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  1. Pennington


    Damn we got so lucky that Cousins saved this organization from just one more huge Maccagnan mistake. I feel very confident in saying that a vast majority of fans on this site would have done a much better job drafting than this dopey dopey man. I have no confidence that this ownership will get the next GM hire right but honestly we can't do any worse than this clown and just as a broken clock is right twice a day we have at least a chance of hiring someone competent next time. Why is the vast majority of the media defending this guy. It doesn't take a genius to see that this roster is total garbage and that our drafts have been complete failures. There is no excuse whatsoever for keeping Maccagnan after the season. We finally have our QB and its time to put the correct GM and coach around him.
  2. Pennington

    Hypotheitcal QB Question

    Darnold has the most upside out of any of these QBs but he will be a bust if we don't replace Maccagnan and Bowles. I think we finally have our franchise QB and I would hate to see him wasted but this organization is well on its way to doing just that.
  3. Pennington

    John Harbaugh to the Jets?

    If we don't care about developing Darnold or actually having a top of the league offense either of the Harbaughs would be a solid choice. The best teams in the league all feature wide open up tempo offenses so sure lets go with another ground and pound jerkoff. I would take a shot at finding the next Sean McVay; lets swing for the fences for once instead of going with the safe boring choice.
  4. Pennington

    Cannizzaro said it. Bowles to be fired.

    Mac is even worse at his job than Bowles is yet the media continues to give this joke a pass. The only way that the GM gets fired is if we lose out and make it known to ownership that we hate the job he has done. This ownership is completely clueless and only responds to pressure from the fans. Fly the banners and bombard the team with emails demanding that Maccgannan gets fired along with Bowles. I have little doubt that we will screw up the next search as well but I am willing to take the chance that we luck into a good GM and coach. We finally have a potential franchise QB. We must do everything we can to rid us of this coach and GM or Darnold will just be labeled a bust in a few years because this GM has a CFL quality roster around him and you just know the next coach will just be another conservative loser.
  5. Pennington

    Was There Ever Any Doubt ...

    Do you watch Michigan play because they play an extremely conservative offense. This is not the guy to develop Darnold. Let Harbaugh continue to get abused every season by Urban Meyer.
  6. Pennington

    Kliff Kingsbury

    Kingsbury is a great offensive mind but I want no part of him if it means Bowles stays. Also lets face Bowles fired Morton because he threw it too much so he wouldn't want Kingsbury anyway. Kliff is going to be an OC at a big time school like Miami or a smart NFL team but it won't be under toilet who is done coaching in 5 weeks.
  7. Bowles goal in these games is to keep the score respectable. He considers it a moral victory to only lose by 14 to a clearly superior team. Let this jackass enjoy these last 5 games because they will be his last as a head coach at any level.
  8. Pennington

    Was There Ever Any Doubt ...

    Harbaugh and his 1960s offense is not what this team and more specifically what Darnold needs to reach his super high potential. Meyer abused Harbaugh yesterday like he has every other time they have played. This team needs a coach who knows offense and that is not Jim Harbaugh or his brother.
  9. Pennington


    Cimini mentions that its expected that Maccagnan will get to finish up his "rebuilding project". Is that code for he will be allowed to continue making this roster the worst in the NFL or that he will spend big to get the Jets to that elusive 7 or 8 win mark next season before it falls apart again. We have the young QB and cap space to lure a top GM and young offensive head coach so lets not waste anymore time with this loser. Lets keep up the pressure so the media can finally wake up and start writing articles about how inept this clown is. Yeah ownership will probably screw up the next GM and coaching search but a broken clock is right twice a day and those are better odds than letting Maccagnan stay on.
  10. Pennington


    Since today is a day that ends in y the message is still the same; Maccagnan is worthless and needs to be fired. Lets keep this topic at the top so hopefully ownership is made aware of how much the fans hate this loser.
  11. Pennington

    Jim Harbaugh

    No Harbaugh cannot develop QBs and his offenses flat out suck.
  12. Pennington

    Jim Harbaugh

    Meyer owns Harbaugh and a lot of it is due to Ohio State running a modern offense and Harbaugh being way too conservative with his offense. Meyer would never come here but he is the one college coach I would want.
  13. Pennington

    Jim Harbaugh

    I am too lazy to read through this entire thread but my opinion on both Harbaughs is the same; I don't want either of them coaching this team and more specifically Sam Darnold. They are both too old school and their offenses flat out suck. This team needs a young offensive guru to get the most out of Darnold.
  14. Pennington


    Time for the daily bump of the best topic on here. Fire this piece of garbage loser before he ruins the career of Sam Darnold. Maccagnan has no place in any NFL front office much less being a GM. Bowles sucks no doubt and will be fired but if this idiot stays on as GM it won't matter who we hire as coach. Its been four years and this roster is no better than when he took over so so long loser.
  15. Pennington

    Well, then yes, Leonard, you can go too.

    You don't give big money to players that aren't stars. Fact is Williams is a mediocre player and there is no reason why he should get a contract with a signing bonus of 30 plus million dollars. Let some other sucker organization pay star money for a defensive lineman who can't get to the QB.

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