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  1. Even Parcells screwed the Jets with the QB position. I am not sure if most of you know this but Peyton Manning wanted to play for Parcells and the family just wanted the team to guarantee that they would pick him. Of course with the Jets luck they wouldn't do that because Parcells had some stupid formula that to draft a QB he had to be a senior and had to have won I believe 28 college games. Manning was only a junior so Parcells essentially told him to go back to school. Imagine what this team could have been with Parcells coaching Peyton.
  2. I don't know what you Notre Dame fans expect from Kelly. Whether you like it or not the school will not let in the type of academic misfits that the Clemsons and Alabamas happily take in. Kelly does as much as he can with the good but not elite talent that he is able to recruit.
  3. He hasn't been irreparably damaged. Hire Joe Brady or Arthur Smith and you will see what Sam is capable of. Somehow Tannehill has become a good QB after being ruined by Gase.
  4. No we don't have to move on from a 23 year old QB. If the Jets get the first overall pick and you are convinced that Lawrence is the best prospect since Andrew Luck I can understand moving on from Darnold. If the team picks in any other spot and drops Darnold for way inferior prospects like Fields or Lance it will be one of the biggest mistakes in franchise history. Smart organizations like Pittsburgh and New Orleans will be lining up to trade for Darnold. To give this guy up without Lawrence as his replacement is such a Jets thing to do.
  5. I would have liked a Kelly hire 10 years ago but I don't think he has the time or energy to take on this job. Joe Brady and Arthur Smith should be the only two candidates.
  6. He's not my first choice but I wouldn't be upset with the hire unlike Shaw who is terrible. I want a young up and coming coach that can grow with the team. Joe Brady is the next McVay or Shanahan and he should be the choice.
  7. This organization is complete trash from ownership on down. Darnold was put into an impossible situation. Hire Joe Brady and he will get the best out of Darnold. I can live with Lawrence and trading Darnold though I think Sam is every bit as talented but if we get rid of Darnold for Fields or Lance I will never watch another Jets game. Seriously Sam is the most talented QB this team has drafted since Namath and they need to do what they can to surround him with real talent and a coaching staff that will get the best out of him because he can definitely be the franchise QB we haven't had since Namath.
  8. How exactly was his record full of easy wins when he coached at Central Michigan and Cincinnati. He was facing teams with the same level of talent that he was coaching. Kelly is an excellent coach and I would hire him 100 times out of 100 over Shaw who sucks.
  9. Yes it would definitely be the incompetent Pep Hamilton as OC. Shaw would be such an embarrassing hire.
  10. Why would he. He makes as much if not more at Clemson than he would ever make here. He basically gets to pick his own players there and all he has to do is hire great coordinators as he has done and stay out of the way.
  11. Those of you that are pining for Shaw must not watch college football.
  12. David Shaw is probably the most overrated coach at any level. If you hire him you will be begging for the innovative offense that Gase is running. Shaw consistently runs the most boring offenses imaginable. If you are looking at the college level you should just do the smart thing and hire Joe Brady who is the next great coach. He learned under Payton with the Saints before turning Joe Burrow into a Heisman winner and is now doing a frantastic job with check down Teddy in Carolina. Personally I have lost most of my faith in Douglas but if he is dumb enough to bring in David Shaw he would have the intelligence level of Maccagnan.
  13. Of course he would be a great choice.........if he was healthy. Meyer has had heart problems and this job would surely kill him.
  14. Roman and Daboll are two disastrous choices.

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