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  1. bla bla bla

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    Thanks haha yeah I'm sure it would be a gold mine of content 😂
  2. bla bla bla

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    You know what would make Gase happier than paying Bell a ton of money to play for us? Paying him a ton of money to play for someone else...this is why ESPN and their cronies are terrible.
  3. bla bla bla

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    I don't believe Peyton would be a good coach or talent evaluator. President of football ops, maybe but that's it. I would not be very happy with him as GM, would be such a Johnson hire. People that talented at their craft generally have a hard time since they are no longer in control on the field. I think Elway is hot garbage.
  4. Honestly I believe it, but I think the other factors I mentioned we're factors as well.
  5. Wouldn't that fall under number 1 haha
  6. There are 2 possible routes as to why they fired Mac now. 1) they just figured this out and are disfunctional 2) they knew it was coming, wanted to attract FAs rather than put off an unstable vibe scaring them off. They wanted to have a ton of hype for the uniform launch and didn't want anything of overshadow that. They wanted to allow the current scouting department to finish out their work without them worrying about their long term job security. I tend to believe it's the later.
  7. It will likely help with negotiations with Leo and Adams as there is no bias on the new GM to resign them.
  8. Yea I agree, I think this was Mac's best off-season and he won't reap the benefits haha
  9. I really don't like Manish, although I really don't like the media in general. Too much stuff is written without critical thinking. That's the biggest reason I started my channel. No BS narratives.
  10. Haha oo I know, this is a 5 year plan. I'm way more optimistic than most fans. I actually defended the timing of the Mac firing on my channel. Looking forward to making a new video when we hire our new GM.
  11. If this ownership ruins Sam or Sam leaves and plays great elsewhere I'd probably change my allegiance. I'd still have a soft spot for the Jets but getting, IMO, the best QB to wear the green and white and destroying him is grounds for such action.
  12. I just want a GM and a coach on the same wavelength, we need one unified message moving forward not a power struggle. If we can't find a GM this season then I wouldn't be opposed to a Gase firing at year's end.
  13. I hate Manish so much, he's such a garbage journalist. He's just having a b*tchfit because he no longer gets to be the Jets puppet.
  14. If I were Gase I'd meet with Bell in person. Gase: "Hey Bell, I'll be real with you, I love you as a player and a talent but I had a philisophical difference of opinion when it came to paying a RB that much money. Now that you are a Jet I want to make you the best RB in the league regardless of what you are being paid. We cool?" Bell: "Considering the lack of bidding for my services, I appreciate your honesty. Let's go get a ring" That type of story wouldn't generate clicks though.

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