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  1. I do want to add a TE in the top 3 rounds as well so I won't be too beat up if we sign Ertz or Howard. I'd have to imagine the Browns will try to retain Njoku.
  2. I'd be shocked if he hit the open market. Hoping one of the TEs hit FA, Howard, Njoku, Gesicki, Ertz. I'm sure there are more I don't know as well too.
  3. I'm right there with you. They try to get me to buy season tickets every year and I just tell them "The tickets will drop in price dramatically once they start losing, zero shot I pay face value for a ticket" I only attend the home opener, at least there is still hope then. That said, I was gifted Jets vs Bengals tickets so I'll be at that game.
  4. Oo I know but Watson isn't exactly in a prime position to ask for another deal unless it is to purely add contingencies.
  5. Ah I see, I'd have to imagine for a deal to happen there will be contingencies built into the trade. Recoup draft picks etc
  6. He just got his contract last year. Why would he get a new deal?
  7. I went with Trevor and the Jags purely cause that will generate the most hype for Zach. No one outside our fan base will care if we beat the Pat's this week. There's a halfway decent chance the Bills and Bucs rest starters against us at the end of the season making those games worthless IMO.
  8. This is bad for the Jets. - Tua is bad, would love for him to stay in Miami - Watson is a top 5 QB - really young - cheap contract once traded Was really hoping Carolina or the Eagles would be trying to make this trade.
  9. Others have said it but getting the #1 pick and bailing on your HC for a roll of the dice was the boost they needed. After that is when the big pieces started coming together. I'm not sure it's fair to criticize the Jets for not landing a Hopkins level trade, by all accounts that I've heard no one around the league was aware he was being shopped.
  10. I do wonder how much of an impact losing coach Knapp was. He felt like the guy that was brought in to be the vet in the room. A lot is just a really young team and staff just trying to figure it out.
  11. A earlier 5th and a 6th round rookie CB? I'm fine with people not wanting Ertz but this is not some earth shattering compensation for arguably the most important position in this offensive scheme and our weakest position.
  12. Absolutely, if the talent isn't there don't make this trade. This is a move you make if you like the players upside.
  13. Zach Wilson's development comes above everything else. I let Fant ride this out and "Work Becton back slowly" when/if Fant trails off then you make the switch again. I don't think you put Becton at RT even though that may not be the worst move.
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