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  1. but like the cool alter ego Stefan
  2. No. It's better for sure, but I still think we could have improved a bit more by signing another top level G or T. I am still hoping we sign Peters.
  3. Jamal is one of the best at his position in the league - he is a fit almost anywhere. Given his attributes, I think he is worth most to: A) A team that is on the verge of a title where he can fill a missing piece b) A true rebuild team that desperately needs some 'i give a damn' on the field and in the locker room to help establish a culture. We drafted him to do B and I think he has filled that role well for us and on his rookie deal, at a fine a cost too. The question becomes whether on the margins a team like the Ravens in scenario A that is THAT close to the Superbowl but couldn't stop the run against the Titans in a key playoff game thinks having someone like Jamal is worth more to them then the value the Jets believe he is adding in B. That could be true and wouldn't mean that Jamal is necessarily a better fit for either or a worse player in either. Given how this offseason went, unless we land a lights out OLB or a pro bowl calibre line man in the deal, I wouldnt want to move him at this point....
  4. You cut Winters and pay Warford with the savings and prob have a bit left over to contribute to Peters salary at same time...
  5. Just protect Sam. Thats all. If you told this board in February that Warford and Peters would be available as FAs at this stage and affordably we'd all of said jump. Really want to see something happen here.
  6. I think this is the lowkey biggest thing that can happen for Sam. If people need to respect playaction or respect the run even a little, it will be enormous for the balance in our offense and making things simpler for him and our offense.
  7. Have been meaning to post a thread, but this seems a good spot to note this! If you use YoutubeTV as your tv provider and 'followed' the Jets last season - they still have the whole season available. I watched our wins against the Cowboys, Raiders and started the Giants yesterday and it was great! Highly recommend.
  8. Yeah, i see that, but on the flip side - with the sessions being virtual and players unable to do much else during this period the trade offs being made by the players not showing up are kinda lame too....
  9. Ha! I am still so confused by the OP. I went to scissor hands too!
  10. Given the need to quarentine and do constant testing, I'd think the NBA would be easiest to manage with so many fewer players involved. But maybe cba issues play a bigger role there? I know the bundesliga teams have been training together under rigorous testing for a week or so.
  11. Omg sign him immediately! The make over of this oline would be complete and resounding.

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