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  1. ryu79

    Josh Allen bidding

    Sure, but we had plenty of ammo to go into draft with pure bpa. It doesn't feel like we will as of now. By this I mean, would have loved a trade, doesn't appear we are in a position to pass on Allen/Bosa anymore if they are there. Based on what's still available in FA, it doesn't seem there are folks there (barring a trade) to make it so either despite the fact we can still add bodies. That's the bummer.
  2. ryu79

    Josh Allen bidding

    It's just so frustrating to be going into the draft with such glaring holes on OL and Edge given the cap space. Esp for a team with such a clear BPA draft strategy under Mac, it's bizarre to back into a situation like this.
  3. I thought Sam's center from usc was Nico Falah and that we literally had him get picked off our practice squad.
  4. Just wait until you see Thor appear... I hurt my stomach laughing so hard!
  5. ryu79

    Donald Penn Released

    Yup, exactly. Esp as it seems he is pissed and wants to prove something.
  6. ryu79

    Jets newfound identity

    I'd agree - I think that style of team builds from the trenches out but Macc's aversion to prioritizing his oline will endanger the approach until he does something about it. This is one area where the Mangini era was strong - solid line in the league - lunch pail style.
  7. ryu79

    Donald Penn Released

    If he comes in at the league min or close to we could potentially save and upgrade? Or simply have some depth and vet leadership. I'd def sure up at C first. But then why not, we have money and this is a key area of need - doesn't hurt to have folks in who have pro bowl experience.
  8. Aren't we trying to shop Darron? Maybe get a 2nd or 3rd for him or trade for a Center?
  9. ryu79

    Trading out making less sense

    I think it just depends on what we can do in free agency...I'd rather we sign a couple olbs now and then trade back here to really strengthen the OL.
  10. Seriously. Pay this man and another OLB so we can trade back and really upgrade the team on Draft night (or sign some OLs and stay put for an OLB).
  11. ryu79

    Barr Stays with Vikings

    If Barr really leaked that he was sickened by coming to Jets he is a total classless loser. I just hope we can sign Houston or bring another OLB with talent on. Really frustrated because Williams/Macc must have really wanted Barr.
  12. ryu79

    Paradis signs with Carolina

    I totally get balking on Paradis if his old coordinator in Gase didn't want him. But I am baffled why we didnt sign Morse. All offseason the conversation from Jets mgmt has been protecting and building around Sam. Not upgrading at Center is a huge fail.
  13. Damnit! Just pay Paradis. C'mon Mac.

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