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  1. I'm taking nothing back. No regrets. They got it solved. all well and good. should have been done before training camp began but that's water under the bridge.
  2. Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let the Games Begin!
  3. Only one first round draft pick not signed: Zach Wilson. This is extremely disturbing. This kid is the centerpiece of our rebuild. We need him in camp. We need him to be as ready as possible. When Fitzgarbage held out after a flukey good season, the results were disastrous. I really don't know who is to blame here and don't pretend to understand the nuances and subtleties of these contract negotiations. I don't get a sense of urgency here and I'm beginning to wonder if this has the Johnson stink attached to it. Frankly, I don't care if it costs them millions of dollars extra to get Wil
  4. Once upon a time Jamal Adams was our best player. He was very good and played with passion. But he is all about number one. Considering how quickly an NFL team will get rid of player once he is no longer deemed of good value, maybe that's the smarter way to be. In any event, he's history. No need to look back. Onward and upward.
  5. Gettleman. Not even close. Maccagnan one of the worst, if not the worst, GMs in the history of the NFL. His draft picks and FA signings were a disaster. Impossible to do worse.
  6. Chad Pennington and Mark Sanchez both got seriously injured in that stupid preseason game against the Giants. If I was in charge, I would sit Zack out. No credit for preseason victories.
  7. Thanks for your post. Don't believe the negativity. It's always been easy to knock NY. Still the greatest city on the planet.
  8. I hope not, but I leave it up to the pros: JD and Saleh
  9. This is precisely what I want Woody to be focused on. Helmets, uniforms, concession stand, stuff like that. Just as long as he has nothing to do with football decisions except to write the checks that JD tells him to write.
  10. Absolutely not! The hiring of Adam Gase was one of the worst executive decisions in NFL history. It did unspeakable damage to this organization. Peyton Manning has zero connection or loyalty to the Jets. His hiring recommendations should be ignored. The man coached a team in our division. His best players despised him and couldn't get out of there fast enough. The worst thing the Jets could ever do is let Chris Johnson make any decisions beyond management of the concession stands.
  11. No thanks. I prefer safeties like Ronnie Lott. Team first guys. Jamal is a talent but we don't need divas right now.
  12. The last time I felt good about the Jets was when they hired Rex. That was good for two years. Unfortunately, the last 10 years have been so brutal, we expect nothing but misery and heartache.
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