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  1. How can you not like this guy? And for people who somehow find something negative about this, please get a life.
  2. Just tested positive. I have been fully vaxxed with the booster. The symptoms are like a middle of the road cold. However, my grandchildren have it worse. Hopefully will build up an immunity to this. Good luck everyone.
  3. I know this is an incredibly negative post, but how can you blame the guy? Does anyone really feel optimistic, and, if so, why? This year has been a disaster. Going into the season, I didn't expect to win a lot of games but I was hopeful that the team might be fun to watch. Saleh had a good reputation, etc. He's been a terrible disappointment. I know it's very early but I bet if you took a poll around the league, most people would highly doubt that Zach Wilson will ever be a quality QB in the league. The defense is putrid and the offensive line stinks. And the team seems
  4. The Giants stink and yesterday they lost to the Cowboys in a game that wasn't particularly competitive. But the defense didn't quit. They played hard until the end and they were tackling hard. They played with pride. I would like to see that. Nothing less is acceptable. I don't care if they don't have a lot of talent.
  5. Glad to hear that this young man is OK. Such a dangerous game. Can't begrudge these guys the good money they make. They take a lot of risk.
  6. What we need is wins under Zach Wilson so that the team has confidence that this kid can do what Joe Namath did 50+ years ago. The number one pick is very seductive but why would you believe that we would get it right. Even if we picked the consensus top player in the draft by every credible authority, he would probably be a bust, or if he was any good would get injured. Tired of wishing and hoping that draft picks and free agency acquisitions will be the cure all. Win games!
  7. If they don't turn this putrid garbage dump around in the next year or so, I pray that Woody moves his sh*t show to London. Finally, I would be released to root for a real football team and not this poor excuse for a joke.
  8. Please God let this be true. I could then in good conscience find a new team.
  9. If the Jets (or the Giants) were restaurants, they would have closed down years ago. Their product is garbage and no matter how hard they try (and I do believe they are trying hard), they just can't get any better. A collective 7 wins. Pathetic. These organizations survive because they have no competition. That's it. If you are a passionate sports fan, there's no changing colors after you pick your team. You're stuck. For life. And the sickest thing of all is that the value of the franchises keeps going up despite the fact that the value of their product continues to decline. What a
  10. Matt Amendola was not good. However, I do not remember him missing two PATs in succession. Whoever recommended that Amendola be cut and replaced by this new kicker needs to be fired immediately. This guy Kessman is not NFL eligible and the person or persons responsible for him being on the team need to go. The Jets have been terrible for a very long time because the people responsible for talent evaluation have been incompetent. Moreover, it is time that JD wake up and realize that FG kickers are a valuable asset to an NFL football team. How many games are decided by three points or less.
  11. Bad karma to rejoice at this news.
  12. I saw that someone claims to have a successful system: pick to team that failed to cover over the team that covered the previous week. Not promoting this but it is interesting.
  13. They used the second pick of the draft to select Zach Wilson. The season is not over. They just won with Wilson starting after being out 4 weeks with an injury which is not completely healed. As painful as it is, they have to play Wilson as long as he's healthy. It would be irresponsible to do anything else. Mike White had a great game, but they have to go with Wilson.
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