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  1. I would have easily done this trade and included a 2022 and 2023 first prior to the allegations but once the Jets made the Wilson selection that set him in stone for me. I'm riding and dying with Wilson as QB1
  2. Texans want 5 high round picks plus starting caliber players. I would have absolutely given up 3 firsts over the next 3 years to get him prior to the accusations. I'm excited for Zach but Watson is a legit top 5 QB in the league locked in to a dirt cheap deal once traded. Not to mention Miami is going to be the top suitor for his services now, how many draft picks would you have given up in 2004 to get Brady out of the division?
  3. Love Adam's as a player, he's not worth the money and the draft picks for us. We'd have to give up at least a first and to me that 5 year rookie plus the $80m extra over 5 years is more valuable.
  4. For those who don't want to watch, I looked at Jimmy G and Matt Ryan in their first seasons with Kyle Shanahan and tried to formulate a realistic Stat line for Zach Wilson. We are gonna look at competition %, Yards per Attempt, Yards per Game, QBR, TD% (percentage of passing touchdowns when looking at total attempts) and INT% (percentage of INTs when looking at total attempts). This isn't really an exact science just some off season free time haha Matt Ryan Comp %: 66% Yards per Attempt: 7.5 Yards per Game: 287 QBR: 64.1 TD %: 3.4 INT %: 2.6
  5. The benefit of something like PFF is that everything is graded on a snap by snap basis. It can help identify a player who played well on a poor team. It absolutely has its flaws but if you use it the same way you'd use Rotten Tomatoes or IMDB then it will provide value. Generally it's my first stop when we are trying to determine the other 31 teams FAs. I just don't have enough time in a day to watch all their games. It's sorta like the combine where a good score will trigger me to look into more tape, if that makes sense. The 1-100 aspect is because people love madden
  6. I don't think it's tampering because teams can offer Maye a contract under the franchise tag but they'd have to give up first round picks if the Jets don't match the offer.
  7. Great write up, spot on with the 3 position groups. The OL/DL are probably going to be my favorite things to watch this season. I'm really hoping we can get some pressure with only our front 4.
  8. Gholston has to be the worst 1st Rounder but Hack is easily the worst pick IMO. Passing on Mahomes/Watson then the following years we could have had Quenton Nelson and DK Metcalf + 2 more second rounders.
  9. Big fan of the joint practices regardless of who is under center. Definitely adds some more juice for the players.
  10. I love the 80s/90s logo. If they could throw that logo on the new shiny helmets I'd be pumped
  11. haha sorry I get jazzed up with this sort of stuff
  12. The fact that we have Becton, Fant, Moses and AVT as options at Tackle give me a big ole chubby
  13. This sounds like retirement to me. He was definitely a player I've liked for a long time. I'd rather go with Moses though. I think depth at tackle is so critical for us.
  14. Allowing players to have sponsorship deals with companies, signing autographs, or giving them a portion of their jersey sales would not be unreasonable. I wouldn't suggest a straight salary but rather a percentage on the net so that it's to everyone's best interest that the sport grows. I don't know labor laws though, maybe that's not possible but that's gotta be better than not being paid at all.
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