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  1. I really like Lance. He was my #2 QB before the season. I wish we were able to see more of him. I'm worried about his 17 starts. Is he going to be a Kyler Murray/Cam Newton or will he be a Sanchez/Haskins?
  2. If he sucks and we let him walk we have a shot of getting a comp pick out of it too. Someone would likely just think we were incompetent. Totally agree on the franchise tag too. Plus if we are trading back from #2 we likely have 3 firsts next year to go get a QB. I really hope we get Watson
  3. We would basically have him locked in on his current deal until 2024 when his next 2 caps hits are $32m and $32m. This would be when you'd renegotiate the contract, give him a signing bonus raising those 2 years higher so the later hits will be more manageable. Dak, Jackson, and Allen will all get paid north of $40m this off-season, by the time 2024 rolls around QBs are going to be close to, if not north of $50m. I can not stress enough, this Watson contract is pure gold for the Jets and their future
  4. 2021 - $11m 2022 - $35m 2023 - $37m 2024 - $32m 2025 - $32m Which equals $147m which divided over 5 years is $29.4m per year. You have to remove the signing bonus when making a trade, Jets would not be on the hook for that.
  5. The Texans would just be playing with $40m less cap than the other teams in the league.
  6. What's going to happen most likely is Watson will report to Houston but have a mysterious injury that will keep him from practicing or playing this allowing him to skirt the fines. I think he'll be traded before getting to that point though.
  7. I would be pumped with Fields, I'm gonna be happy with whoever Joe takes. The Wilson/49ers system connection has everyone excited on him. The Jets are gonna have a lot of good routes they can take.
  8. I think that's something to consider. If the Texans have really keyed in on our selection or assets in general we should say "Yea we are willing to give #2 overall but if you are so desperate for multiple firsts we'd be happy to trade down and give you the additional assets....or you can have the shiny #2 pick" I'm down for 3 firsts with nothing else added.
  9. We were a last second field goal and a hail mary away from a 4 win season with the hardest schedule in the league and the 32nd ranked QB. I think adding Watson, with $70m in cap, relatively full compliment of picks, and a significantly easier schedule should have us contending for the 7th seed of the playoffs. Basically I think we should be playing meaningful games in the month of December.
  10. Watt is an interesting piece, do teams want 1 year $17.5m from him or are they willing to risk getting him as a Free Agent? There is no dead money associated with Watt so teams know he'll have to be cut. If he does get cut I think he takes less money to go to Pittsburgh to play with his brothers.
  11. You are definitely right, the NFL has been working for years to devalue the QB position so that an injury doesn't completely dismantle a team. That said, not all teams are playing to win Super Bowls. Some are more than happy with making money hand over fist.
  12. His hand picked scouting department would have also scouted Watson at some point as well though and if they haven't they can turn their attention to his NFL tape for clarity. I agree I don't think Douglas risks his career on this move without consulting others as well. I think Watson likely gives you the same job security as drafting a QB #2. The only real difference IMO is that we'd have the expectations of competing for the playoffs this season with Watson.
  13. I think Douglas will win this trade if it happens.
  14. Possible, the nice thing is this eliminates them from the Watson sweepstakes because Goff's contract is far to big for the Texans to take on. I'm not sure I see them trading up to #2 though.
  15. I don't think Watson holds out, I think he pulls a Trent Williams or Antonio Brown and claims some type of nagging injury as to why he is not playing. I don't think they can fine you for injury.
  16. Zero shot IMO. It's fully guaranteed for injury so God forbid Sam tears his ACL we are on the hook for all that money.
  17. Completely agree. I think we will be high on Samuel, Darby, Okwara, and Zeitler as cheaper alternatives. But man I'd love to have Godwin or Robinson.
  18. The Jets literally offered Cousins +$30m per year fully guaranteed but somehow they have no interest in Watson?
  19. It's a salary cap sport, every year Woody is cutting ~$200m worth of checks. Adding Watson would just be apart of that mass of money. If anything signing one big fish in Watson could influence other players to take less but either way it's the same-ish cap.
  20. Yes and no, Stafford is going to get a new deal in 1 year (2 if a team is lucky) which will put him near the top of the league again. Watson is at a fixed rate the next 5 years so years 3,4,5 will all be cheaper than Stafford most likely.
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