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  1. Jaguars out of Cousins race

    If they were locked into him and he has a good season, not completely out of the realm of possibility considering some past performances, then they are in a position where they might need to use the franchise tag in 2019. For those of you following this offseason the Jets may pay Cousins $60M in year 1 (franchise tag is the average of the top 5 paid at the position) haha no team is going to be able to franchise QBs until like year 2 or 3 of the Cousins deal if the Jets or Browns get him. This is one of my favorite side effects of the Cousins deal that no one is talking about.
  2. Jaguars out of Cousins race

    Idk I think they prevented a potential franchise tag situation after the season if he played well while also having the flexibility of still cutting him next year if he under performs. I like this deal for the Jags, it doesn't appear to hold them back like the Sanchez deal did.
  3. Jaguars out of Cousins race

    Smart move, he showed enough to be intrigued but not enough to have confidence. This deal gives Bortles $8M more and allows the Jags to cut him if he implodes while at the same time allows the them to keep him without needing to use the franchise tag.
  4. I think its's Cousins or trade up, I'd be very surprised if we didn't do one of those. Cousins is obviously the 1st choice because it allows Mac to go BPA but I do think our team is in a better place to move up this year than in years past.

    I thought for sure they'd go after someone like Tyrod but now that it seems he will be a Bill for at least next year I'm not sure who the likely target is. I think Eli to Jacksonville makes a lot of sense and then the Giants take Rosen/Darnold and the Jags wait until the end of round 1 to take Lamar Jackson/insert other rookie. It gives them the QB that allows for 2 years of SB runs and then 3 years of cheap rookie contract after having 2 years to learn from Eli.
  6. A few months ago I was going through each team's drafts for last 10 years just to see how much worse of a drafting franchise we have been. Turns out we aren't as terrible as people want to believe, still not good, but we sort of fall in like the 20s in terms of success. Very few teams have players that they drafted from drafts beyond 5 years which tells me the chances of FAs sticking longer than 4 years is probably very slim as well since theoretically you'd need to play out a rookie deal and then an addition 4 years. That is how I drew my conclusion about rosters turning over. Fun fact if you can get 2 starters per draft you are doing really well drafting.
  7. LB David Harris Retires from the NFL

    Class act, I can't fault him for wanting a ring. Hope he enjoys year two of retirement because I didn't see him on the field last year.
  8. We were never going to be players in the trade market until our QB position was settled. I'd be furious if we gave away a 2nd for him and then were unable to trade up for a QB.
  9. The average NFL career is 4 years, my guess would be if you compare the rosters of almost any team from 4 years ago it will look drastically different outside of about 5 players.
  10. See you are twisting the situations. I'd love to get the next Kirk Cousins/Jimmy G so we have a surplus of QBs but Lamar Jackson in the 2nd is not Kirk Cousins in the 4th and it certainly isn't Jimmy G who would be sitting behind a 38 year old QB.
  11. I don't believe that is a good idea when using premium picks. You wanna take a QB round 4 like Cousins, I'm 100% for that but definitely not in the 2nd round.
  12. Not to mention: "Ay yo Cousins, remember that nightmare situation with RG3? How you like Lamar Jackson?" Haha I can't see that ever happening because it would mean we do not believe Cousins is a franchise QB and thus signing him to that mega deal is beyond moronic
  13. See I think it would more-so be the Vikings giving Teddy the 1st Round Tender ($4M) and then going after Cousins in FA, thus allowing Keenum to go elsewhere. If the Vikings miss out on Cousins then they still have the QB they drafted. If I had to pick a team that makes sense for Keenum it is either Cleveland where they would still take a QB at 1 or 4 or to Arizona where they still may take a QB but won't trade up. I see him as a good QB to have for 2-3 years as a rookie learns and still is good enough to play competent football. Think an expensive McCown with the potential to still be a franchise guy because of his age.
  14. Yea and we'd be able to cut McCarron after year 1. I think McCarron understands he may not be "the answer" where ever he goes and will build that into a contract. Next year is more of an audition year more than anything or insurance in case a team like us or the Crdinals can't draft a QB/doesn't want to trade up for a QB.