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  1. I agree that Rosen seemed to be a desirable pick and I might have taken him over Josh Allen but not Darnold or Mayfield.
  2. The Johnsons are worse than the Wilpons (who have an excuse-Madoff ravaged them) and are trying hard to out-incompetent James Dolan of the Knicks. If the League cared at all bout the Jets, which they obviously do not, they would step in like they did with the Giants, and force the Johnsons to give up control of the franchise and put it into the hands of someone truly competent.
  3. Mike Mccagnan truly one of the worst GMs in the 100 year history of the NFL. If Darnold turns out to be a bust, he will go to the top of the list ahead of Matt Millen.
  4. without new ownership and a new HC, it doesn't matter.
  5. This does not surprise me at all. When Woody left to work his magic in the United Kingdom, I was hopeful. Once again reminded that things can always get worse. As long as the Johnsons own this franchise, this organization will stink.
  6. I heard stats about Gase today on ESPN radio that were truly shocking. During his tenure with the Dolphins and the Jets, he has been at the very bottom in most important offensive categories. You have to give this guy credit, however. To have somehow managed to coach two (albeit horrible franchises) NFL teams with absolutely nothing to qualify him for these highly coveted positions, is amazing. Mike Francesa nailed Chris Johnson perfectly when he called him a "fool."
  7. I would scour his contract to see if it could be summarily terminated without paying him a cent.
  8. If the Jets get rid of Gase and hire Schottenheimer as HC, that would be the final nail in the coffin. He sucked as an OC for the Jets. Horrible
  9. Browns v. Jets giving 6, I would take the Browns.
  10. Anyone who would call the last 20 years a "successful stretch" has extremely low standards, is a paid lobbyist of the Johnsons, or is insane.
  11. With the exception of a few flashes, over the last few decades the Jets have been consistently mediocre. It did not help that they played in the same Division as the greatest dynasty in NFL history. (Of course, the Jets did have their coach for one day but blew that, too). Under the stewardship of Chris Johnson, the Jets have now sunk to the very bottom of the league. If it was possible to go lower, they would. This is beyond shameful. I'm sure that there are fools who think this is a good thing because of the draft, but for those of us who only care about wins and losses, this is unbearably disgusting. The Johnsons have to go.
  12. I have been a Jet fan since 1965. I have experienced a lot of frustration and heart ache, but have also seen excellence. Don't judge Joe Namath by his statistics. That doesn't tell the story. Today's Jets are not worthy to play in the NFL. They are amateurishly coached, and the quality of the roster is semi-pro at best. The GM has a 6 year contract and is obviously OK with putting out a garbage product in the short term. The fact that the owner replaced Todd Bowles with Adam Gase says all you need to know about this organization. To know that your season is over before the end of the first quarter of the first game is sickening beyond belief.
  13. If you watched real football teams play today (I was watching RedZone as usual), you would understand that the Jets are not a pro caliber team. They stink in every facet of the game except punting. No team played worse. No team had worse coaching (not even the Lions). No quarterback was worse. No defense was as heartless. Why would you ever believe that it will get better?
  14. Are you kidding? Gase stinks. Worse than Kotite
  15. No one should either buy a ticket, attend a game (even when that is possible), or buy any Jets merchandise (not even a key chain) until the Johnsons sell. Someone should start a crowdfunding to raise money to advertise extensively and brutally. The Johnsons would hate this.

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