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  1. The other player we should keep an eye on is Kevin Zeitler the guard from the Giants. He's older but likely getting cut to save cap space. He's older at 31 but as a stop gap 2-3 years it may not be a bad option. I think Jets have an inside track as he wouldn't have to move.
  2. Yea Thuney checked every box - Healthy - Has never missed a start - Smart - 3 penalties in the last 2 years - Versatile - Can play every position across OL
  3. I think they let Godwin walk unless they sign Barrett long term before FA. If they can get a deal done with Barrett then they'll tag Godwin.
  4. Thuney is by far my top dog in FA. I'd love Barrett but my guess is he gets franchise tagged and they'll let Godwin walk.
  5. Yea I think they should absolutely be in on this. I think the marriage to Indy with his former coach makes a lot of sense but I don't out anything passed BB
  6. Feels like Indy is the natural landing spot for Wentz. I'm curious to know what this trade looks like. Getting Wentz off the books is huge for later years, the trade actually saves them just under $1m this year. If I had to guess it will be Indy's first and taking on a contract from Philly.
  7. Excellent work here, very informative! Would love to bring in any combination of these guys, Okwara, Hendrickson, Blair, Ngakoue, and Barnett. Draft I'm a big Joe Tryon and Patrick Jones fan.
  8. This is exactly who I expect us to land. If we get Samuel I think we look to add another receiver as well. I think Samuel would be a replacement for Perriman so we'd still need WR1.
  9. Douglas was actually hired after the draft in Philly that year. I imagine he liked Wentz because he accepted the job but I don't think Wentz will be a QB we look at even with the Douglas connection.
  10. I was under the impression that was the contract he needed to sign to facilitate at trade to the 49ers. Guy was demanding $20m and graded out as a top 3 Tackle. He'll be 33 in July, if we could land him for near Fant price we 100% should.
  11. In what world is Trent Williams the same price as George Fant?? If that's the case he immediately jumps to #1 on out off-season FA list haha
  12. I wouldn't be a huge fan of this but Joe Douglas was with the Eagles when they had a broken down Sam Bradford after drafting Wentz #2 overall. They held on to Bradford until the preseason when they traded him to the Vikings for a first round pick.
  13. For Perspective - Defense ranked 478/480 defenses ranked by ESPN over last 15 years - Watson becomes 1 of 4 QBs in the history of the NFL to throw 70% completion percentage and +8.5 ypa. The 3 other QBs (Montana, Young, & Brees) all won the Super Bowl the year they did that. - Texans went 4-12, the Jets were a last second field goal and a hail mary away from being a 4 win team with the 32nd ranked QB and had the hardest schedule in the NFL. - Given the facts I just laid out, I'd say Watson is incredibly elite and was stuck on a historically bad team. Adding him to the J
  14. It's the arm strength, Sam can't throw the deep ball. Flacco looked so much better in the brief time he played.
  15. Ronald Darby with his Joe Douglas connection should be on here. Personally if we can't land a solid CB I'd be all for trading #34 to the Saints for Lattimore or Sam Darnold whichever floats your boat.
  16. Plan A) Watson Plan Draft QB you love at #2 Plan C) If you aren't 100% sold on a QB then weigh options of trading #2 overall vs trading Sam - which team appears more desirable after compensation? Plan D) Stay at #2 take a non QB and roll with Sam
  17. I think it was the "no communication to Cam" part of it that he's upset with. He doesn't want to leave one team with poor communication to go to another team with poor communication.
  18. Heard rumors Watson wants no part of Carolina because of how the coaching staff handled Cam Newton last year.
  19. I've heard a few rumors on this, I can see Vegas as an attractive landing spot with the new stadium and endorsements but will Watson waive his no trade clause to be stuck behind Mahomes the next 15 years?
  20. Could also look at Tom Brady who lost a full year with an ACL. Only difference being Watson will be able to train. QB ≠ RB
  21. Agreed, he's more likely to fake an injury so he doesn't have to pay any fines. I believe we have seen his last snap as a Texan.
  22. Imagine having a top 3 QB locked in for 5 years at the #10 ranked salary and then realize that QBs getting deals will all be higher than him as well.
  23. I'd love to trade Mosley, he's only like $7.5m this year so that's awesome. The Texans would just need to have the cap in 2022. Maye is a FA so I think they'd have to sign him or do a tag and trade. I hope we keep Maye though, I'd really prefer just to give up picks.
  24. Does Watson want to play there for Gruden? That's gonna be key. That new stadium is dope and he'd definitely get endorsements.
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