a solid CB in the draft, they might actually have a decent defense with Saleh as HC
  8. I would love him to excel, particularly since he's a local guy.
  9. This should bring the house down.
  10. St Patrick was from Britain. Britain had been conquered by the Romans and they brought Christianity and the Latin language and alphabet to Britain. Patrick's writings in Latin are the only attested writings from Western Europe in the 5th century. The Irish monks who followed in Patrick's footsteps helped preserve the legacy of Rome and the manuscripts they maintained over the centuries in monasteries in Ireland, Britain and the Continent were the inspiration for the Renaissance in Western Europe. I'm sure that if Patrick was alive today, he would be a Jet fan.
  11. The offensive line is not going to get better unless they get better players. It's that simple. Without a quality offensive line, the QB will struggle, particularly when he's throwing to average receivers. A very bad start to FA.
  12. I know it's only the first day, but I was ready to post the same message. Do we have to endure another god awful season where our team has no chance because its roster consists of warm bodies and no stars? Depressing.
  13. Yes. I'm sick and tired of losing guys who can actually play the game at a high level. They do more than just play their position. they bring an attitude to the team and help build a winning culture.
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