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  1. Nothing is more important than finding out what we have in Sam. We need to fire Gase at some point during the season if we can't turn it around. We need to know if we should be taking Lawrence.
  2. I will wait to pass judgement until after the Colts game. I saw a few plays with Perriman running wide open and Sam just missed him. (Specifically the play where Sam ran out of bounds for a sack, Crowder was also wide open as well)
  3. I thought he did pretty good adapting his offense to Alex Smith, Kaep, and Tyrod in addition to building an offense around Lamar. We need a guy who can show he adapts to the talent provided.
  4. Got my fingers crossed the Ravens connection with Douglas still holds strong haha
  5. Jimmy G is a far different type of QB than Allen is, if he has to rely on his RBs then the Jets will have a shot. Issue is going to be our offense and the inability to score points.
  6. We don't need a safety or a slot CB
  7. Was coming here to say this. You are exactly right, this will go farther with team chemistry than any one day of practice.
  8. I certainly don't disagree, I'm just saying why stats could have looked so bad last year.
  9. I honestly didn't watch him last year but having a 2nd or 3rd string QB could have been an issue.
  10. Not that I was high on Doctson but I don't know if they anticipated him opting out.

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