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  1. Exactly what I was about to say, Bears would have to offer all their picks for the next 2 years and send Khalil Mack to have any shot and even then I don't think the Texans do it.
  2. I think you misread my post, I only said that we could trade down and roll with Sam having 3 firsts in our back pocket (more than any other team) and have an inside track to get Watson if Sam fails and Watson holds out. This only works of the Jets don't fall in love with Wilson or Fields at #2.
  3. If a trade doesn't get done by the draft it will be interesting to see how it's handled. Do the Jets opt to trade down and roll with Sam? If you can land a 3rd first rounder in 2022 then you can see what Sam has while still being in the best position to land Watson if he becomes available at the trade deadline or after the season while adding a ton of talent in FA and the draft this year. This is assuming they don't fall in love with Wilson/Fields
  4. oo yea I'm right there with you, I just think some context is needed because some may just assume it's even comparison.
  5. It's his only shot at a big contract at 28 years old. Budda Baker was taken 3 picks in front of Maye and landed a $15M a year deal. Maye will see himself worthy of that type of pay day. Maye (16 games) 2 INT - 11 PD - 2 FF - 1 FR - 2 Sacks - 88 Tkl Baker (15 games) 2 INT - 6 PD - 1 FF - 0 FR - 2 Sacks - 118 Tkl
  6. I'm all for ripping on Jamal but that is 12 games from Jamal and 16 games from Maye
  7. Thank god haha this is was the one website I'm frequently on that didn't have a dark mode haha great addition!
  8. He hasn't held out due to money before and he's signed 2 different deals.
  9. The beautiful thing is if this DOES NOT happen then we either 1) Draft a QB at #2 and have a ton of draft picks or 2) trade down from #2 and have even more draft picks. This is literally the best situation the Jets have ever been from a leverage standpoint at the QB position. The only way I feel bad, if Watson doesn't get traded here, is if Douglas does not pull the trigger on a somewhat reasonable deal and allows him to go to Miami.
  10. Even if you look at total value of Watson's contract it's a favorable deal. $10.5 $35 $37 $32 $32 When you consider Dak, Lamar and Allen are all going to get contracts in the $35-$40m range this off-season it's even better. Free Agents do want to play for the Jets, or at least it appears that way thanks to the Saleh hiring. Adding a legit top 5 QB will certainly not hurt that, rolling with QB 32 or a rookie probably won't have the same effect. I mean heck we've already seen Robinson get excited about Watson to the Jets, just having people talkin
  11. 2, 23, 2022 first, 2022 second - That would probably be my top offer. If they want Sam they can lose one of those picks. I ultimately think it gets done for three firsts.
  12. 1) Russ' wife wants NY for her music career 2) Russ' idol growing up was Derek Jeter 3) The Seattle First next year has a real good shot of being a high pick 4) If Houston wants #2 they may get competition from Seattle 5) Robert Saleh was the defensive quality control coach when the first 2 years of Wilson's career when they won the Super Bowl 6) Since the Jets are on his list I'd have to imagine he has liked the 49ers offense that he has had to play against twice a year 7) F*ck Jamal, I hope Seattle goes 0-16 All that said, I still prefer Desha
  13. If Leo is offered the tag he should sign it before the paper hits the table. Negotiations begin at that franchise tag #
  14. It really comes down to the Texans. Texans want one of Darnold/Wilson/Fields + picks - Advantage Jets Texans want Tua + picks - Advantage Dolphins Texans don't want a QB this year and would rather punt on the season if it means Watson is in the NFC - Advantage Panthers
  15. This was incredibly well done! Really like Free Agency, I don't love Juju but if they roll with Sam and move on from Crowder, they could sell me that. I really like Marlon Mack, I think he's sneaky good. This plan makes a ton of sense, I think Douglas has job security if he rolls with Darnold and is stocked up on draft picks the following year. Linsley and McGovern kicking over feels like a nice jump forward for the OL cause you upgrade 2 spots with one signing. Love the draft, that many trades leaves me skeptical but the selections and values for the picks are spot on. I love the
  16. Watson would break our TD and Yardage record each of his full seasons playing haha God we are a sad franchise
  17. The last 2 years with Crowder have been the worst of his career since his rookie season. My issue is Sam's deep ball accuracy, I don't know if Robby's route tree would have changed that at all. Teddy is also not a deep ball thrower so I suppose good coach vs bad coach is were his overall total comes in to play. I think my point stands that Robby would not have done much here last year just like Perriman and Mims.
  18. Flacco was horrible, that should not be our standard for QB play, which is why I've soured so hard on Sam. Sam's lack of a deep ball is why I don't feel bad Robby left. I wanted to keep him but we'd be lying to ourselves if we said Sam and him had any sort of chemistry.
  19. Okay, I think I probably missed some context a page or two back then haha I'm just very confused on how this conversation went from the Browns and Giants needed a QB and passed on Sam but they wouldn't pass on Luck.
  20. We had this discussion with Lawrence this year. There are like 5 teams in the league that would pass on him. Comparing Sam to Luck feels like apples to oranges given the pre-draft hype about each.
  21. Are you suggesting that had Baker made it past the Browns, that the Giants would have taken him? I think that logic is flawed, the Giants wanted to try and ride it out with Eli. They weren't taking any QB that year.
  22. The biggest difference is how much it stood out that Sam has zero deep ball accuracy. Watching Flacco have success with the same weapons was a damning indictment on Sam IMO.
  23. I fall in line with your thinking but I can undoubtedly tell you there are tons of unwavering Sam supporters. I don't see as many on here as I do in the YouTube/Facebook comments but there are a lot of them. Anyone who understands the salary cap, the luck of having a top 2 pick, and an entire new regime will get why our QB will be one of Watson, Wilson, or Fields. I really like Sam the person and I have hope he can play well elsewhere but unfortunately due to the Jets incompetence we blew our shot with him.
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