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  1. I understand why Jet fans, particularly the younger ones, are tired of hearing about Joe Namath and Super Bowl III. Yankee fans used to wear hats that said "1917" to mock the Red Sox and Islander fans shouted "1940" at Ranger fans. I don't want to live in the past. I hunger for a Super Bowl and pray that Sam Darnold can be the guy to bring us to the Promised Land. A sense of history, however, is not a bad thing. The Joe Willy era was not just one day nor was it one person. It was exciting to watch consistently excellent football over an extended period of time. Good running, blocking, tackling, special teams, etc. Sundays were fun. I want that back in the worst way. Hopefully, Joe Douglas can snap the decades- long trend of lousy drafting and bad personnel decision making. Hopefully, I am wrong about the Head Coach. J-E-T-S. Jets. Jets. Jets!
  2. Thank you Mike Vrabel and the Titans for sticking it to the Pats and their fans. Definitely a step in the right direction, particularly since it comes on the heels of an ignominious defeat in Miami. I saw that Patriot fans were burning Brady's jersey after the game. Guess they are too young or ignorant to know that for decades the Pats sucked. Let's hope they never make the playoffs again.
  3. Prior to the start of the Seattle-Eagles game, they posted an interesting graphic. None of the top four passing teams was in the playoffs. All of the top four rushing teams were in the playoffs. I understand that these stats need to be closely examined, but I wonder if our current HC understands the value of the rushing game.
  4. I will believe it when the body is cold. Not getting my hopes up yet.
  5. Chan Gailey was atrocious. Ryan FitzPatrick is a solid back up QB capable of doing great things and winning games--until it really matters. There is a reason why he's never played in a playoff game in 15 years.
  6. I've never studied Joe Namath's statistics. I just watched him play for years and lead the Jets to the most important victory in the history of the NFL. YouTube has the NFL (Browns-Colts) 1968 championship game and you can see what a great team Baltimore had back then. They set a record for shut outs (5) that year. When Namath played, you always believed the Jets could win--even if they were down 21 points going into the 4th quarter. Old timers like me don't want to dwell in the past. We want the Jets to be a quality, exciting, winning team. We know the taste of glory and want it back. PS. Anyone who compares Joe Namath to Mark Sanchez should find another hobby.
  7. He was a pretty good CB when he played for the Rams but a complete bust after the Jets paid him. Something to keep in mind before jumping into FA with both feet. I would cut him now. He is not committed and it's obvious. Precisely the kind of person you don't want in your locker room if you are trying to develop a team-oriented winning culture.
  8. This is terrific news for Jet fans. Chan Gailey is terrible. Ultra conservative. Loser. Love having him as OC for team in AFC East.
  9. Hey, Come on over and drink this Kool Aid. It''s good for you.
  10. Dear GumboBoat: Did you watch the Eagles yesterday?
  11. We finally have a guy who can stretch the field--and he has chemistry with the young quarterback. I'm not absolutely sold on him, but I would think long and hard before I let him get swooped up by someone else-particularly Miami or some other team in our Division.
  12. Well coached teams do not lose to the Bengals in 2019. Ask Freddie Kitchens, or do you think he did a good job, too.
  13. After years of dreadful football, you have been conditioned to set the bar very low. Not me. One touchdown against second stringers doesn't cut it with me.
  14. We want the Giants to sign him. Get a 4th round pick I believe.
  15. Never said this before but I'm loving the Dolphins. I pray that this is the beginning of the end of the Patriot Dynasty.
  16. One touchdown against subs. Says it all. Jets defense shows promise. Gregg Williams did a terrific job. Two or three losing seasons and we'll be complaining about the new incompetent head coach. The Giants will be back in the playoffs before the Jets.
  17. I've been a fan since Joe Willie was a rookie. It's painful to see the team and the organization in such disarray. I'm not very optimistic about the future because I think the ownership is atrocious and incapable of making the correct decisions. Hopefully, I am wrong. I would love to see the Jets play exciting, competitive football for a change. This will be the fourth consecutive losing season and double digit losses at that. Very disheartening. They simply have to start winning more games than they lose. It's as simple as that. Everything else is BS. I'm not going crazy about the draft or who they pick up in FA. I'm not going to get excited about the hype pumped out by the beat writers in the summer or any of the BS on the TV and radio talk shows. As Parcells said, you are what your record is--that's all that matters. Talk to me next season. I'm not holding my breath.
  18. Not sure if it is the entire game but there is a YouTube of the 1968 AFC Championship. Those were the days when men wore the green and white.
  19. I think you nailed it. Deeply, deeply depressing and no light at the end of the tunnel. I think Adam Gase has mental health issues. In any event, like many people who become head coach, he cares more about his authority than winning. If he was supposed to develop Sam Darnold, he's failed miserably. Maybe Joe Douglas will be better than his idiotic predecessors but I wonder if he is really the person calling the shots. The Johnson's are incompetent and there is no way to improve on that. Very, very unlikely that they will sell the team. Looks like we'll have another double digit losing season for the fourth consecutive year. I see absolutely no reason why next season or the one following will be any better. I used to wonder if I would ever see another Championship in my lifetime. Now I wonder if I will ever see another playoff game.
  20. With the game on the line and less than two minutes to go, the Jets started on their own 25 yard line. They won. Enough said.
  21. As Francesa says, nothing gets to owners more than empty seats. Maybe the Johnson's will take the hint and do something constructive to fix this mess but don't hold your breath.
  22. Very happy with the result. Always want the Jets to win every game. The Jets, however, did not cover so my advice was good (for a change).
  23. I believe that every time the Jets were favored this year they lost outright. I hope I'm wrong but I expect that to happen again this Sunday. What a scathing indictment against their coaching staff.
  24. I agree with all your comments except the remarks about Sam Darnold. First, I think he has played well under extremely difficult circumstances and has shown that he could be a first class QB capable of taking the Jets to the Promised Land. Second, you have to give young QBs time to learn and acclimate themselves to the NFL. I watched Joe Namath develop. It took time for him, too. But I guess you probably think drafting Joe Namath was a mistake.

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