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  1. Joe is awesome, I've had him on my show a few times. The guy definitely knows his stuff!
  2. My guess 3 years $120m or 5 years $200m assuming he plays well this year.
  3. Are you sure that's true? I tried digging into this and couldn't find anything. The only thing I found was that a player would lose a year towards Free Agency (you need 3 full seasons to become a FA). Since Jamal has already played 3 seasons I don't think it matters. Would be great for us but Jamal would likely fail a physical before preventing himself from missing out on FA. He'd claim his helmet doesn't fit and that would be the work around.
  4. He's going the Kirk Cousins route and it's absolutely the right move. If I were him I'd play on the tag the next 2 seasons and then cash in. He plays behind one of the best OLs on the league at the most protected position in the game.
  5. Best looking sports anchor on TV IMO. She comes off genuine.
  6. It's not at the top of my feed, I'm sure it's Manish blowing smoke again
  7. Wouldn't mind Bills and 49ers back to back
  8. yes, but the networks pay the NFL. If the networks are not getting the ad revenue than the NFL is not as valuable to the networks.
  9. I guess when you put it like that it wouldn't, if the NFL didn't exist haha these players may have actually stayed all 4 years and earned their degrees
  10. Kurt Warner was literally bagging groceries, I see no issue with your argument. Most these players were pushed through college and never earned a degree and some that did may not have actually received the education part of it because they were pushed through their classes so the schools could make money on their talent.
  11. Was just coming here to say this, we are going to see a ton of star players hit the open market if the cap drops like this.
  12. Yea but if we reset the cap back to 2014 levels the highest paid safety was only getting $10m per year. It could feasibly take 5+ years to have the cap get that high again.
  13. I don't like Mehta, wouldn't shock me if there is no real source. That said I 100% believe this to be true. The moment we took Davis in the 3rd meant Maye's days in NY were numbered. I fully expect him to be traded

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