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  1. If the Jets haven't "won anything" during Jamal Adams' tenure, it's not his fault. He has played consistently at a very high level, something that most Jet fans don't understand because most of their players are barely average at best. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush but you probably don't understand what that means. Maybe if you're lucky, the 2020 season will be canceled. Then you can keep the BS flowing uninterrupted for another year.
  2. God forbid anyone knock the Jets or say anything negative. I guess after decades of losing, you just accept it.
  3. If your business is losing football games and never making the playoffs. Could you imagine what the Johnson Brothers would be doing if they didn't inherit billions. Pizza Delivery might be a stretch. Anyway, it's all BS until the games start.
  4. Several very disturbing things about this situation. Why would two young, talented and successful guys with million dollar contracts be robbing people at gunpoint? Why are they even in Liberty City? Why have they already been condemned in the media even before they have been arraigned? An accusation is not a conviction. Already I have read that there are witnesses who have signed sworn affidavits stating that the accused did not take part in the alleged wrongdoing. Let's not rush to judgment. Imagine that you or a loved one stands accused.
  5. Legendary coach of the Baltimore Colts and Miami Dolphins dies peacefully at the age of 90. Clearly one of the best of all time. Won more games than any other coach. Will always be grateful to him for losing Super Bowl III. That was a terrific Colts team. Set the record for shutouts in a single season.
  6. Overall, I think it was a very solid draft and I feel better about my team now then I did before the draft. Between the draft and FA, the offensive line, on paper, seems to be much better. We have improved the WR room and may have a nice complimentary back for Bell. Finally, a GM who thinks offense is important. I really like the first two picks. Becton and Mims have the potential to be stars in the league. In any event, both appear to automatically be a big upgrade but, like everything else, time will tell. JD drafted for need but also went after players who showed something besides pure athleticism. Guys who overcame adversity with good work ethic. He also added two corners and an edge rusher with potential. Look, we all know that it's BS until they start playing real games and prove it on the feel. But for now, I am going to allow myself to feel good. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS! PS. Before you hate on picking a punter, I suggest you watch some tape on this player. I'm older and remember how valuable Ray Guy was for the Raiders.
  7. We picked Leo Williams #6 and Quinnen Williams #3. Both were can't miss studs. Leo was described as the best player in the entire draft. We took Quinnen rather than taking a chance with Josh Allen or Ed Oliver. How do those can't miss picks look now?
  8. The Jets (i.e., Woody Johnson) decision to sigh Tebow right after they threw a ton of money at Mark Sanchez was an extraordinarily stupid move by ordinary NFL standards but par for the course of the hapless Jets who were more interested in winning the back page than football games. Tebow was not up to NFL QB standards. He does a lot of good things for young people with disabilities so I admire him for that and give him a pass.
  9. 1965. Joe Willie's rookie year. I actually caddied for the Jets' other QB. He and Joe split the first six games. Can anyone identify him? He won the Rose Bowl.
  10. Championships are not won with warm bodies or average players. Championships are won by talented players who play with passion. Players who have a burning desire to win above all else. That is what over 50 years of being a sports fan tells me. Tom Brady. Michael Jordan. Kobe. Jamal Adams is one of the most talented players the Jets have drafted in decades. He plays with passion and wants to win badly. he also wants to be a Jet. How many lousy draft picks do you need to experience to understand that they are always risky. We know what we have in Jamal. I say keep him.
  11. There were people who though Joseph Stalin was a wonderful human being who did a terrific job. You know what they say about opinions.
  12. For more than a decade I heard whining, crying and moaning about how we lacked a WR who could "stretch the field." With Andersen, we finally had one who could: a legitimate deep threat who definitely showed promise. Maybe if we had more than an XFL line that could protect Sam for more than half a nanosecond, Robby might have been more productive. Now we will never know. We definitely need to pick up a Quality WR with speed, hands and route running ability if we hope to even compete. Either in the draft or FA and, preferably, both. I know that there are a lot of people who disagree with me, and I know that signing Robby had risk, but I can't help but believe that JD was penny wise and pound foolish on this one. Truly hope that I am profoundly wrong.
  13. It's difficult to accurately assess a Quarterback who plays behind a line that allowed 52 sacks in a season. (When the Jets won their one and only Super Bowl, the line gave up 9 sacks). Let's give Sam a half way decent line and quality receivers and then make a judgment. Right now, his selection in the Draft is one of the very few good things that Mike Maccagnan did.
  14. Greg Van Roten grew up on Long Island (Rockville Centre) and is a graduate of Chaminade High School. He is also a life long Jet fan with lots of friends and family in the area rooting for him and the Jets.
  15. I like what JD is doing here. He's the anti-Maccagnan. Not spending a fortune on big names. Looks like he is getting quality at value. I still want him to pick up a tackle in either the first or second round and get a WR in either the first or second round. We have neglected the offense too long. The name of the game is to score more points than the other guy. Greg Williams will get a lot out of what's given to him. If Mosely is healthy and Avery Williams comes back in good health, the D should be effective.
  16. Catch passes, score touchdowns, win games. All is forgotten and forgiven.
  17. Larry David and Joe Benigno, like myself, are long time Jet fans who are sick and tired of the gut sickening ineptitude of the Jet organization which is of Biblical proportion. Even the children of Israel wandered in the desert for only 40 years. We are frustrated but have no where else to turn. Once a Jet fan, always a Jet fan. It's in the blood. The Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where the "Jets killed Carl" was satirical and funny. If that stopped a free agent from coming to the Jets, I wouldn't want him. If the Johnson Brothers were offended, so much the better. BTW, I have no doubt that the Jets would be in much better shape today if Larry David or Cosmo Kramer had been making draft picks and other personnel decisions.
  18. Larry said there were only two good seasons in the last 50 years: 1969 and maybe 1998. Woody was not the owner for either.
  19. As Piglet used to say: "What a mess!"
  20. I have thought a lot about this as well. I would have thought that Joe Douglas would clean house and replace the scouting staff with new people, if possible. What's going on here?
  21. Listening to Bart Scott today, the Free Agent market will have an unusually high number of quality offensive linemen and edge rushers. The draft is supposed to be deep at the wide receiver position. If Joe Douglas is any good, he should be able to make moves in the off season which can materially improve the team. Let's hope he can break the pattern.
  22. Unless they do something spectacular in free agency, the Jets simply have to draft an OL. There definitely should be a quality offensive lineman when the Jets pick. They have neglected this position too long. I've stated the obvious but it needs to be repeated. The number one asset is Sam Darnold. They need to protect him. First things first. Then edge rusher, Corner, and WR
  23. If Joe Douglas did that he would need a team of bodyguards 24/7. That is absurd.
  24. Maybe 50 years ago. For more than 10 years, it has been extremely hard to watch.

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