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  1. If Sam flops... Will it be an argument for a team to give Gase another shot?
  2. Sam Darnold, because Adam Gase. If not, @SAR I was right and he should be made JN captain for an unprecedented 3rd time. #Team_SAR_I #MJNGA
  3. I found those cool new Jets jackets! Gotham Green Stealth Black Spotlight White
  4. Stupid thread. We could of had Watson or Mahomes.
  5. So did @Greenbloodblitz really f*ck a calzone?
  6. Great! Zach is a shoulder surgery away from throwing ducks though.
  7. Advice... Speak to the rock, don't strike it!
  8. Hideous! They should have let The Dodgers build there.
  9. The fattest, widest ass I have ever seen was on a lady in Macy's. She had to turn sideways to get on the escalator. Saddlebags for days yo!
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