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  1. Tampa game HUGE test

    I agree. Big game for the Jets. Wilkerson and the defense have come alive. If they can continue to perform at a high intensity level and beat the Bucs things get very interesting.
  2. You are absolutely correct. Insane for Jet fans to want their team to lose. Mike Francesa got it right. The Jets are laying a foundation and building a culture that promotes winning. Josh McCown has been a big part of that. He has played very well and has been an exemplary leader on the field and in the locker room. The Jets are well positioned to insert a high quality QB (either from the draft or free agency) to be their QB of the future. The latest game against the Bills has me feeling very good about this organization for the first time in a long time.
  3. Disgraceful situation and team should be liable for any damages to fans.
  4. He's terrible and the Jets will most certainly lose if he starts.
  5. Right now I like Kim Jong Un a lot better than Al Riveron and Corrente.
  6. Can we get back to Suck 4 Sam please?

    Please find another team to root for to lose.
  7. Another slap in the face for the Jet organization. This is a league of elites. In a sense it mirrors society. Not all are treated equally. Listening to NFL stooges defend this call is even more sickening than the call itself. The fact that this was an overruling of a TD called by the ref who was standing next to the play makes it extremely suspicious. I would investigate Al Riveron, the scumbag responsible for this mess. See if he has ties to gambling or organized crime.
  8. Kacy Rodgers has to go. He has neutralized Williams as a pass rusher by playing him inside. He also has Darren Lee playing out of position.
  9. I would bench him for rest of season and let him go. He is useless. A disgrace and a good lesson to remember.
  10. Thanks. Incompetent refs destroying the game. Hate them so much.
  11. Boston Sports Radio

    The media did this Jet team a great favor by making opponents believe it was impossible to lose to them because they had no talent. The Pat's QB and HC are too smart to fall for that but it has to resonate. Nothing better than being underrated.
  12. If we did end up with the #1 pick

    We are not getting the number one pick in 2018.