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  1. What happened to @T0mShane?
  2. Darnold will have his best game ever, but he won't become a star.
  3. Emotional Rants, Thoughts and Feelings... amirite @joewilly12
  4. Zach Wilson officially owns the @NFL https://t.co/Gq7V9la5Tg
  5. I almost came to the conclusion that the Jets failures were all because of me. I almost decided to sacrifice myself on the altar of JN and root for the Giants for the benefit of you all. But then I said eff that! It's all because of you! You are the reason for my misery! You should lay down your fandom for me! Ok but how about we try for a few games, just to see if it works?
  6. Does anybody know what the Knicks are doing?
  7. Well we certainly got allot tougher this off season.
  8. Yeah, but I don't think we got much back for Buuch.
  9. He is the prince who will be sharing his fortune with me once the wire I sent him clears.
  10. Hockey starts Tuesday, Oct. 12th
  11. "He's one of those guys that plays for keeps every night. The sky's the limit for this kid." Red Deer Rebels President/GM Brent Sutter on what his captain Jayden Grubbe brings to the table: https://t.co/oxLiTSrXxD https://t.co/1uNYofkV4c
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