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  1. Winston has all the talent to be great but he is a complete knucklehead if not a flat out felon.
  2. I didn't realize that he wasn't running all that much but he is as skittish in the pocket as he has always been and just isn't any good. I would take him over the garbage we have but Mariota is not leading a team to a championship. Mariota is not a franchise QB and that is what you hope to get with a top 5 pick. He can win if the talent around him is superb but he isn't leading a team to the top. Again if the goal is just to be better than what we have now Mariota qualifies for that but if the goal is to find a top notch QB to lead this franchise to a championship Marcus Mariota has never been that guy and likely never will be.
  3. Where is the impact talent on this roster. Why after 3 years is this still one of the least talented teams in football. Its because this GM is not good at his job but lets waste another couple of years with this clown.
  4. Its much better to keep a guy that has shown that he isn't good at his job because the next guy "could be worse". How about we hire John Dorsey who is a proven winner and finally get this franchise headed in the right direction.
  5. Yes finding a franchise QB is the most important thing but this idea that Maccagnan has been great other than his terrible QB selections is way off base. This GM has done a terrible job overall and its why we have one of the worst rosters in the league after 3 seasons. There is no reason to trust him to find us a great QB and there is no reason why he should keep his job once this season ends.
  6. Breer On Josh Allen

    The Browns may have to trade the pick if Darnold and Rosen refuse to go there which is certainly possible.
  7. Breer On Josh Allen

    I actually like Allen more than most around here but he is so much of a boom or bust guy with little in between that it would be hard for this GM to take the risk. I would certainly draft him before the likes of Jackson and Falk but I think we have to find a way to end up with Darnold, Rosen, or Mayfield.
  8. This fan base has gotten so used to terrible QB play that most of it is willing to settle for mediocrity. I for one want a legitimate franchise QB and to me that means a guy that can be one of the top 10 QBs in the league at the very least. Mariota has never been that guy and neither will Jackson. Darnold and Rosen both have that upside and that is why I wanted this team to lose enough to land one of them. By winning this many games we will probably go back to the scrap heap once again or overdraft a stiff like Jackson or Falk.
  9. Russell Wilson while being mobile is and always has been a very good and accurate passer. The comparison between him and the likes of Mariota and Jackson are way off base. Wilson is a more athletic Drew Brees.
  10. I will save you the time regarding Jackson. He is a very inaccurate passer who makes plays with his legs. He will get destroyed playing like he does in the NFL.
  11. I never liked Mariota and still think he sucks. I will admit that i wanted to trade up for Winston but I wanted no part of Mariota. It is my belief that running QBs like Mariota and Jackson aren't very good.
  12. The only way they will even have the opportunity to trade up for Darnold or Rosen is if the Niners end up picking 1 or 2 or if both QBs refuse to play for Cleveland which is actually a possibility. When all is said and done I don't think that Maccagnan has the guts to trade a ton of picks for a QB. He will probably stay put and pick his usual BPA which will once again be on defense and wait till round 2 to pick one of the scrap QBs like Falk or Browning. If a shocker occurs and Maccagnan rightly gets fired who knows what will happen. This organization has never realized that without a franchise QB you are pretty much going nowhere and I would be surprised if that changes if this GM keeps his job.
  13. I am with you in believing that its Darnold, Rosen, and then Mayfield and the Jets have to end up with one of those three. The one chance the Jets would have to trade up for Darnold or Rosen is if the Niners end up in the top 2 because they have Garoppolo and won't be drafting a QB. I like Allen a lot more than most around here but he is such a boom or bust guy that we just can't afford to take a chance and draft him even though I think he could pan out.
  14. Jackson is not an NFL QB. He is an inaccurate passer and he will get killed running like he does in the NFL. The Jets would be flushing the next few years down the drain if they waste a pick on this guy.
  15. His time should be out once this season ends.