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  1. Enunwa, Robby, & Crowder with be seeing a lot of snaps this year. Does anyone else think that Montgomery may be more of a replacement for Herndon over the first 4 games than any of our TEs on the roster?
  2. This was huge for me, I was really impressed with Edoga. I'm not as concerned about the sack, you'd kind of expect a 3rd round rookie to get beat by a highly drafted veteran pass rusher. Overall I was really happy with Edoga and Montgomery. This offense is going to be really fun to watch this season.
  3. I'm not sure what to make of Polite. It looks like they were trying to use him to cover the flat and drop back in space a lot. If he is going to provide any ROI it's going to be with his hand in the dirt with his ears pinned back. I really hope this isn't an effort thing.
  4. Haha it's more about the live conversation. It's like our game day thread here except you don't have to hit refresh.
  5. Yea I used to only wear the hat with the live stream not in the regular videos. The idea is brand recognition haha "have you seen the Jets guy in the goofy pilot hat" rather than just "that Jets guy"
  6. That's what I'll wind up doing during regular season. This is more so for the conversation, not really to watch me watch the game haha
  7. Haha just to clarify you'd be hanging out watching the game, I can't actually show the broadcast of the game. However if you were trying to figure that out I could help haha
  8. Haha yup that's me. Unsure if that's a good thing or not 😁
  9. Not sure if anyone cares haha but I'll be live streaming during the game if you are into that kind of thing!
  10. I'm interested to see the CB playing with our starting DL. I think if we can generate pressure we may be alright with our current CBs.
  11. 5 - Uniforms 4 - Daniel Jones lights up 4th string CB 3 - *Help Wanted* Kicker 2 - Edoga 👍🏻 1 - DL notes
  12. Haha I'm good friends with this guy so I'm good with a little trash talk. I expect him to bring up the butt fumble at some point so I wanna make sure I got my ammo!
  13. I'll be going live tonight at 10pm with Hashtag Sports, a Bills YouTube page. I have to come up with a few good burns to throw his direction! - List your best Bills burn - Any Bills Questions you want me to ask
  14. I have no problem with RBs holding out. They get used and abused more than any other position and then teams franchise them. What really needs to happen is the NFL needs to get away from the Franchise Tag. I guarantee Gordon would be play or receiving a fair offer if the tag were not an option. I can't really blame teams either, I'd franchise tag a RB given the opportunity too because it is the smart thing for the team. It's a shame the players association is so weak, if they really wanted to get what they want they'd sit out a season and force the owners to cave but there are too many players that are out of the league in a year or two and need the money.
  15. I was at the Jets/Giants draft part at MetLife last year and the roar from the entire stadium when Barkley went #2 was amazing. It was a way better reaction, at least for me, when. Barkley was the Giants pick.
  16. I have a firestick and an Invidia Shield and I use Area 51 as my IPTV service. Redzone and every game for every sport plus 1500 channels for $9 a month
  17. Was giving away one of these bad boys on my channel haha
  18. Get to know Phil Savage! For those who don't want to watch: - Hired to Browns Coaching staff in 1991 by Bill Belichick - Went to Baltimore when Browns left Cleveland - Had a hand in drafting Jonathan Ogden, Ray Lewis, Chris McAlister, Jamal Lewis, Adalius Thomas, Todd Heap, Ed Reed, & Terrell Suggs - GM of the Browns (Browns last winning season/playoffs) & Arizona Hotshots (1st place in Western Division) - Thought the Quinnen Williams pick was smart - Jets basically have 3 GMs and 2 HCs, probably our most experienced Front Office since the Parcells Era
  19. We needed a GM that has handled tough fans. I didn't put this together but I like it! 🤣
  20. Recap for those who don't want to watch - Works well with multiple personalities - Is a good communicator, Mac was not - Played OT during his playing career so he understand our biggest weakness. Assisted in drafting Ben Grubbs and Marshal Yanda (Pro Bowl OL) for the Ravens. Eagles just made a trade up to get Andre Dillard. - Knows Gase from their time in Chicago together - Don't care if he is one of the highest paid GMs, the Johnson's will just have to sell more baby lotion...and based on this forum I'd say Jets fans have been their top customers

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