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  1. Hope someone has some Gladys Knight queued up for Todd to celebrate! His D showed up today!
  2. Big risk for me is the injury history. Less the severity of what's happened so far and more the tendency. Milliner had an injury history but had never missed time for it at Bama. Kept getting hurt at nfl level. Sincerely hope that when the Jets drs get to him they like what they see, because just like his height these are the kinds of things that will be read consistently across teams and whether we are drafting him or trading the pick his being viable is key.
  3. Agreed. 2 games can happen and I didn't know he'd only had a drop a season prior - just hope he plays well in Sunday cause if it's 3 games and they are his only playoff games... Believe me I'd rather be good because it's be good to have legit #1 options beyond Robinson
  4. A Robinson, no question. If Godwin drops the ball like he has the past few weeks at Met life, it will be a week before this forum revolts and goes Agholor on him. I like his game, but he's been scaring me with two awful games in the two biggest games of his career... Surprised that if you are a fan of his (as you must be to have responded 3 times in his defense) you aren't concerned with that trend, atleast sufficiently to acknowledge it.
  5. Doesn't mean he is what we need either. I never said Juju was better.
  6. Yep. But it was just the loss of momentum. I remember being so pumped watching that run against the Bills too and thinking 'what a leader' and then...oh no. That was dumb.
  7. These are Godwin's first big game experiences, right? I want to see him have a big game on the tundra...
  8. The thing with Chad is that he was so promising that first year... Going into that Raider game probably the most hyped I can remember being about the future of the team. And then the Snoopy bowl injury...
  9. They literally interviewed him today. As soon as they were able after this blew up in the news. Would certainly seem that Watson's concerns are impacting their process.
  10. Well, we should know more soon as Houston has announced they completed their interview with Bienemy. They can't hire him until after KC's season ends, right? I'd still expect there would be some leaks if that's the resolution ...
  11. #1 PROTECT GHOST! #2 Juju's form can have fallen off since AB left Pittsburgh AND Godwin can have a major case of the dropsies the past few weeks. These are not mutually exclusive.
  12. I don't know about Juju but Godwin has been a horror show the past two weeks for TB.
  13. Seemed appropriate to rewatch today. Watson is a beast (and Hopkins incredible), but pre Gase Sam was fun to watch too. Devastating to think how he looked this season when you watch him throwing down field here...

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