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  1. What are you willing to spend? I doubt anyone will be scalping tickets that are 6th row in the Dawg Pound. Just think, you may end up on TV if Josh McCown goes legend in his "homecoming" scoring a TD and leaping into the Dawg Pound for Ole times sake (would be hilarious if it happens)
  2. I understand Hofstra, how about you name a price that you think is fair for the game and the seats and I'll consider it because I do want to sell them.
  3. I'm ultimately looking to be able to pay my friends back at least. I am willing you barter with you, and seeing as how it is not a hot ticket, I'll start at $100 each, so $400 total. I have them in pdf form so I can email them to you, the transfer of money to me will be a little tricky since I live in Florida, what would be best for you? EFT or PayPal? If you do end up getting these I highly encourage you to talk as much smack to Pumpkinhead since none of us like him.
  4. See my post in the tickets section if you're interested in 4 tickets in the 6th row (from the field) in the Dawg Pound this Sunday
  5. I originally had a trip planned with my friends to visit Cleveland this weekend, but due to Hurricane Irma, work took away my vacation hours and now I am unable to go on vacation this weekend. If you are travelling to Cleveland for the weekend, I have 4 tickets available in the 6th row in the Dawg Pound this Sunday vs your Jets. Email me if you're interested. I have them in pdf form, it can be a simple transaction. Ssback39@gmail.com
  6. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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