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  1. This report doesn’t necessarily mean Watson wouldn’t accept a trade to the Jets if it was the only one on the table, but it could indicate New York is much lower on his list of desired destinations. Other potential suitors include the Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos. While the Jets have an advantage over other teams in trade negotiations with the Texans, they’re at a disadvantage when it comes to luring Watson. New York has four first-round picks in the next two drafts – which is likely enough to persuade the Texans to a
  2. I'd love this scenario, but I really don't think we are the top landing spot if we trade out of #2. IMO that pick is the first step towards getting Watson, without it he likely goes to Miami.
  3. They do when their defense is ranked 478 out of 480 over the last 15 years. Actually the only other QBs to have >70% comp & 8.5 ypa were Young, Montana, and Brees - all of which won a SB that same season. It should not be understated just how bad that Texans defense was.
  4. He will be what, 28 years old? Only chance for him to really cash in on a big pay day. Buddha Baker was taken 3 picks ahead of Maye and got $15m per year. I'd be stunned if Maye didn't start negotiations there. I don't blame him one bit. That said, we absolutely tell him we want a long term deal, accept this fair offer of $12m per season or we will slap you with the franchise tag for $2m less and reassess next year.
  5. You'd be trading for Dak in this situation cause the Cowboys won't let him walk for nothing.
  6. Sort of. The Texans can ask him "what teams would you waive your trade clause for?" And Watson could list teams, including the Jets, and the team can send him to the best trade partner, which may not be the Jets. (Potentially)
  7. Yea I don't see it either. Players are actively loving being away from the "Patriot way" - Brady, Gronk, Brown. I don't know if that would be where Watson wants to go. I mean, I guess if it were one of his only options than he'd take it.
  8. I like Dak, I would absolutely sign Dak to be our QB for 2021 and beyond. That said, I want no part of trading for Dak AND paying Dak.
  9. Zero chance they trade Watson to a division rival and face him twice a year for the next 10 years
  10. I'd be really disappointed if you stopped posting or posted less frequently. Like @Shockwave said, don't let the trolls or dumb dumbs bring you down. I can definitely sympathize with how you are feeling, I can't begin to tell you how many triggered arguments I get in on my YouTube comments haha I'm getting better at letting it go but it does make my blood boil at times. I'm sure @GREENBEAN can relate too. Anyways, I hope ya stick around.
  11. You are spending 1 of those picks, likely 2 overall on an injury prone QB in Wilson (if rumors are true) and historically have a 50/50 shot of that pick working out. Pay the extra picks to get a top 3 player at the more important position in professional sports. Hypothetically let's say the Jets gave up 4 firsts for Watson. 2 of those picks are likely to bust, so would you give up one proven player on a cheap deal for a top 3 QB? (Since one of the 4 would have been a QB)
  12. Many ways to skin a cat, they can run it back with Sam if they want. Hope you can turn him around with all the assets you have this year and then if it doesn't work out use your 3 firsts next year to go get a QB. My biggest issue is that I don't want to repeat 2017 again.
  13. For me it's Watson or Wilson, I just have a hard time seeing the 32nd ranked QB becoming the top 10 QB we need to win a SB.
  14. Exactly, see how much a legit elite QB can bring to a team.
  15. To be fair we also would have Quentin Nelson and 3 additional 2nd round picks had we taken Mahomes haha
  16. Bowles is calling a good game. Chiefs have helped the Bucs more than the Bucs have helped themselves.
  17. Franchise tag is $10.5m for safeties this year. He will either resign with us long term or he'll get the tag. Buddha Baker was picked 3 slots in front of Maye and got $15m per season.
  18. You didn't ask me if it was a smart decision, you asked me why they did it.
  19. Also helps that the Lions GM was the one who scouted Goff with the Rams.
  20. Stafford wanted to go to LA, not Carolina. That is why the trade was made.
  21. Probably don't want to tag Barrett with the 2nd tag since it's 120% of the last tag whereas tagging Godwin will give them a steal of a deal. New Franchise Tag value = average of the top 5 at your position, averaged over the last 5 years! Basically saving 10% on last year's WR tag
  22. Agreed. A trade of Sam now likely means we are high on Wilson or Fields but it also shows that the Texans may want to consider the #2 pick because of how serious we are. There aren't many outcomes I'd be really upset with haha
  23. A lot hinges on what happens with Watson. If we get him then Sam rumors begin immediately (assuming he isn't part of that trade). If we don't land Watson then I think we wait until draft night and weigh out options between trading Sam and taking Wilson/Fields or trading down and keeping Sam.
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