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  1. I wouldn't call him a fraud, but I agree his personality is why he doesn't last long. I think we'll only have him for 3 years tops.
  2. This was pre draft. Jenkins, Leo, Anderson, Allen/Bosa. LBs would be Lee, Mosely, Williamson
  3. The Brock deal was slightly different as the Browns got Brock and a 1st rounder to eat cap. What I'm saying may not be allowed, since you'd be giving up a player but keeping his cap hit. I'm not sure if that is actually allowed. Either way I would support the Jets taking on bad contracts from good teams for draft pick compensation.
  4. I've been slightly MIA with my busy season at work but I thought the whole narrative was that we had the personnel for the 4-3 and fans were frustrated when Gregg said something along the lines of staying in a base 3-4. Or at least that was the thought process since Lee and Leo looked out of place in the 3-4
  5. I would eat his entire salary for a 3rd. We are going to have more money than we can actually spend on good players this off-season. Been saying this all year, eat the salary for a draft pick. I don't understand why teams are not making moves like the Browns made with Brock.
  6. This is one of the biggest issues and one @Villain The Foe I think was trying to touch on as well. This sport is so brutal, once a team goes 0-3 they have less than a 5% chance at the playoffs. Now to fans that means teams are just hunting or thirsty for a win but the reality is that players begin to shut it down and go into self-preservation mode. Why risk a career injury when there is no incentive to give 100%? This is why parity is so important, if you can have 32 teams at 4-4 that is what is best for the league because you will be receiving as close to 100% effort from players as possible. Honestly I think the league should allot cap % of a QB based on an overall ranking. If Brady ranks as the top QB for a season then regardless what his contract is he counts the highest of the QBs against the cap.
  7. This is true, I'm sure there are plenty of terrible coaches who have started 0-4 and we're just terrible coaches overall. The idea is that we don't know what Gase is just 4 games in. The only way I call for Gase to be axed is if he completely loses the locker room, which I don't think will happen this season.
  8. I'd keep Williamson, the only reason you should cut him is if his salary prevents you from acquiring more talent. If Williamson were playing right now we probably have at least a win against the Bills. Realistically there is no way we are going to eat up all that cap space with players having different priorities on playing location.
  9. I'd commit at least next year to him barring some crazy over qualified HC popping up. No candidate will choose the Jets if we fire Gase this fast.
  10. I'm not sure that was the intent of the post. I think he was merely talking about the Doom n Gloom SOJF. Yea we look pitiful and I agree we are far more likely to lose more games than win but I don't believe we are as bad as we have seen since Mosley got knocked out. I think this defense and special teams units are good enough to win games. It's just hard to grade the team when Falk is terrible.
  11. I'm with @SAR I and @Skeptable on this. Our team looks significantly worse without Darnold and Mosley. I know that doesn't make us a playoff team but I'd have to imagine with Darnold we are at least pseudo competent. Every game we don't have Sam is a game I'm comfortable not watching, or at least not taking very seriously. I'd imagine if Darnold was healthy today we'd have played Mosley. I'm confident our OL is in for a massive overhaul but we can't do anything of note until the off-season. Pay Scheriff a ton of money and hope you can land the LT from Georgia.
  12. 6 years $270M is not out of the realm of possibility
  13. You are right, it is a 3rd option. But for a team that has waited 50 years for a franchise QB to move him for a roll of the dice in draft picks would be my final straw. The QB is so important, I believe we have that piece. Please for the love of my sanity don't throw it away for a lesser prospect.
  14. I have no love for Gase, but without Sam there is really no point to have any hope going into a game. The way teams are playing against this offense is completely different than if we had Sam out there.

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