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  1. All you need to know about Parcells and his bullsh*t formula for drafting QBs is that his nonsense is why Peyton Manning wasn't a Jet. When Parcells got the Jets job Manning was a junior at Tennessee and the Mannings wanted a guarantee that Parcells would pick Peyton with the number one overall pick. Manning didn't meet the Parcells criteria so he stayed in school and we traded out of the number one pick. So Bill Parcells cost us Peyton Manning. Jets history would look a lot different if Parcells wasn't so stupid.
  2. Simmons is a loser Patriots fan that is always bitter when it comes to the Jets.
  3. Kirk Cousins is 4-19 against teams that finished above .500. I am thrilled that he bailed us out by signing with Minnesota. I am also extremely happy that we traded up to the third pick and will be excited if we end up with any of Darnold, Rosen, or Mayfield. The thing to complain about is that this organization knew that they wanted a QB in this draft and didn't do everything necessary to land a top 3 pick on their own. All Maccagnan had to do was force Bowles to go with Petty and Hack and we would have won at least 2 less games and had the number two pick which we would have due to winning the tiebreaker. My issue is that McCown cost this organization 3 second round picks but at this point just give me one of the top 3 QBs and I will have a reason to watch next season.
  4. Pennington


    Todd Bowles was extremely flamboyant in the 80s. Check out this video for yourself.
  5. Pennington

    Trading Up Will Happen

    Baker and its not even close. I would never draft a running back top 10 and Barkley is the most overrated prospect in the last 20 years.
  6. Pennington

    Trading Up Will Happen

    I hope your right but I will believe it when I see it.
  7. Pennington


    I have no problem with Rosen over Mayfield but my order is Darnold, Mayfield, Rosen. If we end up with any of the three I will be happy and if we whiff I am not watching next season. Get any one of the top QBs and I will be happy because I refuse to watch McCown and check off Teddy next season.
  8. Pennington

    Breer: Plan was to tank?

    I fully admit that I was in favor of tanking last season and ending up with Darnold or Rosen who I liked more than the 2017 draft QBs but plenty of fans wanted one of those QBs. Personally I wanted to trade down and pick up a first rounder for the 2018 draft just in case we won too many games and needed the extra picks to move up.
  9. Pennington


    I move up to 3 for Mayfield who I prefer over Rosen anyway.
  10. Pennington


    Rosen at the very least is a weird kid with limited at best leadership skills. No doubt the kid can spin it but he is not the face of the franchise kind of guy the Giants look for. I would be fine if the Jets end up with him but I have him third behind both Darnold and Mayfield.
  11. Pennington

    Breer: Plan was to tank?

    I don't care where he was slotted to go. An in the box safety will never be the best player in any draft. Jamarcus Russell was once considered the consensus best player in his draft and he clearly wasn't worth the pick and neither was big mouth Adams.
  12. Pennington


    May be unpopular but its the truth though you've got to admit that Adams at the very least has a hall of fame mouth.
  13. Pennington

    Breer: Plan was to tank?

    Calling Adams the best player in the 2017 draft is laughable.
  14. Pennington


    Only an idiot wouldn't be willing to make that deal on our end. The Giants on the other hand would either laugh or hang up angrily.
  15. Pennington

    All,Four QBs Could Be Gone Before Pick 6

    You actually owe it to your fans to finally draft a young franchise QB. You know the paying customers that are tired of watching retread after retread while other organizations draft young QBs.

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