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  1. Rousseau is a stud who will have 10 sacks his rookie season and not the bust that Daphne Zuniga is.
  2. Have you actually watched him play or do you only watch the Hawkeyes struggle every week.
  3. @football guy do the Jets have any interest in Gregory Rousseau or will they ignore his insane production due to a bad pro day.
  4. He did us a big favor looking like trash last night so Douglas won't have the pressure to throw away the pick on him.
  5. I think he was bad last night and most games I watched him. He can't read a defense to save his life. Thats what you get from QBs in that system and its why none of them have translated to the NFL.
  6. He is a one read QB like every other one to come out of that simplistic offense. Good athlete that should probably switch positions like another guy from the same school Terrell Pryor.
  7. Wilson or trading down are the only two choices just as they were before Fields showed himself as the scrub he has always been.
  8. Wilson or giving up what it would cost for Watson is a legitimate debate and I might side with Wilson plus the other draft picks. If the choice is Watson or Fields I would give up 10 first rounders just to have a franchise QB like Watson over Geno Fields.
  9. I watch a ton of college football and Fields sucks.
  10. Fields is a lot closer to Geno than Watson.
  11. That’s where you are wrong because Fields is guaranteed to suck in the NFL. On the other hand Wilson can and will be great.
  12. We may be picking Geno 2.0 with the second pick in the draft. Go with Wilson who has Rodgers upside over the latest trash from Ohio State.
  13. Better than the sample size of Marvin Lewis never winning a playoff game. You can strive for mediocrity I will strive to be the best.
  14. Wilson is far and away the better prospect. The choice is between a potential Aaron Rodgers and the next Geno Smith.
  15. Jets pick Wilson and Miami picks Fields. Jets eventually contend and Miami sucks another few years before shipping Fields off to the CFL. There are two elite QB prospects in Lawrence and Wilson and a fraud that can take his Geno Smith act elsewhere.
  16. I am in total agreement about Wilson but we won't be able to trade down and get him.
  17. Weren't you the one pushing for Marvin Lewis. Yeah give me Brady over a retread like that without a doubt.
  18. I don't care what title Brady had at LSU. He was the one calling the plays and the one responsible for turning Burrow into the number one pick. Look what happened to the LSU program once Brady left.
  19. I'm not impressed by a QB that is hitting wide open receivers and still hasn't shown he can read a defense. You guys can all fall in love with Geno 2.0 but he is going to be a below average NFL QB.
  20. He turned Joe Burrow from an undraftable prospect to number one overall pick and he worked before that under Sean Payton. I wouldn’t hold it against him that he couldn’t get Teddy checkdown to become a good QB. Brady is the next McVay or Shanahan and I would hire him a year too early vs missing out on the next great coach. Not interested in going the retread route and want to swing for the fences for once. Give me Joe Brady and Zach Wilson and we will be contenders in just a few short years.
  21. More like Geno Smith. Whoever picks Fields will be out of the league within a few years.
  22. Brady and Wilson is the best coach QB combination available to the Jets.
  23. Mullen runs an offense that would never work in the league and his personality is toxic.
  24. Lawrence and Wilson are the only two QBs worth considering. Whoever drafts Fields is going to end his career in doing so. If Douglas drafts Wilson after Lawrence goes at one he has a chance at longterm success but if he hitches his wagon to Fields he will go down as another Idzik or Maccagnan.
  25. He's a nice college coach doing a real solid job at a non traditional school but he is nothing special. If we are going the college route give me Hugh Freeze.
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