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  1. What happened to @T0mShane?
  2. Darnold will have his best game ever, but he won't become a star.
  3. Emotional Rants, Thoughts and Feelings... amirite @joewilly12
  4. Zach Wilson officially owns the @NFL https://t.co/Gq7V9la5Tg
  5. I almost came to the conclusion that the Jets failures were all because of me. I almost decided to sacrifice myself on the altar of JN and root for the Giants for the benefit of you all. But then I said eff that! It's all because of you! You are the reason for my misery! You should lay down your fandom for me! Ok but how about we try for a few games, just to see if it works? 😉 😉
  6. Does anybody know what the Knicks are doing?
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