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  1. Agreed on the first part of the bolded statement, not so much on the second half. I don't think they believe either guy is part of the future, I think they are more concerned about the rest of the team and will focus on drafting or signing a QB this offseason.
  2. Are you saying if Petty/Hack play well in the final games you are willing to ignore the QB position this offseason? I don't believe that would be a wise decision.
  3. As a fan, I completely agree. If the staff feels like they are not capable of that then it would be foolish to make the switch. IMO I think it would be money (ticket revenue/views) > team development if they put in an inferior QB they don't plan on backing. I'd rather invest our time in the other players at that point. I think if the QB battle was remotely close they would go with a younger guy but wasting time when the determination is "they are not the guy" doesn't accomplish much.
  4. There is nothing that Petty or Hack can do in the last 6 weeks that would prevent me from either signing or drafting a QB this offseason. They are both under contract for next season, if there is any growth we'll see it next preseason. If playing McCown means every other position could get better for our future QB then I'm okay with that decision. As a fan, I haven't had the privilege to see these QBs in practice so of course I'd love to see them play.
  5. I don't think there is anything that Petty or Hack can show me in the last few weeks that would prevent me from addressing the QB this offseason. As a fan I'd love to see them for a "just because" but if playing McCown allows other players to grow and mature I'd rather that. Petty and Hack are both under contract for next year so we'll be able to see any growth next preseason if it's there.
  6. As others have said passing on a Center this past draft was a mistake, I do think that is the main position that hurts us in the run game which in turn leads to 3rd and long. I hope we target Billy Price in the 2nd round.
  7. Top pick or not the franchise still needs to select the right player, that doesn't need to happen in the top 5 picks. Dak, Watson, Wilson, Carr, Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Big Ben, Flacco, & Cousins were all taken outside the top 10. Just got to get the pick right.
  8. Was trying to figure out how I wanted to phrase this but you did it perfectly. Here's an upvote. Sure I'd love to see Petty play but no matter how he plays we are going to address QB this off season. I think we'll target Cousins as our top FA, if we miss out on that then we will look towards the draft. I think the team likes McCown as the vet on the team so I think Brees and Smith are not options as a stop gap. (He's also far cheaper) I don't believe we make a push for Tyrod or Bridgewater, if we do then I think it means we like Lamar Jackson in the draft. I have no idea which direction w
  9. I'm not sure Petty would have done any better yesterday but I think at this point there isn't much to lose by playing him or Hack. I do think that the team believes the QB of the future is not on the roster, they gave the young guys every opportunity to try and win the job this preseason and neither one could really prove anything. Playing one of the young guys would keep me interested further into the season at least.
  10. We may have more fans in Tampa than we did at home vs the Bills, I hope we hear a Jets chant on TV from the Tampa crowd.
  11. I enjoy not being the laughing stock of NY. It's a little sad that's the golden standard but it's a welcome change.
  12. I don't care what pick we are in round 1, we need to get the QB we deem as "our guy". My friend I went to high school with is one of the two guys that turns in the draft card for the Jets, if Mayfield is on the board he better be sprinting up to make the pick.
  13. I agree, you draft him at 6 in hopes that he becomes an All-Pro. At that selection not only was he the highest ranked player on most boards but he was also considered the safest pick. Considering how our safeties have played since Kerry Rhodes this season has been a welcome change. Saying he's supposed to be better than 2 of the best safeties of all time as a rookie is setting the bar a little too high don't you think? I don't think we'll get an accurate grade on him until after year 3 but at this point in time I'm not upset with the selection given what we knew at the time of the draft.
  14. Pretty bold to claim a rookie would be better than 2 first ballot Hall of Fame players, would love to see which article said that. Landon Collins also has a $200M defense around him but that would hurt your argument so we should probably ignore that.
  15. Member the good ole days when Geno would record his own multi-sack games by running out of bounds.
  16. Morton and Greene were some of the best coaching decisions we've made in a long time. I could just be seeing everything through rose colored glasses but I don't think teams look forward to playing against this team right now regardless of record.
  17. I really do like Bowles' demeanor when it comes to disciplining players and handling the media. His first 2 years were absolutely brutal with in game decisions, halftime adjustments, and clock management but I think this season he's shown he's improved in all those areas. I wish he'd show a little more emotion on the sideline but it is a nice change from the dramatic highs and lows of the Rex regime.
  18. That's my only concern, we pass on him and someone snatches him up after our pick. Sort of the reason I don't mind winning because I think he will be there in the mid to late teens.
  19. Oo I'd be ecstatic too but if we want Mayfield as our QB we need to take him with our first pick. The worse thing we can do is go into the draft and not get our guy. I think he's going to sky rocket up draft boards as we near the draft.
  20. I actually mocked us Mayfield in the 1st and Okoronkwo in the 3rd so he would follow him to NY if I had my way
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