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  1. I broke it down in a video as well. I don't expect Douglas to pay a crazy ransome nor do I expect him to go after the highest priced FAs but I use those as examples because they are the "worst case scenario" Bringing in guys like Darby, Okwara, Samuel, and Zeitler are going to cost a fraction of other FAs and would all be instant upgrades to our roster. Herbert is an interesting case, idk why he fell the way he did. Allen and Mahomes were both trade ups (Allen they had to trade up twice to land him) so while QBs don't have to be taken at #1 or #2 the alternative is giving up far more to go get your guy when you see him.
  2. I'm sure there are more but here are a few I'm keeping an eye one. Baltimore RB - Gus Edwards RB - Mark Ingram EDGE - Mathew Judon EDGE - Yannick Ngakoue EDGE - Tyus Bowser WR - Willie Snead Eagles EDGE - Vinny Curry (older) EDGE - Derek Barnett (will get cut) TE - Richard Rodgers San Francisco CB - Richard Sherman CB - Jason Verrett CB - Ahkello Witherspoon DE - Ronald Blair FB - Kyle Juszczyk QB - CJ Beathard
  3. I get that stance, I just don't think you do all these things if you are happy with a situation. Going and interviewing a guy that I wanted after you exhausted all other options doesn't feel like you respect my input.
  4. I'm not talking about choosing, we are talking about the Texans openly ignoring the input they asked their star QB for. If I ask you for your input and you say "I would like to see Bieniemy or Saleh get an interview" And then I turn around and ignore you, literally the only teams not to interview Saleh or Bieniemy (the Bieniemy interview happened only after the media blew everything thing up)
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30364710/houston-texans-ceo-cal-mcnair-asked-deshaun-watson-opinion-team-head-coach-gm-search%3fplatform=amp
  6. I'd gladly give up a 2nd or a 3rd, IMO he has a higher likelihood of returning to peak form than a CB in the same round hitting this same level
  7. Yea been preaching Ramczyk and Lattimore for a while. I'd easily give up our 3rd, and could probably be talking into #34. Guy solves an issue at a position I would draft at that point anyway.
  8. How many young QBs on mega deals get told they'd have a say in front office decisions? It doesn't happen because top 5 QBs don't usually lose their HC or GM. If Watson was told he'd have a say and they went back on it, that is entirely in the Texans.
  9. This tweet is in reference to Watson being upset at the Texans for trading Hopkins (2) and then after they hired their new GM while Watson was on vacation he took his frustration to a 10. We may not have heard "I demand a trade" but there is plenty of smoke to this fire. This one is just from the horses mouth.
  10. I don't disagree, that said if Watson had faith in Bill O'Brien he can use that as the reason he wanted to stay. Now that he is gone the argument can be made that no one else in Houston has allegiance to him. You can also argue that by signing the contract Watson gave himself control over where he'd eventually get traded with the no trade clause. This very well could have been premeditated, just like Brown forcing a trade to the Raiders to get out, then orchestrate the whole helmet fiasco just so he could end up with Tom Brady.
  11. To be fair, if Watson had known his defense would rank 478 out of 480 teams in over the last 15 years he likely doesn't sign that extension. Or to look at it a different way, Cousins had no injury history, Watson has had 2 torn ACL, take the money and run. Either way I don't blame Watson for signing an extension given how the NFL handles contracts. Watson's agents protected him by including a no trade clause. Watson can choose to sit out and pay whatever fines, or the Texans can take picks this year to help their new HC. **Edit - Watson's trade value is at an all-time high right now. If they delay this a year then teams have to struggle with a $35m cap hit instead of a $10m cap hit.

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