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  1. I was at the scrimmage, I was a little surprised to see the stat line for Zach. I didn't realize he played that well. It's hard to get a good read when the defense isn't going for blood, you have guys pulling up instead of laying the boom. Zach definitely has chemistry with Conklin. Zach also had a few throws that were dropped by WRs (3 maybe?) The long pass to Garrett Wilson did not get a foot in, he was probably like 2-3 yards out of bounds but it was a cool catch given the body position and depth the play was run. Overall this team definitely looks a lot better than last year, especially the defense.
  2. Jason Peters played at a high level late into his 30s with the Eagles under Joe Douglas, this would be a home run move if the Jets can get it done!
  3. Both the NFLPA and the NFL are allowed under the CBA to appeal the decision within 3 days. The NFL wanted to suspend him indefinitely, judge said 6 games so the NFL appealed. How is that considered retroactive?
  4. Yea I'm with you. I really like what we saw with White, Flacco doesn't really do it for me. His value is as a mentor hopefully.
  5. I get what you are saying but there are 10 other guys on offense they need to grade. Seeing them with a vet does help grade Zach and the offense overall.
  6. It worked out for the NFL because they didn't have to confront his issues before last season but it's not like Watson was going to play for the Texans regardless of the allegations.
  7. There was a ton of outrage against Ben. I'd argue his is even worse because her friends tried to get into the bathroom and Ben's entourage wouldn't let them in. Watson's issues are bad too and deserve the outrage we are seeing but he is getting it more than Ben because of the prevalence of social media now vs then IMO. In terms of Snyder, I think he should be forced to sell his team. He's been considered the worst owner in the NFL for years. The reason Watson got more attention is because he can throw a football and was a QB option for about 20+ teams at one point. Snyder can't get traded or impact other teams on the field. Just my .02
  8. Ooo gotta put the phone down near our pick haha I learned that the hard way a few years ago
  9. The NFL should suspend him for the 6 divisional games.
  10. No he didn't, he chose not to play last year because he demanded a trade.
  11. I don't think many are surprised at this point. It's the direction a lot saw coming when the "owners should be held to a higher standard" came out.
  12. Connor has grown on me, I prefer him over many others.
  13. I don't wish for injuries but there will not be one ounce of me that feels bad for Deshaun if a DE knee caps him this year.
  14. People have been calling Ben that for years and most people want Snyder to lose his team. I don't think anyone upset with Watson was happy with either the Ben or Snyder cases
  15. Zach definitely looked off today. There was one through to Elijah that Hughes said was an overthrow but it looked more like Moore list the ball. I'd definitely say White and Flacco performed better today. Corey Davis had the catch of the day in the back of thr endzone with a toe tap.
  16. I have a hard time wrapping my head around NFTs but by buddy actually bought his house by selling 2 NFTs. If I could buy the butt fumble as an NFT I would purely for comedy purposes haha
  17. If ya haven't watched our boy @GREENBEAN interview Connor Hughes, defintely worth the watch! Bean didn't pull any punches and Connor gave some great knowledge into the media side of things.
  18. With revenues as high as they are, it will never go back. The NFL has a gold mine with Redzone too.
  19. Denzel, CJ + 2nd final offer! Didn't take it, damn. Guess we'll just draft one next year. As others have said, our 1st may be top 10, not risking it this year.
  20. I was really hoping for a F16 style grey rather than the black unis but I think they are fine. The weird arrows on the sleeves bother me more than the colors.
  21. Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft own stakes in Draft Kings, there is no way crazy offense and scoring is going to go away. The NFL is in business to make money, if teams lose money by changing uniforms then they won't do it.
  22. Idk, Saleh was missing 2 $15m a year players due to our dead cap from players he had no part of. Not to mention the crippling amount of injuries. I get fans are upset, we need to see improvement this year for sure. I just think there is more than just "he was the coach and everything is on him."
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