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  1. I am pretty certain that Darnold and Rosen are the only two QBs that we would be willing to move up for and why would anyone actually believe that Maccagnan would be willing to meet the price which will be stiff. There really is no cost too high to land a franchise QB but this GM doesn't really believe that to be the case.
  2. I too completely want Mayfield but Cimini is convinced that the Jets will have absolutely no interest.
  3. Calling Mogglez......

    Mac is too gutless to make a move for a QB.
  4. Calling Mogglez......

    I mentioned this in another thread but Mogglez said that the Jets like Mayfield. Is this really true because Cimini is convinced that there is no way that the Jets would pick him with the 6th pick. As I have said many times I think we have to do whatever is necessary to end up with one of Darnold, Mayfield, or Rosen.

    Bowles like Rex before him and most defensive head coaches would rather lose 13-10 than win 35-34.
  6. I know that Mogglez thinks the Jets like Mayfield but Cimini is convinced that there is no way the Jets are picking him.
  7. One of the first things I thought of when reading about the drop in ticket prices was that it signaled that we weren't drafting a QB. If the Jets were to actually land one of Darnold, Rosen, or Mayfield there would actually be some excitement around the team and they wouldn't have to lower prices. Maccagnan is scared s***less to draft a QB and Bowles just wants a veteran to hand the ball off all game.
  8. This is exactly why I am willing to do whatever necessary to land one of Darnold, Rosen, or Mayfield.
  9. Coaching Carousel 2018

    The Belichick coaching tree has been all duds unless you consider O'Brien to be a good coach which I do not.
  10. Cousins is not a top 10 QB. He is in the same realm as Alex Smith. Both decent players that are incapable of lifting a team to greatness which is what 25 million or so per season should get you.
  11. Find a way to get Darnold, Rosen, or Mayfield. At the very least we should be able to trade up to 3 to get Mayfield. I have had it with aiming for mediocrity and want to take a shot at greatness for once. I am not saying that Cousins is bad or wouldn't be a huge upgrade over what we have. What I am saying is that he is not an elite QB that is worth paying 25 million or so per season. If we had a good team that just needed a decent QB to get us over the top it would make sense to sign Cousins but that is not where this team is.
  12. Exactly Cousins has won nothing yet we are supposed to pay him like he is Aaron Rodgers. It would certainly be a Jets thing to do but I am completely against it.
  13. The Rams had a very good roster that underachieved due to having Jeff effing Fisher as its head coach. Going from Fisher to McVay is why they made the playoffs not free agency.
  14. Sorry but we aren't building a championship roster overnight even if we didn't have a clueless GM. I think you really underestimate just how far away this roster is.
  15. The Redskins sure as hell have more talent that the Jets do and he hasn't gotten them to the playoffs. If he was a top tier QB as he will surely be paid like he would have gotten his team to the playoffs. Cousins has played like crap in pretty much every big game he has ever played in going back to his days at Michigan St. If this was a great roster that was just a decent QB away from being a legitimate contender I would understand signing Cousins. Unfortunately we have one of the worst teams in the league and one or two offseasons will not take us from garbage status to contending. Cousins makes sense for a team like Jacksonville that is just a decent QB away but he just makes no sense for this team at this time. We have an idiot GM and coach with a roster that has holes all over the place. This idea that we can just spend our way into contention is so incredibly misguided.