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  1. Good game, all! Thanks for inviting me, Nynaeve, and thanks for making me feel welcome, all.
  2. Thank you for the vote counts. Smash, and thank you for the color-coded counts earlier, Nolder.
  3. *taken a break. I'm already overweight and don't need more bread.
  4. I could easily have chosen two scum as my town core, especially after just reading the game in one sitting and not having interacted with people during the game myself. Also, I think I am getting burned out on mafia. I have signed up for every available game on DM since my first one, and in this game and the last one over there, I can feel my enthusiasm waning and see the quality of my play and the degree of my effort steadily drop, so I am just going to sheep you on this, which is less than the game deserves but more than Dunnie was giving it. I need to recharge my battery. I won a deepwolf game a few weeks ago that really drained me, and I should have taken a bread afterwards. Anyway, Vote: 80
  5. Then don’t. Just give us the flip, and we’ll either keep hunting or congratulate the scum.
  6. Fine. I just want it to end unless we lynch a wolf. Vote JC
  7. I'll tie it up, and someone else can put this game out of its misery, or maybe we get a wolf. Vote Nolder
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