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  1. Yea that aspect of his game I'm not too sure of. I'd prefer we use him of as one of our 4 players that rush. Doesn't have to be with his hand in the dirt, I'd be happy with him standing up and always moving around but still rushing.
  2. Khalil Mack had 9 games without a sack I see what you are getting at but you need to watch him play. Guy has a crazy motor and should absolutely be on our short list.
  3. I haven't even released my mock off-season and you literally called all the Free Agents I have us going after...
  4. That's just it, if he wants more you keep him for 1 year and take the comp pick. I get what you are saying but I'm not sure it works the same way with sub par talent. Do you think Robby would opt for the tag over a long term contract on a lower average per year? I mean I could see it but that's risky.
  5. He was definitely a douche for a while but since Sam got there I've enjoyed his interviews. I still think he's a few fries short of a happy meal.
  6. I like Amari but my gut says he is gunning for +$18m a year
  7. Haha love this user name 😁 it's always a bunch of BS and I love it
  8. If Robby signs a contract I guarantee he will get more than $16m guaranteed. I would absolutely tag him for a year if he's looking for +$30m guaranteed. The negotiation doesn't start at $16m per year because we wouldn't have to offer him more, another team would have to offer him more.
  9. Haha yeah that's my pilot hat "welcome to Jets talk I'll be your pilot" I'll wear it when I go to Jets events haha I used to wear it in my videos but I wanted the option to not look too goofy 🤣
  10. Eh as an OL I'd play on the tag, too much money to pass up at this stage in his career
  11. Thanks GreenBean! 🤣 Haha I think we need to build a strong culture and a lot of that comes from retaining our own guys!
  12. Thank you good sir! The transition tag is a interesting option for sure!
  13. Do we resign him? - Career earnings so far $4m - never broke 1000 yards - Tyrell Williams got 4 years $44m last year - Robby has a thing for peanuts on ladies faces or at least that's what I got from the police report.
  14. The Colts have +$94m in cap space, there is no chance they let their LT walk.
  15. I'd steer clear of Agholor, Eagles fans seem to hate him. Then again they also threw snowballs at Santa
  16. I'm with you, I want Yannick. I would love some OL but Glasgow wasn't an option. The Jags are going to be a team to watch for talent. They are right against the cap and will have to make some cuts. I don't think they'll have the money to slap the transition tag on Yannick without compromising other areas of the roster. Fingers crossed, guy is a beast of a rush artist.
  17. After a season of barely any travel we get this schedule which likely equates to the most travel in the NFL, well except for teams that play in London I guess.
  18. That's exactly why I think he didn't run this year
  19. I have been saying this all season. Why haven't we seen more RPO's, Sam would be lethal off a play action. I think they deliberately told Sam not to run once he got Mono. I don't think they wanted to open him up to heavy hits. That, or Gase blows
  20. Yea I was referring to the comp pick, I tried doing some digging on what qualifies for compensation and I came across that article. It makes sense that you don't get a comp pick but I couldn't find a definitive answer
  21. I actually liked a lot of what I saw in the AAF, the issue was viewership. You need some big time marketing power and player people want to watch. I have my fingers crossed, I'd love to see this league succeed.
  22. Sorry if this has been covered. Not sure how others feel about this venture but I'm looking forward to it. The NFL has lost some of the excitement that made it so great, if we can adapt some of these rules to the NFL it would be awesome. - kickoffs, only kicker and receiver can move until the ball is caught. (Players line up 5 yards apart to prevent high speed collisions) - 2 forward passes allowed as long as both are behind the LoS - XPs have 3 different options. 1 point from 2 yards out, 2 points from 5 yards out, and 3 points from 10 yards out - If a punt goes into the endzone it gets placed at the 35. If you kick the ball out of bounds it goes to the 35. Players can not run down field until the kick is in the air which should prevent fair catches. - Overtime is set up like penalty kicks in soccer, shootout style from the 5 yard line. Each team gets 5 chances to convert the score, if it's tie after 5 then it's single rounds until one team doesn't score

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