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  1. Darnold has been put into an impossible situation and did a great job at the end of last season showing why he will be a franchise QB. He has had Bowles and now Gase as his head coaches and absolutely terrible talent around him especially with the offensive line. No QB is going to put up all pro numbers with these coaches and players around him. As great as a guy like Mahomes is he is also fortunate to have Andy Reid as his coach and great players around him. Yes the QB is the most important position in the sport but you cant expect too much when you surround any QB with the garbage talent that we have surrounded Darnold with. Sam is a far better player than Tua will ever be and its really laughable that some people want to replace him when he has not been given a real chance to succeed. Let Douglas fire Gase at the end of the season and let him build up the talent around Darnold. No QB is going to succeed as long as we keep hiring terrible coaches and draft as poorly as we did under Maccagnan. Hopefully Douglas has a good eye for talent because its the only way that Darnold or any other QB will ever be successful.
  2. This is one of the dumbest contracts ever given out and the Jets better never give anywhere near this type of money to big mouth Adams.
  3. Jim Caldwell who is a retread loser and has no other job prospects is what this sorry franchise is going to end up with.
  4. The offensive version of Bowles is getting this job. He is everything these dopes are looking for. He is an offensive coach with previous head coaching experience and won't have an issue with having no personnel control. This will be about as bad a hire as possible. He will come cheap and not make any waves. The Jets will never make the playoffs with him coaching them and the endless cycle of losing will continue. This is the time to be bold and hire a young up and coming offensive mind like Zac Taylor or Shane Waldron who can grow with Darnold. Instead we will make the boring hire of Caldwell who has no upside whatsoever. Get ready for the offensive version of Bowles to continue running this franchise into the ground.
  5. I'm curious to those who have David Shaw listed if they actually watch college football at all. Shaw is as conservative as it gets and I want absolutely no part of him coaching Darnold. This guy is probably the most overrated coach in college football.
  6. Lincoln Riley Pete Carmichael Freddie Kitchens Scott Frost John DeFillipo I want an offensive minded head coach so I have eliminated both Harbaughs from the list because I have had enough with conservative offenses which is the last thing we should be running with Darnold at QB. McCarthy is eliminated because he underachieved badly with the greatest QB to ever play. All of my choices are young innovative offensive coaches that will get the best out of Darnold which is the key to the Jets being a consistent championship contender.
  7. Its pretty much the equivalent of saying that Glen Sather developed Wayne Gretzky. Sorry for the cross sport reference but any time I can take a shot at Sather I just have to do it.
  8. I don't care that Harbaugh played the position. Look at the style of offense his team plays. He runs an extremely conservative offense which is not what a team with Sam Darnold needs to do to be most successful. We can go back and forth on this all day but I doubt it matters because he isn't leaving Michigan for this franchise. Harbaugh is a good coach but not the right one with a franchise QB. He would be great for a team like Jacksonville who plays great defense and just needs a game manager at QB to succeed.
  9. Landing Darnold was a fluke. Maccagnan wanted Cousins and we got lucky that Cleveland and especially NYG passed on Darnold. If the draft goes Mayfield, Darnold we are stuck with Rosen who sucks. All you need to know about Maccagnan is that once we let him go there is about a 0% chance that he ever ascends to another GM job in the league. Just because he fluked into a franchise QB after tons of blunders doesn't mean he is qualified to keep his job.
  10. Harbaugh may have played QB but his mentality is LB all the way. His offenses have always been conservative and run oriented even when he had Luck at Stanford. I have had enough of the ground and pound defensive minded coaches especially now when we finally have a QB to air it out with.
  11. Alex Smith is and was always a game manager and thats exactly the type of QB that Harbaugh wants. I have no interest in running the ball 60 percent of the time with Sam Darnold as our QB. I want this team to finally have an explosive offense which will never occur under a Jim Harbaugh coached team.
  12. Four years and the roster is still garbage. Firing this clown is far from a knee jerk reaction. We lucked into Darnold and its about time we do everything we can not to squander his career.
  13. We finally have a franchise QB and fans are willing to risk his development on yet another defensive minded head coach. This is our chance to finally put together a top NFL offense and thats exactly why a coach like Harbaugh is not the answer. If we had a Tannehill type of QB I would be all for Harbaugh but not when we have Sam Darnold who needs to be unleashed.
  14. I completely disagree. Rodgers is the best ever and has been screwed by an inept front office and terrible coaching. If you switch Rodgers and Brady you would see Rodgers with 8-10 championships and Brady with zero.
  15. Rodgers is the best QB to ever play the game and the Packers haven't done nearly enough during his time. Its a big reason why I want nothing to do with McCarthy.

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