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  1. Edjifor from Wake Forest and Okrono-can’t spell or pronounce his name from Oklahoma are the 2 Edge guys I’d love to look at come the 3rd round. I’m sure there are a few other but I think those 2 have a shot at being there. Outside of those players I can definitely get on board with OL OL OL
  2. I definitely spammed Mayfield’s name and accidentally put him down as NOT a starting QB in 4 years haha this post is for me to say that Answer should have been Allen for that particular question.
  3. Anyone else like all 4?

    I fall into a similar boat but I’d be lying if I’d say I’d be happy with Allen. I hope he is selected before us, I don’t care if he becomes a hall of famer elsewhere. Darnold and Mayfield would be my top 2 options. We’ve taken the traditional approach (big QB with high upside) I’m cool with getting the guy that analytics are drooling over. Give me Mayfield, I’m to the point I hope Darnold is taken 1 or 2 just so we have a reason to go Mayfield.
  4. Draft Party Tailgate

    I plan on going, trying to sneak out of work a little early but I probably won’t be there before 7.
  5. Second overall pick is...

    I went Allen because trade down was not an option. I can not see the Giants taking a RB at 2 when there is a haul of picks to be had for a team that wants a QB. If they stay put, they take Barkley.
  6. Yea this is where I’d like us to do some hunting. Find some good players on big contracts that teams can’t handle, offer up a mid round pick to take on the cap hit. As far as positions I expect us to target in some fashion: Edge, LT, WR will be the big 3 IMO.
  7. I think this is why the NFL needs to implement more college concepts. Certain play styles won’t translate due to the talent on defense but any way to reduce the learning curve would help. The minor league system is really what needs to happen. The Patriots are using the rest of the league as a farm system.
  8. There is no way you could have guaranteed Baker would be there. Browns - Allen Giants - Darnold Bills - Rosen Browns - Barkley Broncos - Mayfield Jets - ? the board could easily have fallen this way. Even if a QB is sitting there at 6 after we pick there is no guarantee it would have fallen that way had we stayed. For the price of Sheldon and two 2nds we will be getting Kearse and a choice between at least 2 top QB prospects.
  9. I was a late bloomer, one of the shortest kids in school. I had to work 10x harder to compete with some of the bigger guys. When I finally grew I never lost that mentality. For me Wayne Chrebet is my hero, broke down and cried when he retired. I know he had all the concussions and is suffering mental issues because of it but man I wanted him to play forever. I think this is why I want Baker so badly.
  10. I want Mayfield, I hope the pick is Mayfield. Us potentially leaking this much Mayfield hype makes me think we are going in another direction even though I think Baker fits the personality, star power, and ability to handle pressure that we want.
  11. To fall back 1 pick and then to fall back 8 picks you’d be receiving 2 first round picks. Maybe you lose some value chart wise but if you are falling to #2 you are doing it because you can still select your guy. So IMO it’s more falling from 4 to 12 and adding 22 and 2019 1st, I’d do it.
  12. Bills would need to give up 12, 22, 53, 56, and 2019 1st to pull this off IMO. Bills get 1 Browns get 2, 12, 22, 2019 1st Giants get 4, 53, 56 I know the trade value chart isn’t perfect but this actually kinda works out. Bills give up more than they get in return but when trading up for a QB you’ll never get fair value.
  13. How The Giants Could Impact The Jets Draft

    Guy on the left hurts to listen to
  14. So when do Petty and Hack get the axe?

    As some have said Petty will be moved during the draft or will be cut on final cut down day. McCown and the rookie are both making the final roster so the final spot will got to Bridgewater or Hack. If Bridgewater is injured still then maybe we give him the half season IR and keep Hack til he's healthy. I don't see a situation where Teddy is healthy and we keep Hack. I think the final depth chart will be McCown, Rookie, & Hack because Teddy won't be 100%.
  15. Third Round Targets???

    Okoronkwo or Ejiofor would be the 2 guys I look to land. I think Ejiofor will be gone by that point but Okoronkwo would be a nice consolation prize. It would be sweet to be able to land an Edge in the 3rd.