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  1. ryu79

    MNF Chiefs-Rams

    Mcvay is a genius, but if a Jet coach ran only 28 seconds off the clock in that situation...
  2. ryu79

    MNF Chiefs-Rams

    I hate when people do this, but I wanted us to pick Brandin Cooks SO BAD that year. And we took Pryor. Dear God that was an awful draft.
  3. Watching the Chiefs and Rams, one thing I notice is come back routes for the speedier wide outs - last year it seemed that Robbie got a ton of respect/cushion from opposing corners. Have we just not been running this for Robbie or is he just cutting off the route too early (what used to be 10-15 yard gimmes feel more like 6-7 dinks this year)?
  4. This news is infuriating. Let the kid play.
  5. ryu79

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    Rather than saying the prior experiences indicate anything about Sam. What they would tend to reflect is that you need more sample and these QBs need more reps before you can really tell anything meaningful.
  6. ryu79

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    Aikman is a Darnold fan. Like Romo. Like Dilfer. Are there any former QBs turned analyst that haven't lauded Sam?
  7. ryu79

    Damien Woody on fire.

    Could have sworn Idzik picked Pryor and recall Rex saying that was his wish. Similarly, Rex raving about McDougal... So many wrs that year... I wanted Branding Cooks so bad...
  8. ryu79

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    Sam's looked great and he's looked bleh at other times. If you look back on them, he's played well and been efficient when supported by a strong run game and when afforded time (or at least game planned) to test the field vertically. He's struggled when poor snaps or general waffling by our oline has put him under insta pressure, and has thrown a lot of pics late in games in desperation time, borderline hero ball stuff. It's early but his performance given circumstances has been pretty much what one would have expected... I'm encouraged by a lot of what he has flashed though and just hope we can scheme guys open or get healthier because we have really asked a lot of him as McCown painfully demonstrated the other day...
  9. ryu79

    Damien Woody on fire.

    A huge part of the Jet inability to recover after losing those offensive FAs were decisions to draft players like Dee Milner, Calvin Pryor and Dex McDougle when offensive talent was on the board that could have made a difference. Clearly, those are directly on Idzik, but certainly Rex had influence (or at least boasted to) - and so I think it oversimplifies to absolve him of having any responsibility of the offensive dismantling that ended his tenure with us. Strategy is about choices and he def had a hand in the ones we made during that period.
  10. ryu79

    Damien Woody on fire.

    I liked Rex. But he coached himself out of a job over time and especially once the league adjusted to his blitz packages. A major diff between Rex and Bowles was Rex's ability to recruit FAs and a decent coaching staff (except OC). Bowles's staff is a horror show - so bad he can't be fired because he has prepared no one to run the or be worthy of being an HC somewhere else. The one guy who seemed to deliver was Morton and we fired him...
  11. When we first signed Long there was talk he could play C or G. Is he any good at G? Would he upgrade there over Winters or Carpenter? Sucks for us that after a great ten years, Brick and Mangold retired pretty young after performance declines that were hella steep.
  12. Like the idea of a high level FA choosing to come to the Jets because he's a Jet fan since youth. If that turns out to be story and we get a reasonable contract - amazing. You can still sign Bell AND go OT early in the draft and complement in FA. If it's a bad deal, don't do it. Either way, Jets should totally be involved and explore.
  13. ryu79

    Props to Herm Edwards

    Always loved Herm.
  14. This seems like an odd hill to choose to die on... This guy?

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