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  1. Thomas Jones is going to be a beast this year replacing Frank Gore. DO IT!
  2. Gaze walks into a bar has a few drinks and asks what his tab was. The bartender replies that it is twenty dollars plus tip. Gaze says, I'll bet you my tab double or nothing that I can bite my eye. The bartender accepts the bet, then Gaze pulls out his glass eye and bites it. Gaze has a few more drinks and asks for his bill again. The bartender reports that his bill now is thirty dollars plus tip. Gaze bets the bartender he can bite his other eye. The bartender accepts knowing Gaze can't possibly have two glass eyes. Gaze then proceeds by taking out his false teeth and biting his other eye. The bartender says, I didn't know you had a glass eye and false teeth. Gaze says you also didn't know I was a great coach you a$$hole!
  3. ^^^^Makes me think Mac Jones will be the best QB of the class.
  4. So it's the M bowl now... What kind of sh*t is that? Let the Giants win!
  5. Then whose on the MetLife blimp?
  6. Whose they? It will forever be known as the Snoopy Bowl, and it is pertinent that Zach wins this game. No Jets QB ever amounted to anything without a Snoopy bowl win!
  7. It is pertinent that we win the Snoopy Bowl.
  8. Alien tight end signs with his favorite team... Aayala Bellonda swears before Zod that he grew up a Jets fan and vows to return the team to relevance.
  9. Jets top 8 ranked offense, bottom 5 ranked defense... Just so I can hear Gase was a defensive genius schtick from @SAR I
  10. I would eat Gentleman's hog mollies over Macc's french toast.
  11. Note to self: JN is not the place for warning people you care about on the risks associated with experimental gene therapy.
  12. What does T0m McShane on https://newstoter.com/ have to say?
  13. I think they should get new uniforms. Amirite?
  14. The only way Fox wouldn't win is if it was fixed.
  15. https://www.nhl.com/news/brian-leetch-presents-adam-fox-as-norris-trophy-winner/c-325522674 Sent with @NHL
  16. MILF's purse found at bottom of mountain ridge event center.
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