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  1. This. There is so much cynicism and projection with Mekhi. His potential is enormous, hopefully we can coach him into the player you saw glimpses of last season on a consistent basis.
  2. I believe he is a Jet fan from youth too. Really wanted him to be good last year.....
  3. The vibe on this team is SO different. I dont know if its the amount of young players, or the new staff, or the specific personalities of folks like Wilson and Moore, but the amount of cross interaction amongst the team and tone (just familial siliness) is eerily positive. Even the fact that yesterday you had folks on the defense posting a picture of Zach on their IG Stories yesterday, is wild to me.
  4. JD played this great, period. Three things that I think should be acknowledged to be fair though: - I think the draft dynamics would have implied a trade back if we wanted to stick with Sam anyway, which would have meant even more talent than the great haul we got in the draft. - I would have no problem taking Sewell at 7 and converting him to RT or moving Mekhi. It's always tough to adapt from college, whether that's learning to play under center vs. pistol or moving from one tackle to the other. It read to me that Sewell was simply not taking anything for granted. In practice, my
  5. Ha! Another Utah product that really loved studying the opposition film!
  6. Ha! Great analogy. This is why I like my rice sticky!
  7. Jets syndrome. When routine nicks become debilitating and prevent playing time. Usually sets in around game two...
  8. I know it's otas and this is when you expect to be hearing sterling stuff about your QB... But Zach is literally out having surf and turf with AVT and Michael Carter I. For all the talk about whether he was a captain or not he seems to be building rapport with his teammates more publicly then I can remember our rookies doing before...
  9. Weird Mekhi wouldnt be there. He's been posting pictures there this week...
  10. Man. Has the player's association come out here? They should be encouraging all their members to get this - make reliability/safety of the season better for players and inspire what would be a safer environment for fans (i get that the stadium is open air, but the bathroom and concession lines were gross to begin with).
  11. My two year old is obsessed with his videos too. It's awful, but the guy has excellent SEO.
  12. I think it's more a case where the popularity of the NFL has grown leaps and bounds while all the other major sports have softened (but baseball and hockey far more than basketball). This Gallup poll data is interesting: https://news.gallup.com/poll/224864/football-americans-favorite-sport-watch.aspx Viewership across non-football has plummeted though the monoculture in basketball is vibrant these days and i thought their bubble last year did a great job capitalizing on the dearth of live sports. Basketball and Baseball both suffer from long seasons that make individual g
  13. Mekhi was shooting something today (not sure if a commercial or an interview segment) but he posted images. I thought the most encouraging thing was the group video chat that got shared with Zach and MC1 and I think Elijah. Seems like they are genuinely building rapport and spending free time together.
  14. Lets go shopping, fam! A veteran CB would be nice...
  15. Love that he seemed to be the last guy on the practice field when he took that one.
  16. This post is one hell of a flex.
  17. For all the talk about Wilson's leadership...if Mosley calls the defensive players together you'd think he d have huge presence in the locker room (for better or worse).
  18. Also sign a veteran cb to have in the room for experience and role modeling.
  19. Agree that Zach is very encouraging (to the extent one can be off the field) - most dudes would be back home already, like his insistence across all media so far that he is focused on learning the play book and preparing. Still want to see him with Davis and Mims though. On Sanchez. I think two things are getting crossed (that are distinct): - He delivered in the PLAYOFFS. Several big time wins (including Foxboro) where he made quality throws (even accounting for his stacked line, and skill player surroundings). Rex's defense choked in both championship games (couldn't protect the l
  20. How funny was Zach's reaction about NJ? "Its way nicer than I expected - like its pretty and there are trees everywhere" (paraphrasing), like what Blade Runner vision of NJ did he have?
  21. Oh man. Sam comes into this with a lot of karma to put wind in his sails. Can't fathom how high the motivation will be for him, Robbie, etc. Conversely, his temptation to hero ball under those circumstances will be an opportunity for takeaways. Key is for Wilson to keep his head clear of the comparison with Darnold - he has to keep his head and play his game and stay under control. I wouldn't be surprised if Saleh sat him for game 1 (ala Baker, Herbert) to protect him. This game is ripe for media to take either of these your QBs apart to start the season...
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