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  1. bla bla bla

    Robert Quinn

    Quinn's contract if traded would be 1 year $11.8M. If we think we wouldn't be able to sign him for that much than lets move a late round pick. Miami will be able to cut him though and save his entire salary ($12.9M). If Gase/Williams feel their connection with him is strong enough then we don't trade and just wait for him to hit the open market.
  2. On face value I completely agree but believe it or not there are fans in their forums who are discussing this. I was putting together my mock draft (I go through every teams fan forum for it) and I saw the discussion. I'm not sure I buy it but it's not so farfetched after hearing it a few times now.
  3. I completely agree on not reaching for a player. Look at it this way, Jonah Williams (or any of the OL) are largely considered to be the 8th-12th best player in this draft. If you were to take the 8th best player at #3 you'd be giving up 800 points of value on the trade chart, which is equivalent to the #21 overall. No OL in this draft is worth 2 first round picks. Unless we can trade down the pick should be Bosa/Q Williams/Allen
  4. Did anyone suggest we sign Hill? I thought this thread was about keeping Robby?
  5. It's not just Mac though. If Robby believes he is worth X then he doesn't have to sign what Mac deems as a fair deal. We have so much cap space that it's highly unlikely that any team could sign Robby away from us. It allows us to keep Robby for cheap while in a sense allowing him to gauge his worth on the open market. If they allow Robby to walk for a late 2nd after signing a reasonable contract elsewhere then I'd be upset but I don't believe that is their intention.
  6. bla bla bla

    Easton to Saints

    considering the Vikings issues on the OL this year, I can't say I'm bummed we didn't get him.
  7. I'd prefer to hold onto him this year unless we can swing him for a 3rd or 4th from the Bucs. Maybe Bowles wants a guy familiar with his defense.
  8. bla bla bla

    Bell interview

    It's hard not to get excited about Sam, NYC saw what this kid is going to be last year. I've seen a lot of other fan bases crap on him because he didn't shine like Mayfield. There is no doubt in my mind that Sam will be a consistent top 5 QB through his career.
  9. bla bla bla

    Cowherd’s take on Bell to Jets

    He was pumping up Darnold since before the draft last year. I'm sure he thought Darnold would be going to the Browns so he could still ride Brady's jock strap while rooting for a beaten down team. At the same time he was sh!tting on Baker because all the rumors were that he was going to the Jets. So not he has kind of pigeonholed himself into liking the Jets and this makes me happy. If the Jets had Baker I guarantee his take would have been that this was the worst move ever because of the circus it will create.
  10. bla bla bla

    A.J. Green

    Yea he's someone I'd target in a trade down if it were an option.
  11. bla bla bla

    A.J. Green

    If he's there in the 3rd I'd jump on him but I don't think he makes it that far
  12. bla bla bla

    NFL suspends Hunt for 8 games

    I don't think I've ever seen a kicker get suspended for 8 games
  13. bla bla bla

    A.J. Green

    I want Butler in the worst way. The guy is a freak. I'm not sure what round to expect him to go in though.
  14. bla bla bla

    CB Poole to the Jets

    Some of you may have seen my "F*ck Marry Kill" Series. Here is the first episode of "For Better or Worse"

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