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  1. Mina is sharp on Twitter. On camera have only seen her in stuff for The Ringer and she is great there. If ESPN is featuring her it's a smart call - she can talk shop on business, sports or pop culture and knows her stuff.
  2. Because he is the Mountain that Scouts. And I will giggle over this for years...
  3. The Mountain that Scouts!!! Let's do this!!!
  4. Sure. But if you are the Johnson's and this is the best candidate and you have your franchise where it is, you spend the money. This franchise is a goldmine for them and this doesn't impact the cap, and they must realize they are a laughingstock. I can accept Douglas not coming here, if he is our guy, for football reasons. But us cheapening out when this is literally, the Johnson's best chance to save face would be an incredible self own.
  5. We dont know if the report is true - its a single reporter - or if the Jets are offering something at the going rate to begin with. I just want us to hire the guy and soon.
  6. As long as you dont tell me the pig is ripe.
  7. What did they eat for dinner? Was dessert ordered or was it low energy? Separate plates it just a lot of spoons? Vacciano, Cimini, useless!

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