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  1. I guess accepting loss after loss after loss decade in and decade out is the mature thing to do, Grandy. Stay mature, loser.
  2. Todd Bowles is a coward, a loser and a scumbag. He is a fraud and has no right to coach in the NFL. He's supposed to be a defensive coach. His teams can't hold sh*t. What a disgrace. Keep rooting for draft picks, losers and you will continue to lose as losers do. FU Johnsons.
  3. If I owned an NFL team I would spend a lot of time studying the Pats. I remember watching a 60 Minutes piece on Bill B and was very impressed with his approach. He understood that to be successful you needed to let over valued players go--even if they were still good, and you needed to develop younger and cheaper players to replace them.
  4. TMAC

    Maccagnan is demonstrably horrible

    If there was someone better who was willing to come to the Jets I would replace him in a heart beat. Maccagnan's performance has been sub par. Is there anyone out there who is better and who is interested in the job?
  5. I'm not qualified to judge but isn't it a little early to give up on this guy?
  6. Stranger things have happened before. I seem to remember a head coach who lost 6 or 7 of his last eight games, was properly fired, and then some idiotic owner of some pitiful team scooped him up in a nano second. Oh yeah, that was Leon Hess, owner of the Jets. The coach: Rich Kotite. Can't make this up.
  7. Your assessment of the secondary is perfect and that's on Todd Bowles. The Jets fought hard to put themselves in a position to win. They went ahead with 5 minutes to go. But did anyone really expect them to stop the Texans cold? That's what great teams do.
  8. TMAC


    Two hand offs. Lose a yard on each. Third and long. Sack. FU Jeremy Bates. I've seen enough.
  9. Bowles, Bates and KC Rogers should not be permitted to fly back to NY with the team. Total garbage.
  10. TMAC

    SELL THE TEAM WOODY!!!!!!!!!

    I despise the Johnson Brothers. I won't even state publicly what I wish for Charlie Casserly. What a fraud.
  11. Not firing Bowles and Bates immediately is a huge FU to Jet fans who actually care about winning football games. I guess if you just like to tailgate and socialize, it doesn't matter if they stay forever.
  12. The hell with the draft. A professional team should always try to win every game. There are no meaningless games. You build on winning. Losing is a disease. There are no meaningless losses.
  13. Even if the Jets somehow edge out the Raiders and get the #pick, does anyone actually believe Macc will get it right? I don't.
  14. TMAC

    This Team is Different

    When you are hoping for losses, you are in deep trouble.
  15. If Chris Johnson had any balls, he would fire Todd Bowles, Jeremy Bates and Kacy Rogers right now. I predicted that the Jets would not hold on to their halftime lead because Bowles is incapable of adjusting, Jeremy Bates has absolutely no business in the NFL and Rogers is worse than awful. If you get into the Redzone 5 times and never score a TD, you need a new OC. The Packers fired McCarthy who is five million times better than Bowles. Grow a pair, Chris.

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