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  1. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I'm torn on it. I think it will depend on where we finish and how the draft lines up. If we are picking 10-12 and feel like we won't be able to move up then I think we should go for Cousins. If somehow it works out where we are in the top 3 picks then I think we will take a young QB. If we front load a Cousins contract for the first 2 years I think we could keep his cap number down lower in the later years when we'd need to resign some young guys. Either way it's nice to have picks and money this year.
  2. I think the reason is because we didn't know if ASJ would stay out of trouble, we didn't know if Claiborne would stay healthy, and I'm sure they wanted to see a productive season from Davis and Ealy before extending. We'll have 2 months between when the season ends and FA begins to discuss contracts which allows for us to see if they'll stay healthy/continue to play at a sustained level. It's a gamble for both sides because we can offer something before they are allowed to negotiate with other teams, if they decide to test the market then they could get lucky and have teams bid for their services or they could fall flat and not be offered as much. I think ASJ is the only player that we could get into some sort of bidding war for if we allow to actually hit FA but I could see us tag him.
  3. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I think I read somewhere that they can place the transition tag on him for $28M instead of the Franchise tag for $32M. I don't think he wants to sign a long term deal with Washington so if he hits FA I think we'd be silly not to go after him but we also can't rule out them slapping the transition tag on him and trying to trade him for X asking price and then being okay with keeping him if that trade compensation is not offered.
  4. I think Davis and ASJ should be the main targets we'd like to lock up. (I'd like to see 3 year deals with all the guaranteed money coming in the first 2) I do think it will cost more than @Sperm Edwards would like to pay so I don't foresee a situation where you'll be happy with us retaining them. With Claiborne I'd be willing to let him test FA, I wouldn't mind a 3 year incentive based deal that pays him when healthy. I do think that we should go out and try to find another CB regardless. I'd like to keep Ealy but if he's looking for Hankins kind of money then he can leave. I don't see why we wouldn't bring back Catanzaro, we can always bring in competition in camp if needed. Assuming we cut Mo, Skrine, & Forte we should be sitting close to $90M in cap. So while I don't want us to go crazy with contracts I would like us to keep our guys so there are less holes come draft time. I think the biggest downer for me is I don't think there will be any pass rushers that hit FA, I'd be more than happy to break the bank for Ziggy but I'd have to imagine he gets tagged. Outside of our own FAs I'd like to see us inquire about Le'Veon Bell, Jarvis Landry & Trumaine Johnson. If we retain our current draft picks, I'd like to see us go: 1) QB 2a) Pass Rusher 2b) Center 3) Pass Rusher Ideally we finish with a bad enough record and like multiple QBs so we don't NEED to trade up but if we are locking in on 1 or 2 guys I hope Macc is willing to do what is needed to get that QB. *Side Note = Does anyone know how much cap are we allowed to roll over into the following year? Is there a certain amount we are required to spend this offseason?
  5. Do whatever is needed to get the QB we want.
  6. ah ok I thought you were saying picking up the player is like picking up a girl at the bar but you meant trading in the draft is like picking up a girl, misinterpreted that. Maybe I'm giving Macc too much credit but the pieces seem to make sense given the state of our roster (both in quality and age) when he took over the team. I think he was forced to try a competitive rebuild the first 2 years and wasn't given the OK to move ahead until the wheels came off last year. I think we have the ammo and money to acquire a QB next year so IMO this would be the make or break year for me on Macc.
  7. Yea I'm sure having Julius Peppers and Calvin Pace in their primes had nothing to do with Jenkins' stats and Haynesworth's best years were when he had Vanden Bosch rushing off the edge. JJ Watt is a once in a generation player, if we are going to say the only good DEs can do what Watt has done there will never be a good DE again.
  8. I basically outlined the same exact thing minus Mo a few messages earlier. I didn't know Macc went by a point system for determining value, I thought that was a system for fans to use to help roughly determine what the value of a pick is given what it been traded for In the past. I think all the issues you brought up ultimately stem from IK socking Geno and giving us that false hope with Fitz. So I completely agree with almost everything you said. As for the guy in a bar comparison that really makes no sense. The guy in the bar needs consent from the girl he's trying to pick up where in the draft if Mac is willing to move up we ARE taking that girl home unless the player decides to sit the season out and re-enter in the draft. My argument is that he at least knows the QBs that will be good early in the draft he just needs to go up and do it this year or it's grounds for being fired. We have the ammo and cap space this year so make it happen.
  9. I completely agree. If Macc knew what Hack was last draft and passed on both those QBs knowing what they could be to save face for his bad Hack pick then that is inexcusable. I don't think he knew what he had in Hack at that point though since he only saw him in 1 preseason game and he didn't get many snaps last training camp because the team wanted Fitz as their QB which is also the reason they held onto Petty, Hack at that point was a total question mark. I do believe after this past mini camp, training camp, & preseason that he knows what he has in Hack and will sign or draft a QB this offseason. In a round about way, I do blame not knowing what Hack was sooner on us over achieving in year 1. Oo how things could be different if IK didn't punch Geno. Fitz likely doesn't become starter, playoff push never happens, Fitz doesn't resign, we possibly trade up for Wentz since our draft pick would likely be higher or eventually draft Hack in round 2. Wentz/Hack would then have 1-2 seasons with the vets as support, assuming they don't lay down like they did year 2. If we had still taken Hack we may have had a full season from him with good support staff to grade him before the 2017 draft where we then could have taken Mahomes or Watson. And thus the Genofly Effect.
  10. Painted himself into a corner yes because he needs to get a QB this offseason but I also think he wanted to get a few drafts in to have some talent in place before adding a QB. I also think there was an idea that this year in FA and draft from afar look to be a higher volume of potentials QBs than last year. So I while he still tried to address QB trade ups in the past I think he was okay with waiting until this season where Cousins could be an option. Cousins + trade down or keep all picks and go BPA = Franchise QB with the support of young cheap players through the draft or $90M in hopefully young FA help + trading up for a QB = Franchise QB with support through FA. Those FA would basically support our young QB for 2-3 years until we start getting early draft picks again or $90M in hopefully young FA help + staying put in the draft (maybe he likes a few QBs) = potentially reaching on a Franchise QB with support through FA and Draft picks. I'm not sure which option is the right course of action but I do really like all 3 options compared to anything we've really had in the past.
  11. That was a great post. I never saw that breakdown of him but that is exactly what we have seen in his limited playing time. This certainly reinforces why I believe he is not seeing the field right now. I was trying to show that multiple outlets had Hack rated far higher than your clam. I will certainly use PFF going forward because the seem to be spot on for draftee breakdowns.
  12. The majority of the league (20 teams) carry 3 QBs so it isn't really outrageous to have him as the 3rd guy. Forte and Skrine the cap benefit did not outweigh what we needed to pay them so it made no sense to cut them, Pryor we were able to get something in return so I think that's why that was okay. The biggest issue I can see with Hack is he's taking up a roster spot, I do think we'd carry a 3rd QB regardless, but again arguing over who is our 3rd string QB seems silly.
  13. I think the plan was to not let him see the field at all last year. This year I think they wanted to see if he could win the starting job from McCown, if he couldn't then he's not worth playing this season. If teams blew through QBs in a game then I could see where I'd be concerned that he wasn't dressing but the likelihood of needing that 3rd QB is so small and the chances that player had any meaningful game-plan prep is so small that it's kind of a silly argument to have. I'm more upset that he didn't win the backup job than I am that he's not dressed. He's likely still on the roster cause we still owe him money much like why Forte and Skrine were not cut this past offseason. I don't believe EJ is a worse player than Hack.
  14. Breer On Josh Allen

    That would be a very interesting situation. I'm not sure we'll ever know the truth unless they come out and say I'm returning to school because I don't want to play for the Browns. That's not really a common occurrence outside of the Manning family. January 16th was the deadline for players to declare last year to enter the draft so a trade would need to happen prior to that.
  15. He looks like a stud and hopefully he will come back the same after the ACL tear but he did have questions surrounding how he'd be able to transition to the NFL. Him being the 3rd QB off the board and being passed over by multiple QB needy teams seems to confirm that.