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  1. How funny was Zach's reaction about NJ? "Its way nicer than I expected - like its pretty and there are trees everywhere" (paraphrasing), like what Blade Runner vision of NJ did he have?
  2. Oh man. Sam comes into this with a lot of karma to put wind in his sails. Can't fathom how high the motivation will be for him, Robbie, etc. Conversely, his temptation to hero ball under those circumstances will be an opportunity for takeaways. Key is for Wilson to keep his head clear of the comparison with Darnold - he has to keep his head and play his game and stay under control. I wouldn't be surprised if Saleh sat him for game 1 (ala Baker, Herbert) to protect him. This game is ripe for media to take either of these your QBs apart to start the season...
  3. I really want Mims and Davis spending qt with Zach but this is very encouraging.
  4. That's fair on practice facility injuries. My question on the physio staff was in earnest though. I had read a comment about them on a recent thread and am curious to learn more.
  5. What a strange triggered response. I've complained about none of those things and I think our team and fans deserve the best.
  6. THIS. How can the most important city in the world not afford a retractable roof but Dallas can?
  7. Wait. Wasn't half of our team injured last year too? I heard we have physio team - any one have the skinny on those dudes?
  8. Not all college production is created equal (I'd argue production in SEC is as good of an indicator that were gonna find, if any are of relevance). Also, you made me Google Colt Brennan, that is one scary Wiki. Background checks are a good idea!
  9. Elijah did that stuff against Bama as the primary weapon on his team. I have higher hopes for him than Clowney - though, to be fair, Clowney was Mr. August and there is no denying it.
  10. Interestingly, is easier to get those guys though. Often more difficult to get a pro-bowl caliber guard and we desperately needed one. But that's immaterial. It comes down to what JD saw in AVT. Whether it's a QB or a G - if JD had AVT at 7 on his board the trade makes perfect sense. And he's the one that has to be accountable for it. Same for the Bears brass (who somehow weren't held accountable for Trubitsky) if they believe Fields is a star NFL QB in making (I like the kid) then their deal makes sense. Plenty of folks here have opined that was an awful deal - but they don't have
  11. Isn't that the point? This is all subjective and what matters is the team board. Douglas apparently had AVT ranked pretty close to Fields (if AVT was 7 on Jets board as claimed here) and there for two 3s were reasonable to him. Same way you liked Fields so a future 1 is fine for you.
  12. This is where data can be misused and the dogma around its misuse can be dangerous. The reality is that while there is a finite market for G salaries, you just don't see movement of pro bowl caliber (prospect or no) Gs in the free agency market. Further, in the short term, its been near impossible for us to attract them to NY when they do hit the market. With the immediate need to protect Wilson in 2021-22 and the absence of a viable alternative once KC attracted all the top OL FA - this is a perfectly sensible move - and I think thats why the punditry have defended it. Kendrick Gr
  13. This was a great spot! Thanks!
  14. Funny thread. Let us rejoice that while we don't have a #1 - we actually have three, THREE dudes who COULD be in Davis, Mims and Moore. I know all three are unproven but this is exciting! And that's before you even factor in that Crowder is really consistent and Cole is promising.
  15. This seems like a big deal that we signed Zach's RG. Except I guess that we also drafted Sam's LT and that didn't work out... Anyone know if Hoge can play?
  16. It's unfortunate the question got dressed in the weird nickname joke. I'm excited to see how each plays this season.
  17. thank you for clarifying this.
  18. You don't even want to imagine it... But if he were anything like his former self....no don't get hopes up.
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