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  1. Now Breece can be Comeback player of the year in 2023-4!
  2. I don't know if Zach will come good but this is what a good coach would say under these circumstances. It's also critical that the Jets manage the Zach brand a bit. If they ever want to trade him they can't have him be Rosen.
  3. Noticed the same. He might of gone for six if he cut back a second earlier.
  4. I think that's a reference to the fact Saleh has mentioned wanting Zach to be comfortable playing boring ball in the past.
  5. Lifes comes at you fast. I remember when Zach was a cult hero because it was speculated he enjoyed the company of milfs.
  6. Freaking Jeff Smith always gets a target on his very few snaps. That's the salt in Moore's wound. Situation is so weird.
  7. So excited to have Warfish on team Zach! Let's go!
  8. Delighted for him. We gave him nothing to work with when he was here. Coaching and time/perspective really matter.
  9. We expected BB to get in Zach's head... We didn't expect our best in league special teams to blow a manageable field goal and give away field position all day.
  10. GARRETT was excellent today! 6/7 for 115yds looking everybit a future WR1 in this league. Really excited about his potential.
  11. Made two terrific catches with YAC today and caught a third out of bounds that was a tough play to make. Great return for Denzel today taking advantage of Elijah being in the dog house.
  12. They were? Zach had an absolute nightmare. And: - Our special teams (usually a strong point) was brutal with a missed fg, shanked punt and multiple strong returns let up to the Pats. - Our defense got to Mac a bunch but our tackling on their big back was lazy often and they extended drive after drive... Never mind the dumb penalty that negated the pick six. This was a bad game on all three phases with Quinnen, Sauce and Garrett playing well.
  13. JD really putting in the work. Just when I had lost all hope. Awesome.
  14. This feels like the Raider win in 2009 when we lost Big Jenks and Leon Washington. I think about that game and the tragedy of losing Big Jenks all the time. Convinced we win the super bowl that year if he hadnt got hurt...
  15. No. I thought - damn, it really sucks Elijah chose THIS week to knife his team in the back. We really could have used him out there once Davis couldn't play.
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