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  1. And made no effort to correct for the ball on one of the picks...
  2. I liked how empathetic he was with Sam in that moment.
  3. Adam works for Bleacher Report (owned by Warner Media via Turner Sports). I have met him a few times through work and found him to be a really sharp, friendly and funny guy. He had KO on his podcast this summer I think, so likely they are friendly. He doesn't work for Barstool Sports. I googled his name and lawsuits and don't see any come up...
  4. Why! Why would Reid call that with him already injured. Mahomes was the best shot at seeing the Patriots not make it to the sb...
  5. Yes. Lamar's stock is soaring this season. Though if Sam plays well on Monday night the hype is going to really explode. People love Sam. So refreshing as a Jets fan.
  6. If they were to redraft today he probably goes fourth or fifth. He was a fine pick where we took him and I'm happy to have the best safety in the league on the team.
  7. Oh! It was a running thing on the show House - they would always screen for that illness.
  8. Would love this, but wish Herndon was available too.
  9. It's probably a little early for a victory lap, but encouraging to see a solid win against a good team.
  10. I came here to say this. People see what they want. That play was HUGE. And followed by the 92 yard td. Changed the game.

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