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  1. In fairness, I thought Morton did a great job. No idea why we got rid of him to begin with?
  2. I dont put too much stock in PFF, but this seemed relevant since Sam was crucified in wk1 based on the their ratings... He was NOT the issue this week IMHO, and I hope he builds some rapport with the ragtag receiver group he is throwing to and we can see some more success.
  3. I didnt even think about the fact that he was lined up with Trent Williams on so many of those plays yesterday. Solid.
  4. Multiple pancakes, no sacks given up, generally looked rock solid.
  5. Bieniemy has some kind of scandal/skeleton in his closet i believe that has been scary to some teams. The Hunts have a track record of being pretty lenient with that kind of stuff...
  6. I think the key is that the 49ers have a crystal clear system of play - as much as people have made fun of the idea - they are a run first team. Maybe not ground and pound, but more that they leverage their excellent line and speed at RB to challenge defenses and constantly stay ahead of the downs. Most teams in the league have that kind of vision. Think of the Titans last year, or even a team that has as varied an offense at KC. You know what their team is about. Someone like Bellichek changes it up with some regularity based on what he has available to him, but his strategy is always clear (whether ground and pound as in their last SB run, or when he went all crazy with TEs, etc.). Gase has offered no such vision for the Jets or frankly for his QB. Its not clear what he is trying to accomplish or if he simply wants to run something thats hard to pin down...but if its the later, I cant think of a really successful operation thats run their offense that way. With the injuries we have and Sam's skill sets, you'd think we would go hurry up and backyard style, lots of stuff to TEs and RBs over the middle (esp since Sam loves Griffin and Herndon, and eventually you get Bell back). Something closer to what the Steelers run....
  7. The Avery situation is bizarre. He was good his first year with us and isn't that old. Why is he playing special teams? Did he recover so poorly from his injury?
  8. People don't like to hear it, but Rex actually received a solid roster from Mangini. I don't think that was a true turn around and he also had trader Mike going for broke rather than the careful process that is much more in vogue these days.
  9. This sounds about right. However, there are so many teams with injuries and we will have a lot of guys coming off of IR in weeks 4-5, so we may catch some folks by surprise.
  10. Imagine Herndon catches that ball in the end zone. It was a great throw that just bounced off his chest and went threw his hands. Everything else stays the same. We still lose the game miserably, but Sam's passer rating is prob over 100, he has two highlight reel throws for TDs and is probably credited with a material bounce back vs. last week in a loss. Instead, Herndon drops it. And we have ten threads like this one... When there were actual really terrible things that happened today in the football field for us that could be discussed. Like Bless's tackling? Maye's pursuit angles...wth happened to Herndon? Is our Center injured? How bad is the injury to Perriman? Where can we generate offense next week?
  11. Bummer. Never tried that other than maybe to research fan reaction to trades or trade prospects.
  12. Sincerely hope our peeps aren't spending there time on Bills message boards.
  13. Great post and what you suggest is actually a REALLY good idea.

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