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  1. I would have 100% traded #2, #10 and a 2023 first for Watson had this situation not come about. That #2 pick held so much power last year that I don't think the Jets would have had to give up their own pick in 2022. All that being said, the Jets are set up for sustained success with a QB that we are grooming from college, there is a pride I feel in that.
  2. I don't think they should count it since Watson removed himself, not the league. I do think it is entirely possible that the NFL will suspend him for X amount of games and then fine him the money for this year and last year and claim that was the year + X that he was suspended. I would have been very upset with us if we did that and I wanted Watson in the worst way before all this came to light. The reaction from the Browns fan base was close to a 50/50 split based on their message boards. Once they start winning some will likely come back around though.
  3. If you can link all 22 girls together in some kind of money grab then that's one thing but my understanding is that these girls spread across the country in 4 different states. Watson met with all these girls in private, it's he said/she said. It's illegal to be filmed or recorded in any of the situations these women were in. If Zeke can get 6 games after not being charged on 1 count, I don't see why the NFL should go lighter on Watson.
  4. Slap on the wrist. Didn't Zeke get 6 games and was cleared of charges? POS should get a year.
  5. Our guys are cheering for the local teams with the fans, absolutely nothing wrong with that. Neither one is from the area, let them have fun at a game. This is the type of chemistry we want our young QB building with his teammates.
  6. Could be wrong, I feel like the scouts earn their salt with later rounds. Most people had similar opinions of the top tier guys.
  7. I put the $25 I had in my DK account on the over the other day.
  8. L W L W W L L W L BYE L W L L W W W W 9-8 is possible, hoping for a floor of 7 wins
  9. Would love week 1 but @Seattle 1pm is a giveaway this is fake
  10. I'd love to know how many games have been played on 9/11 over the last 20 years. Gotta think maybe 4? It's not crazy to think we'd get a crack at it. - NFL loves pushing the military....we are the Jets - NY Team vs the Patriots - Marquee division matchup - Robert Saleh's brother being in the towers before they fell - Fireman Ed - hype for sophomore QBs - Jets coming off an awesome draft/offseason If there was ever a time for this game to be played, it would be now
  11. Grown men doesn't carry the same weight I once thought it did. Some of the biggest tantrums I deal with are adults.
  12. Wasn't Saleh's brother's in one of the towers? The Jets with Fireman Ed on live TV would play. As you said our unproven status as a team runs a risk of a blow out but I'd imagine early in the season rating would be much higher for this game than later in the season
  13. I can only speak for myself but my channel started because I was sick of the hatred ESPN threw the Jets way. Too many talking heads that are just reading cue cards or box scores without game context. Personally I like that I can voice a controversial opinion or be brash and don't have to worry about tip toeing around sponsors guidelines. As for the team propaganda bit, there is definitely a more positive spin because of bias' but there is plenty of doom and gloom if that's your cup of tea too.
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