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  1. FWIW, Lucas and Scott literally laughed at this comparison last night (Jameis). Both still team Sam.
  2. I shutter to think how this forum would have treated Lamar after their playoff game last year...and how many injuries he might have behind our line. Love him as a player and delighted to see him delivering when so many doubted him.
  3. Ah man... He's been so careful all year with this kind of sentiment...
  4. If "around here" refers to Nico, maybe. Otherwise, far from the narrative.
  5. IMHO, that's a straw man. Think the narrative being pushed is, "yeah, he's made mistakes, and will make more, especially, while the supporting cast is so - I think the potential is there for him to be a fqb."
  6. Man... Either would do Sam a world of good... I wish Sam at least had Herndon to throw to.
  7. Dude toughed out three quarters on a sprained ankle and then broke down in tears because despite it we lost to an 0-11 team. All I want is the players to play like they really give a damn. This guy does, whether he is playing his best or hobbling around. I am here for Jamal.
  8. Was reading some interesting stuff on him. A year ago, with an injury depleted squad he had one of the worst defenses in football and he was demonized and criticized by 49r fans. Suddenly this year they draft Bosa and get healthy... That's not to defend Gase, but to note that context matters a lot.
  9. Right - but why would anyone want that? So that Brady can win another ring? Also - i love how much Gastineau looks like Nacho Libre in your avatar!
  10. I personally think he is young enough that a lot of these judgements are being made early. However, one would hope that at least on the merits, this should cull a lot of the discussion that Williams' success at Alabama was overdone - you have PFF (the basis of way too much banter on this forum anyway) saying he had the best season they ever graded at his position. This wasn't a work out warrior, or combine freak that you can real question evaluation on - there is definitely talent. He hasnt done it consistently yet, but you see the force with which the kid plays, he needs reps and coaching, but I think can be solid for his position. However, I think the real frustration is that we didnt need another DL at the time (for example, as much as folks spend time comparing him with Ed Oliver - another very talented DL who I have no issue with - we didn't need Oliver either), and we should have traded back to either draft an OL or an OLB (like Allen or Burns if we had to drop back further). That frustration is not on Williams and the hate he gets here is way over the top, imho.
  11. Adams was hurt, so Maye was probably covering a lot more ground and less sure of what was going on beside him.
  12. We will know how that went when we get to the draft, at least.

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