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  1. I don't pay for the Athletic but find Hughes a good follow on Twitter - less melodramatic and more substantial than Cimini, et al. Of course, anything is better than Manish. Also enjoy Connor Rodgers at BR for Jets, he represents Jet fans well.
  2. ryu79

    Gase and Darnolds start looks good

    This is an excellent expression.
  3. ryu79


    Manish is the worst. This one is just embarrassing...
  4. ryu79

    Breer On GM Search

    If they didn't have Douglas (or someone in the bag) the timing of the Macc firing seemed an unnecessary own goal... Really hope they do and this is the start of something positive for once...
  5. ryu79

    Manish Speaks

    I dont understand why Manish is given any credence. His voice is cynical time and again, and on this particular issue he has a transparent conflict of interest given his recent coverage.
  6. It's all in the framing. Agree with you - so long as Gase communicates well with him now - should be fine.
  7. ryu79

    Gase and Bell - what an idiot Gase is

    It seems to me Bell answered this fine. He is expressing his commitment either way while stating that his initial sense is that the reports are false. I'd hope Gase calls him tmrw to clarify and get on right foot. Given the amount of leaks that have been credited to Macc over the years and his cozy relationship with Gase, this feels eerily like a grenade thrown on his way out.
  8. I wonder if Gase is just terrified of cameras after the disaster that was his intro press conference and the memes it spawned. I wouldn't blame him. Though it's bs he denied Quinnen his press conference.
  9. ryu79

    Jets add QB

    There were some folks here that loved falk at ws.
  10. ryu79

    UDFA's- Jet signings

    Alshon then?
  11. ryu79

    UDFA's- Jet signings

    Didn't he use Demariyus Thomas a bunch in Denver?
  12. ryu79

    Gase did NOT want LeVeon Bell-Cimini

    This. Either way, Cimini is the worst.
  13. ryu79

    Hope this kid has a nice career

    Great post.
  14. With so many Trojans on the Jets we should have an excellent perspective on his character.

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