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  1. W/L is no doubt important but without context means little. 49ers owned the 2nd pick in the draft the year before they went to the SB. McGovern was a free agent at a position of need that barely missed games and graded out as one of the better Centers in the NFL with dog poo at QB. Khalil was a worth while swing on a pro bowl Center, remember Douglas was brought in after the draft and FA so options were limited. Conklin and Uzomah were like the 19th and 21st highest paid TEs, not sure I'd call that ridiculous. Laken Tomlinson was a Pro Bowler in 2021, his drop-off should not be pinned on Douglas IMO. Becton, the pick didn't work out. It sucks. If you consider Becton Mims and Wilson all busts, Douglas would still have a 75% hit rate in the top 2 rounds when the best GMs are 50% in just the first round. I understand your frustration, Douglas isn't perfect but he's far better than the average GM.
  2. You are seeing the dead cap the Rams would take on, not his new team. The Prorated Bonus column does not follow the player. Stafford doesn't have guaranteed money after 2024 so no dead cap for the new team.
  3. Stafford becomes tradable June 2nd and would be $1.5m and $31m the next 2 years with zero dead cap on his new team. Would allow Zach to sit and the Jets to have a SB winning QB as the stop-gap.
  4. There are no rules saying Rodgers can't practice with our players. Just can't be at a team facility. If I were him I'd make a public announcement that is his intention, Packers would trade him so he doesn't get injured.
  5. Once traded post June 1 Stafford is $1.5m and $31m the next 2 years with zero dead cap after 2024 for his new team.
  6. Rodgers is the only car left in THAT lot. There are other dealerships that accomplish a similar upgrade for significantly cheaper.
  7. Outa curiosity, why is the draft your plan B? You'd pass on a top 10 player at a non-QB position to reach for a player that likely won't be ready to seriously compete for another year or 2? I can't see any way the Jets make that decision. Like it or not, they still want to develop Zach behind the scenes. If no Rodgers then Stafford or Cousins would be my pivot, not nearly as good as Rodgers but would be cheaper in picks, money, and both would have zero dead cap.
  8. Post June 1st it is very manageable. IMO that is where I would look to pivot. That contract is better than Rodgers with $0 dead cap after 2024
  9. Who have been trying to trade him. An option that becomes available post June 1st. $1.5m this year and $31m next year, no dead money after that point.
  10. I keep seeing people demand this trade happen before the draft, why would you want to walk away? Getting this deal done in June should 100% be the way the Jets want this to go.
  11. Like I said, not the plan but not the worst either lol
  12. Ooo I see what you are saying. Love is going to request a trade if Rodgers stays. If they decide to keep both, then i think, they'd only have them for 2 seasons. That $100m dead cap hit in 2025 should prevent them from franchising Love. (I'd imagine at least)
  13. Ya never know, Jets have given him a lot of opportunities. It won't shock me if he's promoted to assistant HC at some point during his tenure here.
  14. Sure, they don't want to cave, the Jets can wait til after the draft. There is no rush for us to get this thing done now
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