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  1. We weren’t unlucky in regards to Peyton Manning. He didn’t come out because Archie wanted a guarantee from Parcells that we would draft him; Peyton wanted to play for the Jets and specifically for Parcells. Parcells had a formula for drafting QBs that he didn’t deviate from. The QB had to start 4 years and win I think 28 games. In other words he was unwilling to draft a junior QB so he told the Mannings we weren’t interested so he stayed an extra year at Tennessee. Yes we have had some bad luck in the draft but most of the time this organization just screwed itself over. Thank Bill Parcells for the Jets QB woes all those years because he and he alone is the reason why Peyton Manning wasn’t a Jet.
  2. Rhule is way too conservative and that’s why they blew the game last night. He has done a solid job at Baylor but they could easily have 3 or 4 more losses in games they lucked out and won. Joe Brady is THE college coach to hire; he learned under Payton with the Saints and has turned the LSU offense from looking Jets like to being the most explosive in college football
  3. So LSU scored another 58 points last night. Before this season they had an offense that was just as inept as the Jets current offense and Joe Burrow was considered a day three pick at best. Joe Brady is an offensive genius and the best coaching candidate out there at any level.
  4. Orgeron is a figurehead coach who will only be successful when he has great coaches around him. Brady has made this coach not the other way around. LSU basically went from having a Jets like offense to KC or New Orleans overnight with the only difference being Brady added to the staff.
  5. People laughed when the Rams hired Sean McVay with the conventional wisdom being he was too young and not quite ready for the big time. Those same people would snicker if we hired Brady but just like McVay it won’t be long before this guy is considered one of the best coaches around. Brady learned under one of the great offensive coaches in football and what he has done with LSU is nothing short of incredible. Burrow was a guy that looked undraftable a year ago and now he is a lock Heisman winner who may end up the first pick in the draft. For once I would like to swing for the fences and hire a guy that the potential to lead this team for the next decade and turn Darnold into the great QB I think he can be. The fact is this is a long term project with this roster as bad as it is. Yes I realize that this move may be a year or even years too early but we can let Brady grow with Darnold. Honestly it’s enough with the retreads and has beens with no upside. Joe Brady is quite possibly the next McVay and the time to get him is now before a smart organization or big time college program hires him. Take a chance on greatness and hire this guy to turn us into a championship organization.
  6. You want a name that no one has been smart enough to bring up as the coach to develop Darnold and be the long term answer that this franchise hasn’t had in decades. Well this is the guy and I will be the first to name him as the guy I want to coach the Jets. I am sure that none of you have even heard of Joe Brady. Well this is the guy that has turned the LSU offense from complete garbage to arguably the best in the country and turned Joe Burrow from mediocre college QB to a Heisman trophy winner and sure fire first round pick. LSU hired Brady from the Saints where he learned under Sean Payton. Brady is only 30 years old and is basically the college version of Sean McVay. Hire him now while we have the chance instead of waiting until it’s too late. Yes it may be a year or two early and it’s definitely a risky hire but we will be kicking ourselves in a few years when Brady becomes a head coaching star elsewhere. Swing for the fences and hire Joe Brady as the next head coach of the Jets.
  7. This damn organization is good for nothing. We finally have a potential franchise QB and we are on the verge of ruining him due to terrible coaching, an embarrassing offensive line and a complete lack of playmakers. This offseason needs to be all about getting the best out of this QB. Hire a real coach that will get the best out of Darnold and draft a ton of offensive linemen. Hopefully Douglas is the exact opposite of Maccagnan or we are doomed.
  8. Darnold has been put into an impossible situation and did a great job at the end of last season showing why he will be a franchise QB. He has had Bowles and now Gase as his head coaches and absolutely terrible talent around him especially with the offensive line. No QB is going to put up all pro numbers with these coaches and players around him. As great as a guy like Mahomes is he is also fortunate to have Andy Reid as his coach and great players around him. Yes the QB is the most important position in the sport but you cant expect too much when you surround any QB with the garbage talent that we have surrounded Darnold with. Sam is a far better player than Tua will ever be and its really laughable that some people want to replace him when he has not been given a real chance to succeed. Let Douglas fire Gase at the end of the season and let him build up the talent around Darnold. No QB is going to succeed as long as we keep hiring terrible coaches and draft as poorly as we did under Maccagnan. Hopefully Douglas has a good eye for talent because its the only way that Darnold or any other QB will ever be successful.

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