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  1. This. He looks so much more comfortable in the hurry up.
  2. How weird - has looked really encouraging to me.
  3. Obviously doesn't. But the defense gave up two neverending stories to open this game and our offense only had two series in the quarter to begin with. Last week was much more a case, for me, of the offense putting the defense under pressure. If anything, I thought today was the opposite - hard to build any rhythm on offense when you don't touch the ball for long stretches either and today that was on the D in the 1st qtr. In fairness, that was an AWFUL call on Quincy and Zach should have got the ball very early on... And the d compensated with turnovers later on but I don't b
  4. Im not an Athletic subscriber but I do find the content that I do get my hands of added value to what you see from other outlets. For example, Connor's stuff is much better researched and thought out than anything Costello or DJ are putting out. I see the same thing in other sports and even countries (in the case of soccer), where you see them breaking stories that then other outlets (that can barely afford to cover stuff properly) just echo chamber. The issue as I see it for their business model is that the tools they need to draw folks in like the social media handles of their journali
  5. If ANY of his players had skipped the team flight after a loss, said it was to spend time with family, and got caught in scandal Meyer would eat them alive. He messed up every way in this.
  6. Everybody wanted a tear down. Those "bright future" teams suck for a while at the start (and a lot of them don't get any better!)...so this is kind of our lot in life while we find out which way this is gonna go, but we certainly won't know for a minute either way.
  7. Yes, often it's what we do when we make a mistake that reflects our character.
  8. It seemed to finally click for him that he needs to threaten the defense deep to see fewer eight man fronts - and it worked. I don't buy the premise of the thread because listening to Wilson explain those plays, they weren't random instinctual moments - he felt comfortable making those throws because of how he knew the secondary would react to the routes his team was putting out - he seemed much better prepared this week end used his abilities to our benefit but to hear him describe it, those moments worked because of the system rather than in spite. Two things I don't understand:
  9. Agreed. Really really disappointing has seemed like a pretty smart dude when I've heard him speak on post game live. Several awful judgement calls here.
  10. I thought this was really cool. For once, the guy you are paying the most is actually making a significant contribution.
  11. It was well balanced i thought - totally jived with Zach's self assessment. Leger is the best though - he has become very sharp and thoughftul.
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