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  1. bla bla bla

    I do understand some fans indignation

    Macc has Wes Johnson on the roster, I think the idea was promote from within before investing a high pick or big money at the position. I don’t believe Macc knew Wes was THAT bad. Not to mention I’m pretty sure Eiflin ranked 32nd last year.
  2. bla bla bla

    That buzz you hear is all about Darnold

    I was at the draft party, the roar when Barkley was picked was unreal. It was something I’ll never forget!
  3. bla bla bla

    NY JETS Golf ball makes Hole in 1!

    I'm a big fan of the TP5 and TP5Xs but I'm also cool with the lost and found balls when I schenk one into the woods haha
  4. bla bla bla

    NY JETS Golf ball makes Hole in 1!

    Good Stuff Dude!! As a Director of Golf I'm impressed!
  5. Totally understand the frustration with not taking a QB but wasn’t Watt picked in the late 20s? Not sure Watt was remotely in the conversation with any of the top 10 teams.
  6. Practically everyone is on a rookie deal so it makes sense as to why the FAs would be paid the highest on the team. I think Mac paying CBs has more to do with what is available on the market/who is willing to sign with us and what we have on the roster. He seems like he wants to grow OL and CBs from late round picks while signing FA stopgaps. When you look at the CBs we’ve signed they are either a reclaimation project (Mo) or have ties to the team (Revis/Cro/Johnson) I think our money would be spent a little differently had we been able to attract top FAs like Cousins, Vernon, or Osemele.
  7. I’m not sure “harder to play” and “more important” are necessarily one in the same. Just my opinion but it feels like because of today’s rules and play styles the 1 lock down corner doesn’t make a defense the same way it used to. That’s not to say you don’t want one but I’d be fine with taking that $16M and spreading over 2 above average CBs. When I think of the NFL 10-15 years ago most teams had one go to wide receiver. I’m arguing more for versatility than anything else. Safeties being able cover RBs/TEs/WRs while having the ability to play LB and stuff the run or blitz is valuable. The same way you want a RB who can catch a pass and pound the rock or the way you want your QB to be mobile. IMO Safeties at $10-12M have more benefits than a lockdown CB at $16M, part of that being the $4M extra you can use on other players. I’m by no means trying to argue that Safeties should be paid more than a CB. I’ll always love the lockdown corner especially one on a rookie deal but it doesn’t feel as important in today’s NFL.
  8. I think that has more to do with the difficulty of playing CB than S. The NFL, for the most part, has shifted to a point where there are not too many overly dominant singular weapons because defenses can key in on one player to stop. The more ambiguity you can have as an offense the harder it is for the defense to read. This is why a lot of people actually like the idea of a bunch of #2 receivers. Similarly on the defensive side of the ball if you have a bunch of #2 corners then it gets trickier for a QB to know where the defense will roll extra help from play to play. Think the Revis or Asomugh effect where teams just go the opposite way. Yea it takes a player away from the offense but if that player is not a top weapon does it really matter that much? I don’t think that makes CB less valuable but I think there is a valid discussion to be had.
  9. I’d love trade for Fowler now, I don’t know what we’d need to give up (Teddy?). I don’t think Barr will hit FA. The only reason I prefer OL in FA is because the learning curve out of college appears to be too steep. I think pound for pound I’d rather give a max deal to an OL at 14-15M per year knowing he’ll probably play his contract out. Most pass rushers never see free agency. Either way those will be the areas of focus with $100M in cap and that makes me pretty happy. It’s nice having the QB question, if not answered, at least tabled for a few years.
  10. I think the idea when Mangold retired was let’s see what’s on the roster prior to using an asset on it. It was clear as day last year that Wes did not belong in the NFL. I’m of the mindset of upgrading known commodities while allowing unknowns to sink or swim. I’d bet my bottom dollar that OL and WR will be the big ticket items this offseason in FA while Pass Rusher with our first pick in the draft.
  11. You also need to realize that a lot of “good teams” each year are mostly that way because they played a weak schedule. We have a significantly easier schedule this year than we did last year. Combine that with not really losing anyone who contributed + gaining players back from injury (winters and Enunwa) + our top picks having another year of experience under their belts should translate to more wins or better wins. You can look at some of the close games we lost last year most notably the Falcons, Pats, Panthers, and Saints and see why there would be optimism.
  12. bla bla bla

    One Jets Drive (6/19 8 PM)

    I'm a big fan of this series.
  13. bla bla bla

    Case for Teddy?

    I think most people who are pro Sam are not against Teddy, it’s more about supporting a top prospect on a rookie contract instead of paying a QB with 1 good knee $20m+ per year. That’s nothing against Teddy, it just doesn’t make sense in my mind to pay a QB that much when the golden goose in the NFL is a QB on a rookie deal. The only way I don’t trade Teddy is if Sam looks like he doesn’t belong in the NFL.
  14. Robby is a moron no doubt but I said this a while ago, the cop was pissed he mouthed off and he threw the book at him. Doesn’t make me think any better of Robby but we’ve seen this happen a million times. A bunch of fluff charges thrown in to give an appearance of a worse crime. I’d be totally fine without Robby getting a 1 game suspension but I don’t think he’ll even get that.