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  1. I think the late Joe McKnight had a similar thing as a rookie in the heat.
  2. Didn't realize Roger Craig was his cousin. And forgot he was coached by Matt Campbell, who we get linked to every time we switch coaches...
  3. Pretty sure Cam Clark retired officially.
  4. Agree. Esp on Hall. Our offense may look more like Tennessee's than San Francisco's and with a developing QB, I am totes fine with that.
  5. Amazing how the consensus never formed this year. I would have thought it would be more the case in the past few years without/or very different combines and visits or where players had taken seasons off due to COVID. But the past couple of drafts were way more predictable than this year - maybe it's just a function of there being fewer QBs worth taking early.
  6. I think it's hard to question the Nelson pick when that team would likely have been a Superbowl contender if their ironically named QB hadn't decided to retire suddenly and unexpectedly sinking their battleship.
  7. This is where you see what all the enthusiasm is about. There are numerous spots where last year's starter is now 3rd string. This is what should happen when you've been as bad as we've been, but it's still got to happen... And I can't wait to see it.
  8. I mean Smith-Ndigba caught for 347 yards in one of the games Wilson sat... At same time, Wilson scored more TDs. Of course JSN is absolutely ridiculous (really pops when you watch their film), but Wilson increased his catches and yards materially each year (after contributing well as a Freshman) and he played a lot in the positions we want him to occupy on the field for us.
  9. I know it's sounds dumb but I think Mekhi is the key. If he plays like THE BIG TICKET on either side of the line, playing beside Tomlinson or AVT, Hall and MC1 should be able to get to the second level consistently on early downs and then the risk profile of MLs creative plays comes way down. On Mims - he just seemed like a different guy to me last year. He looked so much more stiff and less smooth coming out of his breaks. Whereas he had looked fantastic his last year at Baylor, the Sr Bowl and even his rookie year with us when he got on the field running the few routes he did... It just didn't look like he had put time into his craft... I really hope he has a big response this year it would be awesome to have him as an active WR4 and heir apparent to Davis' role. The sheer speed of our receiving core would be excellent then too.
  10. I used to think that. Since I started flipping between the ESPN/NFL network broadcasts and the Bleacher Report simulcast which uses The Athletic's calls to announce the picks a bit earlier I am not so sure - the BR guys spend the time on actually dissecting each player with more depth and in the later rounds it gives them time to cover every pick whereas the ESPN/NFL Network broadcasts have to pick and choose once the picks start coming in faster. It's great to see the players on the broadcast, but I've come to come to appreciate both.
  11. I didn't listen to today's pod, but he addressed it Friday and didn't seem offended at all. Just was transparent that he got played - more of rules of roost thing.
  12. He is very self important, but I think Hughes is a solid writer and he is clearly the most linked in of the local journos.
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