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  1. Either way, he was in the QB room with Mahomes and was setting example for Mahomes in his first training camp, etc.
  2. I'd been hoping he would be our old head back up for Zach or Fields like he was for Mahomes. Dissappointed we didnt pull that off or he wasn't up for it. Def need some veteran guidance in that QB room... https://www.instagram.com/tv/CN2j9LohMi4/?igshid=1fmq2ob75ds8k
  3. Don't understand this argument on the jump balls. He threw three pics (and one of those was a throw away hail mary play at the end of a half). Even controlling for caliber of opposition, with the amount the kid threw the ball downfield he must have developed excellent chemistry with his receivers and throw to a good spot in order for his guys to come down with it that frequently (given that his completion percentage was also exceptional). This argument comes to the same as the Field's doesn't get past first read one to me - you can't fault people for doing something that works for
  4. I don't know why we haven't signed him already. Draft a killer CB with 34 and bring in Sherman to tutor him, Bless and Hall on what great looks like in this system.
  5. Full marks on your subject being very transparent.
  6. Goes both ways. I remember seeing Sam celebrated a few years ago for being 'unflappable' and 'even keeled' and then crucified this year for 'just not having the killer instinct.' I'm now seeing Wilson criticized for being a 'baker mayfield' style personality with will either thrive or fall apart under NY media scrutiny... And I guess Lawrence now gets his ambition questioned - when all Ive ever heard of is, 'doesn't feel pressure, different kind of kid, etc.' celebrating this. Basically, people see what they want.
  7. This is exactly spot on. One of the key benefits of moving on from Sam was supposed to be a fresh start. Let's really offer that to whoever we hand these keys to.
  8. Completely agree. The Milliner pick, while certainly a bust, was a totally sensible pick of the top ranked guy at our position of biggest need that season. He was also picked 9th. For me, Gholston by a healthy margin.
  9. Extraordinary. I was watching the March Sumo tournament final and they showed one of the stable runners who used to be a yokozuna - guy was unrecognizable. It's incredible how your body can transform based on what you choose to put in it and how you work out.
  10. Certainly inferior competition will help a player look better - but amongst the two main guys we are looking at I think you can argue that Fields benefited just as much (as has been beaten to death by how frequently his first read was open). We can't know how Wilson would have adjusted his decision calculus against better coverage, but his ball placement was solid (esp downfield) and he seems a smart kid. After watching a couple of his games last night a habit that worried me more and that I haven't seen here is that he likes to play cat and mouse with the D linemen to create a throwing
  11. We are in a great position to elect from amongst several great prospects. I truly hope that our fans will rally around whoever the pick is at 2. You can find fault with any one's film if you keep looking and pre-draft entrenchment on players the past few years have just led to weekly passive aggressive threads about whether players are busts or the best ever... Whether it's Fields or Wilson (or I guess Lawrence), they all have stuff they are good at and stuff they can get better at and who we surround them with and how we coach them will probably be just as important in the long run
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