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  1. I'm always excited for our new GMs but Douglas has a different feel to me. I can't wait to see what he does this offseason!
  2. I may have to use this line in a future video haha
  3. I'm 100% all in on Sam. I think he's by far the best QB we've ever had and would bet money he'll own every notable record we have when it's all said and done.
  4. I think the frustration with Gase comes from the seemingly petty use of Bell based on the notion that he didn't want to pay for Bell in the first place. He has done a good job though, outside of recently out 1st few drives that have been scripted have lead to points. I also remember hearing a stat that the Jets have the largest separation from DBs which would suggest that the WRs are being put in a good position.
  5. Haha yeah I also think with some protection he will be legit. This OL is legit terrible.
  6. haha probably need the context of the video on that one. Makes some wow throws then has you scratching your head like Favre.
  7. - Special Teams looked good outside of Ficken - Defense couldn't stop a runny nose - Sam played eh, agree with other peoples comparisons to Brett Favre - Lamar Jackson a video game character - 2018 QB class, Allen and Jackson both joined playoff teams. Talent level totally lopsided when comparing them to Sam
  8. Thought the same thing, lots of wow plays with some WTF on the side
  9. I will be doing a Live Stream of the game tonight, if anyone is into that sort of thing. Not expecting a win but if you want to come hang out and have a beer, misery loves company! Edit: Not physically showing the game, just some live chat and will probably take call ins later in the game if it gets out of hand haha
  10. If we don't go OL in the top 10 then I'm 100% on the CeeDee Lamb boat. I don't really have an issue with Jeudy but I honestly like Jackson the receiver from LSU more than him too.
  11. The Patriots have employed the TB12 clinic since 2013. Tom Brady renegotiated his contract in 2013. He was paid as the 5th highest QB that year. In the years to follow he was the 12th, 14th, 18th, 20th, 11th and 11th. Not to mention Medical Groups pay big bucks to be the "official partner" of a professional team, the TB12 clinic doesn't pay a dime. Let's hope Sam Darnold opens a Hot Dog stand that makes $50m per year and takes a team friendly deal.
  12. I'll be doing a Live Stream during the game if anyone is interested. Come have a beer and hang out, misery loves company.
  13. I'd take Sam over Jameis Winston any day, am I a fan boy? Sure but if you give Sam an OL, OJ Howard and Mike Evans, I think he would be legit.

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