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  1. This was a great breakdown, these last 2 drafts have just felt different. Really excited where this team is headed!
  2. This feels good haha I think I was at a B+ or A- prior to the UDFAs. Throughly happy with this class!
  3. We actually just started incorporating video call ins haha I leave the link pinned in the live chat for each stream now!
  4. My favorite time of year! Can't wait to see what happens at 23! If anyone is interested, myself, O'Leary, and @GREENBEAN will be live streaming all 3 days of the draft
  5. It's from castaway haha Wilson was the name of the Volleyball that Tom Hanks becomes friends with.
  6. If the Jets got just a first and a third it would have been a great trade. Seeing what we got from Seattle makes me think we definitely had at least a 1st and a 3rd on the table from other teams.
  7. 2 years without a starting QB, probably need that in there for some context. Gotta remember Shanahan took Matt Ryan to the SB too. It's a longer track record than just San Fran.
  8. Zero thought in my mind that Baker was going to go #1 that year. The Jags taking Wilson would be the gutsiest of all moves, nothing says extremely short leash like taking a small school QB over a generational talent haha
  9. There were only 2 OL worth going after. One signed a record breaking deal with the team that was in the Super Bowl the last 2 years (Jets price would have been far higher) and the second one signed with a team with an up and coming elite QB. I firmly believe we wanted Thuney and just got the doors kicked down by KC. OL is still a priority.
  10. I think you are reading too much into this. IMO they are weighing OL/WR/TE/RB as positions that would qualify as building around a young QB (unlike what happen with Sam) Where as Edge/CB/LB would not be considered building around the QB yet would mean building up the TEAM
  11. Haha I can't go Greenie, dude kills me. I just don't think the question carries the weight that others may imply.
  12. I think it's a fine question, I'm sure he's a little worried with our extensive track record of awful
  13. Should noted that Fields played in the least amount of games so his turnover worthy plays should be higher. *edit* - disregard that is career not this past year. Wilson 30 games, Fields 34 games, Lawrence 35 games.
  14. I'd still love to have Gainwell but I don't think it happens. As mentioned above, I don't see RB before day 3 if at all.
  15. This is true, there are some really dark things that our government has attempted (Operation Northwoods) and even more recently followed through with.
  16. I've heard this argument, to an extent I get it. But if you look total deaths from year to year you can tell something is far different this past year than any we've seen. Edit* - one could also argue that because of the intense sanitization seen, the mask wearing, and the social distancing we should see a record low number of flu deaths.
  17. Well... to be fair, the vaccines have been reported 100% against hospitalization and death. Which IMO is good with me, whole goal is to not die haha
  18. Yea that's kinda what I was thinking haha some of these graphics don't appear to make much sense without context
  19. I think I'm confused how to read this. 9 1/2 would put him in the 45%tile. Are they only grading good QBs? Are there no bad QBs with 9 1/2 inch hands? It would appear this chart is grading all QBs regardless of skill level which probably won't give us great results.
  20. Ideally: #2 - QB #23 - CB #34 - G #66 - Edge (would like to double dip with this position)
  21. So guys are really good backups, reason why McCown and Daniel's have hung around the league so long. My guess is Hoyer is being thought of in the same mold.
  22. Yea I agree, Hoyer doesn't really get me excited but I think he'd fit the backup roll well. No reason to spend a ton on a backup if we don't really expect a deep run.
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