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  1. One of the few things abut this season that I feel good about.
  2. Would love this even though I like Sam.
  3. Remember when the idiots were suggesting that Trevor Lawrence wouldn't play for such a dysfunctional organization as the Jets? My problem with Urban Meyer is his total lack of discretion. He should know better.
  4. Absolutely love that passion! Si senor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No senor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I told my Granddaughter that nothing is ever perfect. Yesterday's win wasn't perfect and I get the sense that the Jets players and coaches are acutely aware of that. But it was damn nice and I am going to enjoy it. By the way, we have never had a quarterback who could throw the ball and improvise like Zach. (Just my humble opinion). I also like the pass rush and 7 sacks the defense put on the Titans. Imagine what can happen when Carl Lawson comes back next season (hopefully).
  6. I still hold out hope that JD and Saleh can turn things around. The process is going to be much more painful than I imagined, however. Based on the first three games, I think it is possible that the Jets won't win a game this year as hard as that is in a 17 game season. I think they could definitely set a record for shut outs and lowest points scored. I have to say I am concerned about Mike LaFleur although I think he needs to be given a chance. It's a tough job. This is his first time as OC and rookies, new players, injuries and a thin talent pool doesn't help. The Mims situation, howev
  7. Exceptional post. Thank you. It is hard to root for a team that usually has a losing record and hardly ever makes the playoffs. Jets have the longest playoff drought in the NFL right now. What exacerbates this misery is the fact that they have been historically inept on the offensive side. That's the fun side. That's what fans enjoy the most. First downs. Touchdowns. Excitement. What Jet fans have been treated to is three and outs, punts, redzone failures and field goals if they are lucky. I want my team to succeed but the Johnson's have managed to destroy any pleasure I could get fr
  8. Actually, the Jets have not always been a garbage franchise. A long, long time ago, they were quite good. Even when Namath was in his very early years they were usually competitive and entertaining. They they were bad in the 70s but the in the 80s they had some good teams and were competitive and entertaining. when Parcells coached the team they were competitive. also, Rex Ryan's first two seasons they went to the AFC Championship and had a good shot at winning both games with a very average QB at best. Not the most entertaining team but very good. What we have witnessed for most of the
  9. Today's stinker puts the Jets at 0-3 for the third straight season. A first in their storied history. the Jets have scored a total of three points in the first half through three games, the fewest through three games in the last 20 seasons of any team in the NFL. Tied for the fewest first half points through three games in franchise history (1973) The Jets' total of 20 points makes them the lowest scoring team in the NFL. I am reminded of the movie, "Mutiny on the Bounty," with Charles Laughton as Captain Bligh. He orders that a man be flogged and receive 100 lashes. Afte
  10. Watching last night's Panther's game was a stark reminder of how deeply dysfunctional the Jets organization had become. When they drafted Sam Darnold, they failed to surround him with even adequate talent. Even worse, his coaches, Todd Bowles and Adam Gase were, at the very best, totally incompetent. The Jets could have hired Matt Rhule but wouldn't let him pick his own assistants: i.e., Gregg Williams had to stay on as DC. The Johnson's responsible for this mess. Chris Johnson should never be permitted to make any meaningful executive decision again. I believe, however, that the Jets
  11. Today's season ending injury to Karl Lawson just took all the heart out of me as a Jets fan. It's just too ******* much to bear. Decades of sh*tty play. Inability to get a quality QB or pass rusher. Finally, we looked like we turned a corner and now this happens. Just too goddam depressing to endure. And **** anybody who criticizes me for being down.
  12. The only sport I care about is NFL football and I think I would really enjoy a trip to Canton. However, until Joe Klecko is enshrined in the HOF,, something he richly deserves, I will never step foot in that building or watch any of the celebrations re: new inductees. The NFL's disdain for the Jets is manifested in the continued refusal to recognize Joe's greatness as a player. Whether or not his team made the SB is irrelevant. No one was ever more versatile or played with greater passion 100% of the time than Joe Klecko.
  13. One scrimmage and people are jumping ship. This is what happens when a fan base has been beaten down so long and so unmercifully. Give the kid a chance. Give him time. This is the most difficult position in all of sports. There is a reason why the elite are paid ungodly sums of money. Some guys like Dan Marino excelled immediately but most, like Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman needed time to learn and grow. I watched Joe Namath grow and develop with his team. It took four years for them to win a SB but it was worth it and along the way we had some exciting, fun and quality football to
  14. I'm taking nothing back. No regrets. They got it solved. all well and good. should have been done before training camp began but that's water under the bridge.
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