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  1. I think you nailed it. Deeply, deeply depressing and no light at the end of the tunnel. I think Adam Gase has mental health issues. In any event, like many people who become head coach, he cares more about his authority than winning. If he was supposed to develop Sam Darnold, he's failed miserably. Maybe Joe Douglas will be better than his idiotic predecessors but I wonder if he is really the person calling the shots. The Johnson's are incompetent and there is no way to improve on that. Very, very unlikely that they will sell the team. Looks like we'll have another double digit losing season for the fourth consecutive year. I see absolutely no reason why next season or the one following will be any better. I used to wonder if I would ever see another Championship in my lifetime. Now I wonder if I will ever see another playoff game.
  2. With the game on the line and less than two minutes to go, the Jets started on their own 25 yard line. They won. Enough said.
  3. As Francesa says, nothing gets to owners more than empty seats. Maybe the Johnson's will take the hint and do something constructive to fix this mess but don't hold your breath.
  4. Very happy with the result. Always want the Jets to win every game. The Jets, however, did not cover so my advice was good (for a change).
  5. I believe that every time the Jets were favored this year they lost outright. I hope I'm wrong but I expect that to happen again this Sunday. What a scathing indictment against their coaching staff.
  6. I agree with all your comments except the remarks about Sam Darnold. First, I think he has played well under extremely difficult circumstances and has shown that he could be a first class QB capable of taking the Jets to the Promised Land. Second, you have to give young QBs time to learn and acclimate themselves to the NFL. I watched Joe Namath develop. It took time for him, too. But I guess you probably think drafting Joe Namath was a mistake.
  7. It would be perfectly consistent with Jets tradition for team to lay an egg on Sunday and lose to the hapless Redskins. They are coming off an important win against the Giants. Sam looked good. The front 7 on defense played quite well. Adjustments were made in the secondary. Perfect opportunity to stab their fans in the heart.
  8. I hope this is a joke. Schottenheimer was awful when he was Jets OC. FB page dedicated to getting rid of him. Russell Wilson could make any OC look good--even Adam Gase or the no-name clown who is currently the Jets OC.
  9. This reminds me of my first year of law school--1976. We looked at a case in my Contracts class. A season ticket holder of the then New Jersey Nets brought an action against the owners and the team for trading Julius Erving. The case was dismissed for failure to state a cause of action. As my law professor said, the Court might know the law but they certainly didn't know basketball.
  10. I agree. It's hard to judge a young QB when he plays behind an unprofessional line and most of the team on both sides of the ball stinks. Horrific coaching exacerbates the situation.
  11. 41 years ago, the Giants were a deeply dysfunctional organization (although not quite as terrible as the current Jets). Their dysfunction, like the Jets, came from the top. With the Giants, it was caused by internecine dispute between two of the Maras. This dysfunction manifested itself dramatically in a game against the Eagles. The Giants had the game won. There were only a few seconds left and the Giants had the ball. The Eagles were out of time outs and all the Giant QB, Joe Piscarcik, had to do was take a knee. Instead, some genius called a running play. The hand off was badly fumbled and Herm Edwards (who went on to coach the Jets) picked up the ball and ran it into the end zone for a touch down. Giants lose. When I saw that, my jaw dropped in astonishment. It was shocking and unbelievable. Fortunately for the Giants, the league stepped in and forced the Maras to hire George Young and give him control. The rest is history. I agree that we need the League to step in now and take some action. Adam Gase is putting the finishing touches on years of criminal mismanagement. The franchise is in danger of being irreparably destroyed. Something needs to be done. An adult needs to be put in charge. Obviously, Chris "Fredo" Johnson is incapable. Unfortunately, the NFL does not care about the Jets or their fans and will do nothing. Sickening.
  12. Imagine if the Corleone Family handed the reigns to Fredo after Sonny got whacked. Woody Johnson was a below average owner. Chris is Fredo except not as bright. Sooner or later Gase will be fired and then Woody of Chris will hire a new coach without regard to the GM's desire. that coach will report to Chris or Woody and never be on the same page with the GM (whoever that might be at the time). This is the pattern. No reason to believe things will materially improve.
  13. Under this nitwit's stewardship, the Jets have become the worst team in the NFL. There has to be some accountability. Stop enabling this fool by going to games or buying merchandise.

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