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  1. I like this signing, not flashy but we are adding to our depth and special teams. As mentioned above, I'd rather Cole for $5.5m than Agholor for $12m.
  2. Not a good look for Deshaun if true. He has been nothing but a model citizen at least in public. Gotta take these things serious, I really hope this is not fake from either the accuser or as a ploy to get out of Houston by Watson. That said, this wouldn't change my opinion on trading for Watson
  3. Had someone send this to me, don't know how to verify the truth to it but apparently Corey Davis was not following Deshaun Watson before he signed with the Jets, now he is.
  4. He's only started 18 games: 2017 - no starts - 192 snaps - 2 sacks 2018 - no starts - 78 snaps - 0 sacks 2019 - 3 starts - 286 snaps - 4.5 sacks 2020 - 15 starts - 369 snaps - 13.5 sacks **Edit updated to "Pass Rush Snaps"** A lot of people gave him crap for coverage sacks on this forum for this year but when watching I graded it the following: 2 - coverage 7 - legit 5 - Eh (mix of legit/stunts/other pressure)
  5. Yea I doubt we get any comp picks next year with the cap space we have this year. Douglas would have to be targeting players that were released rather than FAs for this to even be possible.
  6. I've been saying 4 years $60m since last offseason so I think $1m more per year is reasonable. That said, will he actually play up to $16m per year, probably not but I'd be willing to pay that for top 10 Guard play which he has provided over his career.
  7. Would have liked to retain him but with Clarke and Van Roten duking it out it seems redundant. Gotta figure we either get Thuney, Linsley, or draft a G high to play one of the slots.
  8. It's not very big: 2021 - $11m 2022 - $35m (Keep in mind the new 10 year $100B TV deal kicks in which mean cap will explode) 2023 - $37m 2024 - $32m 2025 - $32m Also remember Dak is getting $40, Jackson and Allen are about to get $40+ too
  9. Yea Thuney to the Jets feels like the perfect marriage. Douglas is salivating, never missed a start, 3 penalties in last 2 years, plays every OL position, will be 28, and adding him improves multiple areas of the offense in one shot.
  10. Not to mention you get more sacks when your team has a lead, Bengals playing from behind = less sacks
  11. Like him as a depth piece and special teamer. Wish we were really able to see him this past year.
  12. Remember the comp pick formula does not include players who were cut. If the Jets were to go: G - Kevin Zeitler CB - Malcolm Butler Edge - Carlos Dunlap WR - Tyrell Williams None of those would count towards the comp pick formula. That said there are absolutely other players I'd be targetting because idc too much about the comp picks this year haha
  13. The Jets were saying the same thing about Sam before this season. If this year, Daniel Jones plays like the 32nd ranked QB and they earn the #2 overall pick, this would sound a lot different. Also remember when OBJ wasn't getting traded? 2 weeks later, traded haha
  14. I've been preaching his name as a low cost option for Guard. 31 isn't too old for a guard and he's already in NY so won't have to move. Heck you could sign him and one of the elite OL.
  15. I've got my eyes on Corey Davis and Golladay although I expect us to land Juju
  16. Over the last few years I've had fun ranking Free Agents using the game F*ck, Marry, K!ll. My first episode in the series comes out tonight at 6pm: The Rulez - Players will be graded in 7 categories, you can earn up to 3 fighter jets but beware of the Butt-Fumble, you get no points for Butt-Fumbling 1) Age 2) Availability 3) Yards Per Game 4) PFF Grade 5) PFF Rank 6) Catchable Ball % 7) Career Drop % - Decided to include snap count at each position to determine how often they played in the Slot vs out Wide - All players will be g
  17. I don't love the idea of signing Juju but I could get on board if you move on from Crowder. Sorta depends on what Juju's looking for though. I wouldn't be signing him as our #1 like I would a Robinson, Golladay, Godwin, or Davis Basically cut Crowder and use his $10m towards Juju.
  18. Well statistically 2 over priced FAs and 50% shots at 3 rookies (QB being closer to 30% success rate)
  19. This year is a little different, used to be the average of the top 5 highest paid at the position. Now it is the average of the top 5 at your position over the last 5 years - meaning the tag is decreasing by 10%ish ($11M)
  20. I completely disagree with this, having the #2 pick has given the Jets an almost endless list of possibilities for thier new HC. There will be plenty of teams looking to jump up, particularly the Falcons, Lions, Panthers and 49ers. The biggest issue with the #2 pick is that Sam was so bad last year that it's hard to know what to do with him. The Adam Gase hiring could not have been times worse.
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